If there was one thing Tobei didn't understand, even after all his time spent in the mortal realm, it was women. Women where complicated creatures, he concluded. The one who unknowingly complicated his confusion level the most was Itsuki. Itsuki- what's her last name- was at most, the only creature that he feared above all others. Not on the physical sense of course, the girl could barely through a pebble more then 3 feet, but more so on the mental bases at which she drove him crazy (er). As weird as it was though, it was slowly growing on him.

"TOBEI, CLEAN UP THIS PIG SI YOU MADE!!!!" Itsuki suddenly yelled. As if it was a last minute thought, she mumbled, "…men…"

Yes, after all this time, Tobei had come to get used the over baring woman's demands. So much so, that he didn't even bat an eyelash at her nerve to tell him what to do and went to work.

But he'd be even more damned his eye didn't twitch.

END like a sci-fi drama premier.