What happens when Kagome comes across a annoyed and very small Sesshoumaru? Chaos of course.

Ok, this is my first Sesshoumaru/ Kagome fic, well posted anyways. I'll do my best to stay in character, but I'm not making any promises. Oh and this takes place after Naraku death. Oh and it may start off slow But i swear by the second chapter it'll pick up.

Special Thanks to Fluffy's Lady for the encouragement to write this. This chapters for you. ^_^

Pint Sized!

by LunaticNeko

Chapter 1: mini him

The group had just sat down to take a break from the road. Sango sat in the lap of her husband under the shade of a tree, while Inu yasha jumped up into the branches of another where Shippou was at the base coloring in a book. Kagome finished digging through her pack as she brought out empty clear containers. She looked up at Inu yasha. "I'll be right back. I'm going to go refill the water bottles."

He nodded, "Yeah, just don't take forever." Then stretched as he laid back. She sent him a playful glare then left toward the sound of water.

The quest for the jewel and Naraku death was long gone. Kagome looked down at the jewel around her neck. *Even with it totally pure it won't disappear.* It hadn't disappear yet, no amount of purifying power could send it away. Only a wish, and she was still unsure that it wouldn't come out twisted. Now her and her group traveled around helping people, and fending off minor evils that came in search of the jewel. Of course she still had high school to attend. But they were off for the summer for three months and she couldn't be happier.

Kagome step out the tree line to spot the small stream she had been in searching for. Kneeling on the shore she began filling in the bottles. * It's nice to not have to worry about rushing back from one time to another for once. And now instead of just fighting with my friends we can actually relax.* Yes friends, Inu yasha included. It had been a while since she felt the ache of her loss. Well really more like the pain from the smack of the wake up call, making her finally realize there was never going to be anything between them. Kikyou death had severed any remaining hope she might have held. She wasn't a complete fool. She saw the love between them, even in that final hour before Kikyou's death. It was then she really knew that she could never have any place with him, but as a friend. And she wouldn't have it any other way. The tension had lessen greatly between them. Given it wasn't immediate, and she did mourn in the privacy of her home. She really couldn't tend to the ache of the heart here. Not when she had people trying to kill her and her friends now could she.

*I just wish Inu yasha would recover from it.* Kagome sighed. Even though he was acting more like his usual self, she could still see that lost look in his eyes. Her eye focused on the reflection staring back at her *Maybe if I wish...no. I can see plenty that would go wrong with that. Would I even exist if I wished that?* Kagome furrowed her brow thinking over the possibility. *maybe if worded right. Then again I would probably have better luck fighting with a tooth pick than making a pure wish.* The thought bringing a smile to her face.

Elsewhere near the border of the west:

Sesshoumaru landed in front of a dark miko he'd been following. "Why have you entered the western domain." he ordered more than asked.

An elder woman looked up, drawing back her worn brown hood from her face. Black hair streaked with gray fell into her face, and eyes that hadn't seen much sleep met his fierce golden ones. "I merely wish to travel through these lands. I see no problem with this." She said with a amused tone.

"You are a dark miko are you not?" The woman only nodded. His eyes narrowed further at her conformation. " You are not welcome here. Travel else where, if you value your life." Dark miko's never did sit with him well. They tended to cause more trouble, and were usually less stable of mind.

Not liking his subtle threat she sneered. " I'm not so easy to kill."

*Was she serious?* He glanced her over and snorted. "I doubt that."

She scrunched her face as she placed her hands on her hips. "You doubt my strength?"

He wasn't sure if she was trying to intimidate him, but whatever it was she was failing. "You may have power, but in the end your human. Therefore weak." He should have heeded the warning of her malicious smirk. He should have listen to his gut feeling telling him something bad was going to happen. And he should have known better to insult someone who was a few rocks short in the head. But then again, he was Sesshoumaru. All seemed beneath him, and none had beat him.

"Fine then." She pointed one finger at him, and glared darkly. "I will make you what you hate most. Weak."

Before he could blink a magenta light surrounded him, and he could only mentally curse himself for not being on more guard. When he could see next the world was large, and it didn't take much to figure out what had happened.

The woman let of a derange laugh to the sky, after calming she fixed him with a eerie stare. "Perhaps, I shall keep you as a pet." She saw him bristle and smirked. "No... I think I'll leave you to the wild to dispose of. It won't be hard."

He was shaking in rage at this point. "Woman, you will release your spell on this Sesshoumau!"

She pursed her lips. "I think not. You will learn your lesson in respect. I will not tell you how to break it, only that either way you'll be something you hate." She spun on her heels and started to walk away. She glanced over her shoulder at his seething form, and her smirk re-appeared. "I doubt you'll be cured before your death though. But either way I will find my amusement in it. I'll be watching." And with that she disappeared beyond the trees.

Back at nearby stream:

Kagome had just finished filling the last water bottle, when she felt a burst of dark power. *That felt like a dark miko.* A shiver went through her as she recalled her encounter with Tsubasa. *I thought I felt a youkia that way, maybe they fought.* They were just on the edge of the western border and the group had yet to encounter the Taiyoukia. * I wonder how Rin is? Better yet I wonder how Sesshoumaru will take to having a dark miko on his land?* She got up to leave when a shiver went through her, and something pulled at her gut urging her to the source of the outburst. *Gut is usually right.* She bit her lower lip as she glanced back at the forest across the bank. "It's not like I feel anything too threatening now. It should be ok alone." With that she set down the bottles, shoulder her bow and set out to see what was up.

She made her way quickly across, by jumping across rocks in the stream. After going for a short walk, she came upon what she was looking for. "You've got to be kidding me."

An tiny annoyed Sesshoumaru, that stood to about halfway up her calf, was glaring up at her with all that he was worth.

Kagome put a hand to her head to feel for fever, as she continued to stare. Finding none she closed her eyes and sighed. Opening her eyes, she eyed what she was sure was going to be her new headache for days. So, she crouched down and asked. "Ok. What happened?"

AN: All I have to say is writing a fic is a killer. I'm sooooo.... out of practice. I knew it was hard to get going, but I had the basic story and it was just some little details. O_O they're trying to kill me. * details smile with bloody teeth* and then there my muse which has the attention span of a sugar crazed child. While still sticking with the story, I get pieces here and there of sections to write for different chapters. *_* Mainly random humor ones, and some that has to do with actual plot.