High School Life?

..1st chapter..


The sun has finally rise throughout the streets of konoha, where you can see everyone doing their own routine and other businesses..

birds started to sing happily, trees dancing with the wind gracefully, fresh air surrounds them and everyone seems to be happy, seems perfect

But there is a one tiny little problem…

"MOM!!" a high pitch pink-haired girl screamed, echoing through the whole village, she's always like that every morning, everyone call's her Sakura

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their heads to the main house of the Haruno's to see again what that screamed is all about, then a woman came out of the window with her mid-thirties with a towel on her head to support her wet hair not to dumped in her face.

"gomen, everyone, its just my crazy daughter, again.!." she creamed then entered the house again

everyone sighed then went back to what they were doing..

"Haruno's" everyone thought

-------inside the Haruno-household-----

"keep it down honey," Mrs. Haruno said to her daughter drying her red hair

"mom!, I'm going to school, I cant find my keys and I'm going to be late,!" Sakura said panicking, searching her car key

"honey, tell your dad to send you to school" her mom calmly said then searched her phone and click some button to call her 'boss"

"mom! .." she said annoyed at her mothers calmness, her mom glance at her, put her hand to the speaker of the phone so that her boss wouldn't hear them.

"then I'll send you to school and could you be quiet for a minute? wait me on the car" then her mom proceeded on talking to the phone writing some stuff on the paper. Sakura stomped to her mom's car at the garage and seated at the passengers sit,

Once they arrive at the school she was currently studying, she saw her best friend since 4th grade Ino waiting for her at the bench.

"Ino-pig!" she called from the car,.

Ino turned her head to see who mentioned her name once she recognize who it was …

"forehead-girl" she called running to the car and greeted Sakura's mom

"morning Mrs' Haruno" she greeted sweetly

"oh hi Ino, Sakura I'm out this month 'kay? I'll be back, don't worry neh? take care!." She said and kissed her daughters cheek and bid goodbye

"bye mom" Sakura said sadly and went out to the car , she started to walk at the hallways of the school while Ino ran up to catch her best friend, she walked beside Sakura and tried to cheer her up

"hey forehead, cheer up, you're lucky you have your mom around unlike me, she maybe with us but she always come home, late, always dating other men since dad died"

"Ino-pig that's okay, and I'm sorry, besides I'm used to it anyway" Sakura replied

"hmp. Don't be so moody on our first day 'kay?" Ino said crossed her arms above her chest

"hey! what if we go to the mall later?!" Sakura said happily

"hey! that's my line!" she retort then they proceeded on walking happily

They reach their homeroom and seated at the back near the window once they took their schedule and their locker, they then chatted some stuff like "how's your vacation?" and "how are you?" and other stuff's like that, when a group of girl's, three of them, came in making so much attention, all the students in the room glanced at them, almost boys, they were wearing dangerously short shirts and expensive blouses showing maybe, some cleavage of theirs, ew and some bling's and jewelries hang at their bodies.

"wow, they look like bitches to me" Ino said with disgust

"yeah, well I thought you were going to praise them when you said wow" Sakura smirk

Unfortunately the new arrivals heard them and went to were they are..

"excuse me? Is it me or a stupid ugly bitches like you who's just insecure in our prettiness talked??" one of them said hands in their hips

"uhm" Sakura pretended to be thinking "maybe its just you"

"you go girl" Ino cheered "oh correction girls you're not pretty." Ino smiled at them, one of her fake one's then she act like she was surprised hands on her lips and eyes wide.

"Oops. Sorry did that hurt you? truth hurts neh?" she added like she was really sorry, then the two burst into laughter (ino and sakura)

"why you-" before the girl could retort they heard a loud scream and squeeling's outside like there was an actor or a famous celebrity there. Then the girl who was their currently playing at, joined the crowd leaving them there confused ..

Then they heard..

"their here!"


"they look like goddesses!"

"whose here?" Sakura and Ino asked in unison and joined the crowd out of their curiosity

They tried on getting a nice view to see who it was and why is the population of the girls grew wild

"oh my God" Ino gasp once she have a better view

"what?" Sakura asked having difficulty on seeing who's who

Ino grabbed her wrist and pulled her so she too can have a better view, Ino pointed at the five guys who's walking at the bench shoving girls who tried to kiss and hug them

Sakura observe them, one of them has a spiky blond hair with a wide grin not leaving his face and the other with a high ponytail who lazily shove girls out of the way and the other one who is calm with pearl eyes and chocolate-colored hair and the other with pale face and black like onyx with his hand on his pocket not minding the girls behind them then the last one is the guy who has his raven-hair with spikes at the back and onyx eyes who looks rather annoyed.

"who are they?" Sakura asked Ino starting to get annoyed at the squeels and screams of the girls

"who are they??! Do you know what you're talking about? Hello? They were the coolest and the handsomest guy that lived and breath on earth! Oh how I wish they'll notice me" Ino said dreamily hands on her chest and stars in her eyes to add effect.

"well sorry Ino, I don't" she said and headed back to their room, then later on, the bell started to ring signaling the students that the class would start within five minutes

everyone is already on their own room, just waiting for their sensei.

Sakura and Ino seated once again at the back.

"Seriously Sakura, you don't know them?" Ino asked getting some things in her bag when their teacher came in, holding some papers, with five new boys trailing behind him. Sakura watching them, she observe every each of them, figuring why girls are so crazy when it came to them including her best fiend, then her eyes landed at the one who she noticed earlier the one with onyx eyes (a/n. guess who?) The guys in that room that noticed the new guys put their hands in their ear and prepared themselves for what's gonna happen.

"they are the ones earlier, right Ino?" Sakura asked a little loud that everyone heard her

Ino stopped what she was doing and glanced at the front, then her eyes widened and mouthed "oh my God". Sakura figured what she said then it clicked her..

"Oops bad mistake"

…Girls, Everybody now…..


To be continued…

A/N: well guys.. I know it's not that great but I promise on the next chapter to introduce themselves with each other and, well, the one earlier Sakura's observing was not Sasuke… and it's for you to find out,. Whehehe… oh. by the way on the next chapter Ino and Sakura will meet their long lost friend Tenten and Hinata to complete this story..:))