I got a few requests for the pairing, so it's time to try it out, no?

Pairing: Iwai Takuto x Itou Keita

Disclaimer: I do not own any Gakuen Heaven characters.

It was quiet, just the way he liked it. Ever since coming to the school, he had been bombarded with various amounts of things so it felt good to, finally, have this time to himself. Things had died down a little, lately, and he began to wonder why. Keita felt like things were at peace, not that he was complaining about it. It just felt weird, is all. Keita usually met up with friends to eat, but they had been busy all the time now. However, there was one person that he had been spending most of his time with. Iwai Takuto.

Although it was a bit unexpected, he had to admit that he had fun hanging out with the older boy. Keita had even asked for art lessons from Iwai, but he knew it wouldn't go anywhere. He was so bad at art, unlike the older student. He always told Iwai just how talented he was, but the male acted modest and said he wasn't that good. Keita just smiled at the memory from yesterday.

"Iwai-san! How did you get so good? I could never paint that well."

"It comes with practice. Furthermore, I'm not that good. There are a lot better artists than me." Iwai sighed as he ran the paintbrush across the canvas, the smallest smile gracing his lips as he put the brush down to look at the outcome of his project. It had been the garden nearby, the flowers blowing in the breeze and staring at the bright blue sky above.

"It's so beautiful. Can you paint me one day, Iwai-san?"

"Of course, Keita. I would love to. It'll be my best painting, because you're in it."

A soft blush graced his cheeks when he recalled that last sentence, feeling a bit embarrassed that he had blushed from such a simple statement. Iwai was just being kind. It wasn't like the boy really meant it. Keita controlled his beating heart as he finished his drawing, making a face as he stared at it. "I'll never be as good as Iwai-san."

Keita had been expecting the other to walk in soon, but Iwai had been late. They usually met up right after school, in the art room, but the older boy was nowhere to be around. He wondered why Iwai was late, but he tried not to think about it. Keita was sure Iwai was just taking care of a few things. Iwai was a third year, which meant more responsibilities.

"I wonder where he is. My drawings need help."

Keita flinched when he suddenly heard a chuckle behind him, quickly getting up to see who was there. He calmed down when he saw it was Iwai, wondering why he hadn't noticed a presence behind him. Maybe it was because he was reminiscing about yesterday. "Iwai-san...Don't scare me like that."

The smile faded as quickly as it appeared, putting on his usual gloomy face. "I'm sorry. I'm sure I'm quite scary. I don't blame you for reacting in such a way." Iwai walked over to his usual spot, setting his tools down before turning around when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

That was when Keita realized just how much taller Iwai was to him. He just smiled, shaking the thought away, and grabbed a stool so he could sit on it. "You're not scary at all, Iwai-san. You're very handsome." Keita was glad that it was late in the afternoon, loving the mood lighting it gave the room. It was so calming.

"You're being too kind, Keita." Iwai blushed slightly at the way he said the other's name, not knowing why it just slipped past his lips like that. "I'm very sorry."

"Iwai-san, it's okay. We're friends, right? We should call each other by our first names." Keita had to admit that it sounded nice to have the other say his name, but he could never tell Iwai that. "I guess I should start, too, if you don't mind, of course." Keita turned to face Iwai, smiling when the other simply nodded. "T-...Takuto." Keita smiled, just looking at the gloomy face on the boy's face but he knew the male was smiling, on the inside.

Iwai simple gestured the seat to the smaller boy, knowing he promised Keita that he would paint the red head. He didn't know if he could do it right away as he feared messing it up. "It may take awhile, but stay still, all right? I could mess this up so easily."

"T-Takuto, I know you won't mess up. You're too talented."

Hearing such sweet words made his heart pound a little but he just looked past the canvas to look at Keita. The words that were meant to leave his mouth didn't come as he saw how Keita look under in such a light. It was...perfect. "I keep telling you...I'm not talented." Iwai sighed and took out a pencil, making sure it was light before trailing it across the canvas. He needed to get the outline first before he dared pick up the paint.

Iwai looked past the canvas to observe Keita's features, but his hand didn't move as he looked. Keita feared he did something wrong when Iwai walked up to him. "Takuto, what-?"

Iwai cut the other off by placing a finger on the boy's lips, before letting his hand trail down to the male's jaw. He didn't notice the boy shiver from the touch as he had been lost in his own world. The thoughts that ran through his mind were focused on setting Keita just right. Iwai pulled Keita out of the chair and moved the boy so Keita was leaning against the wall and looking out the window to stare at the sunset. "Don't move."

"I...I won't." Having Iwai touch him in such a way, moving the smallest thing into the right position, made him almost lose his mind...but why? Keita didn't remember feeling like this whenever Iwai touched him before and there had been plenty of time. When Keita couldn't get his hand into the right position when drawing or painting, Iwai fixed it so it was better. Simple touches like that didn't draw such reactions out of him before, so why now? Keita just pushed the thoughts away, thinking he was reading into it too much.

Iwai slowly walked back to his seat, letting out another sigh as he sat down in front of his canvas again. He started to make an outline of the other's face and body, his eyes mesmerized on Keita's features. There were moments where he stared a little longer than usual and he just hoped Keita hadn't noticed.

Once he had the outline down, he looked down at his hands, since his fingers had been almost black from going over the pencil marks so much. He wanted to go clean them as he knew that his dirty hands just made him look like a mess, but he wanted to finish Keita's painting first.

"Keita...this may take awhile."

"It's fine. I don't have anywhere to go." Keita just shifted his eyes to look at Takuto, giving the boy a warm smile. He didn't know what had gotten into him.

Takuto got up to grab some paint, brushes, and a cup of water. He sat back down and got everything ready. Takuto took a deep breath, just telling himself not to mess this up. He didn't want Keita to be disappointed in him.

A few hours later, Takuto moved back and looked at the canvas. It was... "Perfect." Takuto walked over to Keita and covered the boy's eyes, leading the boy to the easel. He stood Keita in front of it, a bit nervous as he almost expected the other to not like it the second he saw it. Takuto suddenly removed his hands from Keita's eyes, ready to be scolded.

"Takuto... I... I love it." Keita suddenly turned around and hugged Takuto, his eyes widening when they suddenly fell back. Takuto hadn't been expecting the younger boy to practically attack, so he wasn't ready for the massive push on his body.

He groaned and rubbed his head, soon blushing massively when he felt Keita was completely laying on top of him. Takuto did feel something for Keita after spending so much time with the red head, but he constantly doubted that the boy would feel the same way. He wasn't special or good-looking, so why would Keita like him? Takuto just moved his hand down to Keita's head, giving it a soft pat. "You okay?"

"Y-Yeah... I'm fine. I'm sorry for...knocking you down." Keita realized what position they were in, the second they hit the ground. Why couldn't he move, though?

The red head looked up at Takuto, blushing when he saw how close their faces were. He just blinked as he laid there, letting his hands move to either side of Takuto so he could push himself to close that gap between them. However, he was stopped when the older boy put a hand to his lips.

"Keita...you don't want me. I'm not like the others. I'm not...handsome, talented, special... I'm nothing." Takuto sighed and looked away, hiding his eyes from the other's view. He didn't want Keita to see how upset he was. However, they widened when he felt a hand on his cheek that turned his head so he was looking back at Keita. Seconds later, he felt a pair of lips on his own.

Keita trembled slightly as he kissed Takuto, nervous that the older boy would push away again. But when he felt Takuto start to slowly kiss him back, he calmed down and smiled against those soft lips.

After a few minutes, he pulled away and tried to hide his massive blush. When Takuto leaned in for another kiss, Keita was the one to stop him this time. "Takuto, I...you are very special. You're good-looking, a great artist, kind, helpful, and a ton of other things. Stop looking down on yourself. I like you." Keita smiled and gave Takuto a peck on the cheek before getting up.

Takuto watched Keita, unsure of what to do. He saw the younger boy hop onto the desk, raising an eyebrow as he had no idea what was going through the boy's head. "Come here, Takuto." A blush ran across his cheeks from the small command and he got up from the floor to stand in front of Keita.

"I want you."

"Keita... In here? Someone could catch us. Anyhow, I'm not a good lover. I'm terrible."

"Takuto...I'm sure you're fantastic. Hurry..." Keita was visibly trembling as he sat there, but he knew that Takuto needed encouraging right now. He wanted to give himself to the older boy and with the other's low self-esteem, he needed some pushing.

"It's okay if you don't want to do this... You don't need to rush things for a pervert like me."

Keita quickly pulled the other down, closing the gap between them again. "No more talking." Keita wrapped his arms around Takuto's neck, pulling the other down as he moved back to lay on the desk. He could hear some of the supplies hitting the ground, but there was no way he was going to move now.

Takuto just looked down at the boy beneath him, gulping as he wasn't sure what to do first. He had never been in this kind of situation. Keita...really had been the first one to hit on him. However, the longer he stared at the red head, the more his body started to slowly take control. Takuto shut his eyes as he placed his lips on top of Keita's again, moaning softly as they started to move against one another.

A strong shiver traveled up Keita's spine and a whimper escaped him as he felt a large hand land on his chest and move to stroke his side. He leaned into the touch, but gasped when his blazer was suddenly taken off and just laid underneath him.

Takuto took the opportunity to let his tongue slide into Keita's mouth when the boy gasped, wondering if he was doing okay so far. Keita seemed to be reacting in a good way, so he just kept going.

Next, Keita felt the other's hands started to slowly unbutton his shirt, shivering as the cool air around them hit his chest. It was so hot to be with Takuto like this as he had to admit that it turned him on that they were doing it in such a place. Keita let his own hand slide down to Takuto's shirt, unbuttoning it to have a good look at the male's chest.

"Keita... You don't have to do this with me."

"Takuto, please... I want to... It's okay." The boy smiled and leaned up to kiss the boy, soon moving his lips down to the boy's neck. Keita smirked when a soft moan came from the other's throat, loving the small vibration it created. He let his hands push the boy's shirt down, smiling as he didn't let Takuto answer, giving the other a passionate kiss as he changed their position so he was above Takuto. He was really too impatient to go through the whole foreplay thing but he knew he had to go through it.

Takuto just watched Keita fully strip himself, blushing as he watched the boy's body being slowly revealed. He gulped as he wanted to do nothing but touch it, but he was nervous. His hands weren't soft and he hadn't wanted the other body to feel such horrid things.

Keita could see the doubt in Takuto's eyes and gently grabbed the other's hands to lead them to his body. He shivered at the touch of the male's warm hands on him, blushing as he leaned into them. "Takuto... Touch me."

Takuto gulped, surprised at the heat that coursed through Keita's body and had been transferring to his hands. It was hot enough to make him sweat. He couldn't help but want to run away from this whole thing, but his legs were like jello; ready to melt right then and there. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they moved up to the other's chest, his fingers slowly starting to play with Keita's nipples.

His back arched against those hands, loving the slight friction they created from being a bit callous. If one might've been disgusted by being touched by such hands, he loved it. Keita wanted so much more, but he had to let Takuto go at his own pace. He knew the other was nervous.

Takuto was surprised to hear such sounds come out of Keita's mouth and even see the other enjoying his touches. He could feel some confidence enter him, causing him to move even closer and to touch Keita a little more. One of his hands slowly trailed down the boy's body, his fingertips softly grazing the skin of Keita's chest and stomach before ultimately ending at the hem of the other's pants.

Keita had to admit that he was nervous. Shivers caused his body to tremble when he felt the other's hand trail lower, lowering his gaze to see what Takuto was going to do. His mind begged Keita to tell Takuto to stop, that he wasn't ready for this. His body told a different story.

Takuto let this body start doing the work, his mind filling with doubts as to whether or not he should do this. His fingers, trembling with fear, eventually got the younger boy's pants open and his eyes widened a little as he saw that Keita let out a sigh of relief. Seeing such relief made him realize that his own pants were become uncomfortable and tight. Takuto was going to open his own pants, but saw another pair of hands already there.

Keita just smiled down at the other, silently telling Takuto that he would take care of it. He slowly opened the other's pants and let out a small laugh when a deep blush covered the boy's cheeks. "I see you're liking this as much as me." Keita definitely wasn't used to taking control like this, but he knew that Takuto was too nervous to even move.

Takuto just watched Keita in amazement, but he soon shut his eyes and thrust his head back in pleasure when he felt the boy's fingers wrap around his length. Feeling such a warm hand felt too good and he thought he would explode right there. Takuto wanted to tell Keita he didn't have to do that, but only moans escaped his lips.

Keita was surprised to see such a reaction from the older male and he smiled as he knew what would pleasure the other even more. He was nervous but he knew Takuto needed this. Keita just licked his lips, afraid that he would do this wrong, and lowered his head to lightly lick the tip. It twitched against his tongue and looked up at Takuto to see the male shivering with pleasure. He took this as a good sign to continue.

His own body was on fire as he started to suckle on the tip, whimpering as his member ached for attention. Pleasuring Takuto like this really made Keita want to continue to see what else the boy had in store, but would the other want to do that?

Keita just moved his mouth further onto the other's member, unable to go far as he hadn't done this before. He felt bad that he couldn't pleasure Takuto like he wanted, but he just bobbed his head as far as he could. Keita could feel the male's member pulsating against his tongue, blushing as he heard moans constantly come out of the other's mouth.

Takuto could only lay there and let Keita do what he wanted, his arms and legs feeling like lead. He shivered every time he felt his member move into the boy's mouth, wondering why Keita was doing this in the first place. Didn't it...taste weird? Takuto moaned loudly when the other's tongue ran over a rather sensitive spot, moving a hand down to grip the boy's hair. "Ahh... Keita..."

Keita groaned when he felt that hand in his hair, smirking as he figured he had gone over a sensitive spot of Takuto's. Seeing and hearing Takuto reacting in such a way really started to turn him on and he blushed as he moved his hand down to his pants. However, he chose not to stroke himself but bring his fingers to his entrance.

The image of Takuto being inside him really started to take over and he knew he needed to prepare himself if that was going to happen.

However, Takuto looked up and blushed deeply when he saw Keita's fingers at his backside. Unsure of what was going on, he could only watch in amazement as he watched a fingers after fingers disappear into the boy. He gulped and just blushed, soon looking down when he felt Keita's mouth slip off of his erection.

"This is going to be a bit rough. Well...maybe not." Keita saw that his saliva had pretty much coated the other's member and figured it would be slick enough for him. He moved to straddle the other's hips, quickly looking up when he felt hands on his shoulders.

"Keita... We don't have to go the whole way...I don't want you to force yourself." Takuto knew that this little moment would change their relationship completely and he hadn't wanted Keita to regret anything.

Keita just smiled and placed his hands on the other's cheeks, leaning up to place a soft kiss on Takuto's lips. "I want to do this, okay? Just relax." Keita gently pushed Takuto back onto the desk, before biting his lip as he placed himself right over the boy's erection. His body shivered with anticipation and he looked down at Takuto.

Takuto saw that Keita was a little afraid and he moved his hands up to gently grasp Keita, letting the other balance himself on them as he laced their fingers. "Take your time."

Keita nodded and squeezed the other's hands, smiling as he started to slowly push himself onto the male's member. He whimpered as jolts of pain shot up his spine, but he kept going and holding onto Takuto's hands for support.

Takuto shut his eyes and felt Keita's tight heat wrap around his member, shuddering as it felt so good. He did his best not to thrust into the boy, his body wanting movement and friction. He knew this was probably Keita's first time and he could feel the boy trembling with fear. Takuto gently pulled one of Keita's hand to him, lightly kissing it as a sign of comfort.

Keita could feel himself calming down when Takuto kept kissing his hands and fingers, smiling as he knew the other wasn't going to rush him. Keita just continued pushing himself down, panting slightly when he finally stopped with the other full inside him.

The pain was indescribable. He trembled as he tried his best to forget it, but it would fill his body whenever he moved. Keita just took a deep breath when he figured it was okay to move, soon starting to slowly move his hips.

Takuto moaned when Keita started to rock his hips, biting his lip as it took all of his power not to move his own. He just let Keita create the pace and laid there, enjoying the sensations hitting his body.

Keita whimpered as he moved his hips, hoping that Takuto was enjoying this. He could slowly feel the pleasure take over the pain, but he ket moving slow as he didn't want to rush it.

Takuto slowly started to remove his hands from Keita's, letting them land on the boy's hips to hold onto them as he really started to enjoy touching the other boy. He never expected things to turn out this way, but he was glad it did.

Keita shivered when he felt the other's hand on him, somehow making himself start to move faster and harder onto Takuto's erection. It was so hot and he could just felt his body getting heavy as the pleasure filled him.

"Ahh... Keita... I'm not going to be...able to last long if you keep...moving like that..." Not wanting to admit it, this was Takuto's first time as well and he felt bad that he couldn't hold back that pressure in his stomach. Takuto moaned louder, soon silenced by Keita's lips. He gladly kissed the boy back and held Keita close, shivering as he suddenly started to move his hips to thrust into the younger boy.

"Ahh Takuto!" Keita started to pant heavily as he could feel himself getting hot, knowing that he was near completion. He continued to moan as Takuto suddenly start to hit that sweet spot inside him, hating that this feeling couldn't last forever. "Takuto...I-I can't..."

"I-It's okay..." Takuto suddenly pulled Keita into another kiss, moaning as he thrusted as deep as he could before coming inside the other boy. He smirked when he soon felt something land on his stomach, shivering a little as it was so hot.

Keita soon broke their kiss when he needed air, panting heavily as he started to come down from his high. He blushed deeply as he looked down at Takuto, thinking the male never looked more sexy in his life. He smiled as he laid down on top of the other.

Takuto just stroked Keita's hair, soon tilting the other's chin up so the boy looked at him. "You know... I'm really glad you let me paint you...but that could never compare to the real thing." Takuto chuckled when the boy blushed deeply before leaning down to place a light kiss on the male's forehead.

"Maybe I can pose for you again, sometime...maybe something a little more...scandalous?" Keita smirked and laughed when it was Takuto's turn to blush.

"I wouldn't be able to capture your beauty, though."

And Keita just sighed before starting to argue with Takuto about his skills, which ended turning into another...lesson.