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Chapter 1 - Tormented Dreams

On a clear, cloudless night, where a slight wind blew lazily through the trees, a flash of light was seen shooting across the inky blackness that was the sky. It was joined by two others and together the three shooting stars journeyed across the night sky. To an untrained observer, it would have seemed as if there was something traveling in those flashes of light, but everyone knows that shooting stars are just pieces of burning rock that orbit the earth, not a means of transportation. Right?


On this same clear, cloudless night, not too far from where the shooting stars seemed to meet the earth, there was a house. On the top floor of this house was a window, and through this window there was a bedroom. Of course in the bedroom was a bed, and in this bed slept a young woman. Her long blonde hair spilled over her pillow as she tossed and turned, her dreams disrupted by personal pain. Every so often she would seem to wake, only to turn again and settle in another position. Her forehead was beaded with sweat, and her lips continuously moved, though she didn't always make sounds. Beside the girl on the bed slept a black cat with a crescent moon bald patch on its forehead. Every time the girl turned, the cat would grumble and find a new spot, until eventually it jumped to the floor, and curled up on a cushion. This continued well into the night, and sometime after midnight the girl sat up, really awake this time, her eyes filled with tears.

"Seiya" She whispered, and then placed a hand over her mouth. Swinging her legs over the side of her bed, she got up, and picked a little pink teddy bear off her shelf. It was a brooch really, or a keychain. The girl cradled it to her chest, tears spilling freely from her eyes. She turned on her CD player, and listened to the song.

~I'm so tired of being here~

~Suppressed by all my childish fears~

~And if you have to leave~

~I wish that you would just leave~

~Because your presence still lingers here~

~And it won't leave me alone~

The blond girl clutched the teddy bear tighter, crying harder. Her cat woke up, and stretched.

"What time is it?" The black cat asked.

"Not sure Luna. Early in the morning I think" The girl said, her voice muffled by tears. Luna was a very perceptive sort of cat, and knew that something was wrong, and asked so.

"It's nothing. Just… him." Fresh tears spilt, and the cat walked over to the girl.

"It'll be alright. You just need time.

~These wounds won't seem to heal~

~This pain is just to real~

~There's just too much that time cannot erase~

Luna padded over to the CD player, and turned it off.

"You can't tell the others Luna, ok you promise. You can't tell any of them" The blonde girl pleaded, holding the pink bear tighter. The cat hesitated, and the girl leaned forward. "Promise Luna?" Luna sighed reluctantly.

"Hai, I promise. I won't tell them, Usagi"


"Tsukino Usagi! Why are you sleeping in my class?!" Usagi woke with a jerk, the teacher's voice ripping through her head.

"Uh, gomen, Sensei, I just didn't sleep much last night…" She trailed off, looking at her teacher.

"How is that an excuse?" The teacher yelled, and the rest of the class flinched.

"Gomen, Sensei, it won't happen again, I promise" Usagi said quietly, and the teacher sighed.

"It had better not Tsukino. It had better not" She walked back to the front of the class to restart the lesson.

At lunch, Usagi's friends unpacked their bentos on the roof quietly. They could all sense that something was wrong with their friend and princess, but they also knew that if Usagi didn't want to talk, then she wouldn't. Instead, they discussed recent events, such as the absence of enemies, and Michiru's upcoming joint concert with an unknown band.

"She's giving us all tickets and backstage passes; we can go see her afterwards." Makoto was saying with a smile. "She's also playing with another violinist for one of the songs. Apparently, it's this newly discovered talent, named Hana Amane. So she's gonna play a duet with Hana, and then a couple solo songs, then the last song is the one with an unknown band. I'm still uncertain as to whether it's a new band or not" She sat back, eating some strawberry shortcake.

"Are you guys taking anyone?" Ami asked, eating a riceball.

"Well, I asked Motoki, and he said he'd go with me" Makoto said, which caused Minako to squeal, and Makoto to blush.

"You're going with Mamo-chan, right Usagi" Ami said to her friend, ignoring Makoto and Minako, and Usagi nodded slowly.

"I wish I had a prince to go with" Minako sighed, finished with Makoto. "The perfect man, who'd love me and only me." Ami rolled her eyes, used to her friend's dramatic monologues.

"I couldn't be bothered inviting anyone" The blue haired girl said, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't think Rei did either." The topic dissolved into talk of guys, and Ami looked over at her blonde friend worryingly.

'She hasn't said a word all lunch, and she's hardly eating. There is something seriously wrong with her. Everyone can see it' Ami thought, but if she wanted an answer as to what exactly was wrong, she was going to be sorely disappointed.


After school, Makoto and Usagi walked home together.

"Hey, Usagi, is anything wrong?" Makoto said cautiously, but Usagi shook her head.

"Daijobu. I'm fine, just a little tired." Usagi's voice did sound tired, but Makoto wasn't convinced. She reached her hand out to place it on Usagi's shoulder, but Usagi shrugged it off. "I said I'm fine. Why is everyone always worrying about me?" She pulled away from Makoto, and ran towards her house.

'What was that?' Makoto asked herself, frowning. Something was defiantly wrong with her friend.

Usagi didn't stop running until she reached home. Taking off her shoes, she walked inside.

"Oh, it that you Usagi?" Her mum's voice could be heard from the kitchen. "Okarei nasai!"

"Mm, it's me. Tadaima" She walked slowly up the stairs, her head hung. Sitting down at her desk, she started on her homework, but after a short time she fell asleep, and this was how Luna found her later. Sighing, the black cat let her be, instead going to see Setsuna and the other Outer Senshi. Upon arriving, a smiling Hotaru let Luna inside.

"Ohayo Hotaru, Setsuna" The cat said. "Where are Michiru and Haruka?" Setsuna shrugged in answer to her question.

"I think they're organizing things for the concert."

"About that" Luna started, unsure of how to put it. "Wouldn't it be best to… tell Usagi about… you know… them." Setsuna shook her head.

"Princess Kakyuu has very adamant about that. Usagi and the other Guardian Senshi were not to know."

"I feel so sorry for her. She's being tormented by her feelings at the moment, and there's nothing I can do to help her." Luna said, her voice sad. Setsuna comforted the cat, and then Luna said that she had better go. Leaving the house, she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. Shrugging it off, the black cat headed towards home. She was preoccupied by her thoughts; so much so that she didn't hear the light footsteps that walked away form her.


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