Disclaimer= I do not own Naruto.

I wasn't planning to do this

Take shots and bust out drunk and stanced

That was until you came girl

My eyes forbade me to not glance

It started off okay

Was checking you out

You doing the same

Thought this might end up a good day

You stood next to her

You looked fresh

I smelled a sweet scent

The boys were giving me some drank

I took a few shots

Without a blink

They egged you to take some

You agreed to take one

I let you have one

The one that was supposed to be mine

Hopefully you got bent

Hopefully you would've been mine by the end of the night

Your friend was trying to make you look good

Look good you did


Library rat

Heaven forbid the boys step up their game

I wouldn't want that

Everyone then sat

There was an empty seat next to you

I took it

I wanted to talk to you

I wanted to say some words

Couldn't produce it

I was mentally egging myself on

I couldn't lose this

I had to be very strident

Unfortunately the boys were quicker

They beat me to it…

A/N= Lee had beaver fever. Everyone else at the party stepped their game up. Lee felt isolated and dejected. Poor guy, maybe next time he will get lucky...