A/n: New Story! This is my first real chapter story, so be nice! I've got a pretty good idea of where I'm going with this story, it randomly came to me last night. So here it is...

Seventeen-year-old Joanne Jefferson walked into her English class on Monday morning. It was the first day of school, and her two best friends were waiting for her in the corner of the classroom. Alex, Taya, and even Joanne had all been on vacation in foreign countries last summer, and they hadn't seen each other since school let out last year. Joanne spotted Alex, who waved her over, grinning wildly. She had a tan from her summer spent in Barbados.

"Hey!" Taya said as she hugged Joanne. "How was Paris?"

Joanne shrugged her shoulders. "It was nice."

Alex scoffed. "Yeah, well it's better than Barbados. I swear to god, it was like a hundred-"

Their English teacher clapped her hands together and the room grew silent. Joanne snapped her head up toward the front of the room, attentive. She was determined to make her senior year of high school a great one. She'd need straight A's to make it into Harvard next fall. Alex and Taya were the same way; they all knew that they'd have to step up their game this year in order to get into an Ivy. Practically everyone at their ultra-competitive Upper East Side private school applied to get into an Ivy.

"Okay, everyone," their teacher said. "I'm Mrs. Miller. Welcome to Advanced English. This year is going to be hard, I won't lie-"

The door opened and shut loudly. Joanne turned, as did the rest of the class, and saw a rumpled-looking girl enter the room. She looked around distractedly, and Joanne took the time to study her carefully. She had curly auburn hair that fell in disheveled waves around her face. Her big, hazel eyes scanned the room and she smiled a big smile with her too-wide mouth. It wasn't that she was exceptionally gorgeous; but Joanne was intrigued, for lack of a better word, by this interesting-looking girl.

"Is this Government?" She asked in a breathy, but commanding, voice.

Mrs. Miller shook her head. "No, dear, it's the next door, down the hall and to the left," she said, pointing. She nodded and turned, strutting back toward the door, swiveling her hips. The girl's uniform skirt was rolled up and showed a little more skin than was allowed. The Oxford shirt and tie ensemble looked perfect on her; in fact, it made Joanne feel a little less stupid about wearing it.

Before Joanne knew it, the girl was gone.

She didn't know why she was instantly hit with a sinking feeling. Joanne pulled herself out of her own head and looked at Alex, who was poking her shoulder.

"Have you seen her before?" Alex was asking her.

Joanne shook her head.

"I think she's new," Taya whispered to them both. Whoever she was, Joanne wanted to meet her.

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