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Chat list:

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

xxHis_Heroinxx – Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan

XHyperxxvisionX – Alice Brandon Cullen

:Truly Emotional: - Jasper Whitlock Hale

=BarbieDoll= - Rosalie Lillian Hale

MuscleBuff213 – Emmett McCarty Cullen

\/RunsWithWolves\/ - Jacob Black

XChocolatexSoulX - Quil Ateara

-Following-The-Pawprints- - Embry Call

)Alpha( - Sam Uley

)Alpha( has logged on.

MuscleBuff213 has logged on.

=BarbieDoll= has logged on.

)Alpha( - *scowls* What are you doing her blood suckers?!

=BarbieDoll= - What's is to you Rover?

)Alpha( - My territory. Leave. Now.

MuscleBuff213 – Yeah right mutt. Internet Space is no man's land. We have just as much right to be here as you. The treaty didn't specify it belonging to either of us.

)Alpha( - *sigh* That's cause it didn't exist then. *mutters* and they all think your soooo smart.

=BarbieDoll= - So what makes it your territory?!

MuscleBuff213 – Yeah! What makes it yours?!

)Alpha( - Cause I said it was. That's what.

MuscleBuff213 – That's gotta be the most retarded thing you could have possibly said in reply. -.- Idiot. If that's so then we claim this as our territory you flea ridden mongrel. Now scat.

=BarbieDoll= - *condescending* Shoo. Shoo.

-Following-The-Pawprints- has logged on.

XChocolatexSoulX has logged on.

-Following-The-Pawprints- - Hey Sam, Quil… leeches.

XChocolatexSoulX – Hey Embry. What's up? Yo Sam. *ignores leeches*

)Alpha( - Ugh. Hey guys. These ticks are really starting to p*** me off…

XChocolatexSoulX – Why? What are they up to?

-Following-The-Pawprints- - Looks like they trying to claim the interwebs as their territory.

)Alpha( - Yep they are.

=BarbieDoll= - WHAT?!!! You claimed it as yours first! We just reclaimed it!

XChocolatexSoulX – What?! They can't do that!!!
=BarbieDoll= Are you ignoring me?!!

)Alpha( - I know, right, Quil?! It's an outrage!

=BarbieDoll= - You are ignoring me!!! Rawr! You'll regret that mongrel!!

MuscleBuff213- Rose. Sweety. Calm down. They can't do anything about us being on here. It's as much our space as theirs. Okay? Okay.

=BarbieDoll= - Oh… Alright… It still makes me mad though.

-Following-The-Pawprints- - Errr…. Okay. Guys. Calm Down. We can share the web space alright?

XHyperxxvisionX has logged on.

xxHis_Heroinxx has logged on.

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 has logged on.

xxHis_Heroinxx – Hello everybody!!

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – What's up guys.

XHyperxxvisionX – Hey peoples. What's happening?

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – Alice…

XHyperxxvisionX – What my dear Eddy-kins?

xxHis_Heroinxx – *giggle* Awwww... How cute!

)Alpha( - 'Eddy-kins' Oh God. Jacob will get a kick out of this.

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – First off. Never ever again call me 'Eddy-kins.' Secondly, never again try to use slang. I think you're about a decade behind on that. And Bella… My Love… Please… Don't encourage her!

XChocolatexSoulX – Don't be mean Eddy-kins. Lol. Hey Bella.

-Following-The-Pawprints – Yeah. Don't be mean. 'Sup Bells?

XHyperxxvisionX – Awwww… Okay… *hangs head*

=BarbieDoll= - Oh hey Bella, Edward, Alice. By the way, Bella. How are you able to even be on the computer right now? I mean shouldn't you be convulsing in pain on a metal gurney, begging for one of us to just kill you and stop the fire?

MuscleBuff213 – Yeah. Why aren't you?

xxHis_Heroinxx – Oh yeah. My mortality issue. Edward was being mean to me. *pouts* He was teasing me and not actually gonna do it! Wah! Oh. Hey Quil, Embry, Sam.

XHyperxxvisionX – There. There. It'll happen sooner or later. I've seen it.

xxHis_Heroinxx – Yay!!! I win!

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – Alice… *scowls* Stop that. You know your visions are subjective!

XHyperxxvisionX – Not this one. It's practically set in stone.

)Alpha( - What in the world are you talking about?! Anyways. Quil, Embry. It's time for our patrols. See ya Bella. Later parasites…

)Alpha( has logged off.

-Following-The-Pawsteps- - Aww… See ya Bells.

XChocolatexSoulX – See ya. Oh and Jacob said to say sorry for him since he couldn't get on today. He's way to busy with all the patrols he is on.

xxHis_Heroinxx – Later Guys and thanks for the message. Bye!

-Following-The-Pawsteps- has logged off.

XChocolatexSoulX has logged off.

xxHis_Heroinxx – Soooo…. Emmett… You never did tell me what you did to make Rose mad…

MuscleBuff213- Errrr…..

=BarbieDoll= - Oh. He just was playing in my underwear drawer again. I got even with him though.

MuscleBuff213 – Rose!!! No!! Don't tell her! I'll never live it down!!!

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 - Oh… My… God… That was hilarious.

XHyperxvisionX – Oh yes it was! Even if I saw it coming from a mile away just like I know what Bella's gonna type next, its so much more fun to really experience it.

xxHis_Heroinxx – Oh Alice. Don't mock me. Please. Well? What did you do to him?! *eager*

XHyperxvisionX - I knew you would type that.

xxHis_Heroinxx - Grrr....

XHyperxvisionX - I knew you would type that too.

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – It was great Bells. Be patient. Her mind tells me she's typing it right now.

=BarbieDoll= - I made him wear them in a fashion show in the middle of the living room. Then we did a bit of American Idol with him still in the underwear. We made him sing, 'Womanizer' by Britney Spears.

xxHis_Heroinxx - *gasp* You didn't!!! *evil grin*

MuscleBuff213 – No more Rose I beg you!!!!

=BarbieDoll= - *relentlessly* We all took on different role of judges. I was Paula, Edward was Simon (He had fun with that role) and Alice was Randy. She was trying to use a lot of slang with that role as well.

xxHis_Heroinxx – ROTFLMAO!!!! Get out!

MuscleBuff213 – Wahhhh!!!! Rose you're so meeeeeaaaaaannnnn!!!! *flees*

MuscleBuff213 has logged off.

=BarbieDoll= - Oh no. I'd better go comfort him. Sorry Guys. Gotta go! *waves* Bye!

=BarbieDoll= has logged off.

XHyperxvisionX – I gotta go now as well. Jazzy is taking me shopping! *squee* See ya later Bella, Edward!

XHyperxvisionX has logged off.

xxHis_Heroinxx – What now?

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – The meadow?

xxHis_Heroinxx - … I'll meet you out front. ;D See ya in a few seconds! *kisses*

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 – Waaaay ahead of you.

xxHis_Heroinxx has logged off.

0__Musical-Masterpiece__0 has logged off.

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