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"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you more."

Jim smiled at his wife and leaned down and kissed her. She embraced him one last time, and then he put his suitcase in the car and climbed in. He rolled down the window.

"I love you." He called.

Melinda kissed her hand and blew it at him. "I love you, too. Have fun!" She waved as he pulled away.

Sighing slightly, Melinda walked back inside her house. She didn't tell him, but she would really miss him while he was away visiting his parents. Sure, she could have gone with him, but she didn't want to force Delia to watch over the antique shop for an entire week. Plus, she'd been having strange feelings lately. She was almost positive that a ghost was trying to contact her.

The house seemed so empty without Jim there with her. She got ready for work faster than usual, and in moments was on her way to the antique shop.

Delia looked up as the door opened and Melinda entered.

"Hey, Mel. Did Jim leave?" She asked.

"Yeah." Melinda replied. She walked behind the counter and sat down, propping her chin up on her hand.

"He'll be back soon." Delia told her.

"Yeah, I know." Mel replied. "But I've never actually been without him for a week since we've been married. It's just going to be…weird."

Delia snorted and Melinda looked at her.

"Well, it's not like your weird and my weird have the same definition." Delia smirked. "Because I define seeing ghosts as weird."

Mel narrowed her eyes. "Oh, you're hysterical. Ha-ha."

Delia laughed. They each looked up as a customer came in. Delia went over to help them, while Melinda decided to start doing inventory in the back.

The work was tedious and boring, for Melinda, and when she next looked at her watch she was surprised. Three hours had passed. She stretched and decided to go back into the front of the store to join Delia.

"How's business?" She asked when she walked into the front of the store.

Delia shrugged. "The usual."

"Hm." Melinda sat down, yawning. She looked out the window and was surprised to see that it was raining.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, until about ten minutes to closing time. Melinda was putting price tags on an old fashioned lamp, when suddenly something icy cold touched the back of her neck. She jumped, and the lamp fell from her hands, smashing into pieces.

"Hello?" Melinda called. She looked around the store but saw no one, human or ghost. "I know you're here. If you come out I can help you."

The door to the store flew open. Melinda fought her way through the rain and wind that was pouring in and eventually was able to close it. "Hello? Come out! I can help you." She called again.

"No one can help me." A voice whispered to her left. She jumped. You would think that after being able to see ghosts for as long as she has, she would be used to things like this, but she still wasn't.

Looking around, she still didn't see the ghost.

"Where are you?" She called.

A raspy laugh filled her ears. She felt cold and clammy. "Why, why, little Melinda." The voice taunted. "You think that all ghosts want to cross over…stupid girl. My new goal is to make your life miserable. Oh what fun we'll have!" The ghost laughed again. It was painful to listen to.

"Show yourself!" Melinda demanded. She couldn't help the quivering in her voice.

"Is that really what you want, little Melly?" The voice whispered.

"Show yourself!" Melinda demanded again. "Who are you!?"

"If you insist…,"

The ghost materialized in front of her. It was wearing a straight jacket, each eye pointed in a different direction. Half of his face was covered in blood from his cheek down.

Melinda had no words. The sight before her was particularly disturbing, and she had seen many, many ghosts in her lifetime.

The ghost laughed its raspy laugh again. The half of its mouth that wasn't covered in blood turned up in a twisted smile. "I told you," The ghost's voice was just above a whisper. "Silly little Melinda."

Melinda narrowed her eyes. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I want you to suffer."

The ghost disappeared. Melinda stared at where it had been, unable to move.

Suddenly, thunder rumbled in the sky and the door Melinda had been standing in front flew open. It hit her with so much force that she was thrown forward, screaming.

"Melinda!" Delia exclaimed, appearing from the back of the store. She had heard Melinda talking and assumed that she was with a ghost…Delia hadn't wanted to interrupt so she stayed in the back.

Delia looked around the shop, and then spotted Melinda picking herself up off the floor.

"Melinda! What happened? Are you alright? I heard you scream." Delia rushed to her side.

Melinda was having trouble standing. She felt shaky and unstable. Delia took her arm and led her behind the counter to sit down. "You're shaking! Are you alright? Do I need to take you to the hospital? What happened!?"

"The storm." Melinda told her. "It blew the door open."

"And the ghost?"

Melinda stared at Delia. "How did you…?

"I heard you talking. I assumed that you were with a ghost because I didn't hear any other voices." Delia explained.

"Oh, well…let's just say that he's not the friendliest ghost I've ever met."

"Oh," Delia really didn't know what to say. She didn't like thinking about ghosts. "Well, are you ok?"

"Yeah, fine." Mel said. "C'mon, it's closing time. You should get home to Ned."

Melinda stood up and made to go to the back to grab a broom so that she could sweep up the pieces of the broken lamp, but Delia stopped her.

"You go ahead. I can lock up."

Melinda looked at her. "Are you sure?"


"Okay, if you're sure. Thanks Delia."

Delia smiled. "My pleasure."

Melinda grabbed her coat and dug through her bag to find her keys. Once she found them, she said bye to Delia and headed out into the storm to her car. She drove home slowly, not really looking forward to the empty house that awaited her.

But, eventually, she did arrive home. She took a quick shower and then went to bed.

"He's going to leave, you know."

Melinda nearly jumped out of her skin as the ghost from the antique shop appeared on the side of her bed.

"What do you want!?" She exclaimed. She was really getting sick of this guy.

"Just to make your life hell, little Melinda." The ghost cackled.

Melinda had to restrain herself from yelling. She was getting sick of being called "little Melinda" or "little Melly".

"Why?" Her voice wavered. She wished that Jim was with her now more than ever.

"Because." The ghost laughed again. "I want too. Now, my dear little Melinda, we have something to talk about. As we speak, your husband is cheating on you."

"Wh-what!?" Melinda sputtered. Jim would never! They loved each other to much. Plus, he was visiting his parents! The ghost was a liar.

"Melly, Melly." The ghost sung. "He's sick of you and the ghosts you see. He's going to leave you."

"That's a lie!" Melinda exclaimed. "Get away from me! Get out of my house! Go into the light or-or something!"

The ghost laughed again, for the thousandth time. "I'll see you soon…"

Melinda sighed. The ghost was gone, finally. She felt cold and clammy all over, and she would have given anything for Jim to be home with her.

She shut her eyes. The sooner she fell asleep was the sooner that tomorrow would come. And before she knew it, Jim would be home again. That ghost was full of it. Jim would never leave her. He loved her.

Eventually, after convincing herself that Jim loved her no matter what, Melinda drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Melinda was walking along a long, dark road. There was forest on each side of her. Wind whipped against her, making her hair and clothes flutter. She was shivering. It was like the middle of winter, it was so icy cold.

Suddenly, someone screamed. Melinda looked around frantically, but saw no one. She wanted to help them, but in order to do that she had to find them.

"HELP ME!" Someone screamed again. Melinda began to run. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew she couldn't leave the road. If she went into the forest, she would be lost and couldn't help anyone.

Then, shouts of "help me" broke out all around her. Melinda turned one way and then the other. She didn't know who to help. There were too many voices.

"Melinda?" Melinda turned and saw Jim walking out of the forest towards her.

"Jim!" She exclaimed. She began to run towards him. "Jim, I want to go home! I don't like this place. Please, let's go home."

She reached out to touch him and he pushed her away. She looked up at him with wide, confused eyes.

"Melinda, I can't take this anymore." He said. His eyes were dark and cold. "I'm sick of these ghosts and…I'm sick of you. I've found someone else."

"Wh-what?" Melinda was blinded by the tears forming in her eyes. "Jim, no! Don't do this…please!"

"It's over, Melinda." He said. He began walking away. Melinda tried to run after him, but her legs would move. She collapsed. She tried to call for him, to beg him to come back, but she couldn't find her voice. She couldn't breathe. She was suffocating…

"JIM!" Melinda screamed, jolting herself awake. She looked at the spot next to her only to see it empty. She burst into tears. He left her…it wasn't a dream…he was gone.

Melinda curled up in a ball, hugging her knees and choking on her sobs. She couldn't stop trembling. She needed Jim now more than ever, and he was gone. He left her. How could he do that? She thought that he loved her! Deep down, way back in the only still-rational part of her mind, Melinda knew that Jim didn't leave her and that he was just away. She needed to get a grip on herself.

She took deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She tried to picture what Jim would be saying to her if he were here. Probably something along the lines of, "Shh, Mel. It's okay. I love you. I'll never leave you. Calm down, ok? Deep breaths...,"

Finally, Melinda was able to control her tears. She knew that Jim was just visiting his parents. He didn't leave her. He wouldn't do that.

"Jim," Mel whispered, as if he could hear her. "I-I need you."

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