Untitled for the Time being

A/N Ok so I have this thing for quotes/ song titles and so far I haven't found one which I think goes with this story.

KK, so this is my first NCIS fic, cus during one of my free periods a friend and I decided the show rocks, so I figured I'll give it a go. Updates may be slow cus I got a few other WIPs for Harry Potter and CSI on the go but school screwed it up. Hope you enjoy.

Oh btw characters thoughts are in italics.

Chapter 1/ Prologue

Abby POV:

Oh that was a mistake, well not a mistake but it was. It's all Tony's fault, with it being his birthday party and all. Now I'm at the hotel where he had his birthday party in a bed. Naked. Ewe think of all the germs and worst of all I slept with Gibbs, how can I work with Gibbs now I've seen little, well not little, Gibbs?

Gibbs POV

Damn, shouldn't have done that or the leaving later.

2 months later

"Abigail, I'm sorry but your pregnant, I know this isn't the news you were hoping for but, it can be a blessing in disguise." The doctor told Abby, not knowing that Abby knew an assassin, who was good enough and trained enough to know how to make sure the body was never found. "Thanks doctor, um how many checkups will I be needing?" The doctor replied that she would need to come in monthly for the first trimester, then fortnightly then weekly and have ultrasounds at 12 weeks then again at 18-20 weeks, she also advised letting the father know, because pregnancy would be hard to go through alone. As she was leaving the doctor called "oh by the way, no caffeine!" The doctor was lucky, Abby couldn't be bothered to argue.

So one week later that's how Abigail Scuito found herself standing outside the home of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She knocked on the door and he answered after 3 knocks and a phone call. "The door was open Abs. It always is, you know that..." he paused and looked at her, "...something's wrong." Abby looked at him, his gaze was full of concern, "Gibbs, can I come in? I have something to tell you."


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