a/n READ OR AT LEAST SKIM THIS PLEASE!!! IT'S PRETTY IMPORTANT! YOU'LL BE CONFUSED IF YOU DON'T! Ok…now…this is my new attempt at writing a good story, even using other people's characters, called worlds collide. This story, unlike Face Down(Which I'm super-close to finishing, just a Ch. left!) anywayz, this story is so confusing, so I'm going to lay out who each family is here, so it's more clear. I know that helps me a lot, when I know who someone is related to and all…so now here you go:

Jasper is adopted by Phil and Renee Dwyer(his last name is Dwyer, since it only makes sense) (no relation to Bella in this story)

Alice(Mason) and Edward(Mason) are twins, children of Edward Mason the First, and Elizabeth Mason.

Emmett (Cullen), Rosalie (Hale), and Bella (Cullen) are part of the vampire coven made of them and the adult figures, Carlisle and Esme.

Note-BELLA HAS NO POWER! THIS STORY WAS AN IDEA THAT ReDmOoN14 requested(sry if I did it wrong, I forgot to put in the capitals on the file I have for it)

The rest of the really confusing-ness that is my MAJOR AU of Twilight will be explained as you read. If you guys want me to explain something, I'll see if I can in an authors note.

Sorry for the rambling, and NOW I shall start to write!

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When Worlds Collide

BPOV(the whole story is BPOV)

I sighed as I looked out the plane window at the sky. Some people would just see blue, as far as the human eye can see, but I, along with my family of vampires, see further, much further. My situation is weird, even for a vampire.

My family consists of myself, Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, though I go by Bella Cullen, to simplify my name, Emmett McCarty Cullen, my fake-brother, not fake to the public, human, eye, Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen, who goes by Rosalie Hale, Carlisle Cullen, and Esme Ann Platts Cullen, or just Esme Cullen.

The reason for the long names is because each of us kept our whole names, which is basically the first three names, and added Carlisle's last name. His last name was the one added because he's the 'leader' because he was the first one changed. He changed me, then Esme, followed by Rosalie, then Emmett.

Carlisle is such a rare case because he changed us all after nearly 3 centuries alone, in which time he never drank human blood. He, having such an amazing will power, works at a hospital, which most vampires couldn't stand for a second. Part of that is that he never drank human blood more than he needed to, so he's used to animal blood, my whole families substitute for human blood.

I looked around at my family. They were all beautiful, though all vampires are. Carlisle, with the tell-tale pale skin of a vampire, and topaz eyes that everyone in the family has, also has a build perfect for a man pretending to be about 25. Esme looked like she belonged in one of those silent TV shows, from long ago. She has lovely hair that flows perfectly, in great waves, a darker caramel shade. Emmett is really muscular with short, but would-be-curly hair, if it could grow. He's tall, but not too tall, it just makes him look normal, not too short and masculine. Rosalie is the most beautiful of us all, a stunning person as a human, according to her fiancé, from her human days. Now, she was utterly breathtaking. Human boys loved her, and human girls go down a notch on their self-esteem levels whenever Rosalie is around. She has waist-long, lovely, golden locks, that slightly wave, and face that fits well with a picturesque body, curves where they belong, none unwanted ones. I, on the other hand, have boring, straight brown hair. Yawn.

We were going to Forks, for a few years, because we haven't been even around Forks for decades. I hated it when we moved to human areas, because we couldn't go out in the sun, around humans, so we had to constantly stay hidden during sunny days. When we lived away from humans, though, we had the freedom of a large area without worry of humans spotting us, therefore needing to be either changed or killed.

We would choose change, though I'd rather have been killed than be here. That was not why I am here, though. I am here because I was an orphan, who caught Spanish Influenza and was dying. Carlisle decided to change me because he'd thought I'd be a good vampire, and follow his ethics. He was right, and ever since then, I've seen him as a sort of father figure. I aspire to have his self control, though it will never happen, or at least, not in this century or the next.

The plane ride to Forks insisted of the main one, on a commercial airline, to Seattle, then an hour ride in a small plane to Port Angeles, so boring. Especially boring if you're a vampire with nothing to do. As soon as the small plane ride to Port Angeles was over, we got away from humans, running to a large wooded area about three hours by car at human speeds. We travel at super speed though, so it only takes us about an hour to get there. The reason we came was to hunt, because we haven't hunted since before the plane ride, and being around a lot of humans in an enclosed space for such a long time isn't a great thing.

After a quick hunting trip, a bear or two, in an overly populated area, bear-wise, each, we went to find the house that was going to play home. Esme, the queen of fixing up a place from being a deathtrap, would have no problem turning this house, which should be gone, for how much of a deathtrap, for humans, it is, into a beautiful home. We had to live in fixer uppers, with how many rooms we need, and since we need it in the middle of nowhere.

After Esme checked the house up and down, we went, in a car we had rented, to get what Esme said we needed to fix up the house. It would only take a night or two. After that time, we would pick up our real cars, which were hidden somewhere far away for a human, so we can get them easily, without worry of a human finding them. We had plenty of cars, for the size of our family. Carlisle and Esme share a Mercedes, I drive an older red car, for the purpose of blending in, though it's fixed up to take care of my need for speed, and the damage it will most likely get over the years. Rosalie has a BMW, M3, which is a convertible, and Emmett a Jeep Wrangler.

I don't really know the exact type of my car, and I've never really cared for cars, as long as they're fast and blend in well. Oh, and don't cost a big wad of cash. Even as a vampire with a nice amount of money, I held back on spending. It wasn't my lifestyle as a human, I had to save my money, and that trait passed over to my vampire life.

As I suspected, it only took a day or two to fix up the house. With super speed and strength, and four sets of helping hands with the same abilities, houses get fixed quickly, especially since no one sleeps either. That's right, vampires don't sleep, it's a myth, I don't know who had made it, but it's a quite annoying myth, as well as us hating crosses. That makes no sense! Carlisle actually has a 500-year-old cross hanging on one door, now that the house is complete.

We returned the rental car and ran. Esme stayed behind, just incase anyone came to visit the newcomers. We came back within hours though, so it was no worry, and no one had even thought about coming over, I guess to give us time to 'settle in.'

It didn't matter to me, honestly.

When we get back, Esme goes with us to the school, so we can get registered. Because it's Friday, they said we could start the next Monday. Great. School is so monotonous, boring, and everyone stares at us because we're the only vampires most people will see and be around to tell, though they wouldn't know. They mostly think they're staring because we're the weird new kids, who happen to be 'super hot and sexy' according to one kid I heard talking about me at the last school. He was a freshman, too, when I was playing a senior!

I say 'playing a senior' because we only play to be a certain age. Pretend, act. We never really are, because we never change, in a meaning that our bodies are frozen. No matter how little Rosalie works out, or how much Emmett does, they won't change, and neither will I, Carlisle, or Esme.

Before we knew it, it was the first day of school. Everyone, annoyingly, looked at us like we were meat or something. Boys drooled at me, girls glared. Same for Rosalie, until the scene Rosalie did, with Emmett, where they make out in a closet, so everyone knows they're together. I have no one to avoid being drooled at by pretending to date. It doesn't matter though, because all morning, no one who didn't have to talk to us talked to us. And the people that did talked the minimal amount. No one offered to sit with us, the way it should be, too. By lunch, though, every boy in school, it seemed like, knew my name.

When a group of three people got up from their spot, that had only them, we expected them to pass by, so we didn't look up. Though soon, they were only a few feet from the table. And they stopped.

"Do you mind if we sit with you?" Asked a girl.

I looked up to seem them, and saw that one was a girl. She was very short, with short, black, spiky hair, but clothes that aren't at all gothic. She had emerald green eyes, very bright, and they were wide. Flanking her, to her left, was a guy with emerald green eyes, and bronze hair. He was vividly handsome, more so than most human guys, with hair that was messed up, like it was uncombed, yet it looked like it was placed perfectly. The girl very beautiful as well, though in a more graceful, gazelle-like, dancer, way, even sort of like a pixie. On her other side, there was a guy who seemed to be calm, he had longer hair, but not too long, and it was sort of curly. It was messy, but it wasn't bad looking, sort of like the bronze-haired boy. His eyes were an almost dream-like light blue, like he was in a constant dreaming state, always calm.

I didn't see the harm in letting a few venturesome humans sitting with us, so I let it slide, knodding. The girl sat next to Rosalie, and the blonde boy next to Emmett, who was opposite Rosalie. This made these new-comers across from each other. The new boy, who looked in a state of thought, sat across from me. He seemed to be concentrating really hard on something, what, I don't know. I wonder why they are coming here, they should feel as though they need to stay away! Are they denying their instincts? I hope that's the fact, not that their instincts are just dead wrong.

I wonder what he's thinking about…I thought about the bronze-haired boy.

He smiled a really nice smile, crooked, but the crooked-ness was nice, somehow. It didn't matter, he's a human.

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