The battle between the digidestined and Myotismon raged on up top the television tower, Wizardmon has just stepped in to give the final digidestined the crest of light Kari. At the exact time a plan was hatched to get the younger kids out of the convention center out of harems way on the bottom floor where they were being held captive.

A girl stood up, she had long black hair tied back into a ponytail with bangs almost covering her vibrant emerald green eyes. She wore a golden Chinese sleeveless shirt with dark purple accents, a matching tattered dark purple scarf, and some black Chinese style pants that were three inches above her black sneakers. "Hey you bullies let us out of here!" she yelled.

Suddenly all the Bakemon started to float towards the girl. Never once losing her nerve the girl stood her ground "Let us out you over grown spooks!" she exclaimed again. The Bakemon looked amongst each other attempting to figure out what to do with this girl since after the people of Odaiba had been placed here there had been no attempts to escape except for the digidestineds attempt which failed mostly.

"Listen girl sit back down and we promise not to hurt you." One Bakemon said. "Like I give a dame about that let me go or else!" she yelled. Unknown to the Bakemon that surrounded her, two older kids slowly led the younger children away to any empty room out of sight and away from danger.

"Like hell I will, since you won't let me go I want to speak to your superior!" she demanded. As if on cue Phantomon appeared behind the Bakemon "What is the meaning of this? What are you all doing?"

"Well she started to demand us to release her and she doesn't listen." One brave Bakemon said. Phantomon turned to face the girl "So you think you can get what you want? Let this be an example to anyone else with ideas! Shadow Scythe!"

"AH!" the girl fell to her knees holding her midsection in pain. Phantomon floated in front of the barely conscious girl, "Had enough?" he asked. Biting back the pain the girl suddenly sprang up and tackled Phantomon to the ground allowing her blood to fall on to her attacked from the gash on her torso. "I repeat let me go or else!" Phantomon phased through the floor to escape but the girl got a hold of his scythe. "Alright now, who wants a piece of me, Takamura Kimiyori!!"

"Shadow Scythe!" Kimiyori exclaimed as she swung the golden scythe at some Bakemon to her right bursting him into data before quickly recovering and attacking another Bakemon to her left. After a few minutes only a shocked Phantomon and Kimiyori were left in the large room. 'How can she wield my scythe! I should be impossible! Could she be the eighth digidestined Myotismon is looking for' Phantomon wondered.

"Now take me to your leader!" Kimiyori demanded. Not wanting to be deleted like the Bakemon he led her up the stairs towards Myotismon unaware of the battle taking place. As they reached the top of the stairs Phantomon broke free of the girls grip and flew to Myotismon "I found the eighth child Myotismon!" he yelled. Floating in front of Myotismon Phantomon blocked his view of Kari Gatomon and Wizardmon.

The sudden appearance of Phantomon allowed Wizardmon a chance to recover and get Kari out of the line of fire. "What!" yelled Myotismon "That can't be but I thought that she was the eighth child!" he said pointing behind Phantomon to were Kari had been standing unaware that her Gatomon and Wizardmon were no longer there. Kimiyori had already reached the top of the stairs and was standing right behind Myotismon holding Phantomon's scythe.

"Shadow Scythe!!!" a dark flash appeared and Myotismon quickly grabbed his injured left arm turning around to find the girl with Phantomon's scythe ready for round two with one hand on her stomach covered in red.

"Ugh, you insolent brat, how dare you attack me?!" Myotismon exclaimed. "See this is the child Myotismon." Phantomon said.

Myotismon glared at her then looked at the weapon in her hand recognizing it immediately "You fool!" he yelled, in his anger he reached with his right hand grabbed Phantomon and crushed him deleting him and the scythe in the girls hand. "Useless fool. I'll deal with you after I deal with these digidestined." Myotismon said.

With Phantomon out of the way and the mysterious girl weaponless Myotismon turned back to the digidestined deeming that she was no longer a threat. "Now where is that little brat?" Myotismon asked as he looked for Kari who was on the other side of the ledge heading for the stairs with Wizardmon right behind them.

Kimiyori saw them before Myotismon spotted them, connecting the dots she realized that bats was going to hurt a little girl. Something deep inside Kimiyori could not allow her to stand by. Running on pure instinct she jumped on Myotismon clasping her hands over his eyes before he could spot the Digidestined of Light.

"I'm not done yet you creep!" she yelled as he tried to shake her off. He got a hold of her scarf, gripping it tightly he yanked it and Kimiyori off himself and flinging her across the building into Wizardmon. Instead of landing in a heap near the edge Myotismon threw her so hard that they both continue to fall off the building into the bay waters below.

"Ah!!!!!!!" yelled Kimiyori and Wizardmon as they fell off the building and into the dark waters below. Losing consciousness the second her head hit the water hard shortly followed by Wizardmon.

Wizardmon was the first of the two to gain consciousness looking around he found that they were in a place filled with light and both of them were floating in midair. "Oh boy." Without any other option than to wait Wizardmon attempted to wake up the strange girl next to him.

"Hello….kid…..hey…wake up." Wizardmon gave her a gentle nudge in between each word attempting to wake her from her slumber. "Five more minutes mom." She mumbled.

Not two seconds after the words left her lips she sat up quickly. Her emerald eyes surveyed the area that was the white plain of existence with no one there other than a strange kid covered in ragged close. 'Where the hell am I? Am I dead?!...Well it would make sense since the last thing I remember was hitting this kid and falling of the radio station into the bay…..waters…Fuck I am dead.'

"Excuse me….mamma?" asked Wizardmon shyly pulling Kimiyori out of her mental rant. "Huh. Oh hi I'm Takamura Kimiyori, well I think my name still applies here, were ever here is." She answered.

"My name is Wizardmon. Pleasure to met you Kimiyori-san." Wizardmon replied extending his gloved hand to Kimiyori. They both shacked hands before letting go.

"That's a weird name for a kid and your voice sounds a lot like an adults voice, we're you from anyways England?" Kimiyori teased Wizardmon attempting to start a conversation.

"Actually I'm not really human Kimiyori-san I am a digital monster or digimon for short just like the other ones from Odaiba." Wizardmon tried to explain 'I hope she doesn't freak out.' Wizardmon thought hopefully.

"Well that explains how those other guys did all those weird things huh. And I'm guessing those kids also knew what was going on Wizardmon." Kimiyori said thoughtfully.

"That is correct Kimiyori-san." Wizardmon said before he could continue Kimiyori interrupted him. "I'm sorry Wizardmon but could you please call me Yori for short, I never really liked Kimiyori." Yori asked

"Of course Yori-san, now as I was going to say those children that you saw are the digidestined……enter long winded explanation about the digidestined and the digital world in the eastern quadrant. If you like digimon you should know all of this."

"Wow that is so cool!" exclaimed Yori after Wizardmons explanation. "So any idea where we are Wizardmon?" she asked hopefully

"No clue."

"Aw man! Now I'm stuck hell knows where just because I couldn't stay put and had to play hero, mom always told me that would get me in trouble some day. Stupid heroic urges." Exclaimed Yori in despair.

"I'm sorry for your los Yori, if there was anything I could do?" Wizardmon said attempting to comfort the distraught girl.

"No it's not your fault Wizardmon but thank you, it's just the way I am. I can't stand by the side lines and watch the bad guys win and see people get hurt. One way or another something like this was bound to happen. I just need some time to come to terms and maybe figure out where we are." Yori said wiping the tears from her eyes that had begun to fall during her rant.

The two sat in comfortable silence for a while, until as small blue orb appeared in front of them and began to grow rapidly into the digimon sovereign of the Eastern Quadrant Azulongmon. Immediately Wizardmon bowed down to the mega digimon in respect Yori just looked in awe at the size and aura of power for the dragon looking digimon before them.

"Greetings Wizardmon and to you my dear." said Azulongmon. "Greeting to you as well great sovereign of the eastern quadrant my lord may your life be long and prosperous!" Wizardmon exclaimed. "Yo." Yori said shocking Wizardmon for her total lack of respect for the mega digimon.

Seeing Wizardmons reaction Azulongmon chuckled slightly at the twos antics before getting to the reason as to why he was here in the first place. "Now Wizardmon relax it is quite alright after all it is I who should be bowing to this young lady for she is the first being ever to awaken the greatest power in the digital world since its creation." Yori's mouth gapped wide open leaving a hole in her mouth large enough to fit a digiegg inside.

"What do you mean?! I didn't unlock anything!? What? Huh? When? Who? WHAT?!" sputtered Yori surprised by what the over sized dragon was saying, well oversized in her opinion.

"It is as I said, you my dear have awoke the Crest of Nobility." Azulongmon said.

"But my lord I thought that there were only 8 digidestined and only eight crest?! How….How can there be a ninth?!" said a shocked Wizardmon.

"I guess the best way to explain this is to go back to the creation of the crest themselves, now back when the digital world was still new the five sovereigns created different barriers for our domains as a type of defense against evil, Zhuqiaomon sovereign of the southern quadrant created the twelve Devas, Baihumon sovereign of the west created the ancient guardians and the three angles, Ebonwumon of the north created the organization known as the Royal knights, and I created these digivises for digimon to partner with humans along with the Golden Dragon of the center Fanglonmon the 13 Crest of power.

This includes the eight Crests that you know of know but the remaining five are far more powerful and harder to control. When we created them the Crest where given the failsafe of choosing who could wield their power based on their personality and other criteria based on the crest individually.

The remaining ones are the Crest of Miracles, Destiny, Kindness, Nobility and Darkness. The first three that were mention have already chosen their bares but are simply waiting for the right time. The Crest of Darkness was sealed away since its power was too strong to hold back. The final Crest has never declared a bearer since it is the strongest and brother crest of darkness."

"Wait wouldn't light be the brother of darkness?" asked Yori.

"No you see light is only as strong as darkness allows it in other words what good is purity and good when all it does is watch, combined with the other crest it is strong but not alone. Nobility is the embodiment of light in action, the need to perform good and the power to change things.

Never has the Crest shone until today, for both of you and Wizardmon." Azulongmon said looking at the two being in front of him.

After a moment to allow the shock to settle Yori was the first to speak "So that would make the digidestined of Nobility and Wizardmon is my partner?"

"In a sense, that is correct my dear." Azulongmon said.

Yori froze 'In a sense?!' "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Dear you hit that water hard as well as Wizardmon both of you in a sense are dead. The Crest of Nobility saved your minds and souls so that I may create new bodies for you so that you may fulfill your destiny." Azulongmon answered.

"So does that mean that I become a digimon or what? What about Wizardmon?" Yori asked confused. Wizardmon nodded in agreement to Yori's statement

"Unfortunately, your data is corrupted and I am unable to return you as you once were but as a different digimon, and you Yori will take the place of a human girl that looks exactly like you that lost her soul but her body remains in the southern quadrants real world." Azulongmon answered.

"Well isn't that convenient." Yori muttered under her breath.

"Now that this matter has been settled I think it is time for you Takamura Kimiyori to wake up." Azulongmon said as his tail touched Yori's forehead giving her a slight push and sending her down into the southern quadrant and into her new body.