The grand finally:

Authors note: Yes this is it, the final battle, will good triumph over evil?, lets find out.

~Fairytales are true, not because they tell us dragons exist, their true because they tell us that dragons can be slain~unknown.

Inside of Unicron:

Megatron has just combined with Unicron, Unicrons body was now Megatrons body,
"So tell me Megatron, what are you going to do with all the decepticons once you rule the world?" asked Ulrich as bold as ever,
"Ya, whats in it for us?" said a Decepticon and all of the decepticons united in chorus,
"You fools you actually believed that I would let you all live, no I'm going to destroy you all" shouted Megatron, every decepticon heard it.
Anger was boiling up inside of Ulrich, first he was going to destroy the autobots, now he is going to destroy everyone, he had to stop Megatron, according to Ratchet the power of the heart of Cybertron was what stopped Unicron the first time, so it will do it again,
"You have given me no choice Megatron" shouted angrily Ulrich as he took out the the heart of Cybertron,
"Ha, you don't even know how to use it" laugh Megatron, Ulrich concentrated and the crystal began to glow, then it stopped,
"That's it, don't make me laugh" said Megatron, suddenly Ulrich heard a screech sound, that type of sound you hear when your tuning a radio,
"I get it" thought Ulrich as he shouted to the crystal
"Everyone can you hear me, stop fighting for once and listen".

Back in Cybertron:

Every autobot and decepticon could hear Ulrich's voice,
"Wright now Megatron is going to attack our world, he is trying to destroy Cybertron" he said, decepticons and autobots that were out in battle stop fighting to listen,
"If we let Megatron do what he wants our world along with many other will be torn apart".
For the first time they all stopped fighting,
"He is going to stop down all of our hope and destroy all the bots we love, so everyone, somehow give me your strength, fight with me against this menace and together will make a better Cybertron, now concentrate on the heart of Cybertron, forget all of your differences and work together to defeat this enemy".
All autobots and decepticons obeyed as they all concentrated on the heart of Cybertron, suddenly something began to happen, the atmosphere in Cybertron changed, it began to fill with a multicolor light.

Inside of Unicron:

The decpticons inside of Megatron all look at Ulrich, they were all willing to do anything to help, for the first time in a long time they were going to help and autobot as they all concentrated on the heart of Cybertron as well.
The multicolor light filled Unicron's spark chamber,
"What is this?" said Megatron terrified,
Ulrich concentrated again,
"I'm going to destroy you for this" said Megatron, suddenly the crystal started to glimmer until its power was unleashed,
"Impossible!" screamed Megatron,
"This is the very power that destroyed Unicron the first time, the power of unity, now it is going to destroy you" said Ulrich as he pointed at the spark,
"Whats going on?" shouted Sari,
"Its the heart of Cybertron, it answers to unity and its showing its true strength now" shouted Ratchet,
"Now I'm going to show you the power of every bodies unity and hope" shouted Ulrich as he shot an enormous blast of energy to the dark spark of Megatron destroying it,
"Nnnnnnnnoooooooooo" shouted Megatron as his spark was destroyed.
Ulrich fell weakly,
"Don't worry little buddy I got you" said Bulkhead as he caught Ulrich,
"Thanks you guys are the greatest" said Ulrich weakly.
Unicrons body was falling apart,
"Lets get out of here" said Ratchet as everybody got out safely.

In Cybertron:

The effect of the heart of Cybertron was shown, Cybertron was restored to its formal glory and there was even a palace the very one war tore apart was restored in less than three seconds, it looked like the war against autobots and decepticons never happen.
Ulrich was in a room in the palace, he had a red sash that went around his shoulder and waist, Optimus entered the room and said
"Ulrich its time",
"Yes" said Ulrich as he and Optimus walked out of the room, they entered a splendid throne room, every decepticon and autobot was there to see the coronation of their true ruler and hero.
Memories passed through Prowls, Ratchets, Optimus, Bulkheads and Sari's mind, they were all about Bumblebee before he lost his memory, even thought he was still with them, they promised themselves to never forget about him.
A crown was placed in Ulrich's head as the crowed cheer for their new leader,
"Long live king Ulrich" they all shouted, after the coronation there was a huge feast.
"Sari" said Ulrich grabbing her arm gently,
"Ulrich I think your going to make a great ruler" said Sari,
"True but no great king is complete without his queen" he said as he kissed Sari,
"Do you really mean that?" asked Sari,
"Yes I love you more than my life, I want to be with you Sari" said Ulrich,
"In that case yes I will be your queen" said Sari as she kissed him back.

A few earth years later:

Lots of things have changed, humans coexist with transformers and they all get along.
Prowl managed to finish ninja training and became a teacher of the ninja arts of battle, Ratchet became the elite guards doctor, Optimus replaced Sentinal minor, Bulkhead became a renowned artist and space bridge builder, Sentinal minor got fired from his old job and now works as a maintainence bot.
Ulrich became one of Cybertrons best rulers and Sari married him, now,
"Ulrich I got the result" said Sari as she entered with the test results,
"What does it say?" asked Ulrich,
"I think were going to need to buy some furniture" said Sari,
"You mean" said Ulrich,
"Yes, were going to have a sparklings" said Sari exited,
"Mech or femme?" asked Ulrich exited,
"Both" answered Sari.
Meanwhile Bulkhead went to Prowls room and told Prowl
"Your going to have to start Bumblebee and Sari proofing your room again",
"Why do you say that?" asked Prowl,
"Didn't you hear, Sari and Bumblebee (Ulrich) are going to have a sparkling twins" said Bulkhead,
"Just what a need another Bumblebee and Sari" said Prowl remembering all the bad times he had with Bumblebee back then before he lost his memory and the old saying trouble meet its double,
"Come on they aren't going to be that bad" said Bulkhead as he left.
Before the big day arrived Ulrich was being overprotective about Sari, he love her a lot, finally the big day arrived,
"There sparkling twins" said Ratchet as he gave Ulrich the mech and Sari the femme, the mech look like his father only that he was like a periwinkle blue, yellow and red with a visor on his head, while the femme looked like her mom, she even had her pigtails only that she had her father red hot rod flames,
"Aww there so cute" said Sari,
"I know she got her looks from your side" said Ulrich and Sari said looking at her little mech
"and somebody got his fathers charm".
"What will be their names?" asked Arcee,
"The mechs name will be Hot shot" said Sari,
"Hot shot I like that name" said Ulrich,
"Hows about I call my little femme Aurora?" asked Sari,
"Its a beautiful name for a beautiful femme like our daughter" said Ulrich, when they got them home it was late at night.
"Ulrich do you remember the first time we met?" asked Sari,
"Sure, why not?" said Ulrich,
"I can't belive so many things happen" said Sari,
"I know things change" said Ulrich before kissing his sparkmate.
One of the sparklings started to cry,
"I'll get that" said Ulrich getting out of bed,
"Bumblebee" thought Sari as she fell asleep, she began to dream about back then, she was a kid and Bumblebee was Bumblebee not Ulrich, they were just playing and having fun as the day went by,
"I still wish you did remember who you were" thought Sari.

The end.

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