Dragonheart: Chapter 15

Latias yawned her eyes slowly opening, rolling over she planted a small kiss on Ash's cheek 'Wake up' she said softly.

Ash yawned widely smiling at Latias and planting a small chaste kiss on her lips "Morning" he said softly he blinked and glanced up at the sky "What time is it?"

Latias smiled glancing up at the sun 'Around midday' she muttered

"What?!" Ash exclaimed "where are the others?!" he spun around frantically

Latias giggled 'Still asleep, they won't wake up until I let them'

Ash calmed down "Oh" he muttered blushing slightly and feeling a little silly and giving Latias a small kiss on the nose "I suppose we should get dressed then" he smiled

Latias nodded grinning 'Yeah' she agreed

Ash smiled and glanced at the others, Latias had told him they wouldn't wake up but he felt compelled to at least double check, before slipping out of the sleeping bag thankful for the midday heat as he walked over to his bag and pulled out his clothes his face softly flushed. There was a soft blue glow from the sleeping bag as Latias' silhouette shifted and changed her hand shooting out and dragging her beg under the covers so she could get dressed.

Ash chuckled softly at her methods as he pulled on his jeans glancing in his bag, his eyes drawn to the red of his lucky hat; he hadn't the heart to throw it away but he hadn't worn it since Latias had told him he looked better without it. He ran his hand slightly self consciously through his hair and grinned turning to see how Latias was doing and suppressing a laugh as he saw Latias struggling to pull her top on with one hand.

A short moment later Latias emerged from under the covers giving Ash a sheepish smile, Ash retuning it with a chuckle "You should probably wake the others now" he suggested.

Latias nodded "Yeah" she agreed with a giggle "I'll do that whilst you pack up the sl.. slee..." she gave a frustrated sigh 'sleeping bag.'

Ash nodded walking over and rolling up the sleeping bag; Latias concentrated for a second, her eyes flashing blue for an instant, as she brought the rest of the group out of the hypnosis.

Almost immediately everyone else began to rouse, Brock sat up rubbing his eyes and yawning. He glanced up at the sky pausing for a second as he did a double take "Wow I really slept in" he chuckled slightly as he pushed himself to his feet glancing around he spotted both Ash and Latias were awake whilst May and Max were just waking up.

"Morning" smiled Ash giving a one handed wave as he forced the sleeping bag back into his backpack

Brock shook his head "You and Latias woke up before me?" he chuckled "Is the world coming to an end?"

Ash clipped his bag shut and looked up "Yep" he agreed "It is"

"It is what?" Max interrupted groggily rubbing the sleep from his eyes

Latias smiled "Never mind"

Ash grinned "So since you're up how about some break... umm brunch?"

Brock nodded "Yeah sure" he agreed recovering his cooking utensils from his bag "I'll get started now"

Whilst they were talking Max and May made for the bushes on the edge of the camp to get changed out of their pyjamas.

Ash nodded "What are we going to have?" he asked curious

Brock paused for a second before chuckling "I haven't really decided yet, why? You have anything specific in mind?"

Ash shook his head "ummm not really." he admitted "Just curious."

Latias giggled "I'd like omelettes" she offered

Brock nodded "Ok, I'll make omelettes" he agreed with a smile

Latias cheered and gave Brock a little hug "Thank you!"

Brock flushed slightly but smiled back "No problem"

Ash stood up glancing at the, now packed, backpack "Finished" he sighed happily

"So how long have you two been up?" Max asked walking back out of the undergrowth smoothing his top out as he did so

"Not very long" Ash supplied

Max nodded "You ask me it's a bit weird that we all slept in so late"

Ash and Latias glanced at each other nervously, "Not really" Brock spoke not looking up from the pan "We're in a forest and we didn't exactly check our campsite it could have been an Oddish's sleep powder or something."

Max nodded "Ah, good point" he shook his head "I can't believe I didn't think of that!" Ash and Latias both let out small sighs of relief as Max accepted Brock's assumption

May smiled as she joined the rest of the group "Morning" she said smiling she sniffed the air "mm smells good"

Brock chuckled under his breath "Doesn't it always?"

May nodded "Yeah" she agreed pausing and glancing at Ash "Say.. where's Pikachu?"

Ash smiled pointing to Pikachu, who was curled up still fast asleep at the base of a tree, "There"

Max chuckled "Still asleep? I wonder where he got that from?"