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Bring on the Rain



Another day has almost come and gone

Can't imagine what else could

Go wrong

Sometimes I'd like to hide away

Somewhere and lock the door

A single battle lost, but not the war


Usagi attempted, and failed, to stop the yawn encroaching on her. It seemed, however, that no matter how hard she tried the yawn wouldn't go away. Finally, she just gave up and let it overtake her.

Her landlady shot her an evil look.

"Am I boring you, Ms. Tsukino?"

Yes. Usagi thought rebelliously, while at eh same time answering to the negative. "No ma'am! Now, what was it you were saying?"

"I was saying," She huffed angrily, "that I run a respectable business here. That's why the collage recommends its students to us. I own this building and I won't tolerate your disrespect much longer!"

"Disrespect, Ms. Guchi?" Usagi asked innocently.

"Yes! Disrespect!" Ms. Guchi was an old maid who took out her loneliness on anyone and everyone she could. At one time she had actually been a great beauty, but the man she loved had been killed long ago. Scowling at the young, beautiful collage senior in front of her. She unconsciously reached up and patted the rollers in her rapidly graying hair.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean." Usagi insisted.

"Don't give me that! You're late on your rent every month!" Ms. Guchi complained, tightening the bathrobe she'd been wearing all day around herself.

"Ms. Guchi, you know my dad takes care of the rent, and because he gets his paycheck two days *after* rent is due, you said it would be ok. Remember?" Usagi stifled another yawn. She'd been out every night for the past three weeks fighting a new kind of youma that was harder than anything they'd ever faced. Usually, when she got home from her classes at the collage she'd just collapse into bed and sleep until it was time to fight again.

The landlady was cutting into some serious naptime.

"Well, what about your leaving the apartments every night?" Ms. Guchi demanded. "Are you a street walker? I won't tolerate no prostitute living in my building!"

Well, out senshi outfits sorta look like...

"No ma'am! I would never do something like that!" Usagi insisted, telling her thoughts to shut the heck up before they got her into trouble.

"Oh? Well, I can't excuse you for that awful disturbance last week."


"That young man that came over. Don't deny it. The whole building heard you two fighting!"

Pain crossed Usagi's face and Ms. Guchi guiltily wondered if she had gone too far.

"Mamoru...won't be coming over again." Usagi said with difficulty, forcing a smile. "Anything else, Ms. Guchi?"


Usagi stepped desolately into her apartment and locked the door after herself before sliding down it to the floor, bringing her knees up to her chest, and burying her face in her hands.

She cried until she fell into an exhausted sleep.

It was the incessant beeping of her communicator, some hours later, that woke her.

She stood, neck cramping along with every other muscle in her body, and fumbled around in her darkened apartment until she found the annoying communicator.

"Nani?" She asked groggily with a hint of impatience.

"Sleeping Usa-chan?" Minako teased.

Usagi gave her a dirty look. "What was your first clue?" she asked dryly.

A laugh was her response. "Well, I bet you can tell why I'm calling, can't you?"

"Let me guess. Another one of those weird youma?"

"Right on."

Usagi sighed. "Where?"

"The movie theater. Sure feel bad for the late crowd, don't you?" Minako laughed again, not sounding the least bit worried about the threat. But then, she was like that.

"Should I go eternal?"


"All right, be there in a minute." She sighed again. She really didn't feel like going, but with the new youma, the senshi needed all the help they could get. Usagi sent out a thread with her mind, only to find that Ms. Guchi was asleep.

Did that woman have cameras in the hallways?

Baka. Usagi thought angrily at herself. How in the world had she not thought about that until just that moment? Had she ever transformed int he hallway?No time to worry about it. She reminded herself. Quickly she transformed to super and slipped out the window and into the night.


"Not youma! Kedamono!" Sabine insisted with a scowl at the annoying, fuku- clad senshi in front of her. She tossed her waist length, midnight black hair over her shoulder. Her yellow, snake-like eyes narrowed in annoyance and her serpent's tail flicked irritably. She kept careful watch on her handmade beast, watching for any mistakes just as her own creator had had her.

"Calm yourself, Sabine." Mal muttered coldly. His disturbingly green, cat- slit eyes remained emotionless although his ears were laid back aggressively.

"Silence. To the both of you." Zeke, their master and the one who had made them what they were, ordered. A light breeze picked up his long, pale blonde hair and the moonlight only served to make the elf's skin look even more pale.

Both Sabine and Mal immediately shut their mouths in obedience and waited for a signal from their master.

"One of them...is not like the others." Zeke said finally.

The two first ranking kedamono waited for him to continue.


"These things just keep getting weirder and weirder!" Makoto mumbled, looking at the youma before them. It looked like one of those mythological centaurs with the body of a sleek, black horse and the torso of a human female.

Up a little ways off was a woman whose bottom half was a snake tail instead of legs, and a man who had the ears and tail of a cat. Next to them was another man, this one very tall and very pale. His long, white-blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail at the base of his slender neck, showing off the pair of extra long, pointy ears.

"Ok, I get cat-man, and snake-lady, but who the heck is that gut supposed to be?" Usagi whispered.

"All right, youma!" Rei shouted brazenly. "You've met your match!"

"Not youma!" Snake lady shouted back. "Kedamono!"

The senshi all gave each other confused looks.

"Beasts?" Ami asked. "Should we be fighting them then?"

"They're here, they're dangerous, they're going down!" Rei insisted. "Ok, this is what we're gonna do. Everyone attack at once. Usagi, when the energy from out attacks goes away, disintegrate that whatever-it-is!"

"Wow, you've been thinking about this a long time, haven't you?" Minako asked, peering at her friend.

Mamoru snorted and drew a rose. "What are we waiting for? Let's go!" He said with hurried determination. Usagi alone knew the reason for his rush. He'd probably left his new girlfriend asleep in his apartment and didn't want to have to explain to her where he'd been.

Each of the senshi shot an attack, but it didn't seem to affect the Kedamono.

"Nande kuso...?" Usagi mumbled quietly enough to not be overheard. She fumbled with her top-heavy scepter. When she finally had it in position for an attack she looked up just in time to see a blast headed strait for her. It sent her flying back several feet and her scepter disappeared as it fell from her hand.

Usagi passed out, then awoke, then passed out again. As she faded back and forth between consciousness and unconsciousness she felt a pair of arms grab her up and opened her eyes to look into the pale, frighteningly beautiful face of the Elven master.

Then all went black once again.

(If anyone's wondering, I got the description of the elf from the excellent book The Elvenbane written by Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton.)


Cause tomorrow's another day

And I'm thirsty anyway

So bring on the rain


Usagi was jarred awake by the feel of cold metal clamping around her wrists; chains. She opened her heavy eyelids to find herself in some kind of strange room. The walls were made of stone and cluttered around the room were several odd items that didn't look very nice. Usagi didn't want to know what they were used for.

"Master, she's awake." Hissed a female voice.

Usagi forced herself to look around, despite the fact it hurt her head. The snake-woman, cat-man, and elf were all in the room. The elf, smiling with a cold anticipation, stepped up to her.

"Ah, you're a pretty one, aren't you?" he asked in a deadly, silky voice. "I can do great things with you..."

"Who are you people?" Usagi choked out, mouth gone dry.

"Ah, of course introductions would be best, ne? I am called Zeke. The other two are my creations and top ranking kedamono; Sabine and Mal. And you, my tenshi, will one day number among them." He chuckled at some secret joke.

Usagi began to cough, glaring at her captor. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, you soon shall be mine. Completely. Not yet, of course. I want to break your spirit first. Yes, yes. Maybe you'll give us the names of your friends, but if you don't it's no matter." He laughed again and turned to a nearby table, picking up a whip. "Ah, but that can wait until later..."

Usagi barely managed to hold her breath and flinch before he struck her.


"What do we do?" Minako asked, wringing her hands in worry. "They have Usagi..."

"I've managed to track her position.." Ami said quietly, fighting back tears as she typed on her mini computer.

"Then what are we waiting for? Makoto demanded.

Minako looked questioningly at Rei. "Do we go in?"

Rei momentarily lowered her eyes. They turned guilty, then hardened with determination as she looked back up at her fellow senshi. "No." She said with forced firmness. "We...we can't risk it. Tokyo needs us to protect it. Usagi's gonna have to be on her own." It was called sacrificing one for the greater good. It was the hardest decision she'd ever made.

Mamoru nodded, trying to act like the whole thing didn't bother him. "I told her I wouldn't ever save her again, and I meant it." He didn't sound like he meant it. "The world is depending on us, and we can't die trying to save someone who's...already lost to us."

One by one the senshi reluctantly agreed.

Ami closed her computer.


It's almost like the hard times

Circle round

A couple drops and they all start

Coming down


The sound of footsteps alerted Usagi to Zeke's daily visit. Somehow her growing stubbornness abled her to raise her head and lean less on the chains that held her up. She wouldn't let him know how bad off she really was.

How long had she been there? More than a month, at the very least. Still, no matter how much she hurt, she wouldn't let herself die yet. Through the constant beatings she stubbornly held on to her pride.

The pride that hadn't been enough to let her stand up for herself when her friends teased her was now the only thing keeping her alive.

She'd finally grown a backbone.

But at what expense?

Standing in front of her, Zeke crossed his arms and began to chuckle. "Ah yes. I do admire you tenshi. You know that, do you not? Yes, you've survived everything so far. That means you're worthy.."

Usagi couldn't keep her surprise from showing.

Zeke reached out and cupped her chin, admiring her beauty. Through all the beatings, he hadn't allowed anyone to harm her face. "Yes...you're worthy." A shock of magic burst from his finger tips strait into Usagi. Her screams of pain echoed through the fortress. "It will be painful, my tenshi, and take a very long time, but after it is all over you will truly be perfection." He whispered in her ear when her screaming had momentarily stopped. He laughed and redoubled his magical efforts.


Yeah, I might feel defeated

I might hang my head

I might be barely breathing

But I'm not dead


She could hear their voiced, but she refused to acknowledge them. Let them think she was still asleep.

Too weak to be able to escape anyway, they'd finally, after what Usagi considered to be half a year, unchained her and given her a dungeon cell. Not that it made matters any better. Because of the added "comfort" she was now beat harder and more often.

And that didn't count Zeke's daily infusing her with some strange, dark magic.

"Time to wake up, sunshine!" Mal laughed, yanking her to her feet by her dirty, tangled hair.


Tomorrow's another day

And I'm thirsty anyway

So bring on the rain


Deep in the dark the solitude got to Usagi the worst. Her senshi still hadn't come for her after what had to have been at least a year. Her hope was gone. Her happiness, gone.

But she still had her pride.

She was the only living Lunarian left. Her mother had died to let her be reborn.

And she was going to live-at least until she was free.

Besides her pride, she also had the secret power she could sense growing within her. Someday soon, when she was more sure of herself, she would use it.

She would get away, and die free.


I'm not gonna let it get me down

I'm not gonna cry

And I'm not gonna loose any sleep



"Do you know how long you've been here, my tenshi?" Zeke asked from the doorway to her cell. Usagi slowly, painfully, stood and raised her chin, refusing to answer. She never talked at all anymore. "You've been here for five years." He answered, despite her silence. "Five years, and for most of that time I've been setting just the right spells to change you, tenshi. So tell me why you are still the same!" His voice grew angry and dangerous. He grabbed Usagi's shoulders and shook her. "Why haven't my spells worked on you?"

They have, Usagi thought, brazenly smirking at him, Only I've been able to control them. When her silence continued, Zeke slapped her with as much force as he could.

"What good are you?" He demanded. "If my power won't work on you, then what good are you? If I can't break you *this* way, my tenshi, then your usefulness to me is gone. Prove to me that I shouldn't kill you."

He lowered his head. Just as his lips brushed hers Usagi gathered energy in her hands and blasted him across the room.

"My body may be weak. I may be in pain." She spat, "But my powers are enough to get me out of here!" When first captured, her body had automatically absorbed the silver crystal to protect it. Now concentrating on it, Usagi made her wish.

"Take me away." She whispered.


Tomorrow's another day

And I am not afraid

So bring on the rain

____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

To be continued

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