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Last TIME IN CREST OF NOBILITY:Davis took off after a fight with the digidestined, that broke them up into two groups one for Davis being the leader and one against. Ken took off after him and they had a heart to heart in an old cemetarty about Davi's past revealing his greatest regrest and fears. The tamers faught off some dark digimon near the tv tower where Yori and Wizardmon last set foot in the eastern qudrent older tamers coming out victorious but not unharmed. Alerted by the sounds of battle near the tower not far from the cemetary Davis and Ken went to investigate and found the demon lords Lilthmon and Beelzemon who would have surely deleted Paildramon if not for the interference of the youngest tamers digimon Antylamon and Beelzemon. After the fight the group decidded to head back to the kamiya residence to explain the situation leaving them to think about the previous battles and those that would suerly lie ahead...........

I don't like this at all. Yori thought as she walked behind the group of tamers and digidestined with Kudamon on her shoulders. We got off to easy.

"Is something on your mind Yori?" He asked concerned for his partner.

"Nothing I just have this uneasy feeling." She responded keeping her voice down so that the other children would not hear their conversation.

"Please don't treat me like an idiot Yori I know that something is bothering you. If you wish not to talk about it just say so but please don't insult my intelligence." Kudamon said in mild irritation at the girl's dismissal and obvious lie.

"Sorry Kudamon it's not that it's just really awkward for me to be back here. Digimon I can handle but not my past." She said sadly not daring to look at the group ahead of her.

"Are you saying that the brave and reckless Yori is afraid of running into the digidestined?" He said hoping that the taunt would serve as a distraction for the girl even if it was only for a few seconds.

"It's a little more than that Kudamon it's hard to explain." She looked down at her feet in an attempt to hide the pain in her eyes from showing to her partner. Sensing another question Yori had never been so relieved to see someone join her at the back of the group.

"Yo Yori so do you have like a last name or something?" Davis asked slowing down so that he was walking beside her, unknowingly ending the previous conversation that human and digimon had held.

"Not one that would matter to a stranger, no matter how cute he is." She cryptically answered trying to avoid further questions. Ew gross, I can't believe I just said that.

"Sorry for asking." Davis backed off a little upset by the cold response from the girl. What crawled up her butt and couldn't get out?

Yori saw Davis's face falter for a second and immediately regretted being so cold with him. "No I'm sorry it's just that I'm a little on edge after that last battle." She lied

"Why?" Great now I got him interested. "From what I head you did amazing if what Ai and Mako told me was true." Davis praised her in hopes of getting the older girl to talk. Great, nice going twins now he won't lay off.

"I did fine it's just, never mind it's nothing I guess I'm just a little home sick." She said mustering up her best fake smile that was not very convincing towards the digidestined of miracles. I hope he buys it

Does she really expect me to buy that? "Yeah sure whatever you say. Any ways things are pretty tense with the team right now so." He said offering his own smile.

"What do you mean tense?" Interrupted Yori looking at the younger teen concerned as they continued to walk oblivious to the rest of the group.

"It's a long story." He replied lamely trying to forget the large group of friends at Tai's house waiting for them. Oh joy.

"Well if we're on our way to meet them then shouldn't you give us some at least some type of a heads up?" She reasoned with Davis in hopes of getting the youth to confide his problem with no apparent success. Terriormon's laughter could be heard in front of them without either of them taking much notice of it.

Davis took an audible breath as he tried to collect his thoughts into some type of a story that he could tell Yori to get her off his case. "It's really all my fault I just need to learn how to keep my mouth shut one thing lead to another…"

"I highly doubt that's the whole story, it seems to me like this is a problem that's been going on for a while. So why don't you just start from the beginning." She tried again hoping to get him to confide to her.

"Like I just said it was my fault, besides why would I talk to you about this? I mean assuming that there is a problem besides my big mouth, which there isn't by the way." He said defensively.

"Davis it's not all your fault." Ken said startling both the teens with his presence. He gave Davis an encouraging squeeze on the shoulder accompanied by a reassuring smile.

"What's not his fault?" Takato asked butting into their conversation. Great how did this become a four person conversation? Yori thought.

"Don't worry about it guys!" Davis said quickly waving his hands like windshield wipers nervously. Great how did this become a group intervention?!

"Too late you got our attention." Terriormon said on top of Henrys head with Rika to his left. At this point the group had stopped walking in favor of listening to Davis's story.

Sighing in defeat Davis looked at the tamers "If you really want to know fine lets go sit down in the park." The group nodded and changed course to the park that Davis and Tai liked to play soccer alone.

"Those ass holes" Tai mumbled to himself as he walked out of the apartment building almost bolting out into the city. "After all he's done for them." He said out loud.

Taking in a deep breath Tai stood still for a moment trying to clear his head before letting out a draw out breath. It's not like I could say I was a great friend.

Tai turned around quickly trying to find the source of the voice, finding no one he dismissed it and took off towards the park where he practiced soccer.

With each passing step that carried him further away from the house the more upset he became about the whole fight and at Sora. "After everything that we've been through" He said out loud to himself again.

Ten minutes later Tai finally made it to the soccer field near the river where he always practiced by himself. Over the years Tai had found that this helped him to sort out his thoughts, responsibilities with being a leader and as of late his fights. Having no ball to dribble with he chose to stand facing the water in deep thought.

You failed him "Who said that?" Tai demanded as he turned in all directions looking for the body that the voiced would belonged to. In response to his actions he only received the sound of laughter.

"Where are you?!" Tai yelled out to the voice hardly noticing the fog gathering around his feet and the water. Turn around. Tai did as he was told only to see nothing but the water's surface and his reflection.

Look down Without many options Tai obeyed the voice even if he felt slightly stupid for doing so and saw his reflection. "What kind of joke is this?" he said to himself.

This is no joke Kamiya. Tai instinctively took a step backward utterly surprised by the fact that his reflection had moved in sync with the voice. "Who are you?"

I'm you silly. You really are a terrible person if you can't even recognize yourself. The voice said again mocking the young digidestined. Tai was losing his pacience at least the little that he had left at the moment.

"What do you want, you creep." Tai growled getting annoyed by the voice not wanting to have someone screw with him right now. Just saying that you're being hypocritical since you have failed a good friend before?

"What are you talking about?" Tai said nervously inching back over the water's surface. The voice's laughter sent shivers through Tai's body. Remember Ryo? How you betrayed an innocent kid who looked up to you for guidance? Ring any bells? Disappeared years ago? You know helping Davis won't bring him back.

"Shut up! That was a mistake I would never betray him! It wasn't…my…fault." Tai finished meekly. How about that other girl that saved Kari? It seems to me like people keep dying because of your failures as a leader. Who's next?

Tai began to back away from the water his eyes watering up in anger and anguish. Agumon? "Shut up!" Davis? "I said be quiet!" Kari? "Stop it!" Yori? "Leave me alone!" Tai said taking off away from the water as fast as his legs could take him, not noticing where he was headed until it was too late.


"I don't think he's breathing." "Does someone know CPR?" "I'm not kissing him!" Slap! "What was that for?!"

"Can this get any worse?" Izzy asked himself. Looking over what was left of the Digidestined that were scattered around the living room of the Kamiya residence.

"This is all Davis's fault." Yolei grumbled to herself as she hugged her legs on the floor alone since Ken had chased after Davis.

Izzy saw Joe shake his head in disappointment at the girl's statement. "We need to split up and look for those digidestined." Matt said automaticly taking the leader position since no one else was stepping up. Everyone but Izzy, Joe and surprisingly Cody nodded their head in agreement.

"How do we do that?" Cody asked. "It's not like know who they are or what they look like." He pointed out to Matt still not sure of who he sided with in the dispute feeling guilty about his actions already.

"Well it's not like we have much choice." TK responded looking a little annoyed. Izzy was about to say something when the apartment door burst open to reveal a girl that Izzy did not recognize.

"I can't believe that you did that!" The unknown girl yelled over her shoulder totally oblivious about the others in the apartment.

"I said I was sorry!" Tai's voice could be heard from behind the black haired youth. The girl headed to the left towards the kitchen allowing Izzy and the others get a look at Tai Kamiya. The brown haired bearer of Courage looked like a mess with a red mark on his right cheek and what looked like a black eye.

Followed by Tai was an assortment of humans and digimon that quickly piled into the room one digimon that Izzy quickly recognized as a Terriormon bearing a giant lump on his head that looked almost like a second horn."I said I was sorry what…" He said freezing in mid sentence as he realized along with the rest of the group that they were not alone.

"Tai what happened to you?" Kari asked concerned running over to her brother's aid. Tai smacked her hand away before she could even get close enough to touch his injuries. "Don't touch me, I'm still mad." He said coldly at his sister doing a complete 180.

"Here keep this over that black-eye you baby." Yori said slapping a piece of raw meet onto Tai's swollen check stopping any possible confrontation by the siblings. Kari seeing that her brother was being stubborn again turned to the girl.

"Yori-san what happened to my brother." Yori looked at the girl and then scanned over the group then back at the girl. "I'm not getting into this fight if you want to know ask him, after you fix whatever" she pointed over the digidestined and then Tai "this is."

"Sorry to interrupt but I don't think that we've met, my names Joe." The older blue haired boy said stretching his hand out towards the girl. Yori seeing this as an attempt to break the tension smiled brightly reminding him strongly of Davis's smiles "Yori glad to meet you!" she said taking the boys hand and shaking it. Followed by Yori the rest of the tamers introduced themselves to Joe and the rest of the group.

"Takatomon, I'm hungry!" Gigimon said looking up at his tamers face at Takato sweat dropped at his digimons antics half way through the introductions. "I don't have anything right now boy."

"Whoa what kind of digimon is that?!" Izzy asked looking at Gigimon with interest. "I have never seen one like." And considering his vast knowledge of digimon finding a digimon that Izzy could not recognize was a rare thing indeed.

"You probably never will." Takato said sheepishly trying to avoid answering that question. "How so?" Izzy asked even more interested about Gigimon by Takato's answer but was interrupted before he could get an answer by three girly squeals.

"AW!! He's so cute!" yelled Sora, Kari, and Yolei as they rushed over to pick up the small red digimon out of Taktatos hand and manhandle the poor fluff ball between them. "Takatomon! Help me!" Gigimon said struggling to escape the grasp of the three girls before they suffocated him with their smothering "Hey could I please have him back?" he asked timidly trying not to ensue the girls wrath.

"Oh sorry, here you go I'm Sora by the way." Sora said reluctantly handing the digimon back to the boy. "I'm Kari" "And I'm Yolei." The girls said still eying the cute in-training digimon "Nice to meet you." Takato said politely.

"Takatomon! I'm hungry!" Gigimon said again earning a collective aw from the girls. "Gigimon I don't have anything for you to eat, just hold on for a little while longer." Takato said trying to calm down the digimon before he got more demanding. Takato was silently thanking whatever god was listening that the little guy was not in his rookie form.

"Hey Takato, will he eat anything? I have some of my mom's leftovers if you want him to eat that." Tai said with a mischievous glint in his left eye next to the piece of red meat on his face.

"Sure you don't mind Tai? I mean the little guy will probably clean you out." Takato said uncertainly. "Positive here let me take it out for you." Tai said as he headed to the refrigerator.

The brown haired leader began to take out an assortment of Tupperware and bags of unrecognizable food that began to pile up on the table slightly taller that Tai including his huge hair. "How did that fit in there?" Rika asked shocked by the amount of containers that came out of what appeared to have a black hole somewhere.

"Here you go little dude." Tai said standing next to the huge pile of food with a mischievous smile on his face. "Tai you can't feed that to him! He could get sick!" Kari said reprimanding her brother.

"Not even Agumon or Demiveemon could stomach mom's leftovers!" she said looking at Tai disapproving and had it been any other time she would have succeeded to make the boy feel bad but alas. The tamers shuddered knowing of the legendary Mrs. Kamiya's cooking due to the show back in their world knowing to was too late Gigimon had seen the food.

"Well might as well give it a shot, Gigimon has a stomach of steel and a bottomless pit to boot." Takato said looking at the pile of questionable food. It's not like we have much of a choice.

"All for me?!" Gigimon asked getting a nod from Tai turned towards the pile of food and said "Thank you Thank you!!" he said.

"With what he's about to eat I don't think he will be great full for long." Demivemon whispered to Davis. "Yeah me neither." He responded wishing the little digimon the best. "FOOD!!" Gigimon yelled as he jumped from Takatos arm's making a bee line to the pile of food quickly disappearing into the pile of highly toxic organic waste that Mrs. Kamiya calls her cooking.

Ten Minutes Later

"He…….I……What just happened?" Tai asked in disbelief as the rest of the digitestned and tamers wondering the exact same thing. With their eyes wide open and mouths agape at what they had just witnessed.

Before the group stood, well laid, one ridiculous bloated Gigimon with a satisfied smile on his face surrounded by an ocean of empty containers that once held the dangerous food, a total of three week's worth of leftovers gone in a mere ten minutes. In retrospect it might have taken Gigimon less time if a couple of the meals had come to life and given Gigimon a good fight of maybe about ten seconds each.

"That's just wrong." Matt said looking a little sick. Most of the group nodding in shocked agreement with the blond as they tried to keep their own food down.

"Takato what were you thinking when you created this monster! It's just inhuman!" Terriormon yelled dramatically shocked as well as the rest of the group.

"Well there's something you won't ever forget." Yori said turning away from the scene. Just as everyone was getting a grip on reality the whole building shook causing everyone to lose their balance.

"Watch it that my face!" "Get your butt out of mine!!" "Alright whose hand just touched my butt?" "What's this?" Tai asked himself as he squeezed the unknown thing that his hand was on.

"You fucking pervert!" Rika yelled escaping the pile of humans on the floor only to slap Tai in the face! "I'll kill you after I cut your fucking arm off!" Rika said standing over the human pile with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Wow two girls in one day, Tai you're my hero!" Terriormon said as he was pulling his left ear out from under Izzy's butt. "Shut it dumbo or I'll make sure you will never be able to recreate on your own!" Rika said glaring at him causing all the other males to cringe just a little.

"I think we have bigger problems than groping." Kudamon said pointing to the window were some very familiar faces were terrorizing the city.

"Looks like there back." Henry said seeing the two digimon from early being accompanied by three other digimon. The group looked at the window the human pile having dissipated slowly as people got up to see the terror responsible for the mayhem.

"Let's go!" Takato, Tai, and Davis said together. "Ok now that is creepy." Yori said looking at the three leaders warily.

"Great now we have the goggle head trio, it's going to be like the three stooges." Rika said

"Hey! We're right here!!" They said in unison again. "Their worse that the munchkins!" Impmon said covering his ears. "We're right here Impmon!" The twins said. "Make it stop!!!" he yelled causing the group to laugh.

BOOM!! The building shook a second time reminding the group that there was trouble outside of the small apartment. The group headed for the door immediately Tamers first followed by the digidestined.

"So you are the new digidestined or something?" TK asked as the group ran down the stairs as fast as they could.

Yori laughed at TKs comment making the other tamers to chuckle at the blond as well. "Not necessarily." Yori said

"Were from a different quadrant of the digital world were just looking for an old friend of ours that went missing." Takato said knowing the story that Yori has told him earlier.

"And it's really important that we find him as soon as possible." Henry added catching on to the story if only slightly because frankly he did not want to be the one that break it to his idols that until today they were nothing but fictional characters to them.

"Well I'm sure he's fine so why the rush?" Matt said ducking as a piece of a building flew over head.

"That's none of your business pretty boy." Rika snapped getting impatient with the digidestined and their knack for wasting time.

"Hey what's your problem snapping at my boyfriend like that!" Sora yelled at Rika standing in front of the Rika.

"Shut up! Now as much as we would all appreciate a cat fight we have bigger problems!! So let's agree to disagree later." Davis unexpectedly butted in between the two red heads.

Before he could receive the wrath of both demons Yori saved his butt. "It's about time someone came up with a plan that doesn't waste time! Ready Kudamon!" Yori exclaimed holding out her D-arc with a blue card in hand.

"As always." The rookie responded standing ready between his tamer and the digimon up ahead. Digi-modify!! Digivolution Activate!!!......Kudamon digivolve to….Reppamon.

Digi-modify!! Ninjamon's Iga-Style Sword Draw!! As Yori called out the last card a small sword appeared in front of her who picked it up quickly and ran to Reppamon mounting him.

"Alright let's go!!" she yelled out, "Right ready boy?" Takato asked following the older girls lead. .Guilmon Biomerger Digivolve to...Gallantmon!

"We can't let him have all the fun!" Terriormon said. "Right." The tamers then began their digivolution sequences

Digimodify!! Biomerge Digivolution Activate!!!

Terriormon Biomerge Digivolve to….

Rennamon Biomerge Digivolve to….



"Ready Lopmon!!" said Suzie. "You too Impom!" Followed Ai and Mako in sync again earning a shiver from the rookie digimon.

Digimodify Digivolution Activate!

Lopmon Warp Digivolve to Antylamon!!

Impmon Warp Digivolve to Beelzemon!!

The newly evolved digimon took off into the fog behind Reppamon, Yori and Gallantmon leaving the digidestined behind.

"Let's go Veemon!" Davis said running in after the tamers not wanting to be left out of a good fight. "Davis, wait up!" Ken said picking up Wormon forgetting about the group in favor of following Davis's impulsive ass.

"Great, guys wait up!" Yolei said as the rest of the group ran through the fog. As the group began to run they reached a clearing within the fog that reviled a now fully digivolved Paildramon Fighter Mode, the tamer's digimon and a collection of evil looking digimon.

"Well what do we have here?" asked a dark sinister voice. Kari froze as all the color drained from her face. "No, it can't be." She said.

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