Chapter 16

Thirteen hours in bed, well practically that amount of time in my bed, I felt sore, but it was worth it, I loved the feeling that I was laying beside Tony, I'd glanced out the window seeing the darkness, I curled close to him kissing his bare chest, he kissed my forehead. "I think I have friction burn," I giggled feeling Tony brushed a hand up my back, it was slick from sweat, my eyes focused on his trying to remember we'd been laying in this bed, kissing, having sex, I'd rolled over looking into my nightstand, I found my tin, opening it with the spliff I had, I sat up starting to roll.

"So, where are we going from here?" Tony asked as I licked the skin, rolling the perfect joint, I knew the question would come up, I kept my eyes on Tony's finding my purple lighter.

I lit the spliff up taking the smoke down, I closed my eyes exhaling, "I don't know," I finally answered him, I passed the spliff to him, as he inhaled, and I brushed my hand down his thigh, "I mean, do we tell people that we're together, or keep it to ourselves, wait…" I took the spliff off him inhaling again, "It's not something I thought about Tony," my voice calm.

Tony laughed, "I'd not thought of it either," now brushed his lips against my neck as I closed my eyes carefully flicking ash into a ashtray, I was always surprised to feel his hand brushing over my stomach, "I also know we've run out of condoms," he grinned looking to the wrappers over the floor, my waste bin would have to be hidden from Gina.

"Again Tony, Friction burn!" I placed the spliff between his lips as he inhaled and exhaled with a smirk, "Oh shh, I think I might have to," I pointed to the door getting out the bed, I felt his eyes on me. "Tony, it's not like you've not seen a girl naked before," I picked up my dressing gown.

Tony flicked ash, he smiled, "Yeah, but non of them had been you," he sat up straight looking into my eyes, "you're beautiful Amber," he placed the spliff into his mouth inhaling exhaling making a blush break over my face.

"Oh shh your face," I walked to the bathroom, I closed the door behind me finding my refection, my eyes still looked wide, my chest was covered in little red bumps, I knew it was all the sex, I never imaged having that much in one day, but here I was feeling my hand down my waist feeling my smile wasn't fading, I kept looking down as I took the dressing gown off, I started the shower, I got into the running water feeling it sooth my, I heard the door opening, looking to see Tony getting into the shower with me.

"Leaving me alone," he grinned running his hands down my body, I looked into his eyes, "You don't mind me?" he asked holding me closer to him, I felt him slowly kissing my neck, I broke into a grin, I felt a didn't want this to end.

I woke up in the morning rolling on my side seeing the bed was empty. After blinked away the sleepy feeling I felt around the other side where Tony slept, I felt slight panic before I found the piece of paper folded neatly on the night stand reached over I picked it up feeling scared opening the note.

I hope you don't have to read this; I needed to get stuff from my place. I've taken your flat key to let myself back in before you can wake up.

Love you
I smiled placing the note back on the nightstand where I found it, I placed my head down on the pillow trying to fall back to sleep, I wanted to pretend that I was still asleep, but I knew I was too excited to see him again.

I listened carefully, I glanced to my bedroom door seeing it opened quietly, then I see a hand, "You know I can see your eyes open…" Tony whispered creeping into the room, and I pulled the blanket over my head. I'd giggled as he sat on the bed; he pulled the blanket down looking into my eyes, "I needed to get new clothes, and my course work," he placed his bag down on my bedroom floor leaning down kissing me.

I kissed back smiling brighter, "Sorry, I didn't," I stopped talking brushing my hand over my face, "I need to get ready for college," I slipped out of the bed looking to Tony watching me, I was wearing a small pair of shorts and a vest, "Are we, going into College together?" I asked feeling nervous.

Tony wiggled his eyebrow, "I think the sooner they know, the better," he glanced over me, "Also, your mum knows," he rushed out the door leaving me standing in my bedroom in complete shock.

After dressing in a pair of skinny jeans and plaid shirt I'd brushed my hair, slowly slipping my black converses on, I walked into the kitchen seeing Tony talking to Gina over breakfast. "Oh, you decide to grace us with your presence," Gina smiled to me, then glanced to Tony, "Your boyfriend got caught sneaking back into the flat," some creepy reason she didn't look pissed off about me having a boy stay the night, but smiled. "I can get you a spare key," she tapped Tony's hand.

"Mum, are you feeling ok?" I asked stepping closer to the kitchen table, I sat down feeling Tony squeezing my knee under the table, "I mean, Tom broke up with me, and now I have Tony here…"

Gina waved her hand, "Oh Amber, I knew that Tom wouldn't last, he was just, weird," she then laughed looking to Tony, "He used to call her Berie, I mean, that was her nickname as a baby," she crinkled her nose up, "Please don't ever call her that around the house…" she glanced to her watch, "Oh, I've got a meeting, you two, I'll see you later," she kissed my forehead walking out the kitchen, she picked up her bag and keys leaving the flat.

"What can I say, mother's love me," Tony picked up a piece of toast biting into it with a grin; I kept looking back to the door.

I felt like laughing, "Well one down," I reached over taking the other piece of toast taking a bite of it, and Tony bit into his piece, "Better get moving, we've got English," I now got to my feet smiling to Tony, "College is going to be pretty interesting," I added picking up my bag, Tony picked his bag up kissing me quickly.

Tony, and me hand in hand, I was walking down the hallway of college, and I was holding hands with Tony, he was holding my hand. I know I have said the hand holding part, but it was still strange to see the eyes of the girls staring at me.

I could see Michelle looking from her locker, her eyes wide, but she didn't seem to be pissed off, she closed her locker after taking her books out, Jal paused in the doorway of the class, she stared to the hand holding. "Morning…" she said slowly.

"Morning," I replied walking into the class, Tony still didn't let go of my hand, Sid stared up from his normal spot, he kept staring as I let Tony's hand go, I went to my table, and I could see Tom in the corner, his eyes glared to me, but as much as it hurt me to hurt him, I knew that I wasn't going to let him get to me as I sat with Maxxie looking from me, then back to Tony.

"Ok, for everyone staring, yes, I spent the whole weekend with Amber, and yeah, I am with her…" he sat down as I rolled my eyes.

Maxxie poked me in the arm, "So that is why I didn't see you this morning…" he whispered as I broke into a smiled, "you didn't," he added.

"Yeah, I did," I now glanced back to see Tony smiling at me, "What can I say, I lost the game, but won as well…" I see Tony blow a kiss to me, and for the first time, I knew it was meant to be this way.

A/N: I am happy to say that I am happy that this story has reached it end, maybe one day I'll carry on the story, maybe I won't but for now, this is how much I cared about this story, so I am glade to put it to an end...