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A/N: Time Flies For Dummies - does what it says on the tin.

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History - Time Flies began as a oneshot about McGee's future team and how they all interact. Then I talked to Hannah about it (mistake or not, you decide), yes, I do admit the fic is largely hers, a bunch of the characters, most of their names, a big bunch of the plot, some parts of the chapters, one whole chapter . . . anyway, we got talking about what might have happened to everyone else, who would be on their teams, and how we could weave them all back together. What follows is the unedited (save to add detail), product of that first day of planning.


Ziva David – Head of U.S Intelligence Liasons, Mossad, and Control Officer to Isaac Daniels who she is romantically involved with.(46)

Isaac Daniels – Mossad Officer (undercover), (41), romantically involved with Ziva David.


Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard – Medical Consult to NCIS, Recent Widower, (79).

Dr. James Palmer – NCIS Medical Examiner (41)

William Chang – NCIS Medical Assistant (27)


Timothy McGee – Supervisory Special Agent, NCIS, Washington D.C. Godfather to Leon Vance's youngest child (Sophie Vance, 5), Award-winning author, hair has receded(48)

Lucas Logan – Senior Special Agent, NCIS, D.C., Formerly mounted police, NYPD, good shot, moved to NCIS aged 21, heteroromantic asexual (38)

Natasha 'Tash' Paul - MI6 Liason Agent, Born Lake District, University of Glasgow, joined MI6 in London, transferred to NCIS in D.C., Martial Arts Specialist, sister (Lucy) betrayed UK. (33)

Jamey Mulgrew – Computers Specialist, 'Probie', Degree in Psychology, romantically involved with William Chang, Sketch person, one brother, two years older in the Navy, majored in Computer Forensics, minored in Art, met Bill on night courses in Computing (29)


Abigail Black – Forensic Scientist, NCIS, D.C., Married to Simon Black, wears – lots of goth stuff, slightly more mature goth stuff since the birth of her first child, but still goth stuff (39)

Simon Black – works in freelance CGI and Digital Animation for FOX, only child, always very interested in CGI and animation in movies, bullied in elementary school till he joined Thai kick-boxing classes. wears t-shirts and casual shirts with basic normal trousers. Doesn't avoid black but doesn't wear much of it. (40)

Leroy Black wears dog collar, black cargo shirts, skulls and other gothic stuff, gay (Goth)(15)

Katlyn Black wears brightly coloured tops, dark green, blue or grey combats or jeans – avoids black(Anti goth, fanfiction obsessed-Deep Six)(14)

Cassie Black is the object of a style war – Abby and Leroy vs. Simon and Katlyn – so semi-goth(5)


Anthony DiNozzo – Supervisory Special Agent, Gdynia, Poland, transferred age 48, married to Lisa DiNozzo (56) grey hair(mostly)

Dr. Lisa DiNozzo – surgeon, Polish, dark haired, tough, mother died in childbirth, raised by blind father, father got cancer when she was 14 surviving and inspiring Lisa to become a surgeon, father owns chain of bookstores (54)

Jennifer DiNozzo, obsessed with ducks(4)

Paul DiNozzo (few days)


Fabian Sawicki – Senior Special Agent, NCIS, Gdynia, Profiler, Former Polish Anti-Terrorism Department field agent, doesn't talk much, large family – reason for almost-silence, left Anti-Terrorism when new recruit who he got on well with was killed, bi (37)

Kathryn Paris – Special Agent, NCIS, Gdynia, Born Seattle, California, Formerly NCIS, Los Angeles, transferred to Gdynia age 25, lived in childrens home till 11, adopted, adopted father was ballet/gym instructor, was going to do ballet professionally but was injured at 15, ruining chances, NCIS did career day at school, majored in History, minored in Computer Forensics, applied to NCIS, did well in interview, boss was sexist, applied for transfer, lesbian (27)


Leroy Jethro Gibbs – retired age 65, re-married to Felicity Gibbs aged 66, owns a boat – Felicity, IS HAPPY, misses NCIS, finished boat quickly after retirement-removed from basement by unknown means involving explosions-proposed to Felicity on the Felicity's maiden voyage, (68)

Felicity Gibbs – born in Jacksonville, grew up on a houseboat, can look after herself, works as a Theatre Director, MAKES GIBBS HAPPY, (dark haired, beginning to go grey)(60)

Leon Vance – Director of NCIS

Eli David – Director of Mossad, BAD BAD BAD GUY

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