Summary: Ino asked Sasuke a question, but his still ignoring her., Will she stop loving him or will she discover something that Uchiha has been hiding from her? ONESHOT SasuIno SasukeXIno InoSasu


Normal- Story


Underline- Sasuke

Sasuke was a nice guy but still a little annoyed by people like…….. they have to get along.

Ino tried everything to make Sasuke hers. But nothing worked. She is still in love and she blamed herself for loving him.

Ino was about to invite Sasuke to a walked but Sasuke just wanted to hang out on the hill. Instead of inviting him, she just joined him sit on the hill. She sat next to him.

Uh…Sasuke-kun can I ask u a question?


Actually, it's a hypothetical question.

………….. He just ignored her.

What if I turn over a new league, you know not trying to love you anymore?


Sasuke-kun, please answer.


He fell asleep.


Maybe, he really doesn't like me; I mean just look at me I'm pathetic, I'm in love with a guy that doesn't even tries to make friends with me. I'm such an idiot. It isn't his fault I'm like this, it's just because I fell….I….in….l-love….with ….him.

She thought while tears were slowly dropping on the ground. She looked at him sleeping. She was thinking of how come she fell in love with him.

She was slowly standing up trying to run away and cry her eyes out. Suddenly……..

A hand grabbed her wrist and that hand belongs to no one other that Uchiha Sasuke.

Why are you leaving so quickly, I haven't even answered your question yet?

He said and Ino slowly sat down again. The warmth of Uchihas hand makes her shiver, the warmth she doesn't want to let go of, but still she knew he just only wanted her to stop crying.

What was the question again?

.................. There was no reply, Ino just stared at the grass and quietly cried, so that sasuke can't hear her.

Sasuke grabbed her chin and he slowly turned her head to face her head, Blue eyes, and irresistible Lips. He slowly put his lips at her left ear.

Why would you stop loving me if you truly and

Purely like me? Sasuke whispered

He really was listening? Ino thought but she still kept quiet.

My answer is, I would probably die.

What?! No way!

Sasuke slowly grabbed her chin and kissed her. The warmth of the Uchiha makes Ino feel that she was in heaven. By all this time Uchiha always liked her and maybe even loved her. Then, he broke the kiss. And saw a wide eyed yamanaka, still not believing about what happened.

Uh? Sasuke-kun?

I'd probably die if I know that you're with another guy.

It would take the same for me



I love you and you only promise.

I Love You Too Sasuke-kun

Yes! I'm finally done…..!!!!

Love u ol!!!