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Harry's POV

That morning, I was preparing myself. I had my belt that I used to carry various potions in. Such as healing, explosive, and distraction potions. I made sure my wand holster was securely wrapped around my wrist and concealed underneath my long sleeved shirt. I also had the dagger that Draco had given me in its sheath that was also attached to my potions belt.

Draco was pacing up and down the living room. He kept on shooting me worried glances and I knew he was fighting back tears. I walked up to him and cupped his cheek. "Draco, love, my beautiful Dragon, I'll be ok. I will bring our baby boy home to us, I promise."

Draco's tears fell at that point and he pulled me into him and burrowed his head in my shoulder. "Please," he sobbed. "Please be careful, I won't be able to take it if something happened to the both of you."

I ran my hand through his beautiful, silky hair and kissed his head. "I promise." I tilted his head up and kissed him passionately.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and Ron came in. Ron came up to Draco and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Draco, I'll make sure he's ok, I promise."

Draco pulled Ron in for a hug. "Thanks, partner."

Ron nodded. "I'm sorry for all of this."

Draco released Ron and handed him my Invisibility Cloak. Draco hugged me once more. "Keep me posted."

"I will," I whispered.

Ron and I left the house then. I paused on the front porch and rubbed my chest. Ron was freaked. "What's wrong, mate?"

I winced. "My chest is sore." I saw the look on Ron face and chuckled a bit. "Ron, I haven't been able to feed Sawyer for awhile. He needs to be fed every few hours."

Ron hugged me. "We'll get him back, Harry." I nodded and in unison, we spun on the spot.

A few moments later, we were outside the house I shared with Neville once a upon a time. Ron covered himself in the Cloak and we both crept towards the living room window. My breath caught when I saw the scene that was taking place inside. I could see my baby inside a laundry basket, without a blanket over him, crying and Neville was just sitting in the chair not paying him any attention.

I gulped, took a deep breath, walked up to the door, and knocked. Neville answered within a second and my ears were assaulted with Sawyer's wails. I rushed inside, pulled Sawyer's blanket out of my pocket, returned it to its normal size, and swaddled Sawyer inside. "Shh, oh, angel, Mama's here."

I spun on my heel and glared at Neville. "How dare you!? He's wet, cold, and hungry! How dare you take him from me and his Daddy!?"

Neville put on an "innocent" face. "I just took him away from that horrible Death Eater."

I took steps forward and slapped him across the face. "Don't you dare call my husband a Death Eater!"

Neville looked stunned before his hand closed around my throat. I started to panic but I felt that weight in my arms that was Sawyer and kicked Neville in the stomach and away from me. I pulled out my wand and conjured up a sling to place Sawyer in so I could fight. I pulled the dagger out of its sheath and faced Neville.

Neville stood and stumbled a bit. He then pulled out his wand and began firing off random spells at me. I cast a temporary Protego that would stay up until I cancelled the spell. All of the spells that Neville cast at me went back at him. He hit himself with his own partial stunner and fell to the ground.

Ron appeared near the corner of the room and ran to him. He then pulled out his magical cuffs that could not be broken out of and attached them to Neville's wrists. He hauled him up and dragged him to the door.

Suddenly, I was on the ground in pain. I clawed at my chest, trying to relieve myself of the pain in my heart. I looked at Ron and he nodded. "Expecto Patronum!" he shouted. His terrior Patronus appeared and he told it, "Draco, we got Sawyer, but Harry over did it and his heart is in bad shape! Hurry!"

The Patronus sped away. My world soon became nothing but that horrible pain in my chest and Sawyer's wailing in my ears. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt arms wrap around me and Draco's voice say, "It's alright, love. We're going to St. Mungo's now." Then, I was being shoved through a black rubber tube. We made it to St. Mungo's when I finally blacked out.

When I came round, I was laying in a hospital bed. I looked to my left and saw Draco was sitting in a chair holding Sawyer. "Harry!" Draco swooped in on me and kissed me. "Look Sawyer, Mama's awake. Here he is." Draco handed Sawyer to me and I began to nurse him.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I felt Sawyer begin to suckle. We all sat in silence for a moment. "What happened," I finally asked.

Draco smiled a bit. "You scared Merlin's ghost out of me, that's what happened."

I laughed a bit. "You know what I mean."

"Neville was arrested and sentenced to life in Azkaban for kidnapping and attempted murder."

I cocked my head. "Attempted murder? I mean, he fired a few stunners at me, but nothing deadly."

Draco shook his head. "No, I interviewed him under Veritaserum. He admitted he was the one who cast the curse that gave you the heart condition. It was his way of making you more vulnerable. He also told me the counter curse."

My eyes grew wide. "S-So that means...?"

"You are completely healthy, love. No more heart condition. You can go back to work if you want."

I shook my head. "No, I'm going to be a stay at home...mother." I laughed.

Draco smiled. "Ok, love."

I bit my lip. "Draco?"


"Since I'm healthy now...does that mean...once Sawyer is older that is...we can have more kids?"

Draco nodded. "As many as we want, my love." He leaned in and kissed me.

It would've been a sweet moment, if Sawyer hadn't started crying. Oh, well, I thought with a smile. Draco and I both laughed and kissed our baby. And, I don't know about Draco, but I was thinking ahead to when Sawyer would have a sibling...or three.

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