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Melinda opened the door slowly and cautiously. Her heart was hammering in her chest. She quickly glanced over her shoulder at the retreating form of Delia, who was going to sit in a nearby waiting room. Taking a deep breath, Melinda entered the darkened room.

She sat down in the chair next to Jim's bed. It made her heart ache to see him lying there so still, looking like he was barely even breathing. She took his hand in both of hers, just like she had done before he had had the seizure.

"Jim?" She said quietly. She had no idea if he could hear her or not, but she felt that it was worth a try. "Jim, it's me. Melinda. I don't know if you can hear me or not but…I just…please don't leave me Jim. Please, please, please don't die. If you want a divorce, then fine. Whatever makes you happy." She began to cry. "I promise that I won't beg or grovel or anything after this. Just…just please don't die. Please. Even if you're not my husband…I still want you to be happy. Please…d-don't die."


Jim sat straight up, his eyes wide. "Mel? Melinda!?" He had heard her. He knew he had heard her! He stood up, looking around wildly. "Mel! Where are you!?"

"Jim, it's me. Melinda. I don't know if you can hear me or not but…I just…please don't leave me Jim. Please, please, please don't die. If you want a divorce, then fine. Whatever makes you happy."

Jim's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. "A divorce? What? Mel! I don't want a divorce! What are you talking about!?" Jim began to pace. "Melinda! Can you hear me? MEL!!"

"I promise that I won't beg or grovel or anything after this. Just…just please don't die. Please. Even if you're not my husband…I still want you to be happy. Please…d-don't die."

"I won't die. I won't do that to you! Mel!" Jim yelled. "Where are you!?"

And then he saw her, turned with her back to him. She was just a little speck, but it was her. He knew it. He began to run as quickly as he could, sprinting towards her. There was something beside her, but he paid it no attention. The only important thing was Mel…his Mel.

"Jim." Melinda choked out. She closed her eyes, trying to fight back the tears. She was unsuccessful and they began to drip off of her face, landing on Jim's hand. "Come back. Please come back." She choked on her words. She really couldn't remember ever having cried so much in a week in her entire life before. "I-I love you. I-I don't care if you don't love me. Just d-don't…don't…don't die!"

She pressed his hand against her face.

"Jim. Please. Don't die. Please."

Melinda kissed his hand. And then, everything suddenly went black.

"Melinda, I'm right here. I don't—," He stopped short when he saw what was next to her.

It was a hospital bed, and he was lying in it. How was that possible when he was standing right next to Mel? He couldn't be doing both at the same time…could he?

"What's going on?" He asked. Melinda didn't respond. Even when he touched her, she made no move.

"Jim." She started again. Jim watched as some of her tears fell onto the Jim in the bed's hand.

"I'm right here, Mel."

"Come back. Please come back." Jim watched helplessly as she nearly choked on her words. He had never seen her so utterly devastated.

"I am back." He said quietly.

"I-I love you. I-I don't care if you don't love me. Just d-don't…don't…don't die!" She pressed the Jim in the bed's hand against her face. "Jim. Please. Don't die. Please."

Jim heard laughing and turned to see the ghost standing behind him.

"You're gonna die, Jimmy." He laughed. "And there's nothing that your little ghost whisperer over there can do about it!"

Jim bared his teeth. He had no idea how to, but he was going to wake up and get back to Mel. He would not die. There was no way in hell that he would give up that easily.

He walked over to stand beside the bed, which held him. He extended his hand and touched his own chest. Why, he had no idea. It was just a feeling. The last thing he heard was an angry yell that he assumed came from the ghost.

Then it went dark.

Melinda opened her eyes to see a perfect blue sky, with thin clouds strewn here and there. A gentle wind was blowing, ruffling her hair around her face. She didn't mind. It felt nice.

Sitting up slowly, Melinda took in her surroundings. She was sitting in a meadow with trees surrounding it on all sides. There was a stream somewhere off to her right. It was just an overall pleasant place.

"Damn it! Now where the hell am I!?"

Melinda jumped as the sudden voice broke through the calm that had stilled over her. She glanced around. She knew that voice. She would know it anywhere.



A moment later, Jim appeared through a small break in the trees. Melinda stood up and stared at him. He stared at her. And then they were each running towards the other.

"Mel! Oh God, Mel, I've been so worried! I don't even know where I've been!" Jim exclaimed as he pulled Melinda into his arms. He swung her around in a circle before giving her a nearly bone-crushing hug and kissing her like he never had before. "I love you so much." He told her when they finally pulled their mouths apart. "I'm never letting go of you again."

"I'm okay with that." Melinda said. "I thought I lost you. I thought—,"

"You thought I wanted a divorce." Jim finished her sentence. Melinda stiffened somewhat.

"How did you know that?" She asked quietly.

"I heard you." Jim told her. "You said that you didn't care if I wanted a divorce, you just wanted me to live, whether I would stay with you or not. Right?"

Melinda nodded. She took a breath. "I didn't just say that. I really mean it."

To Melinda's surprise, Jim laughed. "Do you really think that I want a divorce? Melinda, you're the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Really?" She asked quietly.

"Yes!" Jim exclaimed. He leaned down and kissed her again.

"I love you." Melinda said when they stopped kissing.

"I love you too." Jim said. He glanced around. "So, babe, do you have any idea where we are?"

Melinda also looked around at the meadow. "No. I don't even know what happened. I was just sitting there, crying, and then everything went black."

"I…," Jim trailed off. He wasn't exactly sure how to explain what had happened to him, but he had to try. "C'mon Mel, let's sit."

Melinda agreed and they sat down in the grass, Jim's arms still wrapped around her.

Jim started at the beginning, explaining about everything that had happened to him with the ghost, the white room, Melinda, and finally how he saw himself lying in a hospital bed. Melinda listened eagerly, trying to figure out everything that was going on.

Jim and Melinda sat there together, talking long after it the sun had gone down. They tried to figure out what the strange ghost wanted, why he made it his mission to torment Melinda. But they had no answers.

An hour or so later, Melinda had fallen asleep in Jim's arms. Jim stayed awake as long as he could but eventually drifted off to sleep, his arms still wrapped around his wife.

Jim opened his eyes, and realized immediately that he was back in the real world. No more strange white places, no more meadows. He was lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines, with Melinda asleep on a chair next to him. He had honestly never been so happy to be in a hospital.

He stroked Melinda's hair gently, to happy that it was all over to just lie still. His action caused Melinda to stir. She opened her eyes and then sat up, yawning.

"Jim," She said, smiling. Suddenly, her smile disappeared and was replaced with anger. "What do you want now?"

Jim blinked, confused, and then realized that she wasn't talking to him. It was the ghost, again. They had almost been in the clear…everything had almost been perfect, and now, the ghost was back.

"Melinda." The ghost said. It wasn't grinning, as usual, or laughing. It was just standing there, in the corner of the room, staring at her.

"What do you want?" Melinda repeated. "Haven't you tortured me enough? Can't you just get lost!?"

The corners of the ghosts mouth curled up in a sinister smile. "For now, yes. I have other things to do, Melly. More important things. But I'll be back. Trust me."

Melinda was about to reply, but the ghost disappeared.

"Mel?" Jim asked. "What is it? What did he say?"

"He's…he's going to leave us alone." She said, completely caught off guard by the ghosts sudden departure. "But he said that he'll be back."

Melinda looked at Jim, and he was beaming. "He's going to leave us alone. It's over, Mel. Whenever he comes back we'll be ready. But who cares about that? Let's focus on now. And right now, I really want to kiss you."

Melinda laughed and sat on the edge of his bed. Jim pulled her on top of him, ignoring any pain that it caused, and kissed her deeply.

The door to the room opened.

"Ugh, my eyes." Ned's voice said.

"And this is why we need to start knocking." Delia said, rolling her eyes.

Melinda and Jim broke apart, each of them smiling and happy for the first time in awhile.

Jim sat up in the bed. "Delia, Ned, we have one hell of a story to tell you."

Two Years Later

It had been two years since that horrible ghost had tormented Melinda and Jim. Life had only gotten better and better for them. A few weeks after Jim got out of the hospital, they learned that Melinda was pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which they named Hope Elizabeth Andrea Clancy. They couldn't decide between the two middle names, so they just gave her both.

Delia had gotten serious with her new boyfriend, and a few weeks ago they had gotten engaged. Melinda was made the Maid of Honor and Ned was the best man. Ned also had a new girlfriend and nearly worshipped the ground she walked on.

Rick Payne had come back into everyone's life, and was always helping Melinda out with her ghost problems. Needless to say, Rick had been taken completely off guard by little Hope, but he loved her like family. He was a very good babysitter, too.

Melinda had everything she wanted in life. A beautiful, amazing daughter, a wonderful, sweet, caring husband, a best friend who she could count on for anything, and other friends who cared about her no matter what.

Life was good.

Unknown to Melinda and her family and friends, they were all being watched.

"I'll kill you, Melinda Gordon." The psychotic ghost promised, watching Melinda and Jim in the living room playing with their daughter one rainy evening. "Just you wait."


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