Title: "Cake"
Ronon and Jennifer, cake
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Written for the drabble tag going on at sg_onesweetlove . Set after "Quarantine", I guess.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It was Elizabeth who had started the tradition, which is what it had become, of having a mini celebration whenever the Atlantis expedition achieved some major milestone. She said it was to boost morale. However, these festivities developed the pattern of coming shortly after they avoided some catastrophic disaster, a series of, in hindsight, fairly predictably unfortunate events, usually the base not being destroyed by the enemy.

And there was always cake.

Ronon met Teyla standing at the table of food, the cake all but decimated by the expedition members.

"Ronon," she greeted. He grunted in response, and then she told him of how she was just getting a piece of cake to take to Jennifer.

Before he could think about it, Ronon was taking the plate from her hands, telling Teyla that he would go find the young doctor. Teyla should stay, celebrate with the people. He was still uncomfortable around crowds of people and there was no alcohol provided to make him feel any different.

Ronon reached her office and peeked inside. She wasn't at her desk, and the room was dark with only a faint glow from the dimmed wall sconces. He was about to turn away to look elsewhere when a slight movement in the corner put his senses on alert.

His eyes adjusted more to the light and he was able to make out a disheveled blond head, and eyes met his, twinkling in the darkness.


"Hey," he said, stepping into the office.

"What are you doing here?" Jennifer asked, as she brushed stray hairs out of her face and sat up straighter from her position on the floor. He wondered what she'd been doing down there.

She must have seen the question on his face and she said, "I dropped some papers down here," she gestured to the white sheets now neatly stacked in front of her crossed legs. "I leaned down here to pick them up, but my back was kind of killing me, so I just stayed down here. McKay's actually right about the floor being quite comfy..." she trailed off, and a wry smile curved the corner of her mouth.

"How was the party?" she said after a moment.

Ronon shrugged. He didn't tell her he'd only gone because he'd expected her to be there. Or, he realized, he didn't know that he would miss her being there, until she wasn't.

He lifted up the small napkin-covered plate he'd been carrying, holding it out to her as he squatting down in front of her.

Jennifer took it from his hand, her cool fingers brushing against his.

"I brought you cake," he managed to say around the sudden tightness in his throat.

The smile she gave at his words was all the thanks he needed, and then he sat down beside her. She shifted over until her shoulder touched his, and rested her head there, and he felt her relax against him before she started to eat.