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When Worlds Collide

Shortly after, we pretended that Esme wanted more sun, and said that we were moving to Hawaii. In reality, it was the exact opposite. We were moving to Alaska, a home we had in the middle of nowhere around Denali.

There, Edward and I could be together and we could all have some time to avoid humans, especially Jasper. For the next year or so, he would be working on changing his lifestyle for the less favorable lifestyle of vegetarian vampire.

Alice still despised that Maria bitch, and only I thought that she could be the Maria that had managed to escape the Volturi. That managed to be The Vampire Who Lived. I caught Carlisle talking on the phone one day when Alice, Edward, and Jasper were out hunting. Emmett and Rosalie were busy in their room, and Esme was going to a hardware store a few miles away.

He thought I was reading and listening to music in my room, and I had been, but I had ventured down to the living room. I thought we should spend some time together.

"Yes…yes," Carlisle said, talking to someone on the phone, "she's dead…I know…I'm not sure if she was the right one…Yes, that sounded like her voice…So she was the right one?"

Who was he talking to? I wondered. He was engulfed in the conversation, and didn't even notice me for a few minutes.

"Okay, good bye, Aro," he said, before hanging up.

I stiffed when I heard the name. She had been talking to Aro, and even though I really had no reason for hating the Volturi, I find them creepy. Or at least Aro. He just seems cruel…he killed the Denali Coven's mother, and many other vampires as though they were more like flies, instead of immortal stone-like creatures.

Carlisle looked up as I was still frozen.

"Bella?" He asked, not as though I didn't belong in the house, but just as though he was surprised to see me.

"I heard you talking to Aro. What was it about?" I skipped the hellos and got to the question I wanted to ask.

I had an idea already though. Maria. She could actually be the missing Maria. The vampire who lived had just died, not too long ago. Carlisle sighed sadly.

"You heard…"

"Yeah. Only your side though. And part of it."

"What do you think it was about?" He asked me instead of finally asking my question.

"I think it was a who."

"Who do you think it was about then?"


"Yes," he sighed when I said it, as though he had hoped it had been about someone else, "She is in fact the one who had escaped during the civil war. The one who lived through a Volturi attack."

"I thought so."

Before he could respond, Alice, Jasper, and Edward, came in the door. They still didn't know, and we didn't plan on telling them. Except maybe Edward. With the mindreading and all.

Edward came over to me with the amazing crooked smile and now-topaz eyes. He acted as though he was going to nibble on my ears. Instead, he whispered something so quietly that no one in the room could hear.

"What were you planning on not telling me now?" he said…surprisingly very sensual for such a simple comment. Maybe it was the closeness.

Before I could control myself, I thought about what Maria had been before.

Emmett came rushing down just in time to yell out, "DUDE! GET A ROOM!"

"For your information," I scowled to him, "Though you already know this, I'm not going that far until I'm married. Even if I'm in love."

"Sure, see how well that works when he's REALLY flirting with you."

"Shut up, Emmett," Jasper said, already comfortable with the family again.

"Oh, really now?" Emmett asked, raising his eyebrows and threateningly stepping toward him.

"Yeah, really," Jasper said, smiling.

Emmett tried to attack, but Jasper avoided him. Emmett turned around and tried again, but Jasper avoided him again, this time grabbing Emmett's wrist and flipping him onto his back on the floor.

A loud thunder echoed across the now shaking house, and when angry Emmett stood up, you could see a huge dent that Jasper and Emmett will be torn apart for making, once Esme came home. Rosalie finally ran down from her room, and scowled.

"EMMETT!" she yelled, running to his side as he was getting ready to attack Jasper again and grabbing him roughly by the ear, twisting it. Emmett twisted back like a professional gymnast, trying to keep the ear at a normal angle with the rest of his face, and let out a cry of pain.

"Jazzy!" Alice ran over now and smacked Jasper hard, but not hard enough to make him fall, on the shoulder.

"What?!" he asked, semi-whining.

"Look at that dent!!" Alice said meanly, "Esme's going to kill you!"

As though on queue, Esme entered with a bag full of paints and stuff to completely decorated Alice and Jaspers new room.

She would have dropped her bag, but instead she walked over calmly to Carlisle, pushed it into her arms, and exploded.

"What were you two thinking?!!?" Esme yelled at Jasper and Emmett.

"Hey! How do you know it was me?!" Emmett whined.

"That dent is the same dent that was in your room when you and Rose had a fight and you were thrown into the wall."

"What about me?" Jasper asked.

"You're the only vampire new enough to the coven to not know that doing that equals me yelling at you."

That whole time, Edward was laughing like a storm besides me.

All of a sudden, Jasper turned and scowled at him. A second later, Edward looked at me, and then smashed his lips against mine in an intense kiss. Surprised, I pushed him(softly) off me.

"Jasper!" Edward growled.

"What? That was all you," Jasper tried to look innocent.

"Yeah, right. Like you didn't just throw a monster load of lust on me."

Jasper started laughing, and soon Emmett did too.

"Jasper and Emmett, you two are in trouble. You're coming with me to get everything we need to fix this floor. It's ridiculous that I can't leave you two alone! And Carlisle, why didn't you stop them?!" Esme started nagging them.

"Jasper was fast! I didn't even have a chance!" Carlisle whined his excuse.

Esme rolled her eyes and grabbed Emmett away from the angry Rosalie and Jasper from slightly-angry Alice, but by the wrists, and pulled them back to a car to take them shopping. We could hear Emmett whining from halfway to the store.

"Now that they're gone…" Edward started, "I'm sorry. I promise, that was alllll Jazz!"

I laughed, "I know. You're too much of a gentleman."

He started laughing too. Then, he started getting slightly more serious and stared into my eyes.

"Now that it's done, wanna go to our room? We don't have to go that far though, I promise," Edward said.

With a laugh, I said, "sure," before we ran to our room to finally have some alone time.

Ah, life can be so good sometimes…

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