Dear Tam

AN – This is a little companion piece (like everything else I write) that takes place in [u]my[/u] little Universe that disregards almost all the EU post Jedi – the most recent story being written with Golden_Jedi, called Sailing Little Boats. It can be found Here:


If you haven't guessed by now, this story features characters that are in what is pithily called a "same sex relationship" (aka, Uncle Kay and Uncle Toa). Per the TOS and my own personal canon, this will always ONLY apply to certain OC's, so sorry 'slash fans', none of the 'classic' characters 'swing that way'. As Pem has grown up with it, it isn't anything special or 'shocking' and treats it as such, I hope you will too.

Rather than go into a lengthy background, I'll just let Pem speak for herself…


Dear Tam,

My Pay-pa wants me to keep a journal for a whole year, and since I hate writing to nobody, he said I should give it a name, and to write to it (you) like you don't know who I am, even though I talk to you a lot, I've decided to call it (you) Tam after my brother who passed into the f Force when we were little.

My name is Pemberian Canaille Skywalker. I am nearly 8 standard years old. My Ma-mere is Aubé, and my Pay-pa is Luke Skywalker. My Ma-mere was a pilot during the Rebellion, and my Pay-pa is a Jedi like almost all of my other family. My Gramer and Grey-Pa on my Ma-mere's side were also Jedi (but Grey-Pa passed into the Force), my Ma-mere is learning, and my uncle's Kay'leb and Toa are Healers. Toa is Kay's life-mate, but I have known him all my life.

I don't know about Pay-pa's family much, except his Pay-pa was a great Jedi, and he never knew his Ma-mere which I think is sad. My Pay-pa, Luke, is a great j Jedi, and says I will be too, but I don't know if I want to be or a pilot instead like my Ma-mere. But Ma-mere is learning to be a j Jedi too.

I have a lot of uncles. Uncle Han is Auntie Leia's life-mate and like me, he is a Corellian. He's a great pilot, and has a wookiee friend who is my uncle Chewie. Auntie Leia is a politician and a great one at that!

I know I have a lot of relatives and a few new friends since we came to the Capitol planet, but most of the time I'm doing lessons which can be fun, but I'd rather be flying with uncle Chewie!

Auntie Leia is going to have babies soon – twins like me and Tam. I hope Auntie Leia doesn't lose one of her babies like Ma-mere did. She was so sad for a long time, then she met my Pay-pa again (Pay-pa spent a lot of time doing things for the Galaxy when I was little so he only met me this year!) and almost right away she and Pay-pa made another baby! So I am going to be a sister again as well as an auntie.

OK, Pay pa said I need to write at least one page of flimsy a week so here it is.


Pemberian Skywalker.