Chapter 22- Epilogue

Maureen sat on a bench on the small, cramped subway car, waiting for her stop to come.

It was Friday evening, and although she was inside of the subway, she could almost picture the sun setting outside. Friday was Maureen's favorite day of the week, by far.

On Fridays, she took the subway from Boston to Cambridge to visit Joanne. Although their respective schools were only really ten or fifteen minutes away from each other, both were very busy during the week.

Joanne had gotten into Harvard, as was her dream, without her parents' financial aid. In January of their senior year of high school, Joanne had gotten a letter in the mail, guaranteeing her a spot, and the coveted President's scholarship; which was almost a full-ride scholarship, based mostly on her academic merit.

Although she still had to take out a couple of loans and do a work-study, Joanne was happy with what she'd gotten.

Which was good, because Joanne's parents weren't joking when they said they wouldn't pay. As far as Maureen knew, her parents still hadn't fully addressed Joanne's lesbianism; in fact, they generally ignored Maureen when she came over and tried to set Joanne up with "nice young men."

The good thing that came from coming out, though, was that they were finally free to be them. And that was enough for Maureen. In fact, inspired by Joanne's bravery; shortly after Joanne had come out, Maureen did, too. Her parents were quite angry at first, but took it better than Jo's parents had.

Even Maureen's mother was nice to Joanne, now that she had accepted that the girl wasn't going anywhere.

Glancing around at the diverse group of people scattered around the subway car, Maureen felt confident in her decision to move to Boston. Maureen knew that she easily could've stayed in New York, the city she'd always loved, but she felt like a change of scenery, and a break from her parents, would be good for her.

Being on her own for awhile was something that Maureen needed badly, and Emerson College had proved to be the best way to find herself. She'd first heard of it while doing a search for schools near Boston, and had fallen in love with it right off the bat.

Emerson was a small, liberal arts school, and was actually near the top of the list of the best Performing Arts schools in the nation. Maureen was a Musical Theatre major there, and she loved every minute of it.


The subway slowed to a stop, signaling that it was Maureen's turn to get off. She stood up, collecting her belongings. Tonight, she was planning on taking Joanne out to eat at their new favorite place, a little bohemian cafe downtown, on Newbury Street and Mass Avenue.

As she strolled past the Quad, making her way toward Joanne's dorm. "Hey, Maureen," a voice called, and Maureen turned to see Addie, Joanne's roomate, sitting on the front steps of the Campus Center.

"Hi," she waved, approaching the friendly red-head. "Going to see Jo again?" Addie asked curiously, lighting up a cigarette. She offered one to Maureen.

"No, thanks," she said, with a shake of her head. "I quit. As it turns out, Mezzo-Soprano seems to be more in demand than Contralto."

Addie arched an eyebrow in confusion, but said nothing. "But yes, I am going to see Jo," Maureen added conversationally. Addie made a kissy-face. "Awww. You really are the best girlfriend...And you two are so cute together."

"Thanks," Maureen replied with a smile. "Anyway, I'd better get going. See you later!"

"See you!" Addie called as Maureen started walking again. "Oh, and Derek and I are going out clubbing tonight, so...You've got the place to yourselves, if you know what I mean," she winked at Maureen, and Maureen laughed.

"Great, thanks." She said, opening the door to Joanne's dorm.

She tiptoed down the hall, aiming to surprise Jo at the door. She knocked softly. "No, Addie, for the last time, I do not have any condoms! I'm a LESBIAN!" She heard Joanne call from inside, and she giggled.

She adopted a nasal-y voice. "Joanne- it's your mother. I've found you a really nice boy to turn you str-" Joanne opened the door, throwing her arms around Maureen, catching her by surprise.

"Hi," she said softly in Maureen's ear, kissing her cheek. Maureen's heart fluttered.

"Hi," she said back, pulling away to look at her girlfriend. She smiled, following Joanne inside of the small dorm, closing the door behind her.

As soon as the door closed, Joanne roughly grabbed onto Maureen's hand, pulling her toward the bed and on top of her. "I had serious Maureen withdrawal," she said in between kisses.

As Joanne's tongue slipped into her mouth, Maureen moaned appreciatively, combing her fingers through her lover's slightly longer corkscrew-curls.

"I love you," she heard Joanne say, and she smiled into the kiss. Tonight, they'd go out on the town and to dinner, maybe hitting an open-mic poetry cafe at some coffeehouse afterward, or the latest 18-and-up club.

Maureen sighed. "I love Fridays." Joanne made a sound of agreement in her mouth, moving to grope a boob.

There was no doubt about it: their lives had changed for the better.

And they were only just beginning.The End.


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