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Chapter 4:

Sirius almost hated waking Keena up, she seemed so refreshed sleeping on the plush couch and he knew she was tortured when she was taken so sleep was never given to her, but Harry and Snape would arrive soon, so he had to do the worst.

"Hey, Keena I'm sorry to wake you but our visitors will be here soon." He gently shook her arm but his voice was soft.

Her eyes popped open and she sat up quickly, like she couldn't remember where she was before her eyes gave recognition.

"Thank you for helping and taking me in, Sirius." She said in a small voice, sitting, her face scrunched up in disgust over the state of her robes.

"You know that I don't mind you staying here, love. There's a shower upstairs you can use and I know there's fresh clothes you can change into. Harry and Snape should be here by breakfast, so don't worry about making us wait, ok? Just take some time to yourself."

Keena's warm green eyes watched him before she giggled. "I remember that we haven't been properly introduced. Hello, My Name is Keena Rose Daniels."

Successfully holding down his laugh, Sirius accepted her outstretched hand, pulling her up with a very warm smile on his face. "Well, I am Sirius Caleb Black, pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Keena." He said it with such a fake snobbish attitude; Keena's laughter could be heard all the way up the stairs before the closing of the bathroom door silenced it.

Sirius sat as he remembered the first time he heard of Keena from Harry, when talking to his godson hidden in the Black library.

"Siri, can I talk to you?"

Sirius looked up to see his godson with a hidden smile lighting up his emerald eyes.

"What can I do ya for, Harry?" He responded, pushing the paperwork away from him.

Before he sat, Harry whispered an unknown spell before he scooted next his godfather.

"Does the Black family have any…well you see I need…how do I say this without sounding like a poof...do you have any rings that aren't overly dark and forbidding?" He whispered.

"Why would you need a Black family ring?"

Instead of a blush, there was a brilliant smile that took up the fifteen-year-old face. He visibly became excited as he grabbed Sirius' hand.

"I need an engagement ring, Sirius and I want to ask her on our anniversary."

"Harry, slow down, I don't even know this lucky girl's name! So please, tell me all about her."

Harry proceeded to tell Sirius all about Keena, telling him everything about how she kept his life balance in the last two years and how he helped her come out her shell.

"But I don't want to cause her any pain, Siri, she deals with so much because of her father. If the world knew about us, her father would kill her and Voldemort would use her against me. I just want her to know that I will always wait for her."

"Does he plan on having her marked for her 17th?" Sirius whispered, a powerful respect for Keena running through his head.

"Not that she'll stand it, she has plans laid down to run, down to every last detail and every last possible thing that could go wrong."

Sirius was silent before he stood, bringing Harry deeper into the library until they came upon a door almost hidden by the shadows and cobwebs. After a whispered Latin spell, the door melted away to reveal a glittering vault of jewelry.

"Take whatever you need, alright? I certainly am in no need of this junk. Most of it will only be removable if you have Black blood but I know there's jewelry from women whose dowries included fancy items."

Harry walked quietly into the room, emerald eyes floating over the ancient items until they rested on a small, silver band and an onyx pearl resting on top. When he took the item into his hand, he felt ancient spells wrap around his hand and shoot into his mind. He was unable to block the ancient force, but before he could blink, the magick was gone and he was holding the ring safely in his hand, along with a necklace that bore a small pendent engraved with the Black family seal around his pale neck.

He walked silently passed Sirius, who had a knowing and understanding look in his blue eyes as he watched Harry walk out of the library in a slight daze, walking straight passed Ron and Hermione. Sirius walked silently behind him, aware that his position as head of the Black family was replaced with Harry, not that he minded, he hated this house and now that he wasn't tied to it, he could easily slip out and run, of course making sure Harry and Keena were well taken care of beforehand.

Harry could feel the magick course through his body, changing his bloodlines and signature to the point that only his eyes and hair remained of the Potter blood. The ancient spell on the ring basically assimilated Harry into the Black bloodline, seeing him as a worthy heir for power, as he wasn't seeking the ring for personal gain but protection for Keena. When he passed the portrait of the late Lady Black, she didn't scream at him nor did she yell some obscenity about half bloods, no she gave a soft smile and whispered

"Welcome to the noble and ancient house of Black, Harry, we look forward to how you carry the name, you and your precious fiancé."

Turning to Sirius, Harry's eyes visually paled before he passed out onto the wood floor.

Sirius was pulled out of his thoughts when his mother's painting stirred, making him stand and walk into the main hallway.

"You just never rest does you, you old hag." He said with a sneer before the curtain that surrounded her painting snapped open.

"Shush you ungrateful scum, I sense the future Lady Black in the house, the ring allows Harry to keep her safe as long as it is on her finger." His mother hissed back. "Makes me wonder how she was kidnapped at all…"

"I haven't been able to wear it, milady for mine and Harry's safety." Keena's soft voice said behind Sirius.

The man jumped and turned to see her leaning against the railing, her long burgundy hair shimmering in the early sunlight. She was wearing what Sirius knew to be a set of Harry's clothes and her freshened robes over them, but her feet were bare, allowing her neon purple nail polish to be seen clearly.

"Why in the world have you not worn your ring, you daft child?!"

"The world couldn't know about my engagement because that would give Voldemort a means to harm my Harry, milady." Keena hissed, eyes lit up as she confronted the late Lady Black.

Before the painting could respond, the fireplace roared to life, bring Harry and Snape quickly through before it snuffed. Keena's eyes calmed instantly as she ran into Harry's arms, who locked her into a tight embrace, almost molding her to his chest.

"Keena, I was so worried, are you alright? It was you ex father wasn't it, I swear I'll-" He was cut off when she placed her finger on his lips.

"I'm not a 100%, but I'm better then I could be and yes it was Lord Rhodes and his brother that took me. I made it here last night and I just had a shower, so please don't dampen my mood, and ignore that pun mister." She said with a blinding smile.

Harry grinned before he kissed her, ignoring the coughs from Snape.

"If you two decided to come up for air, we'll be dead by that time." Keena heard him hiss.

"OH professor, please tell me I didn't get you hurt at all!" She said, turning to face the man.

When confusion flashed in his eyes for a brief moment, she could have sworn (along with the other two occupants in the room) that she say compassion and genuine gratitude in his eyes that followed the confusion.

"No, Ms. Daniels, your actions in the Ministry resulted in no injuries for myself." He answered with a hushed voice.

"Thank goodness, I was so worried that by my stupid actions you would be killed and after all you did to help release me from that man…I just couldn't bear it if something happened to you because of me!" Keena responded with wet eyes.

Snape didn't know how to respond to a crying witch, so he flashed a small, tiny smile and gave her a gentle pat on her shoulder.

"I had a cover story ready, Ms. Daniels and it indeed saved my life. But we must return to Hogwarts."

"Hold it, its Saturday and you don't have to stay, Snivellius. Breakfast is waiting and I know these two deserve some alone time after the hell they both went through." Sirius barked out, giving the potion master a challenging look.

But it wasn't the angry eyes that convinced Snape, no it was the happy squeak that escaped Keena as both the potential idea and Harry tickling her made her eyes shine.

"Fine, but I want you both on Hogwart's grounds for dinner, you understand me?"

When they nodded, he flooed back to his private chambers, collapsing back into his chair. He would never dare tell Keena about the bruised body that spiraled out in the dungeons.

"No, it wasn't her fault, she acted on instinct and it told her I could protect her. She will never know…"His voice trailed off as he fell into a deep sleep, ignoring the knocking on his door.

Meanwhile, back at Grimmaud place, Keena was currently staring at her hand that now bore her ring, in all its glory. She felt the ancient magick pulse around her, knowing it accepted her and would protect her just as Harry wanted.

"Sooo, Mr. Harold Black, does this mean I can wear it, whenever I want?" She asked with a sly grin, pretending she would take it off as she stood next to the dining room table.

Harry pulled her down with a small squeak until she sat parallel to him on his lap, arms tight around her waist.

"Take that ring of for any reason I will not be happy." He whispered, kissing her.

Keena smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck, truly happy for the first time in ages.

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