Dragonheart: Chapter 1

Hey everyone; just want to let you know I'm not dead, there's going to be some delays in updates to my stories since my lifes been kinda chaotic lately. I'll try and at the very least keep this story updating frequently and will try and get back on track ASAP. And for those that don't yet know the response to my poll was an overwhelming yes (I think it was about 4% who said no) so there will be lemons in here eventually.

Ash stepped onto the dock, his eyes sweeping the small crowd as he searched for the familiar figure of Brock; behind him Latias, May, and Max joined him on the dock, Latias wrapping her arm around his.

"Hey Ash! May! Max!" Brock called spotting them through the crowd "Over here!"

As one they turned towards the sound of Brock's voice, smiling as they caught a glimpse of him through the other people.

"Hey man." Ash said happily as they walked up to Brock

Brock smiled as his eyes ran across his friends resting on Latias "Hey; Ash, May, Max, Bianca..." he paused "wait a second... you're not Bianca." he said softly his eyes widening "No way."

Ash laughed and Latias blushed slightly and giggled 'Guess who.'

Brock blinked a few times shaking his head "Wow" he muttered "how did you catch her?"

Ash laughed harder and Latias puffed her cheeks in fake indignation 'He did not catch me!'

May and Max shook their heads in silent laughter as the scene unfolded in front of them.

"Of course you're still mine." Ash chuckled giving her hand a soft squeeze

Latias giggled 'Of course.' she agreed with a nod 'But you're mine!' she retorted

Ash chuckled "mmm true" he agreed "I guess we belong to each other then."

Brock's face was the picture of confusion "Then how?" he paused "No way...."

Ash smiled and gave Brock a small nod before leaning towards Latias and planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Ahhhhh! I can't believe this!" Brock yelled drawing a few stares from the crowd "Ash got a girlfriend before me!"

Ash and Latias both giggled softly glancing at each other 'If this is how he takes finding out we're together how will he take the news we're engaged?' Latias asked

Ash gave a small amused grin "I don't really know; buuuuuut I want to find out."

Latias giggled 'Yeah me too' she leant in and kissed Ash 'should be very funny.'

May and Max shook their heads "Shall we get going?" Max asked

Brock nodded "Yeah" he agreed "Your Pokemon are waiting guys."

Ash smiled and nodded, his smile growing bigger still when he felt Latias' head resting on his shoulder, "Let's get going!" he declared happily ".. wait how are we getting back to Pallet exactly?"

Latias chuckled and kissed Ash's cheek 'It's a good thing you're cute.' she joked

Brock shot, a rapidly reddening, Ash a jealous glare "There's a boat to Vermilion leaving in a few minutes, we can walk from there." he explained "Follow me."

The four day journey to Pallet Town passed uneventfully; Brock had by and large gotten used to Ash and Latias as a couple although he still shot them jealous glares if he spotted them kissing or flirting with each other. Ash gave a happy sigh as they crested the hill Pallet Town spread out beneath them, an almost idyllic rural settlement, his eyes scanned the view pausing on each familiar sight.

"Wow" Latias mumbled quietly under her breath her keen eyes darting around to take in the scene

Ash chuckled and gently squeezed Latias' hand "I know what you mean" he said softly

Brock shook his head and stepped forward a large smile on his face too "So are we going to stand here all day?" he asked

Ash chuckled and shook his head "No" he agreed "I just love this view."

May gave a curt nod smiling gently "I know what you mean." she said softly "It's beautiful."

Ash nodded giving a small smile "Yeah; it's home" he said taking a deep breath before continuing down the long winding path that led into the village.

Latias leant gently on Ash's shoulder reassuring him that it would all be fine as with each step his anxiety about telling his mother the good news grew.

"You two say something?" Max spoke up as he head their quiet whispered conversation

Ash gave a small sigh "Yeah" he admitted "it's nothing." he added

Latias shook her head and gave him a peck on the cheek 'Don't worry.' she repeated again glancing at Brock her small smile growing slightly when she saw the jealousy flare up in his eyes.

"So where to first?" May asked as the town got closer

"Hmmm, good question" Brock muttered

"Mum's first" Ash said "I need to know how she reacts otherwise the worrying will tear me apart!"

Latias sighed and leant against Ash 'I told you not to worry.'

Ash sighed and kissed Latias "I know.. but comon, it's my mum.." he sighed and again and gave Latias another little kiss.

Max chuckled "I'm sure your mum will be fine with it." he spoke up realising this was probably what they had been talking about earlier too "After she gets over the shock I mean." he added

May stayed silent her lips pursed slightly, she wasn't anywhere near certain Ms. Ketchum would take the news well.

Brock nodded and smiled "I agree with Max" he said warmly "I'm sure she'll be fine."

Ash smiled warmly, although the butterflies in his stomach refused to budge, "Thanks guys" he said softly giving everyone a smile and Latias a few kisses on the cheek followed by one on the lips.

It was another few minutes until the group came to Ash's house, Ash paused outside gazing at the door as his nervousness reached a crescendo, glancing at Latias he drew strength from her warm amber eyes.

Brock, May, and Max all waited behind Ash and Latias knowing they must be feeling nervous even if they had no way of knowing exactly how nervous.

"Remember" Ash whispered softly leaning in and kissing Latias' cheek "no matter what her reaction is I'll stay with you." he pulled back giving her a small uncertain smile

Latias nodded and leant on Ash's shoulder again 'You worry too much' she said, lightly nuzzling his neck 'you heard your friends, she'll be fine with us.'

Ash nodded, he knew that he was being silly but the butterflies just refused to leave, and gave Latias another small peck before taking a deep breath and stepping towards the front door.