"Breakfast girls!" shouted Professor Utonium at the top of his voice. The smell of the hot food wafted up the stairs and into Buttercup's bedroom making her stomach turn. She flew out of bed, into the hall towards the toilet and banged right into Blossom.

"Hey! watch it Buttercup!" snapped Blossom as Buttercup shoved past her and into the bathroom. Blossom heard Buttercup being sick into the toilet. "Are you ok?" asked Blossom through the bathroom door. "Yeah.... leave me alone.... go away" replied Buttercup between throwing up.

"Ugh, whatever moody" shouted Blossom as she trotted downstairs.

Down at the breakfast table, Bubbles, Blossom and the Professor joked and chatted over their pancakes and juice as Buttercup walked over to the table, looking awful.

"Morning Buttercup, Blossom tells me that you are not feeling too well again, do you have a fever?" Said Professor Utonium as he placed his hand over Buttercup's forehead. "Hmm, that's strange, you feel normal..... you ok for school?". "I'm fine" she snapped swiping the Professor's hand away. She grabbed her schoolbag and stormed out of the front door, slamming it behind her.

After school, Buttercup flew straight up to her room. Bubbles was concerned, usually if something was upsetting Buttercup, she would tell Bubbles all about it but Buttercup had ignored everyone at school all day and had even skipped her lunch which was very unusual.

Bubbles knocked softly on Buttercup's bedroom door "Can I come in?" she said as she opened the door and put her head around the corner. "Do what you want" mumbled Buttercup, lying on her bed facing the wall. Bubbles walked over to her and saw that she had puffy eyes and wet patches on her pillow where tears had fallen. "Have you been crying Buttercup?" asked Bubbles, more concerned than ever now as she hadn't seen Buttercup cry for years, the last time she remembered was when they were 5 and Buttercup had banged her knee really hard at school. "No. I'm not, I don't cry." snapped Buttercup as she pulled the bed covers up to her face.

"I'm really worried about you Buttercup.... you haven't been happy for weeks now...you're always in the bathroom being sick and you're not eating properly" Bubbles squeaked as tears welled up in her eyes too. "A-are you.......I mean, em d-do you h-have an eating disorder?"

"No!" retorted Buttercup turning round to face Bubbles, shocked that Bubbles had even suggested it. "It's ok... you can tell me, I won't tell Blossom or the Professor, we can get help for you." Bubbles said as she held Buttercup's hand. "I'm not a damn anorexic Bubbles!" Buttercup shouted as she tugged her hand away and turned to her side on her bed again. "Well what is it then, why are you being like this, what's wrong with you!" Bubbles shouted back, losing her temper. Buttercup didn't respond. "I give up" snapped Bubbles, storming towards the door.

"Wait, .....please" Buttercup whispered in a cracked voice. Bubbles softened as she saw Buttercup's face. "I'll tell you....." Buttercup started. "What is it Buttercup?" Bubbles asked as she sat next to Buttercup on the bed. Huge tears rolled down Buttercup's cheeks. Buttercup looked up at Bubbles with her big green eyes "Bubbles,...... I think........I think I'm pregnant".

Bubbles gasped loudly and put her hands over her mouth. She couldn't believe that Buttercup could be pregnant, she doesn't have a boyfriend, she hasn't even had sex....has she? And if she had surely she would have told Bubbles that she had lost her virginity. They weren't just sisters, they were also best friends.

"B-b-but how Buttercup, I don't understand?"

"Bubbles, how do you think? It was weeks ago......remember that party that the Professor said we couldn't go to because he said there would be alcohol and trouble there....well I sneaked out and went. I got really drunk and I was speaking to this cute guy there and well, I didn't mean for it to happen but I had been drinking the punch that was there and well, I guess I let things get out of control."

"Why didn't you tell me Buttercup?"

"I felt so ashamed, I always thought that I was going to wait....that it was going to be special."

"I had no idea, who is he Buttercup? Did you use a condom?"

Buttercup's face went very red and she hid her face into her pillow.

"Please tell me who it is Buttercup, did you use protection?!"

"I don't know who he is and no, I didn't use protection ok! Satisfied now? I was so drunk that I can't even remember his name" Buttercup screeched as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Bubbles put her arms around Buttercup and hugged her hard whilst comforting her. "We need to get a test for you to be sure. There is no point in worrying if everything might be ok. I'll get one for you from the chemist."