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Sitting at the garden at the middle of the night, I began to think about the memories I've had during the past few months. Concours gave me a big break. I learned lots of things, earned new friends, enjoyed life, and met him. I'm such a thick head, am I? I always have this certain thing for him, I'm just afraid to admit it and I know that if I admit it, I'll just get hurt. We live in different worlds. Me, Hino Kahoko, fell in love with Tsukimori Len? Silly.

"Why are you here?" Someone asked from the back. I turned around and saw Ousaki-senpai.

"Just thinking about things." I answered, looking at the stars.

"Can I ask what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about love. How you fall in love and how to fall out of it. I decided never to lay my eyes on Tsukimori-kun again."