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This story is set 17 years into the future. I don't know the characters precise ages, but if I'm way off the mark with anyone, call it poetic licence or something and enjoy the story. Warning – lots of characters.



Gibbs – 68 Ducky– 79

Tony – 56 Palmer – 41

Ziva – 46 Abby – 39

McGee – 48

Leroy Jethro Gibbs turned his boat into shore. The sun had risen not so long ago; retirement hadn't changed his habit of early mornings. Just now he had a boat instead of a job. A boat . . . and a wife. He moored the Felicity and drove home. Retirement hadn't changed his driving, either. His wife of two years, Felicity, used to say he 'drove like a bloody maniac', until she tried it herself, and now she was worse than him. He chuckled to himself as he walked through the door. She was in the kitchen, with two mugs of coffee.

"You were out for a long time. I was about to start drinking yours."

He took it from her with a smile. He wished he had realised earlier that the path to happiness was to not pursue redheads.

Donald Mallard paced up and down his hall. He'd been doing it since dawn, given extra energy by his boredom. Trying to think of anything but her. After five more minutes he realised he was getting nowhere and resolved to go into NCIS. He'd been the Medical Consult there since his retirement, helping Mr. Palmer – funny how he still thought of his assistant like that – Dr. Palmer, if requested.

Dr. James Palmer had been in work since early that morning, the team had got a call, confessing to the murder of a Petty Officer. It was a neat kill, one shot through his forehead. However, working with Dr. Mallard had taught him that there was no such thing as a simple solution, an open and shut case.

"Dr. Mallard. Now there's a tragedy."

It had been years since he talked to a 'patient'. He had accepted that he didn't feel comfortable with it like his mentor had. But it was useful, knowing they would never tell anyone else what he had said.

"He retired when he was 66, pushing on for a year longer than the director wanted. His mother died, and I think he needed a distraction. They were close, but she hung on for so long – I think it was a relief for him when she was gone. Even after she had moved into a nursing home, he still felt it was his responsibility to look after her. Anyway, he married after his retirement, not unlike Agent Gibbs. Now there's a story, this is Gibbs' fifth wife. I think he's serious about her, though, it would be a shame if he had a fourth divorce. Dr. Mallard and his wife were very happy, but she passed away a couple of weeks ago. The funeral's this week, I hope he's holding up okay."

It was a relief to get all this off his chest.

"But I was telling you about Agent Gibbs' wives. He's not Agent Gibbs anymore, of course, since he retired three years ago –"

There was a loud clattering at the door.

"You're late, William."

Bill Chang, his Medical Assistant, set the coat rack upright.

"I'm sorry, doctor."

Anthony DiNozzo picked up the four year-old girl in his arms, whirling her around in the air.

"God, you're getting way too big for this."

She giggled. He put her down, before facing the woman by her side.

"I'll make sure I'm not back late," he promised.

"Like hell you will."

She knew the score.

"I'll try."

"I know."

He laughed, and kissed his pregnant wife and his daughter goodbye.

McGee strode confidently into the bullpen, pausing to listen to his team's conversation.

"I'm telling you," said Lucas Logan, his senior agent who was almost a mini-Tony, "If you think our boss is bad, you should have met Gibbs. That guy was terrifying."

"More terrifying than McGee?"

Jamey sounded panicked. McGee bit his lip to stop himself laughing and interrupting too soon.

"Please," scoffed Lucas, "He was McGee's McGee."

"God," said Natasha – Tash – a liason agent from MI6, and the third member of his team, "I'm not sure I can imagine that."

"Is there a reason," McGee said, walking to his desk, "that you three aren't working?"

"Sorry boss," Lucas said hurriedly, "but it's just an open and shut case."

"Agent Logan," snarled McGee, coming dangerously close to Lucas, "You have just been boasting your knowledge of Gibbs. Why don't you tell me what you just did wrong?"

"Apologizing, no, never apolo –" Lucas knew this, but his boss was intimidating him.

"Tash, maybe even with your less superior knowledge, you can do better."

"Never apologise, it's a sign of weakness. There is no such thing as an open and shut case," she rattled off quickly in a British accent, before shooting a smug grin at Lucas.

Jamey kept her head down and tapped away at her keyboard. Her boss was obviously in a bad mood.

The talk of Gibbs reminded McGee of his original team. Abby still worked here in Washington, of course, Tony had his team in Europe, Gibbs was retired, Jimmy was M.E., Ducky, poor Ducky, but at least they were still in contact, Ziva on the other hand . . . Since six months after she returned to Mossad, no one had heard from her. After so many years, they all presumed she was dead.

Ziva David was about to start her first day in her new job – Mossad Head of U.S. Intelligence Liasons. Hopefully the less secret and dangerous job would allow her to contact her old teammates from NCIS. It would be an incredibly awkward reunion, but she knew they would forgive her. Apparently she had finally finished repaying her father for the years she had spent away from Mossad. There, she thought with satisfaction, almost thirty seconds without thinking about Isaac. Isaac Daniels was a Mossad undercover officer, and Ziva was his control officer. He had gone dark two days ago and she was worried sick. Because he wasn't just any officer, he was . . . her . . . boyfriend? No, she decided, lover. And she really did love him.


"Yes, Jaron?"

"My wife wants me home on time today. Could you scan my assignments and email them to me? I'll do them when she goes to bed."

She looked at him.

"It's a security breach."

"I'm really sorry . . ."

"Go, Jaron."

She wished she could say that they took rules like this more seriously, but the truth was, most of her co-workers who were married were having problems, and distant as they tried to keep themselves, they were all friends.

"Thanks, I owe you one, Zi."

"You owe me about a million."

He nodded and rushed out of the room. She didn't want to be the hay that broke the camels back of his marriage. She resigned herself to an hour more in the office and started on his files. Jaron was part of the Kidon and most of his files were assassination orders. She flicked through them, mildly curious, but mainly bored, when she passed a familiar picture. Her heart in her throat, she flicked back.

Target: Officer Isaac Daniels

She felt like throwing up. She scanned over the rest of the page and nine words jumped out at her: -

'treason and assistance in the death of Ari Haswari'.

Isaac was a teenager, working hard to move his way up the ranks in Israel when Ari died. Ziva wasn't sure if he'd even travelled out of Asia at that stage. There was only one person that his death was meant to affect. Her. Which meant that her father, now Director, must know that she killed Ari. His signature marked the bottom of the page. Shaking, her hands reached the speed-dial on her phone. She had never moved the man she was calling off of it. A male voice answered,


"Gibbs? I need help."


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