Video Log Dear

Italic = the camera is recording them

Bold = no camera

Emily sat in the front passengers seat. Yami sat behind Atem then Yugi was in the middle and Kek was behind Emily.

Emily had the camera facing the road.

"Alright it's on." She said in a low whisper. Yugi and Kek giggled in the background.

"4:45am." Said Yami doing a narrators voice.

"Pm." Said Atem.

"Pm." Said Yami correcting himself. Emily, Kek and Yugi laughed.

"Failed!" All three yelled. Emily turned the camera to Yami and Yugi.

"Hi everyone." Said Emily. "This is us going to a convent in Tokyo. Well let's see who's here." Emily paused for a second. "I can't think... What's your youtube name?" She asked.

"I'm KingOfGames18." Said Yugi waving and smiling as usual.

"I'm ShadowPrince5018." Said Yami smiling.

"Your gonna be bombarded with messages now." Said Atem off camera with a laugh. Emily laughed and turned the camera on to Kek.

"And you?" Emily asked Kek.

"I'm ShadowFan123." Said Kek smiling and waving. Emily turned the camera to Atem, who was driving.

"And this is..."Emily was about to say but she couldn't remember. "Um... What's your name again?" She laughed. "This will be the third time today I asked."

Atem laughed."PharaohAtem." Said Atem with his eyes still on the road. "And you are?" Emily tried to turn the camera on to her but had a bit of difficulty.

"Come here." Said Yami. Yami took the camera off Emily and turned it to her. "And this is?"

"I am EmilyChan93." She smiled.

"Turn left." Said the sat nave in a British accent.

"It's British." Said Kek turning to Atem. He smiled as the car turned left.

"We better save the film for when something actually happens." Said Yugi off camera.

"Good point." Said Emily. She started to wave her hands. "See you later." Then Yami turned the camera off.

Yami closed the camera and handed it back to Emily who put it back in her little bag. Emily smiled at the boys talking about the convent. All the boys had noticed that when the camera was on she didn't seem like her normal self.

"I'm bored." Said Kek. All the passengers turned to him.

"We've been driving for half an hour." Said Yugi. All the boys knew that when it came to Kek he wasn't built for sitting down for long times. Emily still hadn't figured this out.

"Well then let's play a game." Said Emily smiling. She thought for a while before speaking again. "How about Truth Or Dear?"

Yugi and Yami looked at her confused. They were ment to get Atem and Kek to go out how would truth or dear work.
"Alright." Said Kek with a smile.

"I'll play but I can't do many dears." Said Atem focusing on driving.

"Me too." Said Yugi.

"Count me in." Said Yami. Emily gave a little laugh.

"Kek Truth of Dear?" She asked. She smiled sweetly at him.

"I pick truth." Said Kek with a little smirk on his face. Emily thought for a while before coming up with an idea.

"Do you fancy someone in this car?" She asked smiling so innocently that it was hard to believe that she had asked that question. Kek blushed like mad.

"I...uh... yes." He said his head down. Emily gave him a girl laugh.

"Your turn Kek." Said Yugi laughing a little. Yugi now knew Emily's plan to get Kek and Atem together. Kek lifted his head and thought about who he would make his pray first. He would get Emily back straight away but not the way she would expect it. So that would mean getting someone else involved.

"Yami truth of dear?" Asked Kek smirking again.

Yami crossed his arms. "I'm not scared, dear." He stated. Kek's smirk grew bigger. Yugi felt small and intimidated being in the middle of the two.

"I dear you to kiss Emily." Kek explained.

"WHAT!?!?!" Emily and Yami yelled. Emily paled at that statement and so did Yami. Yami like Emily as a friend and nothing more.

"I thought you weren't afraid." Said Kek crossing his arms. Emily gulped while Yami just glared at Kek. Yami turned to Emily.

"Sorry Em." Said Yami leaning in. Yami then kissed her. Emily had to admit even if it was a small kiss, Yami was a good kisser. They broke away and both blushed. Emily saw Yugi out of the corner of her eye. He looked a bit jealous of her being kissed by Yami.

"Could it be..." She thought. Once both had recovered, Yami turned to his brother.

"Atem truth or dear?" Asked Yami.

"Dear." Atem said. Yami thought then he had a great idea.

"I dear you for the rest of the trip to go out with Kek." He said. "That includes kissing and holding hands."

"WHAT!?!?!" Kek yelled. Emily and Yugi giggled.

"Fine." Said Atem going with it.

"Atem!" Kek yelled in shock. Emily and Yugi laughed at Kek's reaction. Atem just kept driving and Yami was smirking. Kek crossed his arms and started pouting.

"Aww." Said Emily then started to giggle. "You look so cute when you pout." She laughed even more while Kek just pouted. Yugi and Yami laughed at him as well.

Emily turned the camera on Atem. Kek and Yugi where sleeping. Yami was staring out the window and Atem was looking at the road.

"Atem when are we gonna by there?" She asked off camera.

"Um." Atem thought for a while.

"Turn right." Said the sat nave.

"About half an hour." Said Atem turning right.

"Should we wake those two?" Asked Yami as Emily turned the camera on him. Emily then turned the camera on the two sleeping boys. Yugi and Kek leaned on each other.

"Nah leave them for now. When we're ten minutes away then wake them up." Said Atem still driving. Emily turned the camera to Yami.

"Yami give me some convent tips please?" Asked Emily. Yami laughed and looked at the camera.

"Okay. Tip 1." He raised a bottle of water half full."Bring something to drink it's sometimes a long trip." He smiled and she laughed.

"Well that's obvious." she said with a giggle in her voice. "Any others?" she asked.

"Well, wear comfy cloths." He said. Emily moved the camera to look him up and down. But what the camera couldn't see was her blushing. Yami noticed and chuckled as Emily turned the camera off.

Emily closed her camera and looked at Yami's expression.

"What's so funny?" She giggled finding it funny that Yami had laughed for no reason. Yami chuckled at her again.

"Just noting that you used the camera to look at me up and down instead of yourself." He chuckled. Emily blushed at the statement he had given her. Atem looked right to turn a corner and saw Emily blushing while Yami chuckled away.

"Watch it Yami. We need her to stop being shy not making her even more worried about what we think." Said Atem turning the car right. Emily sat back down and looked out the window.

"Would you guys keep quiet we're trying to sleep." Came a voice. Emily and Yami turned to see Yugi and Kek waking up. Yugi was still half asleep while Kek looked a bit annoyed. Atem looked in the mirror at the tow boys waking up.

"Atem control your boyfriend." Said Yami smirking. Kek then hit Yami in the arm hard.

"Ow..." Yami started to rub his arm while Emily laughed.

"It's your own fault. You shouldn't have teased him." Said Atem. Atem looked back at the road. "Besides we're only going out because of your dear."

Emily turned to Atem with a natural look. "You do know, that your the ones sharing a room mind." Said Emily calmly. Yugi and Yami let out a small laugh and knew what she was implying.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Asked Kek being inocent and naive. Yami and Yugi laughed again at Kek.

"Well if we here noises in the night we know who it is." Yami said and smiled. Kek's face turned beat red, he was very embarrassed to here that and to get Kek embarrassed was hard. Atem rolled his eyes.
"Yami when ever you told her to do that I will kill you for later." Said Atem. Emily and Yugi laughed at Yami's dearth sentence. Kek just had his head down to not show his blush.

"Should have had the camera on." Said Yugi smiling. Emily laughed a little more as Kek used his arms to cover his head. "Your own fault shouldn't of agreed to play Truth or Dear." Yugi giggled again.

Yami stopped chuckling. "By the way. Who was the person you liked?" Asked Yami smirking. Kek mumbled for them to leave him alone. Atem was just watching the road.

Atem parked the car in the hotel parking lot and everyone got out. They got their bags out of the boot and walked into the hotel. As soon as they walked in people started to look at them. It wasn't everyday the people of Tokyo got to see 4 of the top 5 duelists in the world with a girl. Yami and Atem turned to the others.

"We'll get the room and you guys get the pre-redge." Said Atem. Yugi and Kek nodded and walked off. Emily walked over to the desk with Yami and Atem. Atem asked the woman behind the desk about the rooms. Emily turned and saw everyone staring at them. Emily turned to Yami and looked at him innocently.

"Yami?" Asked Emily. "Why is everyone looking at us?" Yami turned to Emily and then looked at all the people who were staring at them.

"You are with the four top duelists in the world remember." Said Yami looking back at the small girl. Emily was only a little bit taller than Yugi and Kek. She looked a bit uneasy about all the people watching them. Yami and Atem were used to it but she wasn't.

"Thank you." Said Atem and took the keys off the woman. He turned back to Emily and Yami. "We have three rooms. Emily your on your own in 202. Yami you and Yugi are in 204. While me and Kek are in 203." Atem handed them a key and they walked over to a few chairs and sat down and waited for Yugi and Kek to come back. After a while a little boy came up to them. He had light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was only about 10 and was about Yugi and Kek's hight.

"Excuse me." He said. Yami and Atem sat up and looked at the boy. The boy had his hands behind his back and looked a bit shy. "Are you Yami and Atem the famous duelists?"

"Yes we are." Said Atem smiling sweetly as usual. The boy smiled a bit and brought his hands from behind his back to show a note pad and a pen.

"Can I have your autograph please?" He asked smiling a bit more confident. Yami and Atem turned to each other and smiled. They turned back to the boy and nodded. They both signed it and handed it back to him.

"Thank you." Said the little boy and gave a little bow before running back to his parents. Both watched awhile before turning back to each other.
"You two are so good with kids." She said and smiled.

"Hey guys."

All three turned to see Yugi and Kek back. Yugi and Kek had a pass hanging around their neck; Yugi had the other three passes in his hand. He handed each one to the other's and they put it around their necks.

"Well I'll see you guys in a bit." Said Emily as she opened the door to her room.

"Okay." Said Yugi as Yami opened the door to their room. Emily shut her door as Kek and Atem walked into their room and shut the door. Yugi and Yami walked into their. Yami shut the door after them.

The room wasn't very big but it wasn't very small. As soon as you walked in there was a door on the right leading to the bathroom and then a window on the far wall and two single beds with a desk opposite it. The room was cream. The bed had white sheets and the desk was made of mahogany.

"Do you think Kek and Atemu's room is like ours?" Asked Yugi sitting on the far bed. Yami placed his bag on the first bed and looked at Yugi.

"Dunno." Said Yami. He sat down on his bed and chuckled. "I'd laugh now if Kek and Atem have to share a bed."

"Oh you have got to be kidding me." Said Kek looking at their room. It was the exact same as Yami and Yugi's except for one thing. They had a double bed not two single ones.

"I'm regretting picking this room now. Yami isn't going to let this down." Said Atem rubbing the back of his head. Kek dropped his head.

"This just makes the dear seem worse." Kek moaned. "I wish I never agreed to it now." Kek looked up at Atem. He had a mega crush on Atem but would never had admitted that he liked the idea of sharing a bed with him.

"Well we better get un packed." said Atem walking over and placing his bag on the bed. Atem opened his bag and started to get his things out. Kek just watched Atem for a while. Atem looked up at Kek and saw him looking at him.

"What's wrong?" Asked Atem smiling. Kek blushed when he realised he was caught looking at Atem.

"I-I was just thinking of a-a way t-to get back at Yami." Kek lied. What else was he going to say. Atem I was staring at your sexy body? That would freak him out.

"Leave him alone. You made him kiss Emily give him a break." Said Atem sitting on the bed. Kek sat on the bed.

"Aren't you annoyed at the dear he gave us?" Asked Kek confused. Atem shock his head.

"He's me remember. Well... half of me. I could see it coming." Said Atem smiling. Kek was the last person in the gang to find out about Yami and Atem being the same person, but he was never attracted to Yami only Atem.

"By the way." Said Atem. Kek came out of thought and looked at Atem. "In the car... You said you liked someone. Who was it? Me or Yami?" Kek stiffened at that.

"What makes you think it was you or Yami?" Asked Kek nervously, trying not to show who he fancied.

"Well, Yugi's your brother and Emily is a girl." Said Atem stating the obvious. "So who is it?"

"um..." Before Kek could think of something there was a knock on the door. Kek rushed over to the door to answer it. Atem watched how Kek had reacted to the question and how he rushed to the door. The door opened and there stood Yami and Yugi. They walked in and both started to laugh.

"Wow Yami are you sure your not physic?" Asked Yugi laughing. Kek and Atem were just confused. Emily walked into the room because the door was still open and closed the door behind her.

"What's so funny?" She asked just as confused as Kek and Atem. Yami and Yugi pointed at Atem sitting on the bed. Emily then realised what was so funny and giggled.

"Atem you gave us the rooms." Said Emily giggling. "I didn't think you and Kek would go as far as to make noises in the night." Yami and Yugi laughed harder and where doubled over in pain. Kek and Atem blushed beet red. Even the tips of their hair wasn't as deep a red as their faces. Emily stopped laughing and looked at Atem and Kek. She felt a bit sorry for them about being teased.

"You guys know that it was only a dear. It was a game you don't have to go through with it." She said with a soft smile. Kek and Atem stopped blushing; Yami and Yugi stopped laughing and looked at her.

"What are you talking about they do have to do it." Said Yami a bit confused at her action.

"Really?" She asked a bit stunned. "Oh well."

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