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Harry's POV

Please don't be home! Please, Merlin, don't let him be home! I raced up the stairs and shoved my key into the deadbolt only to find the door unlocked. No! Swallowing at the lump in my throat, I turned the door knob and walked in the house.

The house-if you could call this dump a house-was completely dark. My body tensed and my eyes and ears strained in the darkness. Nothing. I walked further into the house. The kitchen and the guest rooms were like the living room. Shrugging, I walked back into the living room. My heart almost stopped when I saw him sitting in an arm chair.

"You're late, Harry." His voice was cold as ice. I fought back the urge to shiver.

"I-I know," I gulped. "But they needed me at the office. With Ron and Draco out of commision for the time being, they needed an extra Auror."

He stood up and stumbled over to me, he had been drinking. Crap. "You should've called, My Prince. I really don't want to do this, but you just don't learn your lesson." He pulled back his hand and slapped me across the face. The force sent me to the ground. "I'm done being walked all over, Harry. It's time you know how I felt all through Hogwarts." He continued to pummle me. I learned not to think about it while it was happening; that tended to make the beatings hurt more. The finale was a swift kick in the groin.

"I'm l-leaving!" I chocked out between wracking coughs of pain.

He bent down and held my face in his filthy hands. "No, you won't, Harry. You say that all the time, but you never do." He stood and walked towards the kitchen.

Once he was out of earshot, I mumbled, "Not this time, Neville."

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