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Arigato Mina-san!

High School Life?

.. 5th chapter ..


Sasuke opened his eyes slowly, feeling uncomfortable at his bed, he slowly sat up when a pain suddenly struck in his head. "kuso" he cursed "where am I?" he thought, he then glance at his surroundings to see that the bed he was currently lying at was white with neat blankets and the curtains are clearly white, like a pearl, the door was also white and the ceiling was white with peach stripes, everything in the room was white , then he glanced beside him, he noticed a girl with pink hair , wait-


"Sakura?" he asked, eyes wide while holding his aching head sitting straight.

"Oh! Sasuke-kun, finally you're awake" she said cheerily and headed at the nurses table and search for the icepack when she noticed Sasuke holding his head.

"Sasuke-kun?" his eyes still wide from shock., he followed Sakura's every move, curiosity written all over his face.

"Sakura, why are you here? Where am I?" he tried, his gaze still on Sakura's form. "Hm. Let me think." Sakura said while getting some ice in the refrigerator " I remember, we both tried escaping your fangirls-," she giggled remembering his face when his fan girls were after him. "priceless" she thought "-and hide in the janitors room, and then..- you fainted"

"And end up here?" he finished for Sakura, still curious

"Yes" she answered and handed him the icepack which he gladly took it.

"Naruto helped me to carry you here"

"How did he know where we are?"

"I called"

"where are the others?" he asked

"Naruto!" Ino called from the cafeteria

The said man turned around to see who had just called him "yeah?" he asked "where's forehead?" she asked trying to catch up with him, which she did. "she's in the clinic together with teme, why?" he asked again

"With who?" she looked at him unbelievingly "she's with Sasuke-teme" he cleared "oh" was Ino's reply

"okay then, I'm going to my next subject which will start for about-" she glanced at her left wrist where her watch was "-a half an hour, would you tell forehead to follow suit when she's finished with him?" she said, which he nodded in reply "okay then," she said starting to leave but Hinata called her before she do so.


Ino and Naruto glanced at Hinata's direction "Hinata-chan?" Ino asked "who's she?" Naruto asked looking intently at her (Hinata) "her name was Hinata," Ino stated,

Naruto only grinned at her

"Ino-chan, I-i just wanna know wh-where Sakura-chan went" she asked stuttering


"someone wanted to give this to her" she then handed Ino a necklace

"who's this from?" she asked

"Wait." Naruto interrupted and took the necklace from Ino's hands, "What?" Hinata and Ino asked in unison while Naruto observe the necklace.

"it looks familiar though" he said absentmindedly

"what is it?" Ino asked again

"it looks like the one Sai was holding earlier" he said

"that's right! His name was Sai" Hinata remembered "whoa, Hinata doesn't stutter anymore" Ino thought "that's good" she thought

"how'd you know him?" Naruto asked

"I crossed paths with him, he's with Neji-san"

"how'd they know you know Sakura?" Ino asked "We haven't introduced you with the guys yet" she asked, Hinata grinned

"Well, Sai-san asked me if I know Sakura-chan which I said yes and asked me if I can hand the necklace to her, and now I met you guys" she finished

Naruto grinned at her "do you wanna hang out?" Naruto asked all of a sudden forgetting the topic they were talkin'


"Yeah" his grin not leaving his face instead, it grew wider..

"su-sure" her stuttering returned, he then put his arms around her shoulder that caused her to blush "here" Naruto returned the necklace from Ino "give it to her" he grinned "I know there's a reason why that Sai wanted to give that to her" he said then started to walk away together with Hinata "well good luck"

"Wow, that's fast" she thought then looked at the necklace on her hand, "there really is something about that Sai, I wonder…" she trailed

"You wonder where?" Tenten asked, coming out of no where. Ino jump in surprise,

"Ask yourself Minnie Mouse!" she said through gritted teeth then stormed off, murmuring something like "Minnie Mouse popping out of no where"

"I can handle myself"

"yeah right."

"Are you mad at me?'" he asked holding the icepack in his head while waiting patiently at her answer, she looked at him raising her pink eyebrows

"Why would I?" she asked looking at him sitting beside him, he sighed knowing that she's not giving him the answer he wanted to hear, he started to stand up and headed out the door dropping the icepack on the table

"Wait! Where are you going?" she said stopping him

"None of your business" he snap then closed the door behind him

"hey!" she called angrily..

Sasuke walked at the hallways of the school avoiding to get caught by his fangirls again, he doesn't want to happen that , it's a nightmare for him, he turned left then right and headed at the stairs which led to the rooftop, he peek outside before opening the door, he sighed in relief knowing that his the only one there, "finally some peace". he thought, he then pocketed his hands.

He slowly made his way near the end of the rooftop to have a better view of the school's garden and the soccer field, he slowly took his sit at the floor, bended his knees while his elbows atop of it and eyes closed, he glanced up the clouds wondering…

"Didn't know watching clouds would make me feel better" he said to himself, he smirk remembering Shikamaru once suggested him to watch the clouds,


He then let his mind to wonder back to that pink haired girl he barely know, named Sakura. "whats so different about her?" he thought watching the clouds move from the sky "I just known her for months" he sighed and looked down "I only like her as a friend, nothing more" he told himself

He closed his eyes for a minute to picture Sakura's face


the bell suddenly rang interupting his thoughts "hn." he stand up from his sit and dusted his clothes before heading down stairs, His mind then drifted to his friend once he step outside,

"Sai" he spoke with venom but restain himself.

Sai was heading to his next class which is gym when he crossed paths with Sakura, alone.

"Sai" Sakura whispered her eyes fixed on him stopping on her tracks "Sakura" he said his eyes softening, he then walk a few feet near her to say something, "Sakura, im-" he hesitate "Sorry" he finished looking down ashamed, he never said sorry to anyone but his parents, so its hard for him to apologize to someone, especially to a girl, Sakura only looked at him with wide eyes "his sorry?" she thought, she tried on saying something but nothing came out

he looked up confused, hearing nothing from her, he observe her face, it's like an angel, prettier than an angel , her green orbs, hypnotizingevery man who looked at it, her confused face, her angry face, her cute face, he sighed , he forced himself to smile for her before heading off, Sakura only watch him leave, stuned and speachless..

he kept on walking when he suddenly stopped into a halt noticing Sakura not moving at all.

"You're going to be late, if you continue watching my back" he said not looking back and continued walking

"Sai," she whispered

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