Title: Parole

Genre: Angst/Humor

Rating: T

Author's Notes:
So this was a dream I had and so I couldn't think of any other couple better tackling it than Kunzite and Venus. It's rare for me to write a fic just for other couples besides Usagi and Mamoru so I hope you enjoy. It's a bit different than other things I've written but it is a oneshot so that may bring comfort. I did just write it about ten minutes ago so excuse any spelling errors.

Let me know what you think. Oh and when I say that... I really mean that. Let me know! It takes like two seconds, I promise.

In the year 3003, three years after King Endymion and Queen Selenity came to the throne of New Earth a great trial was held. With one judge and no jury besides the King and Queen themselves it was up to one being to be in charge of all Justice on New Earth. She also was in charge of the entire Earth's armies. She had been proven fair and with three advisors her word was law. In those days the Earthen Generals had been re-incarnated from their previous forms. Though the Judge had found in their hearts a true repentance and evidence of it, the advisors and she still felt they needed to be punished for helping bring about the destruction of the Silver Millennium and trying to murder the Prince and Princess during their teenage years once re-born. Therefore they were banished for a 1000 years to each corner of the Earth, apart from each other and with no contact to the outside world. Each were given tasks that would keep them battle ready so that at the end of their sentence they may re-join society as Endymion's advisors and personal guards.

Two hundred years into their sentence the honorable Judge Venus stepped down from her position to devote all of her time and energy to the Queen and her detail as well as Earth's armies. Six human judges were appointed in her place. One hundred years later, having reviewed each case carefully the judges reversed the Earthen General's sentence and granted them parole. Each Inner Senshi was deployed to inform the solitary Generals and return them to their rightful post beside Endymion.

The smell hit her first. It was unlike the palace. Perhaps because the palace was clean, spoke of great promise and was warm and inviting. Yet, as she traveled to the dark prison that loomed before her she could smell clearly the stench of broken dreams, death and hopelessness. She had chosen his detention with purpose and logic. He was given control of one of Earth's few prisons. Inside rested the realms highest priority prisoners. In the years it had been established and under his rule none had escaped. None had even come close. A bit of her wanted to keep him here to maintain the peace that was floating graciously over their planet. Yet, her duty would not let her and the parole papers within her uniform felt like they were burning a way out.

"Lady Venus," a guard bellowed before her and the blonde raised an eyebrow at the burly man as he bowed before her.

"Take me to the General," her voice was a delight but held such strength in it that the guard slightly teetered on his legs before standing and motioning her entrance. She could hear the clank of iron as heavily guarded gates were being unlocked before her. When she felt the rush of magic be released that guarded the doors it felt a bit overwhelming. She knew the magic's of this realm but his was one she had clearly forgotten. She hadn't felt it in over 2000 years. The magic he used under Beryl's was tainted and was nothing like the pulsating vibe she seemed to feel as she stepped foot into the penitentiary.

"Follow me please Lady Venus," a new guard said appearing next to her and she nodded slightly, the click of her heels following after him as she was led into the inner sanctum of the facility. Having seen the numerous obstacles not to mention the magic placed upon the devices she was feeling more and more confident that if he left this place it would not change an iota. What was growing more uncomfortable inside her was the thought of seeing him again. Their last meeting had been rather harsh with her sentencing him for his crimes. In fact they had only seen them a day before he was banished two days later. It was a quick encounter where she had only seen his eyes, heard him plead guilty and watched him vanish through a door. She wondered if he'd be pissed about the banishment. With a slight roll of her eyes she re-gathered herself. She stood by her decision. It was the right thing to do. Although she being the one to grant him parole, perhaps that was not the most genius plan in her arsenal. The other girls had been a bit trepid but overall excited. Their memories of the men they once knew and loved lifetimes ago was strong within them. So, she loved him once… he was a stranger to her now. Had no affect on her whatsoever.

"Lady Venus," the voice seemed to roll down her back and she gulped a bit, her calm exterior not altering a bit as her stomach seemed to jump upon it's own accord. When she glanced up her cobalt orbs encountered deep emerald that narrowed a bit in curiosity towards her. The stare made her feel like a puddle and she began to quickly calculate how long it would take her to get her weapon to strike him… 2 seconds… 3… 6. She cursed herself and was thankful she at least had enough dignity to stand her ground as if he had no affect on her. "I assume you are here to overview my progress?" He questioned, straight to the point and Venus liked that about a man. Geez, she use to love that about him. She opened her mouth to reveal the real reason for her presence but his facial features made her tighten a bit. What was letting him suffer a bit longer for? He did beat the crap out of her once… ten more minutes in captivity won't hurt him.

"If you wouldn't mind," Venus responded calmly and the General before her bowed, his shoulder length hair almost begging to be run though with her fingers. Her eyes widened a bit wondering what the hell was wrong with her. She wasn't a teenager for goodness sakes. In fact she was about 1300 years old.

"Right this way," he breathed standing and she nodded curtly, walking through a door he motioned towards. He followed silently, his nostrils suddenly catching her scent and it made him falter a bit. She never changed. In fact he loved that about her… She caught him pretty easy considering he had come to see her immediately after he was awoken. Love never dies apparently. He seemed to be on autopilot as he navigated her throughout the prison he had called home for over three hundred years. Three hundred years was a long time to dream about someone. For a few years he plotted revenge against her. Against the coldness she had shown in sentencing him away from his brothers, banishing him from her heart and from her mind and most of all from his Prince. Those years ended with the bitter reminder that he would have done the same if not worse to her if their positions had been reversed. In fact she showed him mercy. He had built a strong unit here and had secured this facility to its perfection. The opportunity to work one on one with some inmates, often re-forming them had drastically changed his life forever. He was done with feeling sorry for himself, done with punishing himself for sins committed against influence that was not his own. He was who he had always wished to be but never attained to. And he was patiently waiting for the day to return to his King, return as his warrior and prove her wrong about him.

She made comments here and there about security measures, questions he easily answered and could see with each passing step she was growing uncomfortable. She should be uncomfortable. She'd never visited before, in fact her presence was unnerving. It was like a virus that was trying to infect him to his core. It made his skin feel alive and also made the next seven hundred years seem rather short. The tour drew to a close and the stress of forty-five minutes in his presence made it abundantly clear she was ready to vacate all together. He had thought of a million things to say to her. To ask her for forgiveness for his betrayal, to confess his feelings had never changed… to blast her for her lack of battle knowledge when they tried to defeat Galaxia and lost the Prince. He calmed himself on that one. He had to let that one go.

"That all?" Her voice brought him back to reality. She was looking at him expectantly, her body language impeccable for the true soldier she was. They were back at his office now and she seemed to beam in the dim exterior.

"One more thing," he commented and a delicate eyebrow rose upon her face when suddenly his fingers wrapped around her forearm, yanking her into a side room. The door shut quickly and the light flickered on along with all of her instincts to kill this man. Before she could attempt any his lips were upon hers and her back was being shoved against a wall. Heat immediately traveled through her system as his rough hands scaled her hips and she was hoisted up, pushed messily on a sink as his lips devoured hers. Her arms were around him in an instant, the desire for him overwhelming and unexpected as she gave into the wave of pleasure that was threatening to crash in on her. Her lips were aggressive against his and his fingers were gently running through her hair. Her body was on fire and she had never been more awake in her whole life. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled tightly against him and she groaned into his mouth at the interaction. All protocol and decency was lost as a need to have him overtook her. She was overwhelmed by it and as her fingers clawed at him she felt she would die if he didn't have her.

Suddenly his frame stilled against hers, his lips torturously finishing a kiss she wished had lasted eons. When he pulled away from her completely composed, his eyes blazing with amusement before her, reality slapped her like a cold fish and a smirk slowly slid to her lips. Bastard.

"I guess I'll see you in seven hundred years," he countered, her frame still messily half-way in a sink and her lips kiss reddened. Her chest was heaving and within a second she was back on her feet, uniform adjusted and breathing under control. Without another look she walked from the room, a smirk on her swollen lips.

"Maybe," she hissed over her shoulder as she met two guards that were ready to escort her out. His frame slowly followed hers, completely calm and composed waiting for her to turn her head, anything to tell him he had a chance with her. If she was anything like she once was, anything like her kiss that had ignited him to his core it would be a well-worth seven hundred year wait. He just wanted her to suffer along with him. When her head turned and her sparkling blue eyes met him, the amusement in them slightly surprised him. The teasing kiss she shot him made his guard raise. She always did have something up her sleeve. She vanished from view and he let out a breath.

"A comm call for you sir from Crystal Tokyo," an aid told him quickly and Kunzite's eyes widened considerably. He had never gotten a call from CT. He followed quickly to almost buckle at the face that was happily before him.

"Sire," he breathed, the King strong and healthy before him. It almost brought tears to his eyes.

"I am excited to see you old friend. Everything is ready for your return," Endymion's voice was almost too much to bear and Kunzite reveled in the sound of his master when suddenly the words registered.

"Return?" He questioned and Endymion nodded.

"Did not Venus arrive with your parole papers? She had divided the armies for you and went to great lengths to restore your title. I hope I did not destroy her surprise for you," Endymion commented, concern sweeping his forehead and Kunzite almost laughed if the situation was not so annoying.

"Oh no sire. It is quite a surprise," Kunzite replied with a small bow and Endymion nodded.

"See you soon old friend," with that the transmission ended and Kunzite spun, slamming a hand on his desk before him.

"Bitch!" He hissed, anger and yet amusement at the whole situation lighting upon him. She didn't come here for a tour… she came with his papers. He quickly moved towards the door to stop her when suddenly it opened.
"Her transport has cleared sir. Should we re-activate the shield?" His guard asked and Kunzite bit his lip. Crap. She left with his papers. Serves him right. At least the kiss was worth however long she would make him wait for those papers. "She gave me this for you sir," The guard announced handing him a piece of paper. Kunzite took it quickly opening it and once his eyes took it in a small smirk fell to his lips at the contents.

Seven hundred years isn't that long General.