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Two years later...

It was spring in Konoha. Birds sang in trees calling for their lovers to return to the nest. Green engulfed the land, making it fertile and peaceful. The thought of the war with Madara was a thing of the past and was not a topic that people talked abundently about since no one truly wanted to speak of something that made them sad. The world was happy and was determined to stay that way for awhile.

Sasuke stood at the graves of his parents in a garden area that bloomed with life. Sakura worked hard everyday to make this part of the grounds area beautiful. She would come out during the day with a spade in her hand, digging up the rich earth ,and planting seeds of numerous types of flowers. When asked why she had planted a strange white flower on the graves of his parents, she just smiled up at Sasuke as she plucked one from the dirt.

"It's asphodel," she explained, handing it to him. "Its a flower that represents rememberance of the dead."

The flowers where taller now, their white petals gleeming as the sun hit them. They swayed when the wind began to pick up and danced against each other. Crouching down, Sasuke traced his finger over the words on his parents' headstones and spelling out their names. Beside them was Itachi. He hadn't planned on putting his brother's grave there and despite all that he had done, Sasuke thought that it would be best to place family with family. Itachi had asphodel on his grave as well, which was entirely new to Sasuke. His flowers were a lot smaller than the ones of his parents so it was assumed that they were recently planted by Sakura.

Standing up, the King of Konoha began to walk around the gardens. Gardeners bowed as he passed only to return attending to the plants and trees added to the grounds. He made his way to his favorite part of the area, a dozen cherry blossom trees that circled around a pond. The trees were in bloom so all around him were pink flowers jutting out from the branches. By the pond was a bench without a back that was made by the king himself for his queen to sit and view the trees in peace. At that very moment, Sakura happened to be sitting on said bench with her back to him. Her long pink locks hung in loose curls down her back with a gold headband across her forehead. She was laughing, tossing bread into the pond for ducks and fish to feed on. As Sasuke approached, the queen turned around and smiled widely at him.

She rose from her spot on the bench and reached down for something in front of her. Turning back around, her hands were encased with two little hands of twin toddlers. The children's eyes glisened when they saw their father and jumped up and down as he grew closer. Laughing at her children's excitement, Sakura ustered the twins forward and released their hands. They did their best to walk over to their father, only wobbling slightly when they ran into each other. Sasuke smirked and outstretched his arms for them to run into. The twins screamed their father's name as they tackled him with a hug. Sasuke nuzzled his head between them and scooped up both children, one in each arm. The toddlers wrapped their arms around his neck and waved at their mother as she walked over.

"Looks like Kyo and Ayaka love their father," she observed, winking at Sasuke.

"And their father loves them," Sasuke said, handing Ayaka over to Sakura to hold. "Just as much as he loves their mother."

She rolled her eyes and smiled. The two of them began to stroll along the gardens with their son and daughter in hand. The twins were making silly faces at each other, adding in hand motions to make the scene more enjoyable.

"So," Sakura voiced, breaking the silence between the parents as they listened to their children play. "Did you hear about Hinata and Naruto?"

How could Sasuke not? Naruto had been telling him the story over and over again for the last two days. He was surprised that Sakura was just hearing of it now. Apparently after the war with Madara, Naruto and Hinata had become extremely friendly. It was not just him coming over for meals like it had been before. He would climb up the tree by her bedroom window when she was sick to deliver flowers and his company while Neji had told him to stay away so he too wouldn't be sick. Not only that, they would walk almost everywhere together; fingers intertwined at the tips as they walked. Now after two years of this behavior, Naruto asked Hinata to marry him which was a shock to some because the couple did not display their affection loudly. Only a select few knew of their love for one another and that included the king and queen. It would be the second of Sakura's friends to be married having Tenten be the first.

"Yes, I have," Sasuke replied. "Are you thinking of going?"

"Of course!" Sakura exclaimed. "Why wouldn't I? Hinata is one of my closest friends. I was wondering about something else though."

"And that is?"

"Could they have the wedding here? In this garden? Hinata loves the gardens whenever she visits and I thought that seeing her in her wedding gown among the flowers would be just lovely. But if you don't want them to be here, then that's just fine."

Sasuke shook his head. How could he deny his wife this tiny thing? Plus Naruto was one of his friends as well and he deserved to have a nice wedding. Sakura beamed and looked at both of her children, asking if they would like to attend Auntie Hinata's wedding. The two children bounced in their parents arms meaning only that they wished to be there on that special day. The couple laughed and looked to each other. Their gazes were warm and they leaned in closer for a kiss. The twins poked at their parents, wanting the attention to be on themselves instead. The royal duo parted and hugged their kids closer as they retired into the castle. Their lives were happy and perfect. But more importantly, their lives were simply complete.

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