The Love Matchers

A Few pointers. I have three Characters that I made up. Emily is a young girl and is close friends with the gang. Kristian is in love with Emily. Kek is Yugi's twin only he's tanned unlike Yugi. If you don't like my characters then don't worry.

This may turn into an Tea bashing (depending on how far this goes).


I am not very sure on which is which. Can someone explain to me in a comment which is the good half Marik or Malik please. I would be most grateful.


Yami x Yugi

Atemu x Kek

Seto x Joey

Bakura x Ryou

Kristian x Emily

and a little...

Malik x Marik

Duke x Tristan


I don't own any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters.

Awhile ago Ishezu created a spell that gave Yami his own body, but it accidentally brought his past self to the future. So now Atemu and Yami were posing as twins. The only difference was Atemu had a sun kiss tan while Yami was pail. Yami held the Millennium Puzzle like he did so long ago. But that's not all that had happened. Somehow Bakura and Ryou got split from each other. Malik's dark half Marik somehow came back from the Shadow Realm and had his own body.

It was another school day in Domino city. Yugi and Kek walked to school with their friends Yami and Atemu. Yugi and Kek looked almost the same, the only difference was Kek was tanned while Yugi was pail.

It was another winter day. School only started back two weeks ago and already all four boys were sick of it. They were all dressed in their school uniforms. Not exactly the smartest but still a little presentable.

"So what have we got after home room?" Asked Kek.

Atemu looked up to the sky in wonder.

"I believe me and you have Study Hall." Said Atemu looking back down at his small friend. "Then Chemistry."

"We have Biology with Tara Sensei." Said Yugi, Kek's twin brother. "Then free period."

"Well aren't you the lucky one's." Said Kek.

Kek never really cared for school but he did his work and went cause he knew he would need it later on in life. Atemu and Yami weren't to fussed on going to school either. They were pretty much adults as it was. And Yugi... Well Yugi just went cause he had to.

All four boys got to the school and walked to their lockers. They put their stuff that they didn't need and went up to Home room. Home room was on the first floor on the west side of the school. Once they got there they opened the door to see not many people there. Only about half the class. At the back of the class was Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler fighting. For a while now it had been happening. Tristan and Duke sat by the window at their desks talking. At the front of the class was Tea talking to some other class mates. All four boys walked over to Tristan and Duke.

"Hey dudes what up?" Asked Tristan.

"Hey you guys are in early this morning." Said Duke turning to the two set's of twins. "What did Kek do this time?"

"Why is it that when something out of the usual happens it's automaticly my fault?" Asked Kek giving a little pout.

"Because it is." Said Yami, Atemu and Yugi together.

Kek smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I swear who ever ends up with you Kek is going to regret it sometimes." Said Atemu sitting at his desk next to Tristan.

"Ye- Hey!!" Exclaimed Kek.

Yugi, Yami, Duke and Tristan laughed.

"So what did happen?" Asked Duke as the rest of the boys sat at their desks around Tristan's and Duke's.

"Kek thought it would be funny to wake me up by pouring cold water over me." Said Atemu glaring at Kek.

Kek gave a small laugh.

"And Atemu yelled waking me and Yugi up." Said Yami.

Kek then gave uneasy smile. Now the whole class seemed to be in.

Then shouting came from the back of the class. All six boys turned to see that Kaiba and Joey's fight was a few minutes from going to stage three to stage five of the Joey and Kaiba fights.

"Looks like their skipping a few steps today." Said Yami watching them.

"Yeah it looks like their going to stage five already." Said Yugi watching them feeling helpless.

"You two care to explain?" Asked Kek.

Yami and Yugi turned to the others ready to explain about the stages.

"Me and Yami made The five steps of the Joey and Kaiba fights." Said Yugi.

"Each stage is what type of fights Joey and Kaiba are in." Said Yami looking from the group to Yugi. "Stage one, glares."

"Stage two, minor insults." Said Yugi turning to Yami.

"Stage three, verbal fight." Said Yami.

"Stage four, getting others involved." Said Yugi now looking at the others.

"And stage five, physical fight." Said Yami turning to the fight.

Joey blurted out another insult which seemed to be getting to Kaiba. All six boys turned back to them. Joey was close to hitting Kaiba.

"Hey mut when are you going to learn to play duel monsters like a pro?" Asked Kaiba mockingly.

Joey was now mad.

"Right that's it!" Yelled Joey.

Joey went to hit Kaiba but Kaiba stepped to the side at a bad time. As Joey went to hit Kaiba. Emily a new girl to the school walked in the back entrance of the class and behind where Kaiba was. Joey lost his balance and went crashing into Emily and too the floor. There was a big bang and all the class stood up. All the class started laughing at Emily and Joey. The only one's who weren't were Yugi, Kek, Atemu, Yami, Tristan, Duke and one other boy at the front of the class. Even Tea was laughing at them.

Yugi, Kek, Atemu and Yami ran over to help them. Kek and Atemu got Joey up and helped him. Yugi and Yami checked that Emily was okay.

"You okay Em?" Asked Yami.

Emily's brown bangs covered some of her face. Emily opened her eyes but kept her head down. She had sky blue eyes that showed much much she was hurt. Not by the fall, but by the insults that were coming next.

"What a joke." Said one boy.

"You mean to tell us that your amazing?" Asked a girl. "If you were amazing you wouldn't have fallen."

"How clumsy can you get?" Asked another girl.

"No joke. If there was country of clumsiness she would be the Queen of it." Yelled another boy.

All the students were laughing. Yami was getting mad. She was the new girl. They were ment to help her and look after her. Not tease her and put her down. Yami looked down at Emily and saw a tear fall down her cheek. Emily stood up and ran out of the class room knocking into the Sensei at the same time. The Sensei was very confused. Yami was not at all pleased.

"May I ask what was that about?" Asked Sensei Yuki walking into the class.

The bell rang telling them classes had begun. But the voice of Sensei Yuki made everyone stop laughing and sat down. Yugi turned to Yami concerned. Everyone had been mean to Emily since she started after Christmas brake. Yugi and the other boys in the gang where about her only friends there.

Kek and Atemu were in Study Hall. Emily was ment to be in their class but she wasn't around. Since Emily had been at Domino high she had always been to Study Hall just to get caught up on the work from Kek or Atemu. Kek started to worry as well.

"Atemu! Emily hasn't come back yet." Said Kek hitting Atemu's arm.

"I know." Said Atem and turned his attention to the clock. "She never misses this period. She told me that she'll do anything to catch up on the curriculum here."

Atemu looked back at Kek to see him looking at the door. It didn't open. No one came and no one left. Kek knew that she would have been trying to hide that she had been crying. But it wouldn't have taken Home room and 20 minutes of Study Hall.

"She'll be alright Kek." Said Atemu. "She's a strong girl."

Kek gave a sigh and turned back to Atemu. Kek smiled at him.

"Your right." Said Kek.

Yugi walked to his locker to put his books away. When Yugi closed his locked there he saw his brother leaning against the other lockers.

"Hey Kek." Said Yugi turning to him. "Don't you have Chemistry?"

"Yeah, but... Yugi. Emily didn't come to Study Hall." Said Kek worriedly. "Can you and Yami try and find her?"

"We will." Said Yugi. "Yami's probably in the Library. I'll go and get him."

Kek smiled at his brother then ran off to Chemistry.

Yami sat in the Library reading a book for his English class. Which just so happened to be next. Yami had completely forgotten until today about it. Yami heard foot steps coming his way. Yami looked up from his book to see Yugi. Yami smiled at Yugi, but Yugi didn't return the smile. That only ment one thing. There was a problem.

"Yami. Emily hasn't been seen by any of the gang since she ran out of the room. We have to go find her."Said Yugi worriedly.

Yami really needed to finish the book. But a friend came first.

"Alright where should we look?" Asked Yami closing his book and putting it in his bag.

"You check outside and I'll check the building." Said Yugi.

Yami nodded and they both went off in different directions. Yami ran outside and to the back of the school. He went to the Sakura tree and there he saw someone.

Atemu, Yugi and Kek hadn't seen or heard from Yami since second period. It was now lunch time. They sat at their desks talking(1). None of them knew where Yami was. Yugi hadn't seen him since they split up. And the others didn't have any periods with Yami until the ones after dinner. The door to the class room opened. The three boys turned to see Yami and Emily laughing. Yami and Emily walked up to them.

"Hey guys can Emily eat with us?" Asked Yami.

"She doesn't need to ask." Said Kek.

Emily and Yami sat down and started to eat their lunch. All the boys were talking but Emily kept quiet.

"Em are you okay?" Asked Yugi. "Your awfully quiet."

"I just feel a bit uncomfortable." Said Emily. "Well you being boys and all."

All the boys laughed. Emily was confused.

"If you think we're gonna make a move on you. You can forget it." Said Atemu.

"Huh?" She asked confused.

"We're not interested in girls that way." Said Kek.

"You'd be surprised how any boys in the class actually don't like girls that way." Said Yami.

Emily smiled for the first time that.

Tea and the other girls in the class watched how Emily sat by the four cutest boys in class. All of them where jealous. With a capital J.

"Why does she get to sit with them?" Asked a blonde girl.

"Yeah, we're way prettier than that little thing." Said a brunet.

"What spell has she put on them?" Asked Tea.

"Someone needs to show that girl who's the boss." Said the blonde.

(1)= In some Japanese schools they have food in their class rooms in stead of going to a cafeteria.

Okay I'm sorry that a lot of this was based on Emily but she is important to the story for later on. And I needed to explain how she and the boys become friends.

Hopefully this wont be the last one, so please comment. Thank you.