Hey everyone! As SOME of you know I took a break from writing and sadly I'm deleting my story All You've Got. No one read it and I just lost interest for some reason but I REALLY wanna get into this story I am writing. It is based off of a movie but with a little High School Musical Twist. So Please spread the word and let me know what you think!

Gabriella's P.O.V

"Hi. As you all know I am Gabriella Bolton. And I am hear to promote my new book, "Behind the Broken Door." I said smiling to the room full of college students in front of me.

"Yes you there in the back." I said pointing to the risen hand.

"Yes, I have a question about your other book "Why Did I Get Married.'"

"Ms. Jamieson. Mrs. Bolton is here to talk about her book, 'Behind the Broken Door.'" The professor said firmly.

"Um yes do you have a question about that book." I said smiling again.

"Um…no." The young girl says blushing.

"Well how many of you actually read "Why Did I get Married?" I asked the whole class.

"Well to those who haven't, it is based off an experiment I did with me, my husband and some of my closest friends. Every year we all go up to a quite resort and we do workshops to help strengthen our marriage and the one question we ask ourselves is, Why did I get married." I said explaining.

"I'm actually going up there right after I leave here." I added.

"Wow that must be a pain for the guys!" A young African American boy shouted out.

"Actually it's not." A mysterious voice said and everyone turned around.

"Ladies and gentleman this is my husband, Troy Bolton." I said smiling to my husband that took a sit in a corner in the back of the class room.

"Well I have a question, I read your book, and I am so sorry about your lost but do those workshops really work? Do they actually help the communication between you two?"

"Well yes, our friends in the book, Taylor and Chad knew how to commutate all too well but sometimes not in the right ways….." I say thinking about it.

With Chad and Taylor in the Van on the way up to the resort (No one's P.O,V)

"Listen Chad I just think you need to lay off the junk food. You being a doctor you should know this stuff." Taylor snapped at Chad.

"Well I eat to hid the emptiness when you aren't around which is over half the time." Chad snapped back. Just then Taylor's black berry starts to ring.

"O no you better not answer that! You are on vacation not at work!" Chad says growing annoyed.

"It could be the nanny. You know our daughter just got over that cold! You idiot. Let her play soccer outside on the coldest day!" Taylor said about to answer.

"Hello-yes-Denis-just send it to my email and I will check it up there-ok-bye."

"O no you are not checking any emails. You are not working this weekend." Chad grows.

"You are not the boss of me. Look I am the top lawyer in my firm and I am defending a 16 year old on trail for attempted murder and rape. I need to work." Taylor said and pulled out her Ipod to listen to it.

Back with Gabi at the College (Gabi's P.O.V)

"Yes you." I said pointing to the young girl with her hand up.

"Well I can see why you are friends with Taylor, I mean she is so successful with making partner. But I can't really see you being friends with Sharpay Baylor. I mean she seems like a hand full." The young girl says as she states her observation and I can't help but giggle.

"Well, yes she is a hand full. But she is incredible smart. She Study chemistry when she went to college and when she couldn't get a job at Corp. America, she took a different route and started her own hair cure line 'Shar-Tablous. It is a great product. I use it my self." I say smiling.

"Well I feel bad for her husband. I mean with him and his money problems. Then his Baby's mama's drama!" The same boy said that spoke out earlier.

"Well that isn't as bad as it seems." I say once again thinking about them.

With Sharpay and Zeke on a train to the resort (No One's P,O.V)

"Look Zeke if your little Baby's mama look at me cross eye-ed again. Ima jump her and you!" Sharpay yells has the whole train looks at her.

"She wasn't even looking at you!" Zeke says in a loud whisper, "Now please be quite."

"No, I won't I think I'll talk louder. I need a drink anyway!" Sharpay says loudly as she takes out her Vodka bottle.

"And how would you even know if she was looking at me cross eye-ed or not!?! Your eyes weren't even on her face!!!" Sharpay yells.

"Miss! Toto is trying to take I nap!" A weird looking man says from behind holding a poodle.

"Sorry she is drunk." Zeke says to the two behind them.

"We can tell." The man with the poodle says.

"Talk about your little ghetto white girl from the hood." The man next to him says."


Back with Gabi…again (Gabi's P.O.V…again)

"Um yes I have a question." A girl says snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Um yes what is your question?" I ask smiling.

"Well, I was really worried about the Ryan and Martha characters. I mean I now Martha was a little over weight and Ryan is a HUGE jerk. Basically my question is, are they happy?

"Well, Martha has lost A LOT of weight because she became a dance teacher and is quit amazing if I might add. But Ryan is still a jerk." I say frowning at the thought of Ryan and how much of an A-hole he can be at times.

"Yes but are they happy?" The girl asked again.

"Well-" I started as the thought of them came to mind.

With Ryan, Martha and Martha's best friend Amy on a plane to the resort (no one's P.O.V)

"Girl you looking good. Is that a new coat?" Martha asked Amy as they bored the plane.

"Ya and you looking quite good your self." Amy says back.

"Are you two going to talk the whole flight?" Ryan asks all ready annoyed.

"Maybe-And here is my seat." Martha says sitting down between two men, one old, one looking in his mid 30's. The old man groans and gets up.

"Look Martha why don't you sit back here with your husband." Amy says trying to get up from her sit next to Ryan.

"NO! you stay here she'll be alright." Ryan says rolling his eye's.

"Ya girl, I'm alright. Maybe when we get up there I'll fix you up with some single men-"

"Um miss. We're sorry but, it is a pretty full plane today." A flight attainment says cutting Martha off.

"Um yes I know I bought the tickets last month." Martha says smiling but still very confused on why he was telling her this.

"Um yes but it is policy that a women your size, buys two tickets. I'm sorry but we're going to have to ask you to leave the plane." The man says with no emotion.

"Look Martha you take my seat and I'll just drive up there." Amy says getting up.

"NO!! Then we'll both be uncomfortable." Ryan says getting Martha stuff.

"Look Martha here is your stuff, look I'll even pay for the gas. Um you can sing, pray talk to the lord do whatever you do and we will meet you up there." Ryan says handing her, her stuff and money.

"Um ok, Ill see you guys up there." Martha says sadly and walks off.

"LOVE YOU!" Ryan says in a sarcastic tone.

"I can't believe you!" Amy says rolling her eyes.

"What I told her fat butt she needs to lose weight." Ryan says shrugging like nothing happened.

Back with Gabi! And you guessed it, her point of view

"Whoa that jerk! I can't see how a beautiful girl like Martha can stick with a man like that for so long!" The Girl says to me and I nod in a agreement.

"Well what about you?" The girl asks me.

"Well what about me?" I ask back.

"I am once again sorry for your lose and how are you and your husband?" She ask.

"Well you can ask him." I say pointing to the back where Troy sat.

"Were going to miss our plane if we don't leave soon." Troy says standing up.

"Well yes I lost track of time. You guess are a great audience. Thank you for letting me speak. Bye!" I say smiling and everyone claps and I walk out with Troy.

"You did great!" Troy says kissing my nose.

"I did didn't I!" I said giggling.

"I can't wait till we get to the cabin!" Troy says opening the door to the car for me and he gets in on the drivers side.

"I can't wait till our friends see where we first met in high school!" I say smiling at the memory of me and Troy singing to each other.

Wow I have been thinking A LOT today and my brain hurts!

WELL!?! What did you think! This is based off the Movie "Why Did I Get Married" But trust me it won't be quite like the movie whatch out for the big twists up ahead! Spread the word and REVIEW!

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