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Harry thinking

Sirius thinking


Harry had a problem. Well, problems, to be precise. Plural. One of them- not at all- being the fact that he had a psychopath serial-killer on his heels all the time. No, of course not. He was just an innocent, I'm-not-special- sorta 15-year-old.

Yeah right, who am I kidding?

At least this particular problem didn't threaten his life. Well, as long as he didn't tell anyone that he was having those kinds of dreams- and thoughts - about one escaped convict that went by the name Snuffles in his letters.

Harry shuddered. The particular dream he'd woken up to had been extremely vivid. This led him back to his not-yet-life-threatening problem, as he was pretty sure that he wasn't a) supposed to have dreams like these and b) wake up with a hard-on that required either a long wank or an extremely cold shower for the next twenty minutes.

Sighing deeply, the teen looked at the clock on his bedside. 4.30.


As Harry was – once again- so charmingly cooped up in Privet Drive for at least a part of the summer, he immediately banished the idea of taking a cold shower. Even if he could threaten the Dursley's with Sirius now- having conveniently forgotten to tell them the man was innocent- he highly doubted that the threat of a supposed mass-murderer would calm them down if he decided to take a shower so early in the morning.

This left Harry with two choices. He could either indeed do something about his situation below or try to get rid of it with some very not-arousing thoughts. And as he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to look Sirius straight in the eye if he got off thinking about him, he decided to go with solution number one. His birthday two days ago. Yes, that was very platonic.


Harry had been in his room, doing his homework. It was late in the night, the Dursley's were sleeping, and Harry thanked Merlin for that. He really hated being in the house when they were awake, as their lives purpose seemed to be to torture him to death with work. So, he was out most of the time and only came back just before Dudley, as his Aunt and Uncle seemed to think that if he came after Dudley, he was automatically late. Hence, nights were the only time when he could do his homework.

As Harry was struggling with a Potions essay that Snape had so kindly asked them to do, he almost missed the sight of the owls approaching his window from his spot on the bed. Only after one of them had nearly collided with the window frame and let out a deafening shriek did he notice them. Freezing completely, he strained his hearing to pick up any signs of awoken Dursleys through the pounding of his heart. He would be in deep shit had they woken up. But to the teen's great relief, no sound was heard. He exhaled, letting out the breath he had unintentionally been holding in.

Harry got up carefully as not to push over the open bottle of ink on the sheets, looking at the owls. There were four of them, three dark, and one pure white. His Hedwig, as he realized pretty soon. Harry scrutinized the three other birds and recognized Pig and Errol. The third one was nearly black with intelligent golden eyes that were looking back at him quite peacefully. He didn't know whose it was but it was beautiful. Hedwig hooted softly and drew Harry's attention to what they were carrying, a gasp slipping past his lips. Right before him was a small mountain of packets, one in each owl's leg. Poor Pig's package was as big as the tiny owl himself.

The teen quickly untied the parcels and offered the owls some water, drawing the window close. For a few seconds he just watched as the birds drank contently before turning his attention to the gifts, his eyes lighting up. Harry collected the packs to his bed and arranged himself into a comfortable position before getting started with his unwrapping, taking the packet the black owl had been carrying as his first victim. It turned out to be from Sirius and Harry grinned widely as he tore open the envelope, his eyes falling to the writing running over the white parchment.

Hiya, Sunny boy!

I hope you're coping with me not being there to lighten your day! I know that it must be unbearable, but no worries! You'll see me soon enough.

So, how was that, huh, huh? Want to know why we'll have our little reunion, hmm? Well, I'm not telling. (And I'm sticking out my tongue at this point. A true measure of my maturity, now wouldn't you agree?)

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a happy fifteenth birthday.

What?!! You mean you nearly forgot?!! Well, you better lick my boots then, as I was so generous to enlighten you! Wolfy here says Happy Birthday too, by the way. I think he slipped something into my gift when I was wrapping it. DAMN HIM!!! He should get his own.

(And now I'm pouting, if you didn't guess. Such an artistic expression, I wonder why no-one else appreciates it. Buu.)

Well, see ya soon! Beat the shit out of the Dursley's for me! Or prank them to death. Whichever is closest to your heart!

Happy B-day!



Harry shook his head in slight disbelief, a maniacal grin on his face as he folded the letter. Sirius always managed to cheer him up. And the prospect of seeing him soon made his smile even wider, if possible. He unwrapped the gift and another gasp slipped from his lips, his eyes almost bulging out, for inside the wrappings there was the most amazing little trunk he had ever seen, along with a thick book. The trunk had a little note attached to the side of it and Harry raised an eyebrow as he recognized Sirius' handwriting again.

Well, hello again! So, this trunk here is very rare so you better start worshipping the ground under my feet right about now, if you already aren't. I shrank it a bit, of course. Odysseus (the black owl) wouldn't have been able to carry it otherwise. I'll tell you more about it when we meet.

Harry caressed the trunk with his fingertips, his eyes flitting from the small note to his present. He being in awe would've been the understatement of the century. The trunk was just- perfect. Even when it was about the size of a shoebox right now, Harry could make out the golden patterns that traced around the otherwise black trunk. He could see the tiny keyholes in the front, reminding him of Moody's trunk.

The teen tore his eyes from the trunk long enough to direct his attention to the book that was under the trunk, dragging it out. And for a moment all he could do was to gape at the title.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Mind Magic.

The teen opened the book carefully, nearly missing the small note placed between the cover and the first page in his eagerness. This time it was Professor Lupin's neat handwriting that greeted him from the parchment.

Hello Harry,

I hope you're all right and that the Muggles are treating you fine. I thought that you might enjoy this book; I certainly found it interesting when I leafed through it in the store. By the way, did Snuffles already command you to worship the ground under his feet or something? Please, I'm begging you. Don't! He has a swollen head as it is, he won't be able to carry it if it gets any bigger. And I did NOT slip this book in when he was wrapping his gift, I asked him nicely if he could add this. Really, you should've seen him. He was like a five-year-old. But, as we know more than well how his mental state is, I'm surprised he managed to be at least that much of a grown-up.

Err... I'm receiving death glares right now so I think I'll stop this one here. I'm not suicidal after all.

So, Happy Birthday and we'll see soon!

Take care,


Harry chuckled lightly and put the book and the trunk aside, deciding to get into the work fully later. He then opened the package that Pig had been carrying, accurately guessing that it was from Ron.


Happy Birthday! Now, I promise that I didn't get you a book. Who am I, Hermione? Not a chance, mate. Anyway, how are you? Are the Muggles treating you well? Threaten them with you-know-who (not that you-know-who, the other) and I'm sure you'll have fun. Anyway, I'll talk to my parents if you could come here too. Enjoy your present!

Have fun,


Harry was getting rather suspicious as to what Ron could have given him when he unwrapped the present. He was halfway through the unwrapping when his jaw slackened and he stilled, only able to gape for a second or two before he returned to his task and his gift rolled to his bed. His friends had all clearly made a secret organization which went by the name 'Let's-spoil-Harry-to-death'. Ron's present was a wand holster with marvelous patterns on it, not to mention it looked very expensive. He didn't even want to know how Ron had gotten his hands on it. Here, too, was a small note attached.

Is your jaw on the floor already? Good, it should be. My father helped me to get this. He says that after a few spells you'll be the only one who can wear it and that should anyone try to steal it, the consequences would be, interesting…I'll tell you more about it when I'll see you. Have fun! Btw, make Dudley touch it and see what happens! Gred and Feorge send their Happy Birthday-wishes as well.

Harry doubted if he could take any more of this when he reached for Hermione's present. Books, of course, but what books! How to Defend Yourself from the Darkest of spells and Common knowledge of Healing Charms: How to heal small cuts and bruises.

There was a small note from Hermione here too.

Hi Harry!

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your books! I think that I'll see you soon so we'll talk then. Are the Muggles treating you okay? Your scar okay? If there's anything odd, don't hesitate to write to Professor Dumbledore!

Take care,


Harry's face was starting to ache for all the smiling. His friends were the best!

End of Flashback

Harry's below had luckily started to act more civil when his remising was finished, and though his stomach had thrown a small somersault when he'd thought of Sirius, it was all settled now. He began to wonder what on Earth was going on, as all of his friends seemed to think that he was going to see them soon. Harry himself had no idea what they were talking about but hoped someone would just tell him. He hated this, being kept in the dark.

The teen managed to go back to sleep, waking up around noon. He dressed up and went outside; avoiding the Dursley's as much as possible. Harry spent most of the day wandering around Little Whinging and finally made his way to the park where he had first met his Godfather. He sat on one of the swings, gazing to the ground as he tried to fight against the boredom threatening to take him over. Suddenly he heard the voices of a few boys, the sounds getting closer.

"Well, look who it is," one of the boys said, drawling annoyingly. It made Harry instantly think about Malfoy and he grimaced.

"Oi, oi. What's with that face, freak?"

Harry looked up and saw that they were no other than Dudley and his little gang. By the look of Polkiss' face, he had been the one taunting him. Not that he needed any confirmation, he would've recognized that voice anywhere.

"Well, people usually make this kind of a face when they want to convey a feeling of disgust," Harry said. It took a while for his words to sink into the boys head but when they did, Polkiss paled dramatically. It was quite fun to watch, as Harry came to notice.

"How… How dare you?" Polkiss said, voice just an audible whisper.

Harry raised an eyebrow, amused. "How dare I, what?" he asked casually, as if talking about the weather. "Explain to you what a facial expression means, Polkiss?"

The addressed pursed his lips and looked like he had eaten a lemon. Polkiss glanced at Dudley, who was standing a bit to his left, as if asking for permission. Dudley's face was fun to watch as well, as Harry noticed. He seemed to ponder over the pros and cons of beating the shit out of him and the teen knew exactly what his cousin was thinking. It would bring great satisfaction to the new terror of Little Whinging to see the freak bleed. On the other hand, Dudley knew that he had his wand somewhere hidden and didn't want to get cursed.

Polkiss got tired of waiting and decided to hit the little asshole for making fun of him. He'd deal with Dudley later. Right now he wanted to teach a lesson to the insolent excuse of a teen. No-one made fun of him and got away with it. As he stepped forwards to punch that smirk out of the Potty's face, he heard a quiet hawk. Polkiss turned to look to his right and saw a man leaning to one of the steel bars that kept the whole swing up, a fine eyebrow arched.

"Tut, tut, boys" the man said, a small smile playing in his lips. Polkiss' eyes ran over his slim figure, shoulder length black hair and piercing grey eyes, assessing how much of a bother he'd be to them. "Five against one, how courageous."

Hearing the voice, Harry's head had snapped towards the other man so fast that he felt a bit dizzy. No, it couldn't be… HE couldn't be… But he was. Sirius- and Harry tried hard not to think his Sirius- was standing a mere meter away from him, looking at the group of bullies coldly.

What the hell is he doing here?!!!

"And who the hell are you, huh?" one of Dudley's gang members asked, blustering.

Sirius just raised an eyebrow. "Why, I'm Harry's Godfather, of course."

At this, Dudley turned an interesting shade of grey.

"Oo, Dudley, what's wrong?" Polkiss asked, poking his friend's side when he noticed his distress. "What is it?" he said, shaking the fat teen's arm when he didn't get an immediate answer to his question..

"Sirius B-Bl-Black" was the only thing that came out of Dudley's mouth. Then it was Polkiss' turn to pale as his head whipped back to the man like he was suddenly afraid he would get attacked. He'd heard about Black on the news a few years ago. An insane mass-murderer, or so he'd heard. He noticed the small glint that had entered the man's eyes and he did look a bit insane in his eyes.

"Let's go" Polkiss muttered and all but ran from the park, followed by his friends.

Sirius let out a small chuckle and that was all he managed before he got the air knocked out of him by an eager fifteen-year-old teen who had apparently decided to squeeze him to death.

"Oi, need to breath here" Sirius wheezed with a laugh even though he too was trying his best to squeeze Harry to death. Then they finally let go of each other and the teen just looked Sirius in awe, like he didn't believe that the man really was there.

No, no. Not that way! Imagination ahoy! It would be appreciated if you came back right now! It was just a platonic hug. No need to think what Sirius would look like naked right this second!

Harry was shaken out of his thoughts when Sirius waved hand in front of his face.

"Earth to Harry! Earth to Harry! Answer immediately! Earth to HAARRYY!!!"

Harry blinked slowly, looking at Sirius with slightly confused eyes.. "No need to yell, Sirius," he said with a chuckle. "I'm right here."

Sirius snickered, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, right," he stated. "You were a million miles away, boy. Okay, I know when I'm not needed. I'll just go now," the man continued in a mock-hurt tone, starting to turn around.

"No, wait. Sirius! Of course I need you" Harry exclaimed, grabbing the man's arm.

You have no idea just how much…

"I was just surprised, that's all," the teen continued. "What the hell are you doing here? The ministry could catch you!" Harry was very much out of breath at this point so when he compensated for that fact, Sirius cut in.

"My dear Sunny boy, the Minister Officers are so deep in their asses that I'm surprised if they find their teabags in the morning. No worries there."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "I meant to ask you actually. Sunny boy? What am I here, two? And are you my perverted Grandfather or something?"

Sirius flung his hand over his heart and staggered backwards, a mock-hurt expression on his face. "Why, I'm deeply offended here. I thought you would like your new nickname. All those 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' kinda names are just so boooring!"

"And the only thing you could think of was 'Sunny boy'? My, you must be desperate," Harry countered with a smirk.

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Are too!"

"Don't you try to trick me, Sirry-Birry," Harry chuckled. "Now, tell your beloved Godson why his idiot of a Godfather is here and scares little kids to death."

"Hey, I'm not an idiot!" Sirius protested heatedly, though he was grinning just as widely as Harry was. "Besides, I wouldn't have been able to pull all those pranks during school if I was! Anyway, liked your present?"

"You're avoiding my question but I think I'll give you some mercy for the time being," Harry stated." And no, I didn't like my present. I fucking loved it! Where did you get it? Is it the same kind as Moony's? How many locks are there, I couldn't count?"

"Now, now, Sunny boy," Sirius said, lifting a hand to top the flood of questions. "Let your idiotic Godfather sit down for a sec as he's getting rather old."

The man grinned and went to sit on one of the swings, straddling it. Harry did the same for the opposite swing so that they could talk more easily.

"You are not old, you big Drama Queen," the teen said, rolling his eyes. "Now tell me."

"Well, I think you should find out for yourself," Sirius said, a mischievous glint about in his eyes as he leaned his head to the chain. "It ain't any fun if I tell you, you know."

"Ha-ha," Harry said, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly again. "I also meant that you should tell me what you're doing here."

Sirius twisted his lips down before chuckling. "Why Sirry-Birry, by the way?" he asked.

Harry chuckled, twisting the swing around. "It's no fun if I'm the only one with a nickname here," he stated with a grin. "Now answer my question, you great avoider. And I'm not gonna either lick your boots or worship the ground you walk on, by the way."

Sirius flashed the teen a lopsided grin before getting solemn again. "I'm here to check on you," he informed. "Dumby said that he can allow that much. Particularly after I said that you'll be like dynamite if left on your own for too long, with the only one to talk to being your owl. So, he agreed on a quicky- quick visit."

Ooh, a quicky. No! Forget that! He didn't mean it like that! Just an innocent word! I really need to wash my brain. Yeah, a good idea, that one.

Man, he looks like that again. Wonder what he's thinking. Mmm... His lips do look quite delicious from here… NO! Impure thoughts! Wrong thoughts! Earth to Sirius! Think about James and Lily! Yes, James and Lily! They made you his guardian, not proper to think like this! Hush hush!!

Sirius and Harry were both so deep in thought that it took them both a few seconds to realize that the air had gone cold. Only when the teen raised his head again did he notice the unnatural cold that was creeping under his skin and making his bones shiver. His breath came out as short gasps, making little white clouds of smoke. They looked up at the same time and paled, their eyes widening as they realized what they were looking at.


Two of them. Floating just above the park with the dark-gray sky as their background.

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