Hullo people! This is like what? Something that is connected with DU! Since Axel rulez in DU, we will have Roxas rulez in Harmony of the Sky! :3 this will be a really tame and calming story, though it will change when Axel comes in. See, the order goes like this. Harmony of the Sky – Perfect Harmony – Dark Underworld. Tame – slightly dark – dark. :3 Yep. Enjoy, anyway.

There was once a little angel who sang in the sky. His voice was alluring, his heart holy, and his mind pure. Somehow, everything changed when he committed the most taboo sin, falling in love with a human. AkuRoku. First part of DU.

Harmony of the Sky

Chapter 1

The Little Angel and His Interest

The sky was blue, so blue that it was almost charming. White clouds could be seen staining the azure sky, floating peacefully and silently. The calm breeze was warming, flowing endlessly, giving its inhabitants in the sky eternal breath of fresh air. There were angels flying about, flapping their wings in the same harmony with the breeze of the wind, some of them were busy with their tasks and some of them were merely enjoying the serene day that God had blessed them with.

There were angels that were sitting on the cloud, just wasting their time away, and waiting for God's order. It was a peaceful time. Everyone hoped that it would last forever. Even the faeries usually residing in the green forests were back to Celestia to have some day off after their hard work of preserving the forests from the threats of human destruction. Nothing seemed to be happening anytime soon.

There was a huge castle that stood in the middle of Celestia, supported by the wind and the clouds. This was where all the angels resided, some sharing the same room, some having their own room. Higher angels were having meeting, gathered in a huge oval hall that was filled with tables, chairs,and boards, discussing about the hierarchy in Celestia, forming a plan in which they made everything better than their meeting last time. All were busy chattering and voicing out their opinions on how to build a better order, some were accepted, some were rejected.

In the back of the castle, gardens could be seen. Plants, flowers, and all the greens grew on the cloud. The clouds provided health and nutrition to the plants and the fairies' job was to water them, keeping them all alive. The gardeners, white, pale beings that took the form of a grown up and beautiful long blue haired woman, were the ones responsible to spread seeds and give lives to the greeneries.

However, amidst them all, there was a boy, so young and small in form, peaceful, quiet and timid. No one could substitute his role in Celestia. He had the most beautiful and alluring voice in the whole world that consisted of Celestia, the middle world—which was the human world, and the Underworld. No voice could match his. He had the voice of an angel, a pure and untainted angel. He was God's most beautiful creation. He had helped so many people. The beauty of his voice could awaken even the dead. His voice was capable of making every single being that listened to it smile, no matter in what situation. No one could match his voice.

He was sitting in the middle of the garden, on the small rock that was set so that the angel could spend their time there, sitting and just admiring the beauty of God's creation. His blond hair was of perfect match to the whole scenery, blending beautifully with the blue color of the sky, golden and shining. His wings were wide open, so wide that everyone would admire those pair of wings that nobody could ever dream of having—except God himself. His eyes were shut closed when he was singing, but when they were opened, the pair of cerulean could be seen, piercing into the hearts of every being they caught. His lips were soft, bringing out high, but wonderful tone that his throat formed.

He was wearing a see through, silky-white colored short gown that was tied in the middle of his waist and reached his knees. He sat beautifully, holding his small harp, stroking it once in a while when he was singing. He kept singing in words that no ordinary angels could understand. It was the tongue of the late Celestian and it contained wonderful meaning.

The angel was called Roxas by name.

Roxas was able to form music out of everything he saw. He was able to sing and keep everybody happy no matter what the situation and condition. It was his job and his job was his whole meaning of his existence. His task was to sing everyday and keep everything alive, being the sole moral of the Celestia. He was imprisoned in the place where humans would call "Heaven", yet it felt like a jail to him. He didn't feel yet as far as that all of these were Hell. Not at all. He enjoyed singing. He enjoyed seeing people admiring him. He enjoyed the attention. He loved making people happy, but…was he happy to begin with? That was the question that he caught himself asking frequently.

The melody echoed throughout Celestia that noon and every being were soon gathered there to hear the music and the magic that the music contained. Some angels even abandoned their delivery job so that they didn't miss out the chance of hearing Roxas' singing, the trees and grass that grown on the clouds were rustling, blown by the wind as angel flew over and watched at the same time listened to the melody—so beautiful that it stole away their soul.

Roxas smiled one of his gentlest smiles. His singing started soft, but as more angels kept coming, it became determined. That noon, every angel neglected their works, but they were not scolded, nor reprimanded.


After the tiring day, Roxas flew away from the garden. He couldn't believe that night was approaching. The sky was already orange colored, indicating the sun was setting. He passed through the angels that were still gathered there, having no intention to talk to them. He was marked as antisocial amongst the angels for his behavior. He didn't like socializing or talking to anyone and he doubted that it would ever change.

He had some friends, but they were not at all close. He had a twin called Sora and he told his twin everything—well, not everything, since he still couldn't fully open himself up to anyone. Even his own questions were hidden deep inside his soul. His doubts that only he along knew of. He released a soft sigh. Then he flew towards the fountain that was not far from the garden. The harp that was in his hand disappeared instantly when he willed it.

It was the Fountain of Eye. He flew through the forest and into a building. The Fountain of Eye was where the angels could observe humans and see the chaos. If there was anything that they felt the need to meddle in, they would report to the Queen and ask for permission if they could send any angel to attend to the dilemma. If it was not a big problem, it was usually ignored. Roxas loved that one particular place, mainly because he could see the worlds around him without actually being there.

He knew that being there was even more wonderful. However, he was not allowed to leave the Celestia. He must keep singing and singing. Today, as usual, he went to the Fountain of Eye to watch one particular human. He had been watching this human for about 2 weeks in human time now. In general, everything was measured in human time. There was a measure for the Celestia and Underworld time, but they were rarely used and most beings didn't bother to memorize them. Thus, human time was the standard.

Roxas descended and sat on the ground near the brick circle that was build near the fountain. He put his hands on the brick and stared into the water that at first, seemed like ordinary water. However, the water soon reflected what the blond angel wanted to see and the image of a human with flaming redhair soon reflected by the fountain. Roxas smiled a sincere smile. "It's him…" he sighed dreamily. He admired the redhead.

That human was a hardworking human, always struggling and living through his live in the human world happily. There were times where the redhead was so desperate and the angel would also feel the emotion and became sad. The angel could watch the redhead all day and never be bored. He bit his lower lip when the redhead was scolded by some human that Roxas didn't know what connection they had with the redhead. Humans were the most peculiar being, in Roxas' opinion. They struggle and they were miserable, but they were still so kind and trying to live their best, keeping their hopes up inside of them. In addition, they were always unpredictable.

The blond angel reached out one of his hand, wanting to touch the milky white face of the redhead that seemed so soft. There were teardrop tattoos on the redhead's face. It was beautiful and suited his face perfectly. However, when Roxas' hand was about to touch the man's face, he could feel the cold water of the fountain and he yelped, retracting his hand. He was so absorbed that he didn't remember he was only watching through the fountain.

Roxas' face straightened out of sadness that he couldn't talk with the man he secretly admired and was interested in so much. At least, he wanted to talk with that human. He wanted to and the desire was so great. He didn't know what he was feeling. It was not just a blind feeling. He had his reasons of why he admired the man so much. He had these memories that no one knew about.

He stopped gazing to the fountain and sat down fully, his back glued to the brick circle that enclosed the fountain. He parted his lips, but no voice came out. He released a small sigh and then tried again. Heartbreaking, yet at the same time, stunning melody echoed throughout the building. He kept singing and singing until night came. He wanted to keep singing, but he must return to his chamber before Sora became worried. Spreading his wings and taking a last glance over the reflection of the redhead at the fountain, the angel left the area.


There you go, the prologue. This is connected in DU in one way or another. Hope you guys enjoyed. Sorry that it's a bunch of descriptions. O.o this is the prologue! XD lol. Yeah, this is really tame.. XD mwahahaha. We'll see gore in later chapters. :D –nods- or not? Dunno. Tell me what you think? Whether or not I should continue with this? :D Thanks! By the way… Harmony of the Sky (HotS—hotass?! Wow.. o.o pardon moi…such coincidence... XD) ciao!

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