Erica was shocked but didn't argue as Michael moved came in and ordered Sucre and C-note to put down mattresses.

"We need rope," Michael said.

Erica and Seth went down the hallway to the storage room and found some but before going back Erica kissed Seth on the cheek. His face burned as he managed a grin. Erica chuckled and then they both ran back. Tweener looped and tied the roped around the bars tightly while Seth ran the rope to the elevator they took up and tied it to the rung.

"Good," Michael said, "On time."

He pressed the button for the elevator to go down but nothing happened. Michael frowned and panic formed in his stomach, he pressed it again and it didn't move.

"Someone has to go in," Lincoln said, "It won't go down unless someone is in."

No one moved, Erica was ready to volunteer until Tweener stepped forward and said that he would do it. Michael nodded his thanks and Tweener got inside the elevator then commanded it to go down. Erica watched as the doors closed then the rope tightened until it looked like it was going to snap.

"Come on," Michael muttered, "Just a little more."

The bars creaked and groaned as the bolts slowly gave in and then Bang! The bars flew from their window and landed safely and noiselessly on the mattresses set. Michael grinned and turned only to meet a familiar man. He had wild eyes, messy hair and a white jumpsuit on which indicated that he was from the mental ward.

"I knew it," the man hissed.

Michael looked in shock but then conducted himself and said, " Haywire listen..."

"Don't," the man cried, "Or else I'll make a personal call."

He held up a radio and everyone held in their breath. Lincoln knew that this was wasting time and then said, "You're in."

Abruzzi whipped around cried, "What do you mean he's in?"

"Go!" Michael whispered, Lincoln didn't need to be told twice as he grabbed e bundle of jumpsuits and he grabbed onto the thick cable and started to crawl across it. Everyone watched with anticipation and then when Lincoln made it and set the jumpsuits over the barbed wire everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Footsteps came up from behind them and Erica turned to see that Tweener had returned. He still refused to look at Erica and when Erica saw Seth being distracted she walked up to Tweener and muttered, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

Tweener passed her and then jumped onto the ledge after C-note then started to crawl.

"Dammit!" Erica turned to see Westmoreland grab the table for support but something had overwhelmed him and he collapsed to the ground.

"Charles," Michael said coming to the old man's side.

"I can't make it Michael," Westmoreland said then pulled his blue jacket over to reveal a badly dressed wound that had seeped thickly through his white shirt. Erica turned to see Seth halfway across and then she turned back. She then turned to face Lincoln who was beckoning her forward.

"Go," Michael said to her.

"What about you?" Erica whispered back.

"Forget it, go!"

Erica struggled with helping Michael with Westmoreland and the escape, she finally jumped onto the ledge and then grabbed the cable and moved across as fast as she could. She climbed went around Lincoln and then allowed her body to slide down onto the ground. Erica got up but the effects of the drugs given and the concussion made her almost fall over. Her mind was scrambled and her vision blurred for only a few minutes. But that didn't stop the fact that she was on the other side of the wall.

Everyone waited anxiously but a sudden snap caught everyone's attention and Erica thought for a horrified minute that Michael didn't make it, but breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Lincoln struggled to get Michael over. The two brothers landed on the ground and then Michael lead everyone into a fast paced run. Erica and Seth managed to keep up and Erica was the first to get to the barbed wire fence. She lifted up barbed wire without much pain and then motioned everyone through before going through herself. Then Michael came to a stop and everyone skidded to a halt.

"Where's the van?" C-note asked.

Abruzzi scanned the area and then pointed to where it was parked, "There!"

Everyone made a wild dash to the van. Erica then remembered that Trent had a different ride for her in case there was no more room in the van. They all ran to the van and threw open the door. Erica on the other hand scanned the area and then saw her ride close by. She came up to it and saw that it was a basic black Suzuki GS500F bike big enough for two people. Erica turned back to see that the van was practically packed leaving Seth out in the open and Haywire was digging through the trash for the van keys but Erica knew that Abruzzi had tricked him. Erica found the keys stuck in the ignition and then turned on the motocross. It roared to life then chuckled noiselessly and Erica turned off the headlight and then rode up to Seth's side.

"Get on!"

Seth didn't hesitate and Erica spun around and drove around to the other side of the van. Lincoln was driving and he looked curiously at Erica's ride, she merely replied, "Trent."

"We're going to try and get onto the rode before the police stop the cars."

"Race you there."

Erica slammed the ignition and drove at top speed. The van as not far behind and Erica made a few sharp turns in order to avoid colliding with trees. At the speed they were going Erica and Seth made good time but came to a halt and Erica cursed under her breath.

Before them was a long line of cars all backed up to god knows where. Erica drove backwards to hide the motocross in the trees and brush. She watched as the van came into view but noticed everyone trying to move and curses spewed from the van windows.

"We'll settle this when we get to Mexico!" The voice was recognizable as Michael and he sounded quite pissed at something. Lincoln rolled down the passenger window and Erica rolled the bike forward.

"Let's run this bitch!"

"Will someone please shut this kid up?"

"Erica," Lincoln said over everyone else, "There is a path we're taking it."

Erica saw a dirt road and then nodded. She moved the bike forward along side the van and looked back to see Seth still hanging on. Just as Erica was ready to pick up some speed the front of the bike sunk into the thick plaster-like mud sending both Erica and Seth forward and making everyone else in the van jump up and hit the ceiling. Erica struggled to keep conscious as the concussion slowly started to scramble her brain again. Seth helped her up and Erica saw that he was holding his shoulder.

"I'm fine," he said, "Help the others."

Erica turned to see Lincoln continuously slamming the drive pedal but the wheels only spun in place making the van sink even deeper into the ground.

"Everyone out!" Erica heard Michael shout. Without hesitation everyone scampered out of the van and Erica was shocked as Michael and T-bag came out. Their hands had been cuffed together and Erica could tell that it was T-bag's fault. No wonder Michael was so mad. Erica and Seth went around and helped pushed the van but nothing worked and everyone panted for air. Lincoln jumped out and asked, "How far is the air strip?"

"Two miles from here," Michael replied clenching his fists.

"What are we waiting here for?" Abruzzi cried, "Let's move!"

"We have to break those cuffs though," Tweener said.

"We ain't gonna make ten feet!" Sucre added.

"Oh we'll manage," Michael said sending a hateful glare at T-bag, "Won't we?"

"Like hell Pretty."

"Let's go!" Lincoln shouted.

Everyone broke into a fast paced run but within only a few moments of running the sound of blades in the sky grabbed everyone's attention. Michael jumped over the ledge and everyone realized that it wasn't that steep so they followed suit. The small shelter that the ledge provided hide everyone temporarily but Erica knew that they couldn't stay here forever. Everyone went out but then shrunk back as the helicopter came back again with the spotlight moving crazily along the ground for the escapees.

"We're not going to make two miles like this!" C-note shouted.

Sucre scanned the area and then noticed something and grinned, "We are if I've got something to do with it." Making sure that the helicopter was gone everyone made a mad dash towards the abandoned car that was parked at the bottom.

"Hot-wiring is my specialty," Sucre said giddily as he opened the front door and picked up the two wires. Everyone took this time to catch their breath but still stay on high alert in case the helicopter decided to turn around. Erica looked to see Michael and T-bag sitting on some crates. Michael was in deep thought while T-bag relaxed.

"We have to do something," Seth coming up to Erica's side.

"Have any bright ideas?" Erica asked.

"Wonder why he did it..."

Erica closed her eyes and breathed in the misty air. Erica had a faint idea on why T-bag took the change of cuffing himself to Michael. A sudden string of curses came from the car and Erica walked over to see that the hood of the car was up but it was gutted.

"Shit," Lincoln growled rubbing his hand over his head. The sound of the helicopter was now too close for anyone's comfort and Lincoln shouted to everyone to take cover. Erica and Seth ran alongside Tweener and everyone ducked into the nearest hiding space. A barn.

Inside C-note closed the doors and then looked around.

"Where is Michael?"

"They were right behind us," Seth replied. Erica looked around and then cursed silently under her breath.

"We can't run like this," Sucre cried in panic.

"We need a plan."

"Easy," Lincoln said, "Break the cuffs."

"With what?"

Everyone looked around until Sucre found a pair of pliers. Just then Michael and T-bag rushed through the barn doors and tried to catch their breath. Without hesitation Lincoln grabbed the back of T-bag's collar and then pinned him against the hood of the car. Michael had to follow unless he wanted to crash onto the floor. Sucre came up and tried to snap the chains but no prevail. Seth came up and helped apply pressure but a sudden crack caught everyone's attention and Seth held up broken pliers.

"Looks like it's meant to be," T-bag smiled slyly, "Eh fella's?"

Just then Erica was ready to tell T-bag to shut up when Abruzzi came up beside her and then a sudden horrible sound echoed through the air and T-bag's screams followed not to shortly after. A small geyser of blood sprayed both Erica and Abruzzi but Erica was too shocked to do anything much less stare with her mouth open like an idiot. It wasn't until Seth grabbed her hand and pulled her back, he too shocked at what he was just witnessed.

"You just...," Sucre tried to say but he sputtered everything. Everyone glanced in horror as T-bag was on the ground moaning in agonizing pain; his hand laying an inch away from his body. Erica felt bile creep up and clog her throat but she swallowed it down.

"Hello?" an unfamiliar voice called, the sound of a gun cock grabbed everyone's attention even more.

"We have to go... now!" No one argued and Erica glanced back at T-bag's mutilated hand then at the man, he didn't even attempt to move or do anything much less moan in pain.

"Come on Erica!" Seth said grabbing her hand. Erica allowed herself to be dragged away from the horrifying sight.

They ran through the brush and ducked behind trees as they tried to get to the air strip. Erica's throat was dry and each intake of breath stung her whole body. Her feet were sore but she still knew that she had to go on. Erica leaned against the tree as the concussion created a pounding migraine.

"Erica," Seth whispered grabbing her before she collapsed.

"I'm fine," Erica muttered.

Just as they were about to go on Erica turned to see Michael pushing Tweener away.

"Hey!" Erica cried, "Leave him alone!"

Michael whipped around and said, "If you knew what he did you would want him along either."

Erica felt anger take over her body and said, "What the hell is your problem?"

Michael was shocked but then he said, "He leaves, you're free to join him."

Erica was even more shocked by Michael's reply and she knew that it was probably because of the stress but Erica wasn't thinking much either.

"He snitched on us to Bellick." Now everyone was looking at Tweener who looked like a corner rabbit during hunting season.

"He's been doing it for the past few weeks," Michael said, "That's why he hasn't been in the yard or coming ito A-wing late at nights."

Erica walked up to Tweener who hung his head in shame, "Is that true?"

"What do you care?" Tweener shot back.

Erica felt her heart drop but she said," Why?" Tweener ignored her and said, "It doesn't matter anyway."

"Doesn't matter?" Michael asked, "You almost exposed all of the escape!"

"Not to mention us," Seth added. Tweener frowned and then cried, "What do you care about the escape or any of us for that matter? You only came along because Michael decided to be kind not to mention the fact that you fell in love with Erica."

Tension surrounded the group and no one said anything but no one needed too as Seth said, "At least I cared about her."

"Oh and you think I didn't?" Tweener asked angrily, "I cared about her more than you'll ever know."

"Nice way of showing it."

Without warning Tweener grabbed Seth's lapels and then smashed his fist into the young man's face. Erica heard a scream and then realized that it was her own. Seth immediately got back up and then punched Tweener in the gut before delivering a blow to the head. Lincoln went up and grabbed Seth from behind while Michael tried to control Tweener.

"Let me go!" Tweener shook Michael off and then backed up. Erica watched as he clenched his fists and then raced off into the darkness.

"We have to hurry," Abruzzi said cutting into the silence. No one argued as much time has already been wasted. Erica on the other hand looked into the darkness and half hoped that Tweener would come back. But no one returned and Erica turned and followed the others but her mind was still on David Apolskis.

About five hundred yards from the air strip everyone made the wild dash to freedom with Lincoln leading. Erica side glanced Seth who had blood trickling from his face but he ignored it and continued to run. But just a few yards away was also an awaiting police car.

"He's not going to budge," Sucre cried panic filled his voice.

"We still have to dash," Lincoln said.

"Wait!" his brother said a police car slowly drove by and then disappeared, "Now!"

Everyone burst from the hiding place and then raced towards freedom. The wind slapped Erica in the face and the head splitting migraine made her grit her teeth but Erica wouldn't give up.

"FREEZE!" a voice called in a megaphone. Erica turned around quickly to see police cars speeding towards them.

"Keep going!" Michael shouted behind him. Lights and a high pitched screech of the jet engine made everyone confused. They were suppose to be inside the jet when that happened.

"Almost there," Lincoln cried. Their feet sudden slapped against the concrete and then everyone waved and shouted to the plane.

"Hey!" Erica screamed, her voice joined everyone else's but the jet drove down the air strip and then lifted off. Everyone stopped and bent over catching their breath while Michael continuously paced and rubbed his head.

"No!' he cried in despair. All his perfect planning was down the drain. Erica looked at Seth who's breath were ragged and shaky too from the failed mad dash to freedom. The sounds of sirens ripped through the night sky and Erica turned to see police cars, police men and dogs still trying to catch up.

"What do we do now?" Sucre asked.

Michael lifted his head, his eyes filled with determination: "We run."

Erica looked at Seth who nodded to her. Immediately everyone took off towards the woods, Erica felt the blood rush through her ears as she pumped her arms. She thought of Tweener, wondering where he was, but she would have to worry about that later. Her mind raced as her mind was set on one thing; freedom.

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