Lost Ancient.

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Also there might be Slash coming into this Story, between whom is a secret. (Meaning that I have no idea, what the pairings will be either.)

Summary; He had finished his war, he had done his duty and the only ones who had survived were his Sister in all but blood and his Surrogate father. But then, he was called the next Dark Lord. In a desperate attempt made by his last two family members to give him a normal life, he was send into a completely different world.

One would have thought that he might have been able to get a normal life there. Instead, trouble seems to follow him everywhere. His age reverted to a nine year old, most of his magic blocked and only armed with a strange red sphere, he needs to make a new life for himself and beat the obstacles in his away. Will he make it?

A Harry Potter X Final Fantasy VII Crossover.



The Start of a New Life.

For once, just this once, he had wanted to have things go his way. No monster to defeat, no Death Eaters hunting his ass and no Voldemort trying to kill him at the end of the year. Just this once. Sadly things never went his way, it was the same thing every year.

He went to school, after a summer of negligence from the Dursleys, had the first month a peaceful time and finally Voldemort hunting his ass to either convert him, or turn him into snake food for Nagini.

Oh don't get me wrong, he loved snakes, ever since he set that constrictor free at the Zoo at his cousins birthday, but Nagini gave other snakes a bad name, it also didn't help that the Slytherins were stuck-up brats with their holier-then-thou attitude. But then Gryffindors weren't any better either.

However I am getting off track, especially since he once again ended up in more trouble then he expected, or thought to handle.

For years he had wondered why Voldemort targeted him, for years he wanted to know why his scar hurt so fucking much when it was something about Voldemort and every single time he got the same answer, nothing, nada, zip. Finally when the most important man in his life ended up dead, for something he could have been and should have been prepared for, he got the answer to the biggest mystery in his life. The reason why he was so hunted; A Prophecy.

When he first heard about it, he screamed, he raged and he wanted to hurt someone until they died. But then he calmed down and turned it over rationally in his mind. Making up his mind he had owled Hermione and asked for some books for Defence, Ancient Runes and Charms. Then he had owled Luna, as the young girl was a bit eccentric and most likely knew a bit about the subject, for a book on Divination. Finally he had contacted Remus, asking him for help on becoming an Animigus, telling him that it was in the memory of Sirius and his Father.

They were more then happy to help and Hermione even included a book on Mind Magic. Luna had managed to send over several Divination books while Remus had brewed the Animigi potion and guided him through the changes.

He was preparing himself for a war, or getting ready to high-tail it out of there. Maybe a bit of both.

At the end of the Summer Holidays he had managed to gain complete control over his Anima, a Black Jaguar. He had learned new material for his Defence Against the Dark Arts, understood Charms better and nearly caught up with Hermione on Ancient Runes. The notes she had send him had been very useful. But Divination and Mind Arts had been a bit overwhelming. He had learned that living and surviving could have been taken so many ways and that Death itself didn't have to be actual Death. What he also learned was that the prophecy pertaining him and Voldemort was not a Prophecy that would happen right away, but it was a Prophecy that Voldemort himself had started. If the Psychopath hadn't hunted him or Neville down, the red-eyed Serpent would have already conquered Britain.

Now back at school, Harry had decided to give learning his all and could have been found for long hours in the Library in the companionship of Hermione and their books. It resulted in the falling apart of the Golden Trio as Ron joined them less and less. Quidditch was shoved to the side for Harry's thirst for knowledge and finding a peaceful way to end the Prophecy.

But when he was not in the Library, or the Common Room, he could be found in the Room of Requirements. During the Summer, he had learned that he enjoyed the art of sword-fighting and fencing. With some persuasion (in the forms of Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody and Remus 'Moony' Lupin) his relatives allowed him to learn that fighting style and out of precaution Harry decided to learn the basics of Martial Arts, just incase he ever got disarmed.

At the second week of his stay at Hogwarts during the school year, Dumbledore wanted to see him. The demand was not something he agreed with. Especially since he no longer trusted the old coot, with his twinkling eyes, grandfatherly act and 'for the greater good' speeches. He trusted no one but himself and the people he considered his mentors. So when Dumbledore requested his presence a furious fight of words had formed and no matter what Dumbledore said, Harry already knew what he was going to do. He wasn't going to fight Voldemort because people expected it off him, or because it was the right thing to do. No he decided he would fight Voldemort for the sake of Hermione and her muggle parents, he would fight the bastard for the sake of his parents and Sirius memory.

The thought of revenge did not make Dumbledore happy, but Harry no longer gave a damn what the ancient man wanted. It was no longer the time of playing nice or keeping to the rules. Luckily enough Fawkes and the Sorting hat agreed with him and thanks to that he came into the possession of Gryffindors sword.

Halloween came rolling by and Voldemort had attacked the ministry of Magic and wiped out several Muggle villages. By the time Christmas and New Year arrived, Diagon Alley was completely destroyed. Most shopowners were killed and the surviving ones moved to Hogsmaede. The war kept on raging and people were afraid to step a foot out of their door. In the end the United Magical Nations, stepped in to help the fight. But by that time Voldemort had already made nearly all of Britain his playground. Only Hogwarts and Kings Cross were still standing.

When Harry hadn't encountered Voldemort at the end of the year, he just knew it was going to be cause trouble. And it did. When the students returned home to Kings Cross, Voldemort and his Followers were waiting for them. Nearly half of the Students were slaughtered, amongst them Luna Lovegood and Ron Weasley. That was the last straw. Ron although their friendship had fallen away, was still someone important to him and Luna had become a constant in his life. When he couldn't go to Hermione with something, Luna was there to listen and help him out.

In a rage that was visible in the air, that had his Magic break all restraints and that ripped apart the ground, Harry James Potter plunged himself into the fight without any other thought then revenge. He had managed to take out 74 Death Eaters on his own, when he finally encountered Voldemort. The duel that followed was both devastating and grueling. It was then that people knew that there was a good reason to Fear Voldemort and an even better reason to fear and be awed by Harry Potter, their Chosen One, the Boy-that-Lived.

The curses and hexes, both in light and dark nature were flung from one side to the other. Ancient ones were slipping from Harry's tongue the longer the battle lasted. When by a sheer stroke of luck, Prior Incantum was preformed, Harry took his chance. Pulling out the already bloodied Sword of Gryffindor, he released his wand, allowing it to shatter in his hand and the Phoenix Feather wrap around his wrist to vanish in his skin, he impaled the once Dark Lord on his Sword and ripped him apart. The Death Eaters frozen in fear and realization of what happened were easy to take care off.

But before most arrests were made Kings Cross was rocked by an explosion, that had many scattering for safety. Harry weakened by his constant use of Magic was escorted out of Kings Cross with the help of Hermione and Remus Lupin.

Kings Cross became the grave of many people, young and old, friend and enemy. Harry was hidden away by his two remaining friends until he was recovered enough. By then he was proclaimed as the next Dark Lord.

Hermione Granger however was not known for being the smartest witch for nothing and she devised a plan. Together with Remus Lupin, she would open a gateway for their Harry, her brother-in-all-but-blood and Lupin's surrogate son. The price would be their life, but neither would tell that to Harry, only mention to him that it would give him a second chance at living. When he resisted, Hermione pleaded with him, telling him that this would be his chance of having a normal life, a life where he could be just Harry. Finally he caved in and entered the Gateway.

When he woke up, he was in a different room, in the body of a child, with a young girl standing over him. Her green eyes twinkling at him and her brown hair pulled in a braid. "Hello."


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