Yes, you're eyes do not deceive you. This is the final chapter, and a long one at that as ya'll will find out. The longest I have ever written. This was how the story was laid out to me and I followed it as close as it was deemed necessary.


Videl was trying her best to get back inside the stadium.

After her defeat to Saiyaman, the girl had stormed out of the place, none to pleased at being "shoved aside," or at least that's how that bozo had explained. The nerve of that guy! Didn't he know who he was talking to? She was Videl Satan, the second strongest person on the planet!

Well, not anymore anyways. That title had been stripped from her the moment she had touched the grass outside the ring. At best, she had a chance at third or fourth strongest now, though that fourth looked much more likely after Goten had demolished his own competition.

Deciding on going to cool off somewhere, where ever she felt comfortable, her mind had been changed at the sudden announcement on the intercoms that Saiyaman had discarded his disguise and that Cell had returned. With two very convincing reasons, the Satan girl wasn't going to miss that party for the world.

There was just one problem: the raging stream of spectators running for their lives out of the stadium. The outflow from the stands impeded her drastically much to her distaste. The current got a bit lighter though when she stumbled upon Goten's mother and a crazed one at that.

Apparently, the woman was trying her best to get through the crowd as well and was having a bit more luck than Videl was as she gave little to no concern of the people she physically removed out of her path. All that was important to her was getting back to the arena.

That was when a shockwave ripped through the air, causing a loud cry of panic from the fleeing hoards of people. The battle had begun between Saiyaman and Cell and it sounded as if things were getting pretty serious.

Then out of nowhere, a pair of arms latched onto the dark headed girl and pulled her tightly against the chest of some guy with her arms pinned against her sides. When his voice reached her ears, she knew her surprise capturer was none other than Sharpner. "Gotcha Videl!"

Growling lowly, the girl shouted over the noise of the people passing around them "Sharpner! Put me down this instant!"

"Sorry Videl, but I can't do that!" the blond shouted back to her. "Cell's on the other side of those doors and I can't let you face that maniac!"

In any other situation, those words would've meant something to the girl. Right now though, this was absolutely the worst timing the boy had displayed by far. At the moment, the man she had been tracking down for weeks was not only revealing himself but he was fighting the most nightmarish creature to ever exist. There was no way she was gonna miss this!

Managing to free one of her arms, she raised it high and bent it at the elbow. Jerking it backwards, the elbow collided with her high school classmate's nose, causing him to yelp in pain and release his hold on her to grab his smarting nose.

Taking that opportunity, Videl figured her best chance to get back into the stadium was to join forces with Goten's mom and toss spectators out of their way. However, before she could get too far, a much burlier pair of arms grabbed her and held her off the ground.

This time though, she didn't need to hear the owner of the person's voice. She could've been deaf, blind, and mentally challenged and still would've known that these arms belong to her one and only father.

Hoisting the girl up, Hercule placed her on his shoulder, allowing Videl to kick her legs against his chest and pound her fist against his back, screaming to be let go at once. "Don't worry Sweetpea! Daddy's here and he's gonna make everything alright!"

"Dad, you don't understand! Cell's back! And we have to help Saiyaman fight him! He won't stand a chance without our help!" Videl cried.

The response her father gave her, though, was not what she had been expecting to hear. "Daddy's sorry Sweetpea but there's nothing we can do for him! I know you won't understand it now but you will after this is all over! Now we're gonna get as far as we can from this place, before that monster destroys the whole island!"

Needless to say, Videl was stunned by this admission. Wasn't this man her father, Mr. Satan, the man who defeated Cell? If there was anyone who could beat that overgrown cockroach again, it would be him, right?

Yet, his actions spoke otherwise. However, the Satan girl was never one to back down from a fight, even if the odds looked to be against her. Reaching down, she gripped the white belt of her dad's gi and pulled, allowing her to slip right out of the man's "powerful" grip. Doing an impromptu flip, the daughter of Satan landed on her feet and started pushing her way back to the nearly insane Chichi, who had actually made some decent headway against the crowd.

Completely caught off guard by his daughter's maneuver, Hercule whipped around and made a grab at the smaller girl. However, his daughter proved to be a very wary prey this time as she suddenly swung her leg and nailed him in the face, sending him flying into a wall without hitting one of the innocent bystanders running by.

With all distractions accounted for and dealt with, Videl finally reached her destination and began helping Chichi deal with the onrushing crowd.

Meanwhile, Sharpner watched his crush heading into certain danger after handling her mighty father. Though he wasn't the smartest guy in the world, as he was well enough aware of, he knew for certain that there was no way Videl was gonna be stopped from getting into the arena. And now that she had combined forces with some other, equally scary woman, there would be no stopping her.

And all he could say to this was "Women…so scary…"

What was with these people?! Couldn't they see a mother was trying to get to her valiant son as he fought the ultimate evil?

Though she would never condone the use of her children to use violence, unless it was to help the greater good, the mother of two was in the midst of tearing countless people apart as she made her way into the emptying stadium. Any poor soul that met with her was thrown out of her way or trampled upon as she made her way.

Of course, things would've been easier if Goten were here. Her son though, had taken off just a little before it was announced that Cell had returned. Said something about sensing Trunks and his dad, the one known to Chichi as Veg-head. So that left the mother of two to face the crowd alone.

It had been steady going for awhile but then a sudden presence made itself known, helping her with her impromptu "crowd control." Sneaking a glance, Chichi found her accomplice to be none other than the hussy girl from before, a Videl as her sons called her. Apparently the girl was just as worried for her Gohan as she was; otherwise she wouldn't have joined in or so her reasoning went.

Hmm, perhaps she had been a bit hasty when she had insulted the girl before. She was proving to be a person of strong will, definitely a trait one needed when dealing with saiyans. Then there was the fact that she was showing some very decent fighting moves, some that even rivaled her own! Though she was a bit rough around the edges, it wouldn't take too long to get her into ideal shape to deal with saiyan brood.

After all, it took a tough gal to handle half-breeds, she would know.

Two blurs raced at each other and met at the center of the ring, a shockwave blasting throughout the stadium as two fists collided. Not wasting time, the blurs shot up into the air as shockwave followed in their wake.

Punches and kicks were flying at high velocity between the blue android and golden saiyan, each blow being blocked, parried, and countered. The speeds in which both fighters attacked and reacted in were unheard of until that moment.

That fact alone wasn't something Gohan took comfort in.

True, the demi-saiyan hadn't expected Cell Jr. to be an easy match but he was caught off guard that the android was matching him. Telling from the look on the guy, a twisted look of strain marked his face indicating he was giving his all, much like himself.

Suddenly, the saiyan's fist got through his opponent's defense, making contact square in the android's face.

Taking advantage of that moment, Gohan spun himself around, lashing out a leg that connected with the blue fighter's head.

Unfortunately, Cell Jr. didn't move very far and reacted much faster than the Son boy had expected. After taking the kick, the enlarged insect pulled his own leg back and swung it out the golden fighter, landing the blow on the boy's face.

Then, as if in mutual consent, both warriors used their speed to disappear from sight. A sort of calm settled, but only for a second; the combatants clashing once more as shockwaves rang out.

Littered throughout the stands, spectators and camera crews, those that were left, watched in awe. Never in their lives had they witnessed something this colossal, something with this magnitude of power being displayed before their eyes. Though they couldn't quite tell what was happening precisely, the raging winds and thunderous sound echoing around them clued them into the fight's progress.

"I've got you now!" Cell Jr. suddenly shouted as he appeared in midair, both of his hands clasped together over his head. With a mighty swing, the android threw a jackhammer which landed on Gohan's head, who had almost magically appeared at the site of contact.

With that hit, the saiyan went crashing towards the ring, breaking the tile at his landing site. Though, just as quickly as he had landed, he had vanished, appearing over Cell Jr. and swinging a kick at his head.

Cell Jr. leaned his head forward, dodging the blow. Twisting his body to face his opponent, he launched into another barrage of punches and kicks, forcing Gohan to resort to blocking.

Unfortunately for the saiyan, the bombardment of strikes not only sent jolts of pain through his arms, but they even got past his defenses and doing more damage than he would've liked.

Quickly looking through his options, Gohan chose one as he started gathering his ki. Releasing it, the aura around the boy flared up stronger than before, sending a sudden wind that halted the android's attacks.

Using the moment's respite, Gohan charged his ki once more as he held both of his hands out in front of him; an orb of energy forming in front of his palms. With a cry, he fired his ki blast, the attack exploding over Cell Jr.

Once again taking advantage of the moment, the saiyan fired a few more ki blasts into a growing cloud of smoke, hearing the sound of his beams exploding within it. Tiring of that tactic, the Son boy then descended from the air, landing on the ring and looking back up at the cloud.

Despite the turn of events, Gohan knew he was in trouble. Fatigue was taking a firm hold on the boy and it didn't help him in the least that he hadn't consistently trained in nearly seven years. Subtly he began panting.

Damn it, this wasn't good. Seven years ago he wouldn't have felt like this, except after draining himself completely of ki. Seven years ago, he wouldn't have struggled like this. Though the fight had seemed pretty even, the demi-saiyan knew that he was giving it his all while this blue version of Cell most likely had some more reserves within him.

But that couldn't be helped. He couldn't magically recoup all the training he had missed out on the spot, so he was stuck with what he had. Whether or not it was enough to win was unknown but hopefully it would be. The boy didn't want to find out the hard way if he had come up short.

Soon the smoke cloud dispersed and revealed Cell Jr. with his arms crossed out in front of him. Lowering them, the android allowed himself to drift down to the ring and stand opposite of Gohan on the ring. "Not too bad Gohan, not too bad."

"You're not too shabby yourself," the saiyan answered.

The insect smirked. "Though, I believe you've lost a step or two. You don't seem like the fighter that so easily pushed my father around."

Before Gohan could respond to that though, the blue Cell seemed to recant. "But then, I could be mistaken. You did hide your real power from him so you could be doing the same thing here. Hmmm, I think that theory is definitely something to try."

Raising an arm, he extended his index finger and allowed an ominous red glow appeared. Not a word transpired as he fired the attack, one that Gohan recognized as Frieza's signature technique.

A sense of déjà vu occurred to the boy as he instantly dodged the attack and repeating the action as a few more flew at him. If he wasn't mistaken, the original Cell had done such a thing to him so long ago.

A sudden scream reached the demi-saiyan's ears though, immediately alerting the boy to the fact that he wasn't alone in the stadium. Jerking his head to look behind him, he saw a few of the remaining spectators being torn into shreds by the resulting explosions from Cell Jr's attacks.

That one move ended up costing the warrior immensely. With his attention diverted from his opponent, the mini-Cell landed a few of the Death Beams on his person, the attacks exploding on him. Instantly, the android charged in, slamming his knee into the ascended saiyan's gut.

That one blow caused Gohan to lurch forward, gripping his stomach as the wind in his lungs was forced out. Not paying any attention to his opponent, who had moved out of his way, the boy fell to his knees and held himself as he coughed.

The respite ended fast and rough. A powerful leg suddenly crashed into the saiyan's side, sending him flying off the tiled floor. He didn't get too far though as an elbow made contact on his chest, forcing him back to the ground.

Laying on his back, holding himself once more with his eyes clenched together, the boy felt slight vibrations through the ground as a foot landed on either side of him. That was when an onslaught of punches rained down on his defenseless form, beating him into a pulp.

It seemed to go on forever, the beating Gohan received. Sometime during though, he was pretty sure he lost his Super Saiyan 2 form as his hair and eyes reverted back to their original color.

The pummeling stopped soon after, allowing the boy to feel the extent of pain he was in. "This was too easy," he heard Cell Jr. complain. "I was truthfully expecting a better fight than this Gohan. I'm very disappointed."

The saiyan's eyes shot open and soon after, Gohan found himself off the ground and throwing a punch at the confident android.

The attack never made it though, as Cell Jr. planted a fist in the fighter's gut. Not wasting time, the android grabbed the saiyan by the throat and held him off the ground, a look similar to distaste on his face. "Is this really all you're capable of?" he demanded.

If Gohan had the strength or the air in his body to answer, he probably wouldn't have liked what he would've said. His body was completely taxed and too worn to go on. Shame started to well up inside of him.

How could he have let this happen?

The main purpose of a stadium was to allow thousands of people to watch live entertainment without the dreaded feeling of the structure collapsing. Architects and engineers spent many a sleepless night designing ultimate strength and security for these buildings, so as to avoid a defect that would send the whole thing crashing down.

Though there were some things not even these brilliant minds could account for, such as Mother Nature lashing out with storms that not even Kami could stop; any strain caused by the combine weights of all who stood or sat on it could and would be considered.

A battle of two titans that could destroy the planet was obviously one thing the builders couldn't prepare for. Throughout the massive complex, cracks were appearing all over the very support beams that held the building up. The tension placed upon it not only from panicking people, but the aftershocks of the mighty battle and the piling of dead bodies that were the result of the clash or accident of the panic-stricken crowds, pushed the threshold that these all important beams could take. It was only a matter of time before one or all of them would give out.

And unfortunately for some, that time was practically upon them.

"You, young lady, are a genius!" Chichi said.

"Why think you," Videl replied, feeling a bit smug. After the two women had managed to get through the fleeing audience, a passage that was reserved for the tournament monks and contestants appeared and gave the Satan girl the idea of using the qualifiers' entrance to get back into the stadium. Since there would be a small number of people in those corridors, the women would make excellent time without the hassle of people stopping them.

Soon, the pavilion's entrance to the arena appeared before them, allowing the two to rejoice in their choice. Though the roof seemed to be sagging a bit was a case for concern, it wasn't like they would be staying in the room for too long.

Bursting out into the open, Chichi had only a moment to catch sight of an incoming ki blast and dive out of the way. For the mother of two, that had been exactly what she did.

For Videl though, she was still inside the pavilion and had no choice but to jump backwards as the beam blew apart a support column.

That was the last Chichi saw of the girl as sagging roof finally collapsed on top of her, a scream ringing out from beneath the falling rubble.

A frown adorned Cell Jr's face as he looked at the beaten Gohan. Holding him off the ground by his neck, the android was a bit sad. He had expected more of a fight than what he had gotten, especially from the one who killed his father. One always hoped to drag out one's vengeance after all.

But that didn't mean he was done with the boy, not by far. Just like Cell before him, the blue bug had a need to not only display his power but to show his absolute dominance; and what better way to do that than to torture his father's killer? Made perfect sense to him.

That was when he felt two small powers approaching him. If his databanks were correct, one was the mother, Son Chichi, and the other that girl called Videl. Hmm, maybe some last minute theatrics would help sedate his hunger for a good fight.

Raising his free hand up, he aimed it right at the entrance to the waiting area, bided his time, and finally fired a ki blast in that direction.

As if on cue, Chichi appeared and caught sight of his attack at the last second, allowing her to dive out of the way. Videl, however, wasn't as fortunate as the blast trapped her inside the small building; the structure finally starting to crumble.

"Oooh, look at that," Cell Jr. commented. "Looks like the girl isn't going to make it."

That got Gohan's attention as his eyes shot open. Swinging his lower body up, his left foot planted itself right on the android's chest as the right one pressed into his armpit. Grabbing his arm with one hand, the saiyan powered up what ever last bit of ki he had into his hand and fired it right into Cell Jr's body.

The result was the last thing the blue bug would've expected as his opponent's grip pulled his arm one way and his blast pushed another; eventually tearing his arm off.

A loud scream escaped the monster's lips.

While not his first choice of action, it was gonna have to do. Finally freeing himself from the grip of Cell Jr., Gohan took off towards the collapsing roof, hoping that he would make it there in time.

Flaring his ki, his blond hair returned as he became a Super Saiyan.

This couldn't be happening, not right now.

Chichi scrambled back towards the fallen pavilion, praying that she could help the girl who followed her here. Dread filled her body up as a choked-up feeling gathered in her throat.

That feeling vanished almost immediately as she came upon the sight. There, hovering over Videl as she laid on the ground, was Gohan, straining to hold up the roof. Acting fast, the mother of two rushed in and grabbed the Satan girl around her shoulders, dragging her out of the mess. Gohan soon followed the two, allowing the roof to finally fall to the ground.

At least that was one death averted.

Never had Videl been that close to death.

Sure she had combated some of the worst criminals in Satan City, but having a roof almost crushing you was a completely different feeling. There was nothing one could do to stop it, unlike fighting a man with a knife or gun. The heroine of the city could just rely on her fighting abilities to overcome those obstacles.

Shaken, Videl turned her attention to a very fatigued Gohan. His breathing was very heavy as his body slumped. If that wasn't an indication of it, then the fact that the boy fell to the ground and lost that golden aura and hair was pretty obvious. Both women were at his side in an instant.

Before either of them could say anything though, Gohan turned his head to Videl, looking at her with his only revealed eye. "You…okay?"

Of all the things that boy could say at the moment, he wanted to make clear his worry about her? It was practically cliché of those corny hero stories as they protected people. They didn't make guys like him anymore.

But instead of berating him for it, Videl decided to put him at easy. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks."

"Good," he murmured before closing his eye and his body going limp.

"Hey, wake up!" Videl shouted. "This isn't the time for taking a nap!"

The sudden sound of footsteps confirmed that statement, causing both her and Chichi to jerk their attention to an approaching Cell J.; one of his arms covered in this dripping green slime. "Well if this isn't sad and depressing," he commented.

Leaping to her feet, Videl got into a defensive stance. "Don't you come anywhere near him!"

"Oh? What's this? Does little Gohan have a girlfriend now? Isn't that cute," the android mocked as he stopped before her. "Why don't you run along now? I wouldn't want to hurt you for Gohan's sake."

"I said don't come anywhere near him!" the Satan girl restated. That caused the blue Cell to shake his head as he chuckled.

Suddenly, his arm swung out, backhanding the girl, and sending her flying away. Without pausing, he then flared his aura around him, sending out a wind that blew a then lunging Chichi away. That only left him and a barely conscious Gohan.

Bending down and grabbing the boy once more by his neck, he returned them to their earlier positions. "Now where were we?"

Tightening his fingers, he squeezed the demi-saiyan's neck, bringing him slowly back into the world around him as he began to make gagging sounds. "Glad to have you back Gohan," he taunted. "I was just figuring out what to do with you too, and since you are the one that killed my father, I'm even gonna tell you what I came up with."

That was when his fingers clamped down hard on the Son boy's throat, causing an even louder reaction of gagging. "I'm gonna break your neck, slowly…and painfully…sounds good, doesn't it?"

The android then burst into laughter. "That's too rich," he laughed. "Sometimes I crack myself up!"

And then out of nowhere a foot connected with Cell Jr's face, causing him to lose his grip and fly away.

Gohan felt his body collapse on the ground. It was definitely a welcome feeling since he was just having his windpipe crushed.

A pair of feet sounded and Videl was back at his side, though her attention was obviously on someone else.

"So this is what you've become Gohan?"

Well that voice was familiar. Slowly pushing himself off the ground and onto his side, his eyes fell on the saiyan prince himself; who was looking down on him was what appeared to be a disappointed look.

"Glad to see you too Vegeta."

"Humph," the saiyan replied. "Seven years ago, this guy would've been cake to you. You've been slacking off too much Son of Kakarot."

"Hey, I didn't see you fight him!" Videl shouted in the boy's defense.

"And now you have a woman defending you? Pitiful," Vegeta nearly spat. "You've grown too soft in these times of peace boy. Now stand aside and let a real warrior deal with a problem you should've taken care of by now."

"Why you—" Videl began, but found herself interrupted by Gohan placing a hand on her arm.

Sighing, he said "Don't…he's right."

"What are you talking about?!" she practically screeched. "Did that oversized bug hit you in the head too many times or something?!"

Gohan shook his head. "No, I have been getting soft. I haven't had a solid day's training in seven years Videl. I was never in any shape to be in this battle."

A grunt from Vegeta indicated his agreement. But that didn't stop Videl from arguing with it.

However, the sudden arrival of Trunks, Piccolo, Krillen, and Goten did. Though she didn't recognize the first three, she was surprised to see Goten with them. She had practically forgotten about the little tyke. Must've gone to meet these guys while she and Chichi were kicking civilian butt.

Krillen approached the three, keeping his eyes on Gohan. "Well Gohan, you've seen better days, that's for sure."

All the demi-saiyan responded with was a weak smile.

"Well, you've done your part. Try and sit back and let us finish this for ya," the monk said.

Before Videl could explode at him though, Gohan grabbed a small bag. "Here's the last senzu bean. You might need it."

Nodding his head, the formally bald monk said "We'll get him good for ya."

It was about then that Cell Jr. reappeared and none too pleased. "Okay, which one of you was it?" he demanded. "Which one of you with the death wish kicked me?"

"That would be me," Vegeta answered, a smirk appearing on his face.

One look from the android told him who exactly the short saiyan was. "Ahh, Vegeta! I should've known that you'd be the only other person I could consider a threat. Though I doubt you'd be a challenge for me."

"Is that so? Well Cell, you better not underestimate me. I've been training for quite some time and I'm even stronger than the last time we met."

"Is that a fact? Then show me saiyan prince. Show me what you're made of so I can crush you."

That didn't sit too well with the arrogant man. "I'll make you take that back." Shifting himself, he began to focus his ki, a golden aura flowing all around him.

Then the transformation to Super Saiyan was completed, the familiar golden hair and teal eyes appearing. Yet Vegeta wasn't done. Letting out a cry as he continued focusing and increasing his power, a bright light covered the whole arena, blinding all who saw it.

When the light disappeared, bolts of electricity bounced all over the saiyan's body as well as his hair becoming spikier. After seven years of training, the form of Super Saiyan 2 had finally been granted to the last royal saiyan. With a smirk full of pride, Vegeta called out "I hope you're ready for this."

Then in a blink of an eye, the saiyan disappeared and reappeared with his fist imbedded in the android's gut. Unable to let a cry of pain, the look of a silent scream painted itself on Cell Jr's face. Striking again, Vegeta landed an uppercut to his foe's chin and sent him flying high into the air.

"Impressive," Piccolo commented as he watched the saiyan prince give chase to the flying android.

"No kidding," Krillen agreed. "Looks like Vegeta's got this one all wrapped up."

"What did you expect?" Trunks piped up. "My dad is the strongest man in the world."

A shockwave occurred then, almost as if in compliance with the demi-saiyan's statement. Vegeta had caught up with the airborne insect and had launched into a barrage of punches and kicks, ending the onslaught with a mighty punch to the android's face. It was that blow that caused the shockwave.

Not one to be beaten on, though, Cell Jr. quickly recovered himself and launched himself into his own barrage of punches; each of the strikes being blocked quite easily.

"Come on Cell, I thought you could do better than this!" Vegeta taunted as he caught a fist, refusing to let go.

That caused the android to growl dangerously. "I'll make you regret saying that."

"Not with your current strength Toaster Oven."

Before Cell Jr. could retort, Vegeta raised his free hand and fired a ki blast at point blank range.

However, Cell Jr. leaned his head back as far as he could, barely dodging the beam. Once the beam had passed, he then threw his head forward, slamming his forehead with Vegeta's.

The hit caught the saiyan off guard, causing him to release his grip and grab his aching head. Taking advantage of this, the android land a couple strong blows to the prince's unprotected midsection before clasping his hands over his head. Watching as Vegeta moved his hands to his now aching stomach and bending over, the oversized bug then jackhammered his opponent on his head, sending him flying towards the ground.

Vegeta, though, stopped his descent, hovering mere inches above the ring. Shaking off the blows, the saiyan prince went charging up to his opponent.

Smirking, Cell Jr. quickly powered up his ki, his own golden aura appearing; continuing to increase it as Vegeta drew nearer. With the power he was conjuring, he'd take out the arrogant saiyan as if he were an insect.

And that was precisely what happened. Every punch Vegeta threw, every kick he swung, all were caught, blocked, or parried. There was no need to dodge as Cell Jr. wanted to watch the frustration build up on his opponent's face. All that moving about would do would interrupt that show.

And the android wasn't disappointed. The prince of saiyans was slowly losing his cool with each missed attack. If the android's databases were correct, his foe would soon resort to ki blasts and burn himself out even faster. Perhaps he should postpone that prediction.

Fending off the latest punch of Vegeta's, Cell Jr. then launched his own flurry of punches and kicks, this time his blows hitting his saiyan opponent. What ever form of frustration that was on Vegeta's face was soon covered in bruises and cuts, each fist becoming stronger and stronger.

Finally, Vegeta flung out a shockwave of ki, hoping for a momentary respite from the hits. The moment was granted and long enough for the saiyan to go to his last resort as he began powering up ki blasts and firing them at his opponent.

Flames from several explosions covered the whole area the android had been as the saiyan pressed on with his attack. It got to the point where the flames licked at his gloved hands.

Then from within the blaze, a fist shot from it and nailed Vegeta in the face, stopping his barrage. Soon, Cell Jr. appeared without a scratch or burn on him; a smirk firmly planted on his face. "This is the end of the line for you Vegeta," he crowed.

Charging up his ki, a ki ball formed in his hand as he raised it over his head. Then with a swing, he slammed the orb of energy into the saiyan prince's chest, causing it to explode. The force of the blast sent Vegeta crashing from the air and into the stands, bouncing off the stone seats from his initial landing as blood flew from his mouth. Once his body settled back on the stands, his control over his ascended saiyan form collapsed; black hair and eyes returning to the original state.

A loud scream erupted as Trunks tore through the air towards Cell Jr., Goten following close behind. Turning his attention to the charging children, the android's smirk grew as he waited for them.

With a fist pulled back, the son of Vegeta threw the first attack, his fist begging to cause damage to the blue fighter. Instead, Cell Jr. shifted his body to the side, allowing the oddly colored saiyan to fly right past him with his fist extended.

Putting his full attention on the second child, the android drew an arm to his chest with his hand stiff and straight, the thumb curled into the palm. With a well-timed swing, he backhanded Goten in the face, changing his flight course towards the ground below. Unlike Vegeta's crash in the stands though, the youngest son landed in the grassy ground, creating a crater in the process as well as losing consciousness.

Turning back to look behind him, Cell Jr. was just in time to see Trunks charging him again. Indulgently, he allowed the little boy to swing several punches at him, each one never landing as he dodged the blows.

Finally, he caught one of the punches, much to Trunks' surprise. "I think it's time to send you on a little trip," the android taunted as he raised a hand to the boy's chest. A quick charge of ki occurred and a ki blast hit the demi-saiyan, carrying him away towards the horizon.

Well, that took care of those interfering with his revenge plot, or so Cell Jr. thought. That was quickly put to rest as a cry of "Special Beam Cannon!" roared out.

Turning his attention towards the ground, the small yellow beam with the swirling purple one raced towards him. Repeating the action he had used on Goten, the android swatted the signature move of Piccolo away, watching as the beam collided with one of the gigantic stadium lights and destroy it.

Looking back at the attacking Namek, the blue android saw him charging through the air. Smirking, Cell Jr. disappeared and reappeared a small distance in from of the green fighter, his hands clasped over his head.

Caught by surprise, Piccolo was helpless as the blue Cell jackhammered him in the head and sent flying towards the ground.

However, the insect wasn't done with him. Once again disappearing, he reappeared several feet above the ring, just looking out in front of him with a small smile on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

Then for some particular reason, he looked at one of his wrists and a look of surprise appeared on his face. "Is it that time already," he exclaimed to no one in particular before grinning evilly. Quickly then, he swung his body around with a leg extended, just in time for the appendage to collide with Piccolo's falling body and send him flying towards the oversized stadium monitor. An explosion of flames and glass erupted from the impact; Piccolo's limp body lying inside of the broken screen as smoke rose towards the sky.

Cell Jr. sighed. Finally his chores were done; his father would be so proud. He had defeated his enemies like the insignificant bugs they were. Even Gohan had been no match for him. Things were going to be the way the original Cell had imagined they would be.

Hold on a moment. Catching a slight movement from the corner of his eye, the android caught sight of the last Z warrior standing; the one called Krillen. If his eyes weren't deceiving him, the human was in the stands, running to Vegeta with something in his hand; a bean from what he could tell.

Well, well, well, if that pesky human thought he could change the outcome of this fight, he was sorely mistaken. Using a burst of speed, the blue insect appeared right in front of Krillen, surprising him. "Well, if it isn't Krillen!" he greeted the formerly bald monk. "I didn't think you'd show up, but I must've been mistaken. Allow me to extend my sincerest apologies for ever doubting you."

Then with a quick jerk of his knee, the android slammed it into the frighten monk, sending him flying back the way he came; his body crashing into the stone seating far away.

If the spawn of Cell wasn't mistaken, that one blow should've been strong enough to break the sternum in the Krillen's chest. My, weren't those humans fragile?

This was too much, or so Gohan thought. His friends, the people he had fought along side of for so long were being swatted around like tennis balls. None of them stood a chance, not even Vegeta. Damn it! Why hadn't he been strong enough?

With a balled fist, the demi-saiyan punched the ground beside him, causing it to crumble. Once again things were falling to pieces, all because of him. First with the arrival of the saiyans, then Frieza's terror on Namek, and finally the Cell Games. Why couldn't he have been strong enough, brave enough to stop those atrocities from happening?

"Can't you do something?" Videl said, nearly begging. "There's something you could do, right? I mean, you can beat this guy, right?"

"No, there's no way I can," he replied regretfully. "There's no one who can."

"What do ya mean 'no one who can'?" the girl demanded. "One of you guys did it last time. Why not now?"

"Cause Cell Jr's just too strong," the saiyan mumbled. "He's too strong for anyone here."

That response earned him a slap to his face, catching the boy off guard. With the Son boy stunned by the action, Videl pounced on him, knocking to the ground as she sat atop him with her legs straddling his waist. Grabbing him by his shirt, she pulled his shoulders and head up. "Look at them!" she told him. "Look at them all." With this she forcibly made him look at all his fallen comrades; Vegeta and Krillen in the stands, Piccolo in the monitor, Goten on the ground with Chichi cradling him against her.

"All of them are weaker than you, but they're still fighting! Every single last one of them are; and that overgrown troll doll thought he could actually win!" she shouted at him. "They fight even when they know they don't stand a chance! And what are you doing? You're sitting down here, moping because you can't get out there to finish him off. Did that stop the green guy? Did that stop your own little brother? No! And you're here telling me that it's all over, when you're still alive and conscious, watching all of your friends getting ploughed into the ground by that goddamned giant bug?!"

"But I can't beat him!" Gohan shouted back. "There's no one that can! Maybe my father could, but he's dead! What's the use of pointless fighting when it won't change—"

"And why the hell not? You fought the first Cell, didn't you? From what I've gathered around here, you were the one to beat him the first time, right?"

"Cell Jr. is stronger!"

Videl released her hold on him, disgusted as his head fell back to the ground. "Fine! Stay down here and whimper pathetically while the world is taken over by that blue cockroach. Don't try to do anything while we're all blown to little bits. Hang out here while he finishes off your mom, your brother, all of your friends. There won't be anyone around later to blame you, will there?"

The Son boy didn't reply, merely looking away so as not to look her in the eyes. This caused the Satan girl to growl.

"Be that way then. In the meantime, I'm going to go fight."

Getting off the grace fallen hero, the dark headed girl began her march to take on the seemingly invincible android. However, a hand grabbed her wrist from behind, stopping her on the stop. "Don't go," he said simply.

"Let me go!" Videl shouted.


This wasn't getting anywhere, at least for the Satan girl; that was until Gohan said "I'll fight Cell Jr. again. You stay here."

Then with a determination she hadn't seen before, the demi-saiyan moved in front of her and towards the enemy of the world. Even in his weaken state he would take him on. Not the most ideal way of fighting really. If only there was a way to return him to his full power.

And that was when the girl remembered the senzu bean on her person. That would even everything, right? "Gohan, come back!" she called out to him, but to no avail.

That was when a blood curling scream sounded off. Apparently, Goten had woken up and wasn't ready to call it quits. Escaping Chichi's grasp, the boy took off towards Cell Jr., ready to attack.

"Goten! NO!" Chichi screamed after him. Feeling a sense of dread within him, Gohan rushed towards the little saiyan, hoping against hope he could stop his charge before it was too late.

Unfortunately, that was the case. Looking at Goten with amusement, Cell Jr. merely powered up a ki blast and fired it at him; the blast causing the boy to fly out of control and in Gohan's direction. Not quite though since he flew right past his brother and even Videl, who started to run after him once he passed her.

With a fury he hadn't felt in years, Gohan launched into his Super Saiyan form and charged the android. "That's enough!" he screamed.

Cell Jr. though, thought otherwise. Raising his arm once more, the index pointed out, Gohan immediately recognized Frieza's move once more as dread filled him.

With a burst of energy, the small purple beam fired, flying past the saiyan and towards his fallen little brother.

It was as if everything was in slow motion. Even as Gohan turned his head to look behind him, a scream of pain rang out, though it wasn't Goten's voice he heard.

It was Videl's.

As his head completed the turn, his eyes fell upon the sight of Videl on her knees in front of Goten, a hole going straight through her back and out her chest as blood trickled out of it. Because of the force of the attack, her front arched out as if to continue the beam's movement. With her mouth wide up, the Satan girl spurted blood out as her eyes slowly glazed over.

A sickening feeling washed over Gohan. He hadn't felt that feeling in nearly seven years; the same feeling that had overcame him when Cell had smashed his foot into Android Sixteen's head. And like that time, a long forgotten emotion of uncontrollable rage filled him.

And then he snapped.

He felt it before he saw it. The whole stadium had begun shaking as an ominous power filled within it. Opening weary eyes, Vegeta came upon the sight of a bright light on the ring side with someone inside of it. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that was Gohan in there.

What was that brat up to now?

A similar occurrence happened with Krillen. However, due to the pain that was flowing throughout his body, he felt it was in his best interest to use his eyes rather than turning his head. Looking from the corner of his eyes, he came to the sight of small rocks floating high into the air until they disappeared from his line of vision, a bright source of light being the instigator of the entire thing.

Hey, if all you could use was the corner of your eyes, that's all you'd see too!

Sitting on the ground on the opposite side of the ring was Chichi, watching as Gohan was enveloped in the light. From what she could see, it wasn't the familiar golden light associated with the Super Saiyan powers that everyone came to know; more like a bright whiteness, any distinguishable color blotted out by its intensity.

Taking her eyes off of her oldest son, her sight fell upon her youngest, who had moved towards the fallen Videl, trying to "wake her up." If only it were that simple. That girl had willingly taken "the bullet" that was meant for her own son, costing her her own life. If there was anyone worthy of joining the Son family in her eyes, it was her, not that it mattered anymore…

Out of everyone there though, it was Piccolo who had the best view of the incident. Managing to move himself towards the broken edge of the monitor, the Namek's eyes fell upon the sight of his only pupil as he was shrouded in light, along with the floating rocks and pebbles.

But it was what he was hearing that caught his attention, more that what he saw. Inane mumblings were leaving Gohan's lips; things like "I won't…let him…get away…with this…" and "He'll pay…I'll make him…pay…" as grunts and growls filled the empty pauses. That was probably most worrisome to the Namek; the mutterings of an insane man, especially one with Super Saiyan powers.

All the while, the Son boy's body convulsed. Different muscles all over his body would expand to unusual sizes before contracting, jerking the demi-saiyan's body around. The golden blond hair that marked the ascension of Super Saiyan had been blotted out by the whiteness. Even his eyes had disappeared within the whites of his eyeballs.

Then with a cry of anger, madness, and sorrow, the light surrounding Gohan encompassed everything, blinding all who looked into it.

It seemed like an eternity that the light covered all. No one could see any further than the tip of their nose which made the thought of a blind Cell Jr. lashing out randomly very scary.

Soon though, the light dissipated, revealing a very different Gohan.

An eerie white aura surrounded him, giving the saiyan a ghostly appearance. The normal blond hair had been changed dramatically to a dim white, though the spikiness was still apparent. The lone lock that typically hung in his face had grown out as well. The most startling thing about the transformation though, were his eyes. They were a solid white, his pupils seeming to be nonexistent.

Other than those, his body hadn't changed at all. The same lean body stood for all to see; no increased muscle mass to speak of that typically marked the Super Saiyan transformation.

The same question echoed throughout all of his friends and family as they laid eyes upon him.

What had Gohan become?

Cell Jr. had to blink his eyes several times, trying to get the sting out of them. Why was it every time a "good guy" powered up, he had to show off so much? Seriously, they didn't have to blind everyone just to show people how powerful they were. Just look at him; he just beat the absolute crap out of people to prove his power.

Hovering in midair, the android looked down at the ghostly-looking saiyan. So this was his latest transformation huh? Didn't look like much.

Dropping towards the cracked tile of the ring, Cell Jr. landed not too far from Gohan. Noticing some more detail of the new form, the oversized bug nearly laughed his head off. This was what all that light show was all about? It was pitiful! And to think he had actually felt something akin to fear from it. What a crock this was.

Approaching the Son boy, the spawn of Cell couldn't help but take notice that the saiyan was subtly stooping over, almost as if he was tired or out of breath. Pathetic. What ever fight he'd get out of him wouldn't be worth the effort.

That didn't mean he couldn't taunt the fellow though.

"So this is your trump card, I take it," he said as he stood less than a foot away. "Not much of a card if you ask me. You look more dead than a corpse."

No answer came from the saiyan.

"So it's the silent treatment you're giving me? That's your best move? And here I thought this would be more entertaining," the android mocked. "But then, that little girlfriend of yours knows all too well how useless you are."

A slight twitching of Gohan's shoulder told the blue bug he had struck a nerve. "What was her name again? I could've sworn I had it memorized. I guess I was just too bored not to remember it."

A shift of his head up indicated a stronger acknowledgement of the saiyan. Cell Jr. was onto something here.

"Oh, I think I got it now! Videl wasn't it? Yes, it must be Videl. Shame she had to die though; I was starting to get fond of the girl."

That was when the saiyan spoke. It was low, not quite soft though. One could even call it a growl if they had heard it. "Don't…you dare…say her name…"

"You said something?" Cell Jr. mocked once more. "Speak up louder. I'm sure everyone wants to hear it."

"Don't…EVER SAY HER NAME!!" the saiyan burst out before a sudden blow, what the android had no idea, sent him flying. Concrete broke beneath his back as he crashed through the stands, tearing a nice sized hole in it. The next thing the android felt was a cold wind before he slammed into more concrete, that of a skyscraper. Yet, that didn't even stop his flight. It wasn't until he had left the island and was submerged beneath the ocean did he come anywhere near stopping.

That stupid bug was gonna pay, Trunks would make sure of it.

Flying back towards the stadium after finally getting off the ki blast, the son of Vegeta was pissed. How dare that blue washing machine send him express? He should've killed him when he had the chance; not that death would stop the mighty eight year old.

It was on his way that he felt something odd occur. Some strange power had appeared, one he couldn't put his finger on. At times it felt as if this power was indistinguishable from anything he had felt before; at others it felt like he knew that power intimately. What was going on?

A moment later, the Brief's boy felt Cell Jr's ki signal leaving the stadium, heading out to sea very quickly with the unknown power on his tail. Something big was about to happen and Trunks would be damned if he missed it!

Altering his course, he headed towards the new battleground.

An island lush with life, untouched by mankind, sat in the middle of the powerful ocean. A mountain sat near its center as a forest sounded it, going up until the soil became the sand of a beach.

As the tide rolled up and down the shifting sands, the first foreign life to touch its shores arrived in the form of an oversized blue bug.

Coughing up seawater, Cell Jr. slowly recovered himself. The hit, whether it was a punch or kick, had been very powerful; a blow he hadn't been expecting.

Stumbling slightly, the android got back on his feet. There would be plenty of time during his flight back to the stadium for him to become completely oriented again; assuming of course that Gohan didn't follow him here.

That assumption proved to be wrong.

"It's about time you're on your feet," the saiyan called out, standing on the beach sand with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look on his face.

Cell Jr. growled. Well, well, looked like Gohan got his confidence back. Apparently he had also been given a short term memory; otherwise he would've remembered the beating he had received earlier.

"So, you think you're tough, huh?" he replied. "Let's see how tough you really are."

With that, the android charged the ghostly saiyan, swinging a fist at him.

Gohan, in turn, merely tilted his head to a side, dodging the punch.

Before Cell Jr. could attack again though, a fist nailed him in the chest, not only startling him but causing him to lose his breath. Stumbling backwards, the blue android held his chest, coughing every so often until he leaned over, his eyes shut tightly.

"Quit playing around, I know you can take harder hits than that," Gohan spoke.

Of all the nerve! Turning his head to look at the boy, an enraged look appeared on his face, baring his teeth all the while. A deeper growl escaped his throat. That boy was just asking for another beat down, one that he would gladly give him!

Letting out a war cry, the android charged again, this time throwing a barrage of punches and kicks. Reacting, Gohan dodged the strikes, blocking them more times than not. Looked like his speed had been increased, the spawn of Cell noted.

Suddenly, Gohan sprung from the ground and headed into the air, breaking the pattern of the fight. Frowning slightly, Cell Jr. took off after him. Once he came into close quarters again, he began swinging more punches and kicks. Once again, all the saiyan did was block and dodge the blows until he took another moment to put distance between them, going higher into the air.

Frustration began to build up within the android, yet he gave chase once more and threw another barrage of strikes at his opponent.

Again, Gohan dodged and blocked the attacks and took his first opportunity to put distance between then as he went even higher into the air. Anger overwhelmed the blue creature, causing him to shout "Stay still you coward!" as he went after him again.

However, before the blue Cell could attack, the demi-saiyan lunged at him with a bent arm in front of him, slamming his elbow into his foe's face. That blow left Cell Jr. completely off guard, leaving him open for attack, which the Son boy took advantage of. Firing off his own barrage of punches and kicks, Cell Jr. was helpless to stop them as he was beaten like a rag doll.

Then with one final punch, Gohan sent the android flying down towards the lush forest beneath them, crashing through trees and into the ground; a cloud of dirt and smoke rising into the sky.

For awhile, nothing happened; only Gohan looking down on Cell Jr's crash site. He was up to something, that much the saiyan knew as he felt the android's ki starting to increased.

That was when a cry of "Gallic Gun!" sounded off, followed by a large purple beam flying towards the ghostly fighter.

Frowning at that choice of attack, the demi-saiyan merely moved out of the path of the Gallic Gun blast, seeing it flying high towards the atmosphere. However, once the beam passed, Cell Jr. appeared on the other side of it with a malicious look in his eyes and his fist ready to attack.

"I've got you now!"

"Looks like you'll live," Piccolo said bluntly to the injured monk.

It had taken several minutes, but the remaining Z warriors had managed to crawl from their impact zones, all except Krillen. Piccolo had been the first to reach the human and give him a once over before announcing his diagnosis.

"Thanks Doc," Krillen muttered. "I hope it won't hurt your feelings if I don't bring Marron to ya for her check ups."

The Namek grunted before looking at the broken stadium. "At least you have your life. The girl wasn't so lucky."

That put a somber mood upon Krillen. "I guess the senzu bean would be useless to her."

"You guess right. You might as well use it."

That was easier said then done. The monk struggled with that simple action as he reached for the little brown bag, wincing from jolts of pain running through his body.

Getting tired of the show, Piccolo took the bag from the human, dumped out the bean and put it in the human's mouth. Moments after chewing and swallowing it, the senzu's affects took place and Krillen was back on his feet.

It was then that the human took notice of Vegeta, who was standing off towards the ring as he examined the spot Gohan had transformed. "What's with him?" Krillen asked as he jabbed his thumb in the direction of the saiyan prince.

"Beats me," Piccolo grunted back. "Probably trying to figure out what exactly happened to Gohan."

"I guess."

Turning his attention away, it was then that Krillen fell upon a shattered Goten as he cried over that dark headed girl's body. Chichi had approached the young boy from behind as she stared down at the girl.

"We don't seem to have a good track record when it comes to everyone surviving battles," the monk observed.

That comment wouldn't have helped Goten's grief had he heard it. Having flipped the girl over onto her back, the little demi-saiyan held her head in his lap as tears trailed down his face. 'Why did they pretty lady have to die?' was the question running through his head.

A hand found its way into his hair and stroked it, trying to comfort him. Figuring that it was his mother, he was soon surprised when he heard Chichi gasp behind him. Turning his head, he saw his mother looking shocked, almost as if she had seen a ghost.

Looking in the direction she was, he soon found his mother's gaze focused right on Videl, whose eyes were semi-open, though pain was in them.

Hold a minute, eyes open?

"Videl!" the little boy shouted in relieve, burying his head into her neck. "You're alive!" he continued, though it was muffled by the girl's body.

However, strange sputtering sounds were coming out of her mouth, as well as blood. Looking at her, the little boy said "Don't you worry Videl, I'll take care of you."

The reaction he got wasn't what he expected. Instead, the Satan girl had turned her head as if to look at something, her arm stretched as far as it could as she grabbed at something. Following her gaze, the little Son soon discovered a senzu bean lying in the grass, just out of reach of Videl's hand.

Acting quickly, Goten practically dove for the bean, clutching it in his hands. Moving back to Videl he put the bean into her mouth as he said "Eat this Videl! It'll make you all better!"

Chewing the hard bean, Videl managed to swallow it and soon felt her body heal almost instantly. The next thing she knew, she was coughing roughly, even as Goten cheered her on.

That had been close, too close. After her coughing fit, Videl managed to sit up to look around but was nearly attacked by an overeager Goten, who had leapt onto her back, hugging her as tightly as he could.

Death by hugging…that wasn't a way Videl had ever thought someone could go but that seemed to be a great possibility at that time.

"Can't…breathe…" she gasped.

"Noooo!" the boy cried, releasing his grasp on the Satan girl. "Don't die Videl!"

Collapsing on the ground, the girl was sent into another coughing fit, though it fortunately didn't last as long. Once she overcame it, she slowly got to her feet, a bit wobbly but stable.

"Looks like the girl's made of tougher stuff than you thought," the monk commented as he and the tall green man approached. All he got was a grunt in return.

With no idea how to respond to that, all Videl could do was say "Uhh, yeah. Thanks, I guess." Staring at the two, she couldn't stop her curiosity getting the better of her. "Umm, could you guys tell me who you are?"

The monk smiled. "The name's Krillen and the tall guy next to me is Piccolo. We're friends of Gohan."

"And what about him?" Videl said as she nodded towards Vegeta.

"Oh, that's Vegeta. He's a friend…sort of."

"Okay, and could you tell me where Gohan is?"

Both Krillen and Piccolo looked at each other. "And why would you want to know that?" Krillen inquired cautiously.

"Well, so we can go help him of course."

"Ehh, that wouldn't be a good idea," the monk replied. "If what I'm sensing is right, he's in a middle of a fight right now."

"So? We can help him out!"

"But us going there would only hinder Gohan. He can fight better when he doesn't have to worry about us getting hurt."

That made Videl thoughtful. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Do you think he can actually win?"

Sighing, Krillen said "He's our best chance right now. If he can't do it, I really doubt anyone else can."

Fire raced through the trees, consuming everything within its reach. Trees, bushes, and other vegetation caught flame almost immediately.

Two people suddenly went flying out of the blaze, appearing to be holding each other as they crashed onto grass that had yet to be set on fire. The couple wrestled on the ground before one of them, a ghostly looking fighter, was thrown off of the blue one, crashing into trees.

With a loud cry of rage, Cell Jr. gave chase after the saiyan, taking off into the forest canopy. Gohan, however, had recovered as he broke through several trees. Twisting his body, his feet touch upon a tall tree, allowing the saiyan to rebound off of it. With a fist ready, he slammed it into his incoming opponent, stopping his charge.

Though dazed by the blow, Cell Jr. recovered quickly; powering a ki blast in his hand and firing it at point blank range.

An explosion erupted around the ghostly saiyan, covering him in flames. High above the blast, Cell Jr. suddenly appeared with his hands in front of him, forming a triangle with them.

"Tribeam Ha!"

A bright flash of light engulfed the ground that his previous explosion covered. When the light disappeared, a large pit was revealed, wisps of smoke wafting from it.

"Ha ha!" the android roared. "Not so tough now, are you boy?!"

"Maybe if your aim was better, that attack would've worked," a voice spoke from behind.

That stopped the insect's blood in his veins. Slowly, he turned around and saw his enemy with a few burn marks and scratches on his body, but overall alright.

"You…why won't you die?!" the android shouted before charging at the saiyan, lashing out with countless punches. Without hesitating, Gohan launched into the fray.

Shockwaves rang out over the island as the two warriors landed and blocked punches. The immense forces sent high winds that tore the vegetation from the island; ocean waves rippled from the land, creating huge tidal waves off in the distance.

Bruises and cuts began to appear all over the fighters' bodies as they pounded each other. Spit and blood flew from their mouths with each head blow.

It was only a matter of time until the brutal stalemate came to an end. Sneaking in a knee, Cell Jr. slammed it into Gohan's gut, causing him to bend over it.

"I've got you now!" the android gloated as he threw a punch into the saiyan's face, sending him flying away. Not done by far, the blue bug flew after his opponent.

Recovering his wit, Gohan saw Cell Jr. flying after him. Gathering his ki, he fired a ki blast at his pursuing opponent. Caught off guard, the android was hit head on by the blast, blowing him off course.

Tumbling through the air, Cell Jr. finally got control of himself, straightening himself out as he hovered in air. Looking around quickly, his eyes fell upon his foe, rage writing itself on his face.

"I have had enough of you!" the android shouted. "I don't care about beating you to death! I'll destroy you and everyone on this worthless planet!" All the while, the spawn of Cell drifted higher in the air, angling himself to look down on the saiyan.

Sticking his hands out in front of him, he cupped them as he focused his energy, slowly bringing them to his right side. "Kaa…maa…" he chanted.

Frowning slightly, Gohan steeled himself. He recognized the scenario all too well. Cell had done the same thing seven years ago and the demi-saiyan would make sure the same thing that had happened then would repeat itself.

"Haa…maaa…" the androids voice grew louder as the blue energy appearing in his hands grew larger and brighter.

The next thing either of them knew, a ki blast came out of nowhere and impacted the blue android, exploding on his back and causing him to lose his focus of his charged blast, releasing the gathered ki.

Jerking his head, Gohan saw Trunks floating a ways behind Cell Jr., holding the wrist of one of his hands as he panted heavily. So that's where that ki blast had come from. Yet the demi-saiyan wasn't pleased at all. Trunks should've never been there in the first place; that was why he had taken the fight here instead of keeping in at the stadium. And from the way the little boy was breathing, it looked like he had used every bit of ki left in his possession, leaving him a sitting duck for Cell Jr.

There was no way he would let the young demi-saiyan get hurt.

"You little brat!" Cell Jr. roared. "I'll kill you for that! I'll tear you apart, piece by piece, until there's nothing left of you!"

Sure that his opponent had completely forgotten about him, Gohan charged in, gathering ki in one of his hands. Using a burst of speed, he disappeared, reappearing right in front of the spawn of Cell, and slamming his ki charged fist into his blue stomach.

True to Gohan's assumption, Cell Jr. had forgotten all about the ghostly saiyan, leaving him open for attack. When the punch collided with his midsection, his whole body bent over the saiyan's arm.

Then, letting out a loud cry, Gohan released the gathered ki in his fist, the energy exploding on the android and sending him flying into the distance, a trail of smoke following him.

"You guys hear that?!" Piccolo suddenly shouted, much to the surprise of the others.

"Uhh Piccolo," Krillen responded, "we don't have as good of ears as you do."

Seeming to ignore that, the Namek shouted "Everyone get down!"

Almost on cue, a body came bursting out of the stands, sending large chunks debris everywhere. A moment later, the body crashed into the ring, sending smoke up into the air.

Time seemed to slow down for the Z fighters. Whose body was that? Was it Gohan's? Or was it Cell Jr's?

Answering those questions, a figure descended from the sky, almost as if he had been high above them the whole time. A wave of relief flooded the small group as their eyes caught sight of the ghostly looking Gohan.

Touching down towards the edge of the ring, his arms crossed in front of his chest, Gohan stared directly at the crash site of what the others assumed was Cell Jr's. Their assumption proved to be correct when the android rose to his feet, albeit hurt.

"This is the end of the road for you Cell Jr." Gohan called out to him. "You've been beaten fair and square."

"I have not!" the insect roared back. "You can't defeat me! I am perfect!"

"Just like your father?" Gohan spoke. "You forget I killed Cell. I'll even show you how I did it."

Spreading his legs, the saiyan cupped his hands like the android had down previously, holding them towards his right side. "Kaa…maa…"

"Wait! Hold on a minute," Cell Jr. began. "You don't want to kill me, we both know it. You're too gentle for that, unlike the others. We can work something out."

Ignoring the small speech, Gohan carried on. "Haa…" A bright orb of blue ki soon appeared in his cupped hands, growing bigger and brighter.

"No! Stop it!" the android pleaded. "This is unlike you Gohan! You don't like killing; you never did! Why stain you hands with blood now?"


"Please Gohan, just let me go! You'll never hear from me again, I promise! I'll leave this planet and never return! I give you my word!"

An angry look covered the saiyan's face. "I've had enough of you Cell!" Then thrusting his energy covered hands in front of him, he released his blast. "Haaaa!"

A huge blue blast erupted from Gohan's hands, rushing out and consuming its intended target.

"Naahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Cell Jr. screamed as the large Kamahamaha tore him apart, piece by piece. Soon, not even a cell of him was left as the beam angled up into the air, heading towards outer space and beyond.

Smoke rushed around everything, causing anyone who inhaled it to cough. Videl was no exception to this. Gohan or someone that looked like him had just blown that replica of Cell into smithereens, and probably took out much of the stadium.

Though that explained why the smoke was all over the place, it didn't explain why there was something covering her. When the smoke had rushed over her, the Satan girl had shut her eyes to avoid having the stuff getting into them. Now that she had them open, there was a big piece of white cloth in front of us.

That, however, moved out of her way quickly. Looking at the person who had moved it, she found that tall green guy, Piccolo, standing by her. He must've shielded her with his cape when the blast had occurred.

Taking notice of her surroundings then, she found a similar scene with Goten and Chichi, though it was Goten shielding his mother. Krillen looked as if he had taken care of himself; the same with Vegeta.

Finally, Videl's eyes fell upon Gohan, who had returned to his original form. At the moment, he seemed to be deep in thought, standing tall as he looked down at the ring. Hurrying over, the girl had some questions she wanted to ask and this was as good of a time as any to ask.

"Gohan, that was amazing!" she shouted. "How in the world are you able to do that?"

The demi-saiyan stiffened in what looked like fear. Slowly, he turned his head around and saw the Satan girl. "V-videl…you're alive!"

A slight scowl covered the girl's face. "Of course I'm alive! You think some tiny little laser can kill me?"

Before the boy could reply though, Krillen had come in to give his two cents. "Don't worry Videl, he never had a doubt that you'd live. He's probably embarrassed with what he said."

"What he said?"

"Krillen…stop," Gohan begged.

"Yeah, what he said. I think it went along the lines of 'Don't ever say her name!'" the monk said, using a high pitched voice for his quote. "Never thought my friend would ever be interested in girls until then."

"Krillen!" Gohan protested, his face completely red from blushing.

"Should've known that he'd pick a cutie for a girlfriend," the human carried on. "His dad's tastes must've been passed on to him."

This time, it was Videl who spoke, a slight blush also appearing on her face. "Okay, I think I got the point."

"Well, with Cell Jr. gone, you two can get back to what you teens do."

"They did what?!" Chichi screeched. "My baby boy has been messing with girls without me knowing?!"

"No Mom, please!" the demi-saiyan protested. "Listen to me."

However, the whole line of conversation was brought to an end when Vegeta approached. "Gohan, mind telling me how you did that?"

That caught everyone's attention. "Did what?" the Son boy replied.

"The transformation, how did you do that? It looked nothing like the Super Saiyan forms."

"I…really don't know…" Gohan said after a bit, getting into a thoughtful pose.

Vegeta grunted, a bit amused if one paid any close attention to it. "Figures. You and I will need to have a talk about that soon. In the meantime, you can go mess with your girlfriend."

"Not you too Vegeta!"

"Good evening everyone, this is Higarashi Sota with the five o' clock news," a TV anchor said.

"Earlier today, the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament was held, drawing in a record number crowd to the stands. Fierce matches occurred throughout the day; some great; other's that will be soon forgotten; and some with incredible upsets. However, they all pale in comparison to the Final match where one of the combatants was revealed to be Cell, back for revenge on the man who killed him."

"However, our savior Hercule Satan was nowhere to be found; most likely leaving the island after his daughter, Videl Satan, had lost in the semi-finals. With our hero missing in action, certain doom was upon our world."

"The man who had gone into battle with the monstrous Cell was Satan City's other famous crime fighter, Saiyaman. After a vicious battle, the hero was defeated, leaving us without a protector."

"But according to eyewitness reports, specifically from one Videl Satan who was surprisingly there despite earlier reports, a man challenged Cell and defeated him, saving Earth from certain destruction. Little is known about this fighter, though he has been dubbed 'The Silver Fighter' by all who saw him."

"With the world safe, The Silver Fighter left as mysteriously as he came, leaving us with yet another mystery on the world's hands. Attempts to interview notable martial artists also proved futile…"

To Danyman: Well, you were right and wrong. Can't really forget that the saiyans have a knack for summoning up the needed strength to defeat their opponents.

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