Hey everyone, ShadowMajin here and with something very special. This fic you see before you is not my idea. I know, weird ain't it? Why would I write something if it wasn't my idea? Seriously, normal people would write something that hit them in the head.

Well, truth be told, this is an idea of the very talented Ms. Videl Son. I had stumbled onto her profile sometime ago and PMed her after that.

And then I preceded to hit on her like no tomorrow.

Of course, being the woman she is...

...shot me down at every turn.

So after having a .50 cal being emptied at me, I made the offer to write this story of hers, since she said she doubted she'd get to it.

Wait a sec, I think that's the other way around. Well anyways, after getting all her notes on it, I've spent the last few months writing it down, having her concrit. it, and voila! Here it is! I hope ya'll enjoy this story.

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Clouds floated high against a blue sky as the bright yellow sun lit up the world. A calm breeze was blowing, causing the grass to wave as if controlled by strings. The most you could ever say about this place was peace, which though the eyes of a warrior, was something that was rare, yet cherished when ever it occurred.

"Hey, that cloud looks like a bunny!" a young voice cried out, excited from its discovery.

"That it is," a deeper voice said as it examined the cloud. "Take a look as this other one; it looks just like a head of lettuce."

"It does!" the young voice said again. "Do you think the bunny wants to eat it?"

The deep voice chuckled. "Well, from the way the bunny is moving, I think it does."

Watching as the clouds flew over them, two boys, one an eighteen year old, the other seven, laid on the ground, completely at peace with themselves. For as long as the youngest was alive, he had always done this with his brother; and every time he enjoyed it.

"Hey Gohan?" the little boy asked. "When do you think mom wants us back?"

"Don't worry about it Goten," Gohan answered. "We have plenty of time."

"Okay, as long as you say so."

Gohan took in a deep breath. Since Goten could walk, the young saiyan had taken his little brother to this very spot, always cloud gazing. It was one thing that he had managed to talk his mother into letting him do with Goten when he was really young. At first, she was reluctant to let her teenage son take her little one into the world but as time wore on, she had come to accept this ritual of theirs. It even got to the point where she expected them to be gone the whole day, just letting the day pass them by. Quality brother time she usually called it.

Taking in another deep breath, Gohan got to his feet, alerting Goten to his sudden movement. "I think it's about time we headed back squirt. Mom should have dinner almost done."

"'kay!" Goten said, leaping onto his feet and walking next to his big brother.

It was times like these a warrior always cherished.

"You want me to do what?" Gohan asked surprised.

Sitting at the desk in his room, the teenager was looking at his mother in the doorway. It wasn't unusual that Chichi would enter his room whiled he studied, mostly to bring him a snack of sorts, but this time was much different.

"As you probably already know Gohan, we've been living off the money your father won at the World Martial Arts Tournaments," Chichi said. "But now, that money is running low and we won't be able to keep relying on it. That's why I'm asking you to get a job."

"A job?" Gohan said aloud as he thought.

"Normally, I wouldn't be asking you to do this," Chichi continued, walking towards her oldest son. "I originally wanted to send you to school but I'm not sure if we could afford to do that now."

"So how long before the money's gone?" Gohan asked.

"I'd give it about a year, tops," his mother answered.

The Son boy mulled this over before an idea popped into his head. "Okay then, I'll head to Bulma's to see if she can't help me search for a job."

"That's a great idea!" Chichi exclaimed. "I knew my little boy was smart."

Gohan smiled. "Thanks mom. I'm gonna finished studying this now and then I'll head out tomorrow."

Placing her hands on her eldest's shoulders, Chichi kissed him on his forehead. "You don't know how much this means to me."

"Don't worry mom, I'll take care of everything."

Two months later and things hadn't gone exactly the way Gohan thought they would've gone.

After arriving in West City, the demi-saiyan had Bulma search the whole city for job openings that he could do for a reasonable amount of pay. Of the places the richest woman in the world found, a lumberyard at the edge of town looked like the best bet being that Gohan could use his saiyan strength there. It lasted all of two days when he had leaned against a stack of freshly cut boards, causing them to topple over and nearly crushed a few of his coworkers. Being considered a hazard, the saiyan was relieved of his duties and sent with two days worth of pay.

The next place he tried was being a janitor at a local middle school. With the cleanliness habits Chichi had force fed him over the years, this shouldn't have been much of a problem, right?

As you can probably guess, he was gone by the end of the day, due to his failure to stop an all out food fight not once, not twice, but three times. Apparently, word had spread around about the new janitor and the students took advantage of him.

These were just a couple of the other jobs that the young saiyan had occupied but in the end failed to hold onto. By the third week, he had become infamous throughout West City for being destructive and pretty much useless.

Taking that into consideration, Gohan and Bulma pretty much decided that West City wasn't an option anymore; thus causing them to seek employment in a city that hadn't heard of Gohan's track record.

Taking a blind guess, the two settled on a place known as Satan City, since it seemed to be far enough away to not have heard of his exploits. That had been nearly a month ago, and while Gohan had found a bit more success here, his misfortune followed him.

Already, the reputation he had made in West City was beginning to take root here, and considering he was on his fourth job, Gohan pretty much figured this was his last shot in Satan City before he'd have to go somewhere else.

Standing in front of the deep fryer of a restaurant known as Burger Land, this very thought was bouncing around in his head. Already, his boss didn't like him, his coworkers didn't seem to care what was going on with him other than causing problems for them, and to put the cherry on the cake, he had already had a couple accidents. He was out of chances after this one and hopefully he didn't screw up anytime soon.

Fire Engines stood on the street before Burger Land as firemen fired high powered streams of water into the burning building. Standing behind one of them as he checked out the scene, Gohan let out a big sigh. There was no way he was coming back to this place, that's for sure.

Looking at some of the people he had helped pull from the inferno, the saiyan finally concluded that they would be alright in the hands of these people and proceeded to sneak off when he nearly ran over a very tiny girl.

Well, she wasn't that small, especially from the way she carried herself. Standing in front of him though, well, she was at least a couple feet smaller than he was.

Dressed in a white baggy shirt and black spandex shorts, the girl had her long black hair tied in twin pigtails. However, none of that caught Gohan's attention for the piercing blue eyes of hers were slowly unnerving him.

"And what are you doing hiding behind a fire engine?" the girl demanded, voice full of authority as her hands rested on her hips.

Completely caught off guard, the best Gohan could respond with was "I-I was just checking out the scene. Saw smoke a couple streets down and came to investigate it."

"Is that so?" the girl said, taking in his appearance. "So you just saw smoke in the air and came to check the place out?"

"That's right."

"So do you have any idea what caused this whole mess?"

At that question, Gohan began to get nervous. He knew exactly what happened but he wasn't gonna be thrown in jail for something that wasn't totally his fault. So he did the best thing he could do at the moment.

"I don't have a single clue what happened."

The girl's eyes narrowed. Just looking at her face, Gohan could tell she suspected something was up, and to prove it, she asked "So you didn't go into the building to help anyone?"


"Well, I find that pretty odd considering your clothes look a little singed."

Taking a quick look at himself, Gohan nearly cursed himself for not checking out his own appearance. He was just gonna have to cover this up too.

"So you sure you didn't go into the building and see what could've possibly started the fire?" the girl asked, an aggressive ring in her voice.

"Yeah I'm sure. These clothes always look like this."

"They always look like this?"

"Yeah, I threw them in a dryer and the machine malfunctioned. By the time I got them out, they looked like this."

"And how exactly does a dryer malfunction?"

'Damn this girl is smart," Gohan thought. Well, he was just gonna have to use his genius to explain this. "There was a bad circuit that finally went haywire; caused an electrical fire. I'm just lucky this was the only thing I had in there at the time."

Staring at him as she heard the story, the girl with pigtails finally conceded. "I guess you were lucky, but…but that doesn't explain that hole in your shirt. If I'm any judge, that was just made from a torn patch and incidentally, they seem to be from the logo of the Burger Land. Care to explain that one?"

Resisting the urge to take off running down the street, Gohan was working on a suitable excuse. He had torn off his patch shortly after getting fired, frustrated over another lost job.

"I don't know what you're trying to say Miss, but there was no way I was in that building. If I was, I'd be burned or have inhaled some kind of smoke. Since I am neither burned, nor have I inhaled any quantity of smoke, there's no way I could be in a burning building."

The girl looked thoughtful on that one. "You have a point there. I guess you weren't anywhere near this place when it was burning. Next time, why don't you try not sneaking around? That way we don't have to waste any time with useless interrogations."

"Yeah, thanks for the tip," Gohan replied, resisting the urge to let out a huge sigh of relief. He had barely gotten out of that one; anymore questions and he'd have to be spilling his guts out about the whole thing.

Suddenly, several voices cried out as the roof of the Burger Land caved in, taking the girl's attention away from Gohan, and redirecting it elsewhere. Using this distraction, Gohan disappeared, reappearing on top of the building across the street from Burger Land. Looking down at the girl, the saiyan watched in amusement as she looked around for him; eventually setting up a perimeter to catch him before he supposedly got too far. Too bad they were only concerned with the ground because now they'd be returning empty handed.

After a block wide manhunt, the girl let out a scream of frustration from her lack of results. It wasn't often that someone got away from her and she didn't like it one bit. Staring up into the sky, as she tried to subside her anger; something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Turning her head, her eyes widened as she saw the boy she was looking for, standing on the roof as he looked down on her. A few seconds later, he turned around and vanished from sight.

Immediately, the girl called out for a few policemen to check the roof of the building, hoping she'd catch her leading suspect. Unfortunately, they came back empty handed...again. "Sorry Videl, but there's just no one up there."

Growling audibly, Videl turned her back on the men and walked towards the burned ruins of Burger Land. That boy knew something about this whole thing, she was sure of it. If only she hadn't taken her eyes off of him.

As she stared at the ugly sight of charred wood and brick, something light hit her leg. Looking down, a piece of cloth was being held against her shin by a light breeze. Reaching down, Videl looked at the useless thing front and back out of curiosity, her eyes widening when she saw the logo of the Burger Land on one side.

From the shape of the cloth, or patch as it was, the pig tailed girl could tell it had just been torn off of something recently. If anything, it seemed to match the hole in the boy's shirt.

Looking the cloth up and down, her blue eyes came across something at the bottom; a part of a name that had been torn off with the patch.

The name: Gohan.

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