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Also know this is a mature story, for the use of drugs swearing, and strong sexual context

Chapter 1

It was a weird sort of January morning, considering it was the first of the month, and the taste of last nights drink, plus Spliff remained in my mouth. I knew this was going to be a long day. I didn't want to open my eyes, or see the person who was casually lying on my back. Where the hell am I, I slowly open one eyes first, and then stretched a hand to touch the body. I tell right away it's a male's body, and then I could feel the clothes, then chin, finally glasses. I sigh with relief; I feel asleep with Sid, nothing happened.

I pushed myself from under him, and finally come across my shoes; I pick up the six inch wedge heels, and scan this messy room with a grunt. The chocolate and cream leather sofas with ash and spilt drinks on, the walk paper of soft caramel was covered in salsa and frosting. I knew that it was going to be hard to get out without ruining the paper.

I can see Jal, her head under the table. Michelle with her wild hair, she was curled up on an arm chair, and Anmar on the floor in just his boxer. I move from the living room, into the kitchen area. I can tell the starting place of the food fight, and there is Cassie sitting at the table with a glass of water, and I wave to her.

"Hay Cass." my hands still red, and I see its cake icing, and my purple and pink polka dot halter dress is never going to be clean again.

"Hi Amber." Cassie smiled fiddling the glass in her hand, out of everyone she seemed to keep clean, I didn't like the fact I had cake in my hair, and some kind of odd dip on my neck. "Like, wow it's really the New Year, and it's going to be great." she smiled more dreamily, and I nod. "Yeah, Cassie, a great year." now sitting with her looking around the room. I didn't want to start cleaning this mess, the kitchen wasn't big, the cabinets dark green, with white tiles, marble surface, and everything posh. The kitchen looked like a bomb site, what the hell, was I thinking. The booze bottles empty, ashtrays full, and the smell lingered. I felt my stomach squirm.

"You got cake in your hair, I took a shower, then come back." Cassie, she had a way of talking where she, well she never seemed to be with you, like she was an observer looking in.

"I know Cassie." I reply, I slowly get back to my feet, and it feels like slow motion. The drink was wearing out my system, and it hits me, I have to clean my flat before Gina gets home from Spain. Gina being my over worked mother, who unlike Michelle's, enjoyed her single life, and wasn't engaged to an arsehole.

I walk down the hallway, the cake splattered on the wall the neatly done black and white design, the photos that mum spent over a thousand pounds, glamour shots of me and her on the walls, but most of the glass frames drawn on, and I avoid looking.

I push open the main bathroom, and see a head sticking in the toilet. "Get out!" I snap, and the boy open his eyes quickly leaving the bathroom, my head is feels too heavy for my body, and I walk down the hall, my luck is only little. No one went into her room, so now I move to find my bedroom, and the door was ajar. I push it slowly, then snap it open seeing Tony, Maxxie and Chris all asleep on my bed.

Throwing my shoes on my beanbags, I didn't want to bother them, and I smiled picking up my digital camera snapping the moment forever. "Oh this can come into handy some day soon…" I giggle and think of myspace. Oh they will hate me.

My room is panted a dark orange, with purple borders, it's the other room unaffected by the food fight, my laptop closed, and my ipod on charge on my work desk too neat to function, my vanity table organize with my make up kits, I always made sure everything in my room was in it rightful place, and I look over my book cupboard.

The room was a mixed of Goth punk, and princess, my wardrobe on the wall takes up most of the room, and my queen size bed with a canopy dead centre.

I figure this picture would end up on my wall of shame, purposely dominating one whole wall of my room, the others with posters and my own paintings and photography; I look at the photos I got so far smiling at my closest friends faces on the wall, sometimes I wondered what it would be like without them.

The carpet makes it easier for me to sneak to my wardrobe and open it lightly to not wake up the boys, and I find my favourite pair of Miss sixty Jeans, and a purple vest top, I was going to shower, dress, and get my flat in some order before tonight.

I get into the fast warm running water; the bathroom was my favourite place that I had to share. The shower pretty much never lost heat, the full length mirror, and pretty much cream red; in a whole I loved my flat, no stairs, and no fuss.

I scrub the dip off myself, and look at my arms, my skin is a pale colour like soft peach with a tiny of white, I laugh getting all the cake out my hair, and I get the feeling it wasn't going to be fun for the others, and I turned the shower off stepping out feeling my hand around for a towel, I swiftly take one fluffy white one, and wrap it around myself. Moving to the mirror I quickly smear a patch to catch my reflection. I smile seeing the makeup washed from my bright blue eyes, my heart shaped face framed by a feathered bangs, and long blonde hair I have the undertone of my hair a deep crimson red. Wasn't to hard quickly drying off, and then putting my clothes on.

Jal was awake when I got to the kitchen again; she had started to clean the kitchen. It didn't seem that bad anymore and I smiled looking to the dishwasher full of glasses.

Jal's hair was pulled back into a rough ponytail, she had worn jeans and a nice top, but it was ruined with cake, and salsa dip. She was one of the friends I had that was too responsible, but right now I loved it. "I thought I'd start the clean up, don't want your mum killing you." she smiled cleaning the work surface and I nod, it wasn't hard to be happy. "Good party last night." Jal added when I went over to the kettle, it looked safe to use so I fill it up with water looking to the table.

"Did Cassie leave?" I asked feeling lost in my own home, and Jal stared in my direction.

"Na, she's with Michelle in the living room cleaning." with a gentle smile, and looking to the kettle. "You don't mind making me a tea?" she smiled pointing to the kettle I was filling. "Like I would make a tea only for me." my face brighter, I had put my long wet hair into plaits, and now getting two mugs out, I knew that Cassie would never drink tea.

Opening the fridge was refreshing, my stomach was finally starting to kick me with it punishment for drinking too much, and picking up the milk took more effort than it should necessarily take. Hands now slid around my waist, I didn't know who it was holding me before I hear the voice. "Hello, care to make another cuppa for me, cousin!"

I spun around facing Chris, the only thing we had in common was the surname, his father is well, my uncle, and my mother never married, so I was stuck being a Miles.

"How about, you help clean this flat, and I don't give you a fat lip!" I reply, and I know how to make my voice sound serious, when I don't mean shit.

He backs off giving me his puppy eyes, the grey blue make me raise an eyebrow.

"Come on Amber, you had a good time…" he smiled cheeky, and I throw a dish cloth at him, as Chris normally caught it quickly. "Fine, I'll make you a tea, just go help!" I point to the door; he quickly kisses me on the cheek. "You're too good to me."

I watch him rush away, and finally listen to the hot water boil. I take more mugs out the cupboard, and now finding the sugar putting in a bowl. I didn't know what to expect when I went into the living room.

The living didn't look like the nightmare I left it this morning, in fact it look a mild bad dream. I am holding a tray with mugs of tea for all, and Chris snatches the Drama queen mug, my eyes find Tony who stood by the widow shifting icing, and his dark hair seemed perfect and smart dressed. Michelle stood by his side, and I ignore the feeling I got, I mean they wasn't together, or so they tell people.

"Oh Amber, this is lovely!" Sid grabbed his mug, piling tones of sugar into it, and I finally find a clean place to sit. I once again find out that I under counted the teas, so I would need to make me one later.

"It's no problem Sid." my voice dropped, I didn't want to move now, the living room cleaned, and then hall, all done. "Oh, sorry about falling asleep on you." Sid added making me cringe, "Sid, its ok…"

Maxxie entered the room sitting on the arm of the chair I was sitting on, and I laughed with him at a still passed out Anmar.

"No one wake him!" I whispered, and I now slip my camera out my pocket. The snap, flash makes Anmar jump out his deep sleep.

"Oh, OH, oh Am, what you do that for?" he snapped, and then looked to the fact he was only in boxers, and that I had another Anmar picture for my wall of shame.

The room laugh watching him jumping to his feet, and turn to Cassie holding his clothes. "You wanted to prove you had the body of a god…" she smiled, and Anmar snatched his clothes back.

"Well his no that bad…" my voice cooed after Anmar, Maxxie lightly slapping my arm and my eyes shoot to his. I loved how Maxxie has bleached his hair blonde, making his blue eyes highlighted.

"You know, you are a good tease." his laughs, while I now place an innocent hand to my face. "I told him… I'm saving myself…" my voice sweet.

It was the one thing I found guys, believed and wanted to break, or didn't believe and prove me wrong. I didn't' make a big deal out of it, but my friends knew I wanted my first time to be, one special, and two, with a relationship over a six month period.

"Well Amber, you ever going to have a picture of you on that wall of yours?" Tony now asked me, he stood by the side of my chair, his eyes bright, and the mystery they held deep inside himself.

"Well Tony, I'm just too careful, plus I delete all incriminating photos of me." I poke my tongue out to Tony. He lightly pinches my cheek, and I laugh again. "I will get a really embarrassing photo of you one day Amber." His voice smooth, half my time with Tony is controlling to deep erg to kiss him, but then I wasn't the girl to want Tony. I mean a part of me does want him, but then I know the games Tony plays, so I keep my safe distance.

"Well Amber, I think you set yourself up too high." Chris putting the empty mug down on the coffee table, his eyes scanned mine for a moment, and I just shrug. "Well then Christopher, maybe I do, but then I have to keep up appearances." I used my hands to push me off the chair, "Plus if this flat isn't perfect, I'm not going to worry about my wall of shame." My voice soft, and I start to wonder if this flat would be clean enough when Gina got back.

Looking out the window I can see the perfect night sky, the flat was cleaned at last. Jal, Michelle, Sid, Cassie and Anwar had left, so it was just me, Chris, Tony and Maxxie left.

"Finally, the place looks like we found it." Chris smiled relaxing on the sofa, Tony sitting next to him, and then watched me at the Window.

"Looks like you get to see another day Amber." He spoke to me, and I turn around to face him.

"Looks so, thank you guys," I now find the arm chair sitting down relaxing out. "I doubt she will ever know." I close my eyes hearing the front door open, then close.

"Amber, are you here?" Gina's voice was loud through the hall, and Chris broke into a smile.

"Yeah, we're having a gang bang in here!" My eyes shot a glare at him.

"Well make sure you're wearing a rubber!" She laughed her reply looking into the living room, and her eyes scanning the room. "At least my flat is in one piece." Her sigh of relief, and I shrugged.

"Well mum, have a good trip?" my voice calm and Maxxie moved off the arm of the chair, and sat on the sofa with Chris and Tony.

"It was a fucking nightmare, first they tried to fly me coach! Then they mixed up my hotel reservation, and finally the cunt of a hotel manger tried to bribe me with a stupid cheap wine."

I stared blank at her, in the end my mother was a lawyer, so nothing made her happy.

"So, are you happy to be home?" Chris asked reaching over picking up a can of coke drinking it quickly.

"The fucking Gatwick was packed, and they lost my luggage, and when they found it, fucking wanker Cab driver went and tries and over charge me!"

Chris nodded with his fake sympathy. "Well, you know this country…."

Gina laughed, "Well I am going to bed, Amber I'm happy you listened to me, and not hold a party." She tapped the door frame leaving us alone.

"Close right." Maxxie smiled, but was cut off by a loud scream.

"Amber Haley Miles!" her voice was a loud boom, and I jump to my feet running to her room.

My eyes go from my mum's angry face, and then to her open bed sheets to the piles of used condoms, and left over wrappers.

"I am going to ground you so long, your great grandchildren will have no social life!"

My face creasing up, "But mum, if I'm grounded, how will a get pregnant?"

I held the door frame, and then turned to see the others leaving the flat.

Tony quickly holding my arms, "Well Ber, see you when you're free…" he quickly kissed my cheek before, rushing out to leave me with my very pissed off mother.