Title: Classmates of Hell

Full Summary: To be cool you have to step on a few of your friends, just be sure you don't step on yourself. Knowing this, Naruto would rather stay a fool but he had a dream and to accomplish it he realized he needed to be popular enough to become the class president. Problem was Ino was already the class president and she wasn't planning on giving up her position anytime soon, especially without a fight.

Main Pairing: You'll have to read to find out with who Naruto ends up (meaning that you shouldn't take the two main characters of this story as a dead giveaway). And although other pairing will be hinted he will only go into relationship with one person.

A/N: I plan in making good use of all the characters. Heheh, there is no way I'll write a Naruto fanfic without having my shy little Hinata, my homicidal Gaara and without Neji's verbal assaults' a.k.a. verbal abuse about people's fate.

A/N2: Ino will mostly rule the odd numbered chapters. Except for this one because I need to present Naruto.

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Chapter One: "Read the Signs"

"Kakashi-sensei… he's late again," sighed the messy blond known as Naruto. The Social Studies class was supposed to have started at nine o'clock. It was already fifteen minutes since then.

Said blond spaced out for a couple of minutes before deciding that patience was not his thing.

Glancing to his right he saw Shikamaru dozing off while Chouji munched on his curry-flavored potato chips. The blond was more than sure Iruka-sensei had once said that eating and sleeping during class was against school rules but seeing as class has not actually started due to the apparent absence of the teacher who – wait, what hour is it now? NINE THIRTY? – hasn't showed up.

Normally when a teacher was late it was the job of the class' president to lead his/her classmates towards higher academic learning. Yet this was so not the case here on account that the current class president was too busy fangirling over a brooding Uchiha. Not that this surprised Naruto any, everyone knew class elections were just another way to clarify who was more popular. It had nothing to do with work efficiency.

Still, he couldn't blame Ino Yamanaka for being elected class president. Unlike the stereotypical blonde princesses, Ino's eyes weren't exactly blue but people just said they were to save themselves the trouble of describing them. But aside from that she had a body all the girls were jealous of and all the guys wanted to touch. Every curve, every edge, every part of her perfectly sculpted body was to die for. Especially since the outfits she wore left little to the imagination. And she always wore mostly purple since apparently it makes her freakishly long blonde hair stand out more. Plus she always seemed to have a natural tan on. Naruto also liked the sunglasses she always wore over her head with the little heart sticker on the bottom left of the lens.

Sure, Ino wasn't as perfect as Sakura (in Naruto's mind) but his male genetic coding couldn't deny Ino's body was sizzling hot, hot, hot!

Still the only flower Naruto Uzumaki wanted to hold was named Sakura Haruno.

To some Sakura was just another Sasuke-fangirl. To the others she was just a shorter, less hot, more aggressive, less popular (a.k.a. vice-president) version of Ino but with a twist. Seeing as Sakura had a higher IQ and a big-ass forehead. Yet Sakura also had an air of mystery seeing as no one knew what her real hair color was. It couldn't really be pink, right?

But Naruto convinced himself that only he was able to see Sakura for what she really was. Unlike Ino who simply desired that people admitted how hot she was, Sakura simply wanted to be acknowledged by the person she cared the most. THAT was something Naruto could related to, THAT was something he understood clearly, THAT was why he loved her, THAT's why to him she could only be described as one thing. Beautiful.

"Hand off, forehead!" Ino yelled to her rival, "Sasuke-kun doesn't like girls with artificial hair color," she snide teasingly letting her flawless purple finger nails roam through her platinum blonde hair all the way down to her perfectly sized bosom, "he likes it natural."

Tons of other Sasuke-fangirls nodded in agreement with Ino.

"Say what you want Ino-pig but what MY Sasuke-kun doesn't like are people with… with… people with blonde hair!" Sakura retorted, her emerald eyes quickly scanning the classroom for ammunition she could use against Ino. That's when her eyes landed on Naruto, who upon her gaze quickly grinned like a happy idiot and waved at her.

"Ammunition found! Hell Yeah!" Inner Sakura roared enthusiastically.

"Face it Ino-pig," the pink haired vixen sneered with bitchy arrogance, "Why do you think he hates Naruto so much."

The other half of Sasuke's fangirls nodded in agreement. Naruto's grin turned into a pout. Ino looked shocked.

"He… he doesn't hate blondes," and to prove her point she leaned into Sasuke's desk, tactically giving him a clear view of her cleavage. That oh so clever banshee! "Right Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke Uchiha, who always sat in a brooding way (with is hands crossed) at a desk near the window, was busy watching a spider feed off a butterfly that hopelessly tried to escape when all too suddenly he felt something or someone invade his personal space. In less than a second his eyes traveled forth and back to Ino's and concluded that she was waiting for some sort of answer from him. He dismissively said "hn" and proceeded to stare at how the butterfly's last seconds of life were greedily stolen by the spider. The Uchiha was smirking when he imagined his brother Itachi to be said butterfly.

Imagination rocks.

Immediately the fangirls started arguing over what Sasuke could have possibly meant when he "Hn" them.

"What's so cool about that bastard anyways?" Naruto wandered bitterly.

Sasuke Uchiha was broody, pale looking, dark haired and a total emo. Sometimes Naruto could swear the Uchiha's dark eyes glowed red. Just like a vampire. Sure, Sasuke was considered to be top of the class both in academics and sports. But so was Neji Hyuuga. Plus in Naruto's mind Sasuke was kind of a psycho.

The blond distinctly remembered a winter when they were both eight years old. The raven haired Uchiha had built a snowman that sort of looked like his elder brother Itachi. And every day the little Uchiha would sit on a bench to stare at his 'Itachi'.

Everybody assumed it was because Sasuke had great admiration for Itachi but Naruto knew better. Why? Because he was there to witness with his blue eyes how Sasuke had maliciously smirked when the heat set in. Naruto had seen the way the dark eyes of Sasuke glimmered with anticipation? Satisfaction? Accomplishment? Whatever it was Sasuke had it as he watched 'Itachi' melting away oh so painfully slow. His limb falling off one by one until 'Itachi' was nothing more than a puddle of water. A puddle in which the Uchiha swiftly started bouncing on with mucho gusto.

Heck, Sasuke has even openly admitted his dream to - no – his ambition to kill his elder brother. Shouldn't that confession be enough to ward off his fangirl? Who would want to be the wife of someone who has no qualms about killing a family member? And they said Naruto was dense, pfft… fangirls.

Yet watching Sakura fight for the one she care the most inspired Naruto to do the same, so filled with renowned confidence he approached his crush and said in a warm and friendly voice, "Hey Sakura-chan, how about you forget about Sasuke-bastard and be my girlf-"

But he was cut off when his crush dismissively shoved him back to his desk and continued to obsess about Sasuke.

"Darn, it's always Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke! Maybe I just got her at a bad time." He concluded. Speaking of time, when his eyes strayed to the clock he yelled, "NINE FIFTY?!"

That does it. The only reason they were all still in the classroom was because Kakashi-sensei said he had an important announcement to make. But enough is enough. Naruto Uzumaki was taking matters into his own hands.

Grabbing the chalk eraser with one hand he placed it over the barely closed door and smirked at how good his prank would be. The number one most unpredictable knuckleheaded student of Konoha High was ready to give his teacher his long due payback.

"Naruto, you moron," barked a brunet with red triangular tattoos on his cheeks. It was no other than the always brash and in your face Kiba Inuzuka. "Seesh Naruto, as if a high school teacher is going to fall for an elementary school prank."

At this Akamaru barked to support what his owner had said. Again, Naruto was sure he once had heard Iruka-sensei say something about how bringing pets to school was against school policy but if the others didn't complain neither would Naruto.

"Can it dog-breath, I'll show you," Naruto assured, nodding to himself in agreement.

"Listen up, Fox-boy," Kiba sneered back, "The chances of Kakashi-sensei falling for that prank are the same as your stupid dream of becoming the president of this country."

At that everybody started laughing at the blond's expense. Well, not everybody but the vast majority did. Some even started jeering about how stupid that dream was and how he should just give up on it. But none of it deterred the young president hopeful. It didn't matter that everybody always underestimated him. He would just have to prove them wrong. So until then he'll just ignore the harsh comments the others said.

"Naruto, you idiot, who would ever vote for you for president?" Sakura snide at her friend, hoping Sasuke would notice her in the process.

"Ouch," that hurt Naruto's ego a lot. He could never ignore Sakura-chan's words.

Everybody started laughing again at Naruto's deflated expression until Neji scoffed loudly and ran his fingers through his long and silky hair. "I believe Naruto Uzumaki has as much chance as anyone else to become the president."

After a moment of silence Naruto held his fist up to the air, his stupid-happy grin reforming into his dazzling face. Neji was one of the smartest people Naruto knew so if the Hyuuga genius believed in Naruto then anything was possible.

"Troublesome Naruto," yawned Shikamaru, using his sleeves to clear out the sleep from his eyes. "Neji didn't compliment you."

"Huh?" Naruto gaped dumbfounded, giving his full attention to the lazy Nara.

"Neji said you had as much chance as anyone else to become the president."

"Yeah, I heard him."

"How many people are there, Naruto?"


"Let's say six billion, Naruto, six billion."


"How many of them become president?"

"Eh… oh I know this one. One every four years!"

"Exactly," Shikamaru Nara lectured, "Neji said that you had 1/6,000,000,000 chance in the world of becoming president."


"What a drag," Shikamaru sighed, seeing how futile it was to explain math to his blonde classmate, "Basically your chances are next to nothing."

"…WHAT?!" Naruto fumed and again everybody started laughing. Ignoring them, Naruto marched up to Neji and scowled at him, "Come and say it to my face!"

"Galdly," Neji scoffed coldly before turning his demoralizing eyes on the blonde, "Only a handful of people are capable of becoming that of which you speak. A loser such as yourself will never have that opportunity. Your place is that of a cashier; it's impossible to change your fate once it's been decided."

"You think you are better than me? Your attitude is worst than Sasuke's!"

"No, in said comparison I am one step ahead of the Uchiha in every way. I am better than him and I'm better than you, loser." The long haired brunet announced calmly, his voice leaving no room for doubts.

"Screw you, Neji!" Naruto swore as he grabbed Neji by the collar. "Stop calling me a loser, you have no idea what my life has been."

"I don't particularly share interest about your past, Uzumaki. But I will not stop referring to you as a loser, because you will always be one; that is your fate."

Allowing himself some time to breath, Neji's all seeing eyes studied Naruto up and down, "Your fate is chosen at birth and cannot be changed by the will of any man. You will forever be destined for a life of mediocrity."

Naruto glared with pure hatred at the Hyuuga, but Neji did not waver, he simply continued his verbal assault, "A loser like you has no chance of defeating a genius such as myself; you'll have better chance winning a game of fetch against the Inuzuka. Now go away, trash, I will not lose this debate; even considering it will be such a waste of my talent."

Naruto raised his fist to beat some sense into the Hyyuga but instead ended up being launched to the trash can. Neji on the other hand calmly ran his fingers through his luscious hair again. He didn't bear a guilty conscious since in retrospect all he had done was thrown the trash into the garbage.

Naruto was about to stand for another round against Neji when suddenly clouds of chalk dust invaded the classroom. It took a moment for the cloud to fade away and for the student to realize what had actually transpired. It was clear when they saw the figure of Kakashi-sensei covered in white dust.

"In your face!" Naruto chuckled loudly pointing at Kiba, "I am so going to be president. Believe it!"

Everyone stared in awe. Except Hinata Hyuuga who was very happy that Naruto had proven the other wrong. She wasn't particularly happy that it was Kiba Inuzuka who had been proven wrong, seeing as whenever the class had to be divided in groups for a certain assignment Kiba would always invite her on his team. Thanks to him and Shino, she had never been on the awkward position of being the only one in class without a team. Still, she was happy for Naruto.

Kakashi-sensei however, wasn't as pleased.

"Yo," he said pulling out his little orange book cleverly entitled Icha Icha Paradise. The article mention was a pornographic novel that, again, Naruto was sure Iruka-sensei had said to be against school policy. But apparently teachers were above the rules. The blond was about to voice this but Kakashi-sensei spoke up first.

"Seeing as class is almost over and noticing that instead of studying on your free time you spent it planning pranks, for tomorrow you will read chapter 15 and 16 and will be tested on it tomorrow. See ya" and with that, he left.

Everybody glared hard at the blond as they made their way out to their other classes. But only one of them actually extended a hand to the blond currently on the floor next to the trash can.

"Sa… Sasuke?" Naruto wondered as he stared up to see the Uchiha looking away yet his hand still extended to the blond, "Sasuke, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? Loser."

"Hmph! Well I don't need you help," Naruto retorted, standing up by himself to prove his point.

"Hn," the Uchiha responded, raising his extended hand to clear the strands of his raven hair away from his line of vision, an action that had his fangirls swooning after him almost immediately.

Naruto didn't get it though. What was so special about Sasuke's hair? It looked like a chicken's butt. The blond quickly shrugged it off as something only girls could see.

"Come on loser," the Uchiha said casually walking away, "We are lab partners on our next class, remember? I don't want Mr. Orochimaru giving us 'special' attention again for being late."

"I'm not a loser," Naruto muttered under his breath but Sasuke caught it.

Mentally smacking himself for what he was about to do, the brooding Uchiha said, "And about your dream, I think is possible, but how about you try with something small first like becoming class president. Think of it as training for the future."

Soon before he even knew it he had Naruto grinning ear to ear, taking him by the wrist and sprinting off with him, "Let go Sasuke-bastard, we don't want to be late for class."

A small smile escaped Sasuke as the unpredictable blonde's confidence boosted back up in a matter of seconds. The fangirls however seethed at the sight. Their precious Sasuke only smiled when he was with Naruto. But Naruto never noticed this fact, pfft… and he dared called the fangirls "dense".

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