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Chapter one

It was cold in London, England one Saturday morning, about a week before Christmas. People could be seen huddled together as they walked, finishing up their last minute shopping, all except one lone figure that was leaning against a lamp post, hands hidden in deep pockets and the occasional shiver escaping from their otherwise still form.

She was standing on the corner of a busy London corner, her face hidden by her Jack Skellington hoodie, drawn deep over her features due to the blowing snow that forced her to shiver for the what seemed like the millionth time before she felt familiar eyes watching her.

"Keena, I'm sorry I'm late, but I had trouble ditching my friends."

"Yah, yah, yah, ok whatever. Come one, let's go get some coffee, I'm freezing. In case you haven't noticed, it's very cold out here." She replied, rubbing her hands together.

"Well, let me warm you up."

Her date slid her hood back to reveal her burgundy hair that was pulled back into a low ponytail and light green eyes that glared at the snowflakes that hit her cheeks. But warm lips on hers stopped her thoughts as she slid her arms around his neck, breathing his warm scent when he broke the kiss.

"Come on, before we freeze together in this storm." He whispered, pulling her hood up before lacing his fingers with hers, pulling her close as they walked into the nearest Starbucks, their friends long from their minds.

Two Hours Later

"Look, it stopped snowing." Keena whispered, drawing her date's attention from her nails, which where currently colored an acid green.

"Want to walk around before we go back?" He asked, sipping his frappuccino, much to her annoyance.

"How can you drink a frozen drink in the dead of winter?" She asked, drinking her White Chocolate mocha with a small hum of pleasure.

"Maybe I just love caramel too much, I don't know." He answered, licking the whip cream from the lid.

"Well, I think I tolerate it because I like to help clean up the excess caramel you leave behind when you lick the lid like a five-year-old." (A/N: I should note, I do this, EVERY time I get a Caramel Frappuccino...love those things….like crack I tell you…crack!)

He cracked a small grin before they left to walk in the now snow less London air, fingers grasped tightly in one another's, barely talking as they enjoyed some well earned freedom.

"Do you think our friends noticed we're gone?" He asked, stopping so he could wrap his arms around her shoulders.

"You know that they have probably started combing every nook and cranny for you. God, you know, if we didn't have to worry about my father finding out, I would give them a VERY long dictate on how even you deserve some time alone." Keena replied, resting her ear over his heart, wishing she could hear it more often.

His arms tightened and he sighed before resting his cheek on her hood. "I love you so much, Keena. I wish I could tell the world."

"Same thing here, lover boy, but father would kill me. We just have to wait two more years, then we're of age and no one can tell us what to do." She said in a small voice, successfully holding back the tears that threatened to fall.

"So does that mean you've thought about what I asked you on Halloween?" He asked with a small grin.

Laughing, Keena pulled back so her eyes locked with his. "I love you, you twit. So why would my answer be anything but yes? Two years of dating and you still don't know my mind, such a shame." She teased, a small smirk playing in her eyes.

"Oh I know your mind very well, my dear Keena." He whispered, kissing her nose before they continued walking, only a silver chain resting around her neck, a small silver band with a black pearl on top tucked safely under hoodie, the metal warm on her skin.

They wandered in circles before they had come again to their meeting spot, Keena already sadden that they would have to part, but his fingers on her chin brought teary green eyes into his.

"Soon, love, you and I will be out in the open. I'll see you at school, ok?" When she nodded, he gave her a small bow before kissing her cheek, disappearing into the falling snow, his black hair being covered within minutes of him walking away.

Keena watched her fiancé disappear in the freezing London weather before she pulled the ring out again and slid it onto her finger, the item sliding perfectly into place on her small hand.

'Soon love, I know but if anything happens to you because of father, I don't know how I'll survive.' She thought before she hid the ring away and turned, only to come face to face with an amused blonde, causing her to give a small shriek before she calmed.

"Draco, you startled me. What are you doing here?" She asked, pulling her emotions back, begging he didn't see her tinkering with her engagement ring.

"I could ask the same as you, Keena." The blonde responded, raising a perfectly sculpted brow.

"You know I love the silence and peacefulness that muggle London brings me." Keena whispered.

"And you're even in Muggle clothing! Geez, if your father finds out, he'll kill you! You're not very good Death Eater in training are you?"

"You know I will have NOTHING to do with that crazy son-of-a-bitch!" Keena hissed; her eyes lit like fires.

"I know, I know! Ok, dragon, calm down! I'm not going to tell your dad anything, but you better change into some robes."

Keena was silent but she nodded, removing her beloved hoodie that was a gift from her love, she wordlessly shrunk it and replaced them with her thick robes and dragon-hide gloves, looking more like the rich witch she was then before. She sighed before she walked back into Diagon Alley with Draco, her Slytherin feature's not betraying anything as she passed her fiancé, no emotion showing in his eyes either, the only sign of irritation was his familiar twitch of his foot when he was close to her but couldn't be with her.

"Come along, Miss Rhodes, you're father is waiting." The cold, crude voice of Lucius Malfoy said, making her shiver with fear before she accepted the portkey, landing in the entrance hall of her family house, rushing up to her room before her father could request her presence, saying she felt ill, clutching the hoodie to her chest, his scent lulling her into a deep sleep.

February 12th, the next year

"Keena, I don't understand why you just don't tell you're secret lover is! I mean, it's Valentine's Day in two day, for god's sake! You need to be with your love that day, not sulking by yourself in a cold dorm."

"Pansy, will you shut the hell up!? I don't have to tell you anything about my life and I've told you before, if word got to my father who my boyfriend is, he'll kill me and him!" Keena hissed before abandoning the Slytherin common room for her own bed, the hangings spelled shut while she fingered her ring, hot tears sliding down her cheeks, silent sobs rocking her body. She didn't know that her fiancé was in the same condition, held up on his bed, a depression around him that no one could understand.

She stayed in her bed all through lunch and dinner, prompting Snape to retrieve her, removing the spells on her hangings, only to find her drawn into a tight ball, tears still spilling down her face, the ring clutched tight in her hand. He collected her and walked silently out of the empty common room down to his private rooms, placing the girl in one of the over sized chairs, her form sinking into the plush fabrics while he retrieved two potions from his private labs. After he had administered both a Calming Draught and a mild Truth Potions, he questioned her.

"Why did you skip two meals?"

"I wasn't up to it, professor. I couldn't handle being in the same room as him without being able to be with him." She whispered, still clutching the chain tightly.

"Whose' he?"

"My fiancé, professor and if my father knew about him, he'd kill me. We have to wait two years before anyone can know so I can be safe from father's plans."

"Doesn't he plan on having you marked on your seventeenth?"

"Like hell he will; I'll be gone by that morning. I won't look back because I know if I do, that means he wins. But I refuse to allow him to try and make me a slave of a madman that won't survive the decade."

"So, you believe that Potter will defeat him for good?"

For the first time since she started talking, her eyes snapped up and locked with his. "I do sir, and I know he'll survive, I just know it."

Snape was silent before he nodded. "What's your fiancé's name?"

She was hesitant to answer, but the truth potion stopped that and when she whispered his name, he stood and left the room, leaving the witch to slowly push the Truth Potion out of her system.

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