Living With YouPrologue

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Severus unlocked the door to the flat he had been living in for nearly eight months. He flipped the switch for the lights and groaned as he sank into his favourite squashy armchair.

He began to reminisce about when he had first been sent to the dreary, single bedroom abode by the powers that be, they told him that it was to protect him from the rogue Deatheaters still clinging to the ideals of their late master, that it was completely imperative that he remain here and survive as a Muggle so as to prevent suspicion.

Severus, of course, was a man highly sought after for his dealings in the war, this was a part of his life that he had not anticipated (he still swore to this day that he should have died before the war was over) but alas this was the position he now found himself in.

However the spy in him had not died, he still kept his wand in its holster on his left for-arm. Any unusual sound or movement caught his attention immediately. He would spend every night as he was now. In his arm chair, in front of the fire with a glass of whisky, just waiting, listening and watching for anything unusual – but of course, nothing ever happened, no attack from the opposition, no word from his so-called allies. He had now come to the conclusion that he would be left here, to rot, that he had been sent away and forgotten about, because even though he was on their side, some of his crimes were unforgivable.

An image of Albus' final moments flashed before his eyes, that plea before he dealt the final blow, he had done as Albus wished, not only did the old man wish for death within battle, but he wanted his final moments to be that of dignity and poise. An 'Avada Kedavra' from a 'traitor' better achieved that… than dying in a bed, pathetic and soiled by his own fluids and excrement. At least that way he had made a lasting image in everybody's mind that he was a true hero of the light.

So deep he was in his dark thoughts regarding his own actions, he very barely noticed the green flare come from his living room fireplace, he reacted quickly, flying from his arm chair and aiming his wand at the fireplace from a safe distance, relief washed over him in waves when none other that Minerva McGonagall stepped out of the hearth. Of course he did not trust her presence immediately but whether it was truly her, or an enemy in her guise, this person meant that the mundane life he had been forced into had ended, the 'person' as he was referring to, took a step forward.

"Prove you are who you appear to be or I will kill you on the spot!" Snape spat. McGonagall merely arched an eyebrow and folded her arms over her chest.

"Severus Snape put your wand away this instant." She ordered.

"Not until you have proven yourself." He gritted out.

"We do not have time for this Severus, Bellatrix has wind of your whereabouts, she has rallied a group of your old crowd together and they are on their-" a jinx streamed past her head and hit the wall behind her.

"What do you think you are doing Severus?!" Minerva screeched pulling her wand out and taking aim.

"Nice try, I am not so stupid as to fall for such an obvious ploy. Reveal yourself or perish! I assure you that was your only warning shot!" Before anything else could be said, the door to his flat blew open and there, in all his irritating glory, stood Harry Potter.

The next few moments were a blur, Harry shot forward and expertly dodged the hexes aimed his way by the obvious impostor, he grabbed Snape by the wrist and dragged him down to the ground just in time to elude the man who smashed through the window and made a grab for him.

Between the two of them the pair of assailants were stunned and bound and, Severus was leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath. He suddenly got the feeling that he had been out of the game for too long.

"Jellyfish noodles with electro, techno curry salmon sauce." Were the first words to spill from Harry's lips.

To anybody else it would have seemed utter nonsense, but Severus noted instantly that it was the assigned password for today (passwords changed daily and were received on his slip of one way parchment where small messages could be received but not sent)

Then Harry pointed his wand and cast 'Expecto Patronum' showing his Patronus in all its glory, thus confirming his identity.

"Auror Potter reporting," Harry said into a gadget on his wrist, "Mr. Snape is secured and assailants are bound in room, I will begin to move him immediately to his new location and will see you when the mission is fulfilled." He then turned to Severus and smiled.

"Invention by the Weasley twins," He commented noticing Severus' glance at his wrist where he had just been speaking into, "an improvement on the ears, I bet you remember those." He continued.

"Of course I remember the infernal things." Snape retorted finally voicing himself, drawing himself up to his full height.

"Of course you do." Harry echoed smiling still, of course this infuriated the older man but, alas, he had more important things to ask.

"My new location?" He asked.

"Ah… yes well… this may not be in your eyes the best option… but it has been decided best if you come and live with me." Harry finished quickly. Severus' eyes bulged comically.

"You're bloody right I don't see this as the best option… in fact I don't see it as an option at all! I refuse to come and live with you in that mutts house amongst, what I imagine to be a sea of red headed children." He sniped.

"Ah well if they're the only two reasons then you have nothing to fear," Harry offered his determination shining through, "we will be living in my apartment in a largely Muggle populated area where I already have a pseudonym and what not established. There will be nobody else, just me and you." He finished, checking his watch.

"I suppose I have no bloody choice then" Snape drawled, he had noticed the look of loneliness in his former student's eyes as he spoke and even more shocking was that he did not jump to the defence of his late godfather who Severus always referred to as 'the mutt'. He swiftly turned away and went to pack his things. After all, who was he to rock the boat?


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