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"Bye, Em, Rose, see you later!" Alice called as Jasper closed the door behind them and turned to her.

"Thanks for coming over, Alice," Jasper said taking her hand.

"Anytime," Alice said smiling.

"Daddy, bed!" Addison cried running towards them.

Jasper bent down to her level. "Are you tried, baby girl?" He asked pulling down her shirt.

Addison nodded going into his arms. Jasper lifted her up and started walking to her room. "Alice!" Addison cried. Jasper stopped and turned back around. Addison held her hand out to Alice. "Come on!"

Alice smiled and nodded, following Jasper to her room. Jasper laid Addison down in her bed, tucked her in, and then sat beside her.

"You want to read a bedtime story or are you too tired?" He asked.

"Sleepy," She answered yawning.

"Good." Jasper leaned down and kissed her forehead, nose, and cheeks; a bedtime routine he did every night. Addison giggled then kissed her father's cheek. "Goodnight, baby girl."

Addison smiled then held out her hand to Alice. Alice leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Night, Addison."

"Night, 'Lice. Night, Daddy."

Jasper kissed her head one more time ad led Alice out, turning off the light and closing the door half-way. He led Alice to the living room where he helped her with her coat. "Thanks for coming again."

"My pleasure. So do you want to take Addison to the park with me tomorrow?" Alice asked.

"Wouldn't miss it." Jasper grabbed her hand and kissed it then leaned down to kiss her nose.

Alice laughed. "You sure do know how to mess with a girl's mind."

Jasper chuckled then grabbed her around the waist, pulled her close, and kissed her.

Alice pulled away and rested her head on his chest. "I really like you."

"And I really like you. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Great. Around 11?"


"Bye," Alice said pulling away and leaving.

Jasper smiled as he closed the door.

Addison skipped as her daddy led her to the park. She couldn't wait to see Alice again. She loved Alice, almost as much as Auntie Rose. Her daddy liked Alice more than Auntie Rose. She could tell. Finally she spotted Alice at the playground.

"Alice!" She cried running towards the pixie like girl.

Alice bent down to catch Addison in her arms. "Hi, Addison! How are you today?"


Alice smiled and stood up as Jasper walked up. "Ready to play, baby girl?" Jasper asked Addison.

Addison nodded, taking both their hands and leading them to the playground.

Emmett groaned when he heard Alice' voicemail for the tenth time. "Where is she?"

"Em, calm down, I'm sure she forgot," Rosalie said handing Daniel to Esme.

"She never forgets!" Emmett cried.

Rosalie sighed and looked towards Edward, hoping he could calm Emmett down. "Edward, please."

"Em, I'm sure Alice is fine and has a perfectly good reason," Edward said.

Emmett growled at him. "Mom, why aren't you worried about Alice?"

"Because, hon, I trust your sister and so should you," Esme answered.

"Dad?" Emmett turned to Carlisle.

"Emmett, she's fine," Carlisle assured him.

"Ugh!" Emmett cried storming out of the room.

Rosalie sighed. "He is so protective."

Alice laughed and leaned into Jasper who threw his arm around her. "I'm so glad you came," Alice said.

"Me too. Addison is having a great time," Jasper said watching Addison slide down the slide then run to them.

"Daddy, I'm hungry."

Jasper looked at his watch. "Okay, baby girl, let's go."

"What time is it?" Alice asked.


Alice gasped, stood up and gathered her things. "I have to go."


"Cullen lunch and I'm late."

"What?" Jasper asked standing up as well and picking up Addison.

"My mom cooks lunch every Sunday and we all eat together. I totally forgot about it. Why don't you and Addison come?"

"I don't know, Alice-"


"Fine, let's go."

Rosalie laughed as Daniel crawled over to her. She picked him up and sat him in her lap as her daughter ran and sat in Esme's lap. Emmett came storming in, looking upset.

"Nothing! Still!" He cried.

"Are you still worried about Alice?" Rosalie asked.

Emmett tried to not look angry. "No."

Rosalie rolled her eyes as Alice came into the living room.

"I'm here! I am so sorry I'm late," She said putting her purse down on the table beside the couch. "Hey, Mom." She went over and kissed Esme's cheek then tickled Carlie's feet.

"Auntie, stop!" Carlie cried.

"Why were you so late, honey?" Esme asked.

"I was at the park with Jasper and Addison. I hope it's okay but I invited them. Jasper is getting Addison out of the car now," Alice said.

"That's wonderful, more guest. I'll tell you father," Esme said putting Carlie down then going to the kitchen.

Jasper and Addison walked in a few minutes later. Alice waved Addison over who immediately went over to play with Carlie and Renesme.

"Hey, Jasper," Emmett said motioning for him and Alice to join him on the couch. "Alice, thanks for picking up your phone."

Alice looked at Emmett confused as she sat down by her brother. "My phone? Emmett, my phone broke a week ago. Remember? I don't get a new one until tomorrow," Alice said.

Emmett blinked a few times, trying to remember. "Oh."

"Yeah, oh," Alice said rolling her eyes.

"Time to eat!" Esme called from the kitchen.

Jasper put his arm around Alice as he walked her to her apatment's door; Addison in her arms. Jasper took her keys and unlocked the door.

"Thank you," She whispered, trying not to wake up Addison. "Do you want to come in?"

Jasper shook his head. "I should get home, she's had a long day."

"I understand," She said passing the sleeping Addison over to him.

"I had fun this weekend, Alice, and I would really like to do it again," He said shifting Addison in his arms.

"What are you trying to say, Jasper?"

"I'm saying, Alice, would you go out with me?"

Alice smiled and kissed him. "Does that answer your question?"