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Mine and Bella's latest sexual endeavors had apparently turned me into a horny teenaged boy because every time my mind wasn't full occupied it would drift to our different encounters. Bella on her tiptoes getting the unnecessarily plastic glasses, Bella in the nurse's uniform, and, the one that always made me instantly half hard, Bella in the red dress.

I was seeing the dangerously skimpy dress again when I was slapped back to reality in the form my tiny sister yelling my name. "EDWARD!"

I shook my head a few times to get the thoughts of the half naked Bella out before I pushed my self off the wall I was leaning against.

"I am sorry I'm late you would never believe the traffic." I knew it was a lie. Alice was always late, for everything, it was just part of her that we accepted.

"Sure Al."

She smacked my arm before we headed into the restaurant for lunch. I we were quickly seated by an overly eager hostess who shamelessly flirted with me even after all my attempts to flash my wedding ring. Look at the gold bad only inspired a train of thought. Wedding ring gone, the bar, the dress. Fuck I'm hard again. Dead puppies, dead puppies.

"So how are things going with the new line?" I asked I hope of distracting my thoughts.

"Good I think this one might get me into a financial situation where I don't have to ask mom and dad for money." We both laughed a little.

Alice was a designer but wasn't really well known yet. She was 25 and fresh out of design school. Our parents had finances her first line happily. I knew she was really determined to make it work on her own though.

"It's just been so crazy I don't have time for anything anymore. I'm almost glad Bella got pregnant and had to drop that damn class…" She just stopped mid sentence and looked up at me shyly as if to see if I noticed.

"You and Bella were taking a class together? What class?" I was really confused. Bella would have mentioned this.

"Um… yeah it was a… yoga class." I knew Alice well enough to know when she was lying. Plus the idea of my clumsy Bella doing yoga was just laughable.

"Alice for some reason I just don't believe you." I smirked at her and she turned red. Ok it was totally normal for Bella to blush but confident Alice never blushed. "Alice you're scaring me. What class were the two of you taking?"

"I wasn't supposed to tell you so you can't tell her I told you ok?"


"Ok so like a while ago Bella and I were talking and out of nowhere she started talking about taking this class at the gym. I was totally against it when she first mentioned it but she convinced me it would be fun so we signed up. It really was a great work out. I don't think I have ever sweated that much in my life. And it was really… educational."

"Alice just tell me."

"Um it was a stripper class."

"A… stripper class?" I didn't even know they offered that. "You watched Bella strip?"

"GOD NO! They just teach you things. Technically the class was called strip cardio. They teach you how to do lap dances and use a pole and stuff."

"My wife knows how to do a lap dance?!" I yelled a little loud earning some glances our way.

"Technically yes. But when she found out she was pregnant she didn't want to do it anymore." She looked at me apprehensively as if she thought I was going to freak out. Hell no I wasn't going to freak out, because now I know that my wife knows how to use a stripper pole!

An idea crept into my head and caused me to smile to myself. "I promise I won't tell her you told me."

"Ew! You're not thinking something pervy are you?"

I just smiled at her as the wheels in my mind started turning. This was going to be good.


Alice had been hounding me all week about going out Saturday night. I was pregnant for Christ sake, it's not like I could go out and get wasted and have a really good time. Not that I needed to drink to have a good time but when you best friend tells you you're going out Saturday night you assume drinking is involved. So I prepared for the night by dropping the kids off at Carlisle and Esme's early in the afternoon so that I could take a nap so I would be tiered at 9 o'clock like I seemed to always be lately.

She surprised me by taking me to a rather nice bar full of businessmen and women in suits. We talked at the bar while I drank my non-alcoholic whatever and she had her usual cosmo. I have to admit it's kinda nice that even after all these years of marriage I still get hit on when I don't go places without Edward. It's nice to know that someone besides your spouse still finds you fuckable. But as always Alice and I sweetly brushed them off.

By ten o'clock all my preparatory efforts were fruitless and I was getting tiered. I was glad when she said that it was time to leave anyway and we both headed to my car. I dropped her off and started the ten minute drive back to my place. Edward was at work for the night so I was looking forward to just getting home and crawling into bed.

I parked in my usual spot in the garage and headed inside. I wasn't really paying attention as I walked upstairs and to our bedroom. I opened the door and lifted my head sluggishly and was totally shocked at what I saw in front of me.

Edward was sitting in a wing back chair from my study that was stationed at the foot of the bed. He was sitting directly in front of a pole that I knew was not in this bedroom this morning. A slow smile spread across my face as realization set in. I waited for him to speak so I could get some sort of clue as to what the game was tonight. It didn't take him long to explain himself.

"Hello, you must be Heidi. You're madam says that you are the best girl she has. I must admit though her description doesn't do you justice."

Oh I got it. I'm a call girl. And apparently I was the best.

"Yes sir. My madam tells me that you are very rich and powerful. And that you are a very good tipper." I tried to use my best sexy voice.

"Only if you earn it." Oh I'll earn it! "Now I have some things laid out for you in the bathroom I want you to put them on and come back out quickly." He pointed to the slightly ajar door and I just nodded and made my way towards it.

When I was inside and had the door shut behind me I let out a deep sigh. All tiredness was lost as pure excitement and anticipation took over. After collecting my thoughts for a minute I looked around the room to find what he had wanted me to wear and I saw it hanging on the towel rack. I walked over and picked it up to examine it. It was a polka dot halter mini dress with black and red lace accenting every edge. Next to the dress was a matching pair of panties with peek-a-boo hole on the back. I looked down and saw a pair of red ankle strap pumps sitting neatly on the floor. I knew that I would probably keep those on all night and my stomach flipped in anticipation.

I looked over all the clothes Edward had purchased for me and couldn't help but let out a little sigh. I wasn't self conscience exactly but I was pregnant and not feeling like my body was the absolute best shape it had ever been. I pushed those thoughts out of my head as I took my clothes off and slipped into the polka dot number. After I had the shoes securely in place I took a look in the mirror and noticed how innocent I looked. A smirk came to my mouth as I got a wicked idea. I walked up to the mirror and grabbed my brush and quickly worked my hair into two low pony tails that fell down each shoulder. With one last once over I made my way back to the door.

I stepped back into the bedroom to see that Edward hadn't moved from his spot in the chair. I closed the door behind me and just stood in front of it awaiting more instructions.

"Come here." His voice wasn't demanding or stern just authoritative. Without a word I walked over and stood directly in front of him. "Let me get the full view. Turn around. Slowly." The last word let me know just how slowly he wanted me to move.

I turned very slowly taking immense care not to trip on my own feet. When I was turned in the opposite I held still for a minute so he could take in the sight of the mini dress not fully covering my backside. I heard a low, throaty growl and smiled at myself. There were certain things about my body that I knew he loved and I wasn't afraid to tease him with them. I gave my ass a little shake before continuing my slow twirl.

"Very nice. I can't wait to see what's under the clothes." He spoke so smoothly I almost moaned from his words alone.

"I'm sure you'll like it."

"I'm sure I will." He let his eyes roam over my body one more time before he spoke again. "I was told you knew how to use that." He nodded towards the pole that was directly behind me. I smirked at him and gave him a wink of confirmation. "Alright then."

I saw him pull a remote out of his pocket and aimed it at the i-home on the other side of the room. The Foo Fighters Darling Nikki came streaming into the room. I loved this song and knew exactly what I would do to drive him crazy.


The music started to play and Bella swayed to the music. She brought her hands to her hips and slowly worked them up her body. The way that her hands leisurely moved was so tempting. I was already working hard not to break character and ravage her right there.

She kept simply swaying her hips as her hands roamed over her curves with the most seductive smirk on her face. When the chorus started she gave one quick wink before turned and swung around the pole like an expert. I was totally shocked at the amount of skill in which she managed. After her spin she stood directly in front of me with her back against the pole. She rubbed her back up as she palmed her breasts in each hand. I had to squirm in my seat a little to deal with the uncomfortable bulge in my pants.

By this time the music was back into the fast paced chorus. Bella pushed away from the pole and turned around to face it. With out missing a beat she grabbed high and hurled her self upwards as she wrapped her tights tightly around the pole.

God I want to be that pole.

She held her position for a minute before gracefully dismounting and landing perfectly on her impressive heels. At this point I was panting like a dog as she slowly made her way around the pole.

I'd been to strip clubs before. And yes Emmett had gotten strippers for my bachelor party but none I had ever seen were more of a turn on then my wife at this moment. I took a soothing breath reached in my pocket for the wad of cash I had. When I pulled it out Bella took notice.

"Is that for me?"

"I'll give you what I feel you deserve. If it touches the floor it's yours."

She gave a smirk turned back to face the pole. Before I knew what was happening she grabbed onto it again and threw her legs up over her head and around the pole. I had to blink twice to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was. Yep, she had her thighs wrapped around the pole as her head faced the floor. Her little dress had fallen down a little bit and I could see her matching panties. Ok, that was impressive so I threw a twenty on the floor in front of me.

I thought that was the trick but apparently I was wrong. She started to slither down the pole until her hands met the floor. She slowly walked her hands out so that her body was parallel to the ground and her thighs were tightly clamped to the metal.

GOD! I REALLY want to be that pole.

She held the position for a minute before she let her legs slide down and her arms bowed like she was doing a push up. When she was laying flat on the floor she rolled on her side and swung her leg around the pole and stood. I had to swallow hard. I threw a few more twenties on the floor.

(AN: This move is called Handstand Pole Dancing Dual Leg Sliding Dismount. If you don't really get what I was trying to explain you can youtube it.)

Bella seemed to notice her tips as she placed one hand on the pole and started to walk around the pole. Next thing I knew she was swung her leg and round and bent both at the knee. The only thing she had supporting her weight as she spun was her small hand.

(AN: Captain Hook Leg Hook.)

Five or six more twenties for that one! She stood back up and looked like she was planning her next move. I don't think that I could take it.

"Come here." Thankfully my voice didn't crack, that would have been embarrassing.

She stopped what she was doing and walked over to me. She stood about two feet away from me waiting for directions. I retrieved the remote in my pocket and skipped to the next song. Nine Inch Nails' Closer filled the room.

"I want you to dance for me." I sat up straighter in the chair as she nodded at me in understanding.

The electric beat started and Bella started to sway her hips to the slow beat. Her hands started at her hips and moved to her stomach. She had her eyes closed and her face was turned to the side as her hands roamed her over her front. She brought her eyes back to mine when she cupped her breast and roughly squeezed them. Twenty down. She smirked and moved her hands up over her neck and stretched them into the air. I took in the look of her body in its current position. My eyes started at her arms that were held limply above her head and descended down her admiring the curve of her hips as they swayed to the music. I suppressed another moan by biting my lip as my eyes traveled down her perfectly toned legs that ended in the fuckme red heels.

When my eyes snapped back up to hers I saw her smiling at me with her lip in between her teeth. She looked sexier then any woman had any right to be.

She was taking things slow and it took every bit of my will to let her. I was keeping calm by taking even breaths. She brought her hands down to the sides of her breasts and did the slowest forward body roll while running her hands down her sides and ending in a squat with her hands on her knees. She held that pose for a few seconds as she ran her hands up and down her thighs.

When she was satisfied she had teased me enough with that view she leaned forward onto her hands and started to stalk towards me. She made her way to me until she was kneeling between my parted legs. With one last smirk she simultaneously stood up and turned around before pressing her back against my chest. In time with the music she rubbed her body against me expertly and it felt so fucking good.

I knew lap dance etiquette mandated that I keep my hands to myself so I was all bit digging my nails into the arms of the chair as she worked her body against mine.

"You feel so fucking good." I breathed out.

She turned her head to the side so that I could fully see her face. The sight of pure lust in her eyes was more then I could take, etiquette be damned, I forcefully crushed my mouth to hers and kissed her with all that I had. I felt her place her hands over mine and bring them from the arm of the chair to exposed thighs and I somehow lost my handful of cash in the process. I rubbed my hands up and down her creamy skin inching closer and closer where I knew we were both dying to be.

She moaned into my mouth and I took that as my que to finally touch her. I brought my dominate hand up her leg until my fingers brushed over her wet center. She was soaked and it made me even more eager to fuck her brains out. But I had a plan that I needed to stick to so I pulled away from our kiss.

"You're so wet for me already." She hummed in agreement. "But I don't plan to get you off just yet." She groaned. "Stand up."

She stood again and turned to face me. This time I stood as well and looked down at her as she stared at me with innocent eyes. She is playing this part so well. I ran the back of my hand down her cheek and her eyes closed as she leaned into my touch.

"Take your hair down."

She quickly removed the ties and threw them a side. I walked around behind her as she shook out her hair and I was fanned with the smell of her. When I was directly behind her I kissed her neck one time before grabbing the bottom of her dress and lifting it up her body. She lifted her arms so I could fully remove it and throw it to the floor. I leaned in for one more kiss on her soft skin before stepping back again.

"Remove your panties."

She looked at me innocently over her shoulders before she hooked her thumbs on each side and pushed the pok-a-dot fabric down her completely straight legs. I bent my knees a little to finally get a look at the source of the wetness I had felt earlier. My dick twitch as if to beg to me put him in there but I again had to remind myself to stick to the plan as she stood back up and looked at me over her shoulder again.

"Turn around." She did so and I licked my lips at the sight of her beautiful body. After I had my fill I spoke to her again. "Now I want you to undress me."

She nodded and walked around behind me. I felt her hands come around to slip my suit jacket off. I quickly toed off my shoes and socks as she walked over to gingerly lay my jacket on the chair that I had just occupied. She walked back over towards me in all her naked glory and made quick work of my shirt, pants and boxers. After she helped me step out of my boxers I saw her eyes go to my very prominent erection as she licked her lips. Nope, sorry honey no taste for you tonight.

"Get up and go lay on the center of the bed."

I watched as she followed my direction. I loved the sight of her lying on our bed in nothing but her red heels. I committed the sight to memory as I walk over to her and crawl onto the bed situating myself near her feet. I start by kissing her ankle and slowly make my way up her leg while pushing it apart from the other one.

"I normally don't do this with girls like you but you look so fucking good I just have to taste you." I said as my kisses brought me to where her leg met her hip.

She shivered slightly at the realization of what I was going to do and I smiled. I leaned in and placed a kiss on her lower lips and Bella sucked in a breath. One quick lick and she let it out. I spread her all the way open with my fingers and licked her bottom to top again. Her hands went to my hair and it only edged me on. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and started to work. A few minutes later she was panting and writhing as I started to finger fuck her.

"Oh God that feels so good."

I curled my fingers and came into contact with the ridged patch of skin that was her g spot. Her hips bucked at first contact but I continued to run my fingers over it with ever entry and exit.

"You're so good. Don't stop. Almost…"

I felt her clamp around my fingers so trust them in and rubbed her g spot as my flat tongue worked her swollen clit side to side with the shaking of my head.

She screamed loud as she came all over my fingers and face. I slowed my pace but kept gently massaging her until she came all the way down. When her body was completely limp I withdrew my fingers and made my way up her body until I kissed her so that she could taste herself on my lips. She kissed me back hungrily and pushed her tongue into my all too willing mouth. She pulled away from the kiss grabbing may hand and brought my moist fingers between her lips. It was so erotic to me that Bella enjoyed her tastes as much as I did.

By this point I was tired of ignoring my throbbing dick and decided to finally give him some pleasure as well. I sat up and rolled Bella onto her side. She looked at me curiously until I straddled her bottom leg and brought the other one up against my chest. I grabbed my painfully hard cock and brought it to her entrance. I gave her a wink and pushed in. I had to stop for a minute at the pure heaven I felt from being so deep inside her. She had always fit around me so perfectly I couldn't even imagine being with someone else. I started to move rather quickly for a starting pace but I was just so worked up at this point I didn't even care.

This was a position that we hadn't tried before and after this experience I was pretty sure by her moans that it would become part of our routine. I fucked her relentlessly in the position for several minutes,

"Fuck you feel so good baby." She moaned in responds. "I want you to ride me now. Can you do that for me?" She nodded.

I with drew from her and resituated to lie on my back as she got up off the bed and straddled my hips. Without hesitation she reached underneath herself to help guide little Eddie to her opening. As she moved down onto my still hard cock we both let out simultaneous moans of pleasure. I didn't even get a second to adjust before she placed her hands on my chest and started to ride me hard.

"Just like that baby." I said in an out of breath voice.

She fucked me in earnest until we were sweaty, swearing, and close to climaxing. I moved one hand from her hip to play with her clit in hopes of getting her as close as I was. Before I knew it she her whole body tensed above me and stilled. I gabbed onto her hips with both hands and thrust upward.

"Oh my GOD!!!" She screamed as she came for the second time.

With her clamped down on me I couldn't take it anymore and after a two more thrusts I came inside of her while screaming her real name.

Exhaustedly she collapsed onto my chest, joining me in my fight to regain my breathing. After we finally stopped breathing like sprint runners Bella removed her shoes and we both got under the covers where she placed her hand on my chest and I wrapped my arm around her.

"So how much money ended up on the floor?"

I laughed. "Six hundred dollars."

"Oooo. I guess I'll have to call Alice tomorrow to go shopping."

"Well babe you most defiantly earned it."