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Pint Sized!

By Lunaticneko

CH. 11 ~ Something I Hate

A slightly less loopy miko and still mini youkai lord were sitting under a tree watching over the children playing in the field.

"Everyone is coupled." Kagome let out a loud sigh. " Then everyone is going to split off to settle down." She bemoaned and then paused. "Hey, why aren't you with anyone yet?"

He stared at her in shocked disbelief, unsure she had actually asked him that. "I will wait till the time is right to search for a woman. I still have a empire to build, and things I wish done before that."

"Love doesn't go by a calendar, it just happens." She said matter-o-factly.

"Just happens?" He couldn't believe he was continuing this conversation.

"Yeah, one day you're just walking around minding your own business and BAM you're in love." She punched her hand for emphasis.

Kagome turned to him. "Have you ever experienced love?"

"No, not in as a lover."

Kagome looked at him sadly, then yawned. "Just be open to it. If you wait, you might find you're too late." She snuggled back against the tree, not caring if she got a splinter. "You, of all people, being alone is just wrong." Then closed her eyes.

Curious he asked. "How so?"

She cracked a sleepy eye and smirked lightly. "Come on. You're hot, and it would be a horrible waste."

"Hmph." He smirked, knowing she would not have been so bold normally. "Is that so?"

"Yeah, and besides I want to see you happy." She said as she closed her eye and let herself start to drift off.

He stared at her as she dozed, before turning away. "This Sesshoumaru would like to see you happy as well." He murmured to himself.

A sleep deprived woman stared into a pond. "hmm… He actually might break the curse."

Satoko then sighed and pouted. "What a bore. What shall I entertain myself with then?"

She sat back and tapped her chin a few times before a devilish smile spread on her face.

"The eastern lord was having trouble settling down with his mate wasn't he." Thoughts of mischief gleamed in her eyes. Then she stood and stretched. " Yes, east sounds like a wonderful direction to head."

~~~~~~~~~~~~ : D ~~~~~~~~~~

Somewhere else a wolf youkai sneezed.

Ayama looked over at Kouga, and raised a brow. "Are you cold or something?"

Kouga tried to ignore the sudden chill he got. "No. Someone must be talking about me." After a pause. "Why are you here again?"

She just glared over at him.

The kids rushed ahead, while Sesshoumaru lead a groggy Miko into camp. Kagome rubbed the sleep from right eye and noticed Kikyou staring. Smiling at the blank face miko, she did a small wave. When she didn't react she spoke. "Hi." Still nothing from the stone faced woman.

Kagome frowned. " You know, you are way too grumpy."

Kikyo blink. "What?"

Kagome chose to walk up to the previous walking bag of dirt. "You need to smile more. See like this." She pointed to her own smile, and then grabbed Kikyou's cheeks to make them do the same. "See much better! Right Inuyasha?" Kagome turned hopeful eyes to her hanyou companion while completely ignoring Kikyou's discomfort.

Inuyasha look uneasily at the two mikos. One cheerfully smiling still not quite with it and the other struggling in her hold. "Um... sure."

Kikyou pulled Kagome's hands from her face. "Do not-" But was startled when Kagome's hands slipped out of her grasp only to grab onto her left wrist.

A look of pure joy lit Kagome's face, and she couldn't keep the excitement out of her voice from the idea that just struck her. "You know what we haven't done yet?"

Kikyou just warily shook her head, and dread shot through her as the smile grew.

"We haven't taken a bath together."

"A b- bath?" Said the newbie unsure where this was going.

"Yep." Kagome chirped. " Kinda like a quality time for the girls of the group, and it time for you to join in. Come on, let's go." Kagome promptly proceeded to drag the sputtering miko off.

Kikyou tried to yank her arm out of her grasp, but Kagome's hold only tightened as they started leaving. In a last ditch effort for help, she turned a pleading look of to her love flailing her free arm in his direction.

Inuyasha either not caring or completely misunderstanding waved her off.

When they were out of sight Sango cackled evilly, then gathered her things. " I'll go make sure she doesn't drown her."

Inuyasha looked confused "Wait, which one?"

Sango smirked. "Either." Then took off after them.

Kagome had already started stripping when Sango arrived. She tugged her top over her head. "Oh come on Kikyou. What are you so nervous about? It's not like you have to worry you're going to melt in the water or something. ...At least anymore? I always wondered if water effected you, being made of dirt and all, but then I saw you in the pound that one time. No offense. I mean I would have been paranoid."

Kikyou glared while slipping off her robes. "Well it didn't."

Kagome slipped her skirt off and the rest of her clothes. Looking up she saw a madly grinning Sango and smiled back. Testing the hot water with her toe she deemed it suitable and got in. "Yeah, but how did you know?"

The other miko sighed in slight irritation as she slipped into the spring, a eager Sango a beat behind her. She glowered at the water. "I stumbled into a stream."

Kagome eyes widened. "You tripped and fell in?"

Kikyou head shot up. "No, I stumbled... and stepped in."

Sango choked back a laugh as she pictured a flailing horrified Kikyou falling into a stream. 'Yes, that would have been nice to see.' "Well, it's nice to know that even the great Kikyou is not perfect."

Kikyou gave her a confused look. "I never claimed to be."

Sango snorted. "Oh please. Inuyasha wouldn't shut up about you."

The Kikyou flushed, veiled curiosity in her eyes. "What do you mean?"

Kagome huffed, anger seeming to break through her still slightly drugged state. "It was always Kikyou did it like this, Kikyou wouldn't mess up, Kikyou could fire arrows better. Kikyou this, and Kikyo that. The man worships you. SO don't EVER think Inuyasha is cheating on you or likes me better, Or so help me I'll beat the sense into you." By the end of her rant Kagome was standing in the pool slightly aglow with her reika.

Kikyo sat back with wide eyes. "ok."

Sango hid a smile behind her hand, and put her other on the girl's shoulder. "It's ok Kagome. Calm down."

A sober Kagome flushed and sank back into the water. " But I mean it. Besides Inuyasha my best friend, I'm not interested in him."

"I understand." Kikyou eyed the hutched over girl and realized what the comparisons had probably done, and knew her own barbs at the girl hadn't helped. A bit of guilt sunk in. "Also, he shouldn't have done that, and ... I'm sorry for my past comments. Everyone is gifted in their own way."

Kagome was shocked to say the least, but smiled at her. "Thanks."

The silence stretched for a few moment before Sango broke it with a new topic. "So Kagome, what do you plan to do after helping Sesshoumaru?"

"You and Miroku were going to settle down in Kaeda's Village right?" At Sango's nod she continued. " I was thinking I would continue traveling. I don't feel ready to settle down yet."

Sango looked surprised. " Oh, did you want us to come with you for company?"

Kagome waved her off. "No no. You two should do as you planed. I expected you would want to and ... " Looking at Kikyou, " You and Inuyasha would want to as well. Or at least have some couple time alone."

Kikyou looked thoughtful. "hmm, maybe."

"See. Besides I already have a traveling companion, so I'll be fine." The futuristic miko smiled, hoping to have eased any worries.

Sango just tilted her head to the side. "Um, Kagome... Shippou is great and all, but don't you think you should have someone around who is able to watch your back?"

"Oh I will. So there is nothing to worry about." Kagome reassured.

Kikyou blinked. "You don't mean Inuyasha's half brother do you?"


Sango's eyes lit up. "Really? You're going to travel with Sesshoumaru?"

Kagome flushed slightly. "Yeah, he said I could if I wanted to after this." Her hands seemed suddenly very interesting at the moment.

A knowing smile curved the slayers lips. "Well, I suppose it isn't so surprising considering your helping him out. And you two have become friends of sorts."

A curious looked crossed Kikyou face. "Does Inuyasha know?"

Kagome rubbed the back of her head. "Well not yet, it's not even finalized. But.. " Bringing her eyes to meet the once dead miko's. " I will tell him." Message being understood the other miko just nodded.

"So what is the demon lord's curse? I have yet to hear how he became so tiny." Amusement barely hidden in Kikyou's voice.

Kagome sighed. " I don't all the details, only that a dark miko curse him and told him he had to learn a lesson in respect."

Kikyou laughed. "That will take awhile."

Kagome giggled as well. "That is what I first thought when I found out. But he actually use to be smaller." Gesturing with her hands to show the size. " So I think he may actually break this on his own. That is if we don't find a way first." Kagome said cheerfully.

Sango smiled. " He might just. It does seem that you're the cause of that."

Kikyou vaguely remembered the daiyoukai by the girl's side when she awoke, once again among the living. "Hmm. That's true." 'Now that I think about it he did seem openly disturbed. I wonder...' "Kagome, what is your relationship with Sesshoumaru?"

Kagome flushed. "What do you mean? We're just friends."

Kikyou just eyed her. "Nothing more?"

Sango cut in. "Do you feel more than just friends with him?"

Kagome crossed her arms. " No just friends. Besides he wouldn't be interested in anything more."

Sango eyed her. "You're sure?" To which Kagome rolled her eyes. "I'm just saying, he is more than easy on the eyes."

"Sango!" Kagome turned bright red.

The slayer just shrugged. "What? It's true."

She shook her head at her friend. " Fine, I admit he is hot. .. oh no." Kagome paled as she remembered that not but an hour ago she had said the very same thing.

Sango seeing her state put a hand on her shoulder. "Kagome? Everything ok?"

Kagome groaned into her hands before lifting her head. "While I still was... lacking impulse control... I told him the same thing."

Sango gasped. "When?"

"About an hour ago when we were watching the kids." She ran her finger across her forehead and down her temples. "How does crap like this happen to me."

"Well, what did he say?"

Kagome was quiet for a moment, then lifted her head looking slightly surprised. "Not much actually." After another moment. " And I think he smirked."

Kikyou looked amused, and Sango choked back a laugh. "Well then, that's not so bad. Not bad at all."

Kagome puzzled over it. "Yeah, he probably let it slide since I was still drugged."

Sango smiled. "Hmm. Maybe."

"Well, we should get back to the others." Kagome got out and realized she hadn't brought towels.

"Forget something Kagome?" Sango smirked while handing her a towel.

Kagome sighed. "Thanks Sango. That could have been embarrassing."

They dried off and got back to camp. Where Kagome cheerfully delivered the news. "Good new everyone, I not drugged anymore."

Inuyasha sighed in relief. "Thank God! I was starting to think it would never wear off on you. Shippou has been back to his normal bratty self for hours." Pointing at the kit that was currently coloring with Rin. Shippou looked up, waved, and then went back to coloring.

Kagome shrugged. "Probably has to do with his youkai healing, and he did get less in his system. Anyway, we can head out now."

It was quiet for a moment, before Miroku spoke up. "Kagome~sama, you do realize that it's almost sunset right?"

Kagome's eyes widen in surprise before she glanced at the sky. "So it is." She muttered to herself. Feeling a tugging on her sleeve, she glanced down to see Sesshoumaru looking up at her.

He couldn't help the slight amused smile that graced his lips. "Kagome, while it is good to see that you are fit for travel, it would be wise to camp for the night and head out in the morning."

A slight blush of embarrassment stained her cheeks as she could only nod her head in agreement. With that everyone got ready for the night.

In the morning the group agreed it would be best to head back to Kaeda's to see if the older miko could give them any answers.

Sesshoumaru glanced at the optimistic girl besides him. " Do you really think the older miko will know anything useful?" He had been reluctant to let yet another person know of his current situation.

Kagome smile down at him. "I think so, and if not she might know someone who does. Seeing as we don't know where the dark miko is currently, I think this is a better use of time than wandering and hoping to stumble across information."

"Hnn." Unfortunately he couldn't argue that. While not a necessarily bad way to get some information, having any leads were always better. He paused mid-step as he caught movement out of the corner of his eye.

A second later a low level youkai sprung from a bush heading for Kagome. It never made it fully out of the shrub as Sesshoumaru jumped up and sliced the head off it's eel like body.

Kagome sighed in relief. "Thank you Sesshoumaru. That's the fifth attack today and it's only a little after noon."

Miroku put a hand to his chin. "That's odd. One would think that with the jewel gone that the attacks would lessen. More over the attacks seemed to be aimed at you two miko's our group."

Kikyou spoke up. "They might still be sensing the residual power of the jewel left over from the wish."

Kagome nodded. "Maybe. If so, I hope it doesn't last much longer." Not a moment later she tensed and a chill shot down her spine. "Does anyone sense that?"

Kikyou looked forward. "Yes, I can feel youkai coming from where we are heading."

The youkai lord's eyes narrow as he stared at some point over greenery. "More are coming from the side as well."

Everyone got ready and waited tense in their battle stance. Inuyasha swung his sword over his shoulder. "Feh. Probably more small fries."

For the most part he was right, and while there was a good amount of them, the group was able to hold them off. But then an Oni rushed them grabbing Kikyou and took off. That is when things fell apart.

Inuyasha rushed after Kikyou. Another two oni ran into the clear coming toward Kagome. Sango and Miroku stepped in their path, teaming up to take them on. All the while the low level youkai were still coming in strong waves.

Kagome concentrated on her power and managed to purify any near her. She smiled at her small victory before loading another arrow. Just as she fired the projectile, clearing a chuck of the low level youkai, a scream sounded behind her.

Rin and Shippou were coiled up in lower youkai that were lifting them off the overwhelmed pack beast and flying off into the woods. She and Sesshoumaru were quick to follow.

Sesshoumaru slashed at the ones holding them captive, and Kagome shot a arrow purifying the ones nearby. More headed their way, but most towards the miko.

'This is getting ridiculous.' She remembered a trick Kaeda had mention to use as a last ditch effort. 'If I could just release my power...' Kagome brow furrowed and eyes hardened. "Sesshoumaru?"

"Hnn." Was her only indication he was listening as he stood facing the oncoming annoyances.

"Do you think you can hold off the ones coming your way."

"With ease." He shot her a glance over his shoulder. "Why?" He had a feeling he wasn't going to like this.

"Well..." Kagome took a step back and flared a little of her power. She wasn't surprised when more heads turned in her direction and started towards her. "They seemed to be coming for mainly Kikyou and I. So... I can just lead them away for a bit and try to purify them in one go."

His eyes widen. "Miko. Do not-"

But they rushed her and all she could hear was their screams for her blood. Firing one arrow into the mass, she turned and took off.

"Kagome!" Sesshoumaru was about to go after her, but stopped as came the youkai came at them. Growling his eyes flashed red, before cracking his knuckles and bring his poison forth. 'Miko, you had better not die before I can come to you.' That thought in mind he attacked the nearby offenders.

Kagome dodged tree as she ran, occasionally letting loose a arrow at the myriad of demons behind her. ' Just a little farther.'

Breaking the tree line she skid to a stop. In front of her was a cliff along with water rushing past to create a waterfall. Turning around she backed up closer to the edge as the low level demons broke the tree line and surrounded her.

'It's now or never.' She began to glow as she brought her power forth gathering it for release, and as they closed in on her she let go.

Sango and Mikoru had just finished on the last oni and some lower level youkai when Inuyasha landed next to them with Kikyou on his back. "You guys ok?"

Sango wiped her brow. "Yeah. Just didn't expect to be swarmed like that."

Kikyou slide off his back as he glanced around. "Where is Kagome?"

It was then that they caught sight of a giant blast of blue light.

Miroku's eyes widened. "That felt like Kagome."

Kikyou nodded. "Inuyasha, we should hurry. If she did what I think, she will be left prone."

Inuyasha grimaced, as he remember when Kikyou had let out her power to fight a group of youkai and couldn't move for a few moments afterwards. Inuyasha crouched down. "Get on then, it will be faster this way. You two try to keep up." With that he took off.

Sango shook her head. "Kirara, up to carrying us?" At the fire cats nod, they climbed on and took off after them.

Sesshoumaru had just finished off the last of them when Jaken appeared towing ah and un.

"My lord. Thank goodness I found you. A swarm of them had managed to drag me off a ways, but I was able to fight them off with my -" A stone hit his head.

"Jaken." When he was sure he had his retainer attention he continued. "Watch the children till I return."

Jaken sighed. "Yes my lord."

Sesshoumaru had only taken a few steps when he saw the burst of light. He could feel the traces of raw power from he stood, and heard Jaken squawk in discomfort. ' So she left to avoid harming others. Still foolish if she ends up harmed as a result of it.' Focusing on where her power was strongest he rushed off.

Slipping from numb fingers her bow clattered to the ground, and all the dust that remained of the youkai drifting off on the wind. Kagome fell to her knees and slumped to the side holding herself up with one hand. 'Thank God that worked.' Her eyes widened as she heard something rushing toward her. Glancing up she saw Sesshoumaru break the tree line. A wave of relief went through her. "Thank goodness it's you."

Sesshoumaru glanced around to be sure nothing was left, a bit of tension leaving him as he saw she was fine. Focusing his gaze on her he narrowed his eyes. "Miko, that was foolish."

Kagome would have crossed her arms if she could. As it was she was barely holding herself upright. "I could have harmed the others if I had been nearby, and I've never done it before. There wasn't many options that wouldn't have left me open to being overwhelmed."

"Still, you could have been harmed." He frowned, the fact the she left still bothering him. "This Sesshoumaru would have been there to help you."

Kagome smile lightly. "Yes, but you needed to protect the children as well. And with that group you couldn't cover us all."

His hands fisted knowing that he might have not been able to aid her with the children under attack. 'Normally it would not be a problem.'

Seeing his turmoil she knew what he was probably thinking. " Though I'll try not to do it again if possible, but I make no promises. I have to be able to protect myself sometimes. I don't want to be completely useless. "

He stared at her. "You're not useless." Her slight surprise displeased him. "Maybe foolish at times, but not useless."

Kagome laughed. "Thanks." She frowned as she heard a odd crumbling sound before the ground gave out beneath her and she started to fall over the cliff side with the loose dirt. Gasping she reached out grabbing what she could of the loose cliff side. Her hand caught a rock sticking out of the wall, and she was able to stop her fall. Still being drained she didn't have the strength to pull herself up. Her grip slipped from the rock just as hand grabbed her wrist.

Kagome looked up at seeing the upper half of the small daiyoukai hanging over the side. Grunting he tried to pull them up only to succeed in slipping down farther and more of the ground slowly crumbling underneath him. Realizing what would happen, she pushed back her rising panic. "Sesshoumaru, you need to let go of me."

He narrowed his eyes. "I will not."

A feeling of frustration ran through her as her tears filled her eyes. "You'll be pulled with me if you don't. So let go." A chunk of earth fell as if to prove her point.

Gold seared blue. "No."

The ground gave way and they slipped over the edge together.

Tucking her head into his chest he wrapped himself around her form as best as he could to cushion the blow. Desperately he pushed out his youki hoping to slow their descent. Nothing seemed to happen. Sesshoumaru eyes widen as he paled. 'No. I don't want her to die… SHE will not DIE!' Again he tried to force his cloud to appear when he felt something break from within.

Time seemed to slow as, in the span of a second, he felt his body grow as his power pulsed out of his body. He wrapped his arms around her fully with ease. His power finally gathered at their feet and he slowly brought them to the ground.

Kagome lifted her head. "Sesshoumaru are you… ok?" She trailed off staring at a chest before lifting her eyes to his face. "You're cured."

"Hnn." His calm facade faltered and he held her tightly against his chest.

Kagome's eyes widened in surprise. "Sesshoumaru?" Came her concerned whisper.

He entangled his fingers in her hair. " For a moment… I thought I could not save you."

Kagome smiled lightly as she rested a comforting hand on his left arm and squeezed gently. " But you did. Thank you."


As he held her he realized why he was cured. The woman's voice echo through his mind. '… something you hate.' For a moment he wasn't sure how he felt about it. Part of him wanted to deny it. Push the girl away and pretend he was above such things. But he didn't, he wouldn't lie to himself. Instead he placed a striped cheek on top of her head, and tried to think back. 'When did I start to love her?'

He loosened his hold on her and let her step back. She smiled up at him with a light blush staining her cheeks.

Then a shout came from above. "Kagome you alright?!"

They spotted Inuyasha. "Yeah, is everyone else?"

"Yeah, everyone is fine." Eyeing his now full sized brother. " And you!" He said pointing. " Make yourself useful and get her back up here." Then disappear from view.

Kagome huffed her annoyance at his rude behavior and Sesshoumaru held back an annoyed growl from being ordered around.

Kagome, still glaring at the spot her friend had been in, couldn't help the startled gasp when a arm wrapped around the side of her waste. Looking over to her side she saw Sesshoumaru glance at her.

"Hold onto me." He waited till she wrapped her arms firmly around his neck. Then bending at the knees slightly, he pushed off and they landed safely atop the cliff.

The everyone, save Inuyasha, was surprised to see a full sized Daiyoukai land with their friend.

Miroku leaned against his staff. "Seeing as Sesshoumaru is cured, I say we continue to the village to let Kaeda know the jewel is gone. I'm sure she would also be happy to see her sister."

Inuyasha nodded. "Sounds like a plan Monk. Let's go." Inuyasha took to leading the group with Kikyou.

As she trailed behind Sango and Miroku, Kagome couldn't help but glance at the youkai lord next to her. Now that he was back to normal, she couldn't help but feel small next to him. 'Then again, I am the short one of the group not counting the kids.' She mused.

At the village Kaeda was surprised to see her sister once again among the living and was overjoyed that the jewel was finally gone. The group celebrated with a nice meal in Kaeda's hut. The next morning would be the start of new things.

Everyone was outside of Kaede's hut, thinking on what they were going to do for the day, when Sesshoumaru walked up to Kagome. "Miko, this Sesshoumaru plans on leaving. Will you be coming?"

She stared at him in surprise. "Are you sure?"

He gave her a blank stare, " Did I not say so before?"

She smiled. "Ok, but know you can't get rid of me if you change your mind."

Inuyasha looked back and forth from the two. "Kagome, what are you two talking about?"

She turned to her friends. " Well, I'm going to continue traveling…with Sesshoumaru."

Shippou stared wide eyed. " But Kagome, what about..." He trailed off looking at his feet.

She picked him up and brought him eye level. "You're coming too Shippou. Well, unless you don't want to."

Her crossed his arms and threw back his head. "Ha, yeah right. I'd be totally bored."

She just laughed at him. "Alright, then it's settled." She looked over her to her friends and their worried looks. "Hey, don't worry I'll visit." Turning to the daiyoukai. "Right?"

He nodded.

Inuyasha shrugged. "Alright Kagome, if this is what you want."

She smiled. "It is."

"Then I suppose I support you on this." He smirked and then hugged her. Pulling back he gave her a stern look. "Be safe." Glancing past her he locked eyes with his brother. "Keep her out of trouble."

He stared blandly at his little brother. 'As if that's possible.' But gave his typical "Hnn." anyways.

Miroku and Sango were next to say goodbye. Sango hugged her tightly whispering in her ear. "Good luck, and have fun." She said in a playful manor that had Kagome pulling back shocked.

Kagome only shook her head. "Sango, it's official, Miroku has finally corrupted you." To which Sango only laughed. Turning to the perverted monk, she smiled. "Bye Miroku, I'll miss your words of wisdom."

"You can have them anytime you visit." Miroku smiled. " Be safe Kagome~sama."

"I will. " Turning Kagome caught eyes with Kikyou. "Take care of him, ok?"

Knowing whom she meant, the revived miko simply nodded.

Rin and Shippou climbed on Ah and Un while Jaken took the reigns. Kagome and the kids waved their final goodbyes and they were off.

As they started on their way Sesshoumaru looked over at her. 'While I may not know what will become of this, she is worth finding out.'

Kagome revisited her friend's words and mentally snorted. ' Have fun. Right, like there would ever be anything between us. He would never be interested in me like that.' Glancing over at the youkai lord, she noticed him looking intently at her and blushed. She quickly turned to the road ahead. 'He wouldn't, right?'

He smirked at her rose hued cheeks. 'I think I've found a new game for the miko.' His mind already started on a list of ways to inflict his new 'game' on her. 'Yes, the future looks very promising.'

The END~!

I can't believe it's finally done. This is the first multi chapter length fic, beside a co-written fic, that I have completed. I may write a drabble one shots sequel to this or not. We'll see. I have a lot of other fic ideas I want to write out before hand. Thank you to everyone for the support and who continued to read this. It's what helped me to finish. : )

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